MKW Chapter 695

Chapter 695  [ Room service]

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Liu Yi enthusiastically runs to the bathroom and adjusts the water temperature before starting to fill up the bathtub.

Wang Yuzheng lies on the bed and then charmingly looks at Liu Yi who had just walked out from the bathroom and asks, “You came to Japan to do what task?”

“Secret task. Later when we return then I shall explain in detail.”

Liu Yi winks at Wang Yuzheng before lying on the bed and holds her neck before giving her a passionate deep kiss.

It had been too long since they last saw each other. Their feelings are like fermenting wine, the longer it ferments, the purer it is.

Like the saying, a short separation wins newly married.

The only difference between the two of them is that Wang Yuzheng waited bitterly for Liu Yi for a few months while Liu Yi had waited for her for a few years!

These few years, Liu Yi feels like every day was dragged past like a year and that he had experienced too much.

After leaving for so long, his longing for them has become a part deeper.

Already said that distance gives rise to beauty, this sentence does have its justification.

This kiss is especially deep and passionate. The two of them were very emotional and are unwilling to yield. They kiss each other even more and more excitedly.

Liu Yi feels a surge of heat in his stomach. He is unable to bear it anymore and throw himself and presses down on Wang Yuzheng’s body.


Wang Yuzheng pushes away Liu Yi lightly and says, “I am too dirty…let me take a bath first…okay…”

Liu Yi listens to the water sound in the bathroom and estimates, “The tub is still filling up. Perhaps it still needs a while more.”

“Then let’s hug and chat…I have a lot of things that I wish to tell hubby…”

Wang Yuzheng’s face is red as she says, “After all, not necessary…must do that right now…the night is still young…”

“Fine then. Let us have a chat first then.”

Liu Yi can only sit up and withdraws his passion and tries to calm his mood down as much as possible.

“Right. Is it tiring over here in Japan? As for that fellow called Xiao Shi, did he bully you? If he did tell me and I shall pinch him to death!”

“Hehe, that ah. Teacher treats me very well. And takes care of me like his own daughter.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s fiend-like expression as well as jealousy, Wang Yuzheng cannot help but laugh, “It is not that wretched like what you think. He really appreciates me and says that I am best-unpolished jade that he had seen and wanted to properly carve me.”

“Hope that that is the case. Hmph, anyways the moment you meet any dangers, immediately send me a message and I will immediately appear by your side.”

“Understood. Hubby is the best.”

Wang Yuzheng stretches out her fingers and pinches Liu Yi’s neck lightly, “On the contrary, it is very fortunate staying by the side of a beauty right?”

“Coughs…everything is for the task.”

Liu Yi immediately says, “If it is not for this task, I would not have come to Japan. If I am unable to complete this task, then China will face a catastrophe. Not only you or me, but our relatives will also all die.”

When Wang Yuzheng hears this, she covers her mouth in shock “So scary…”

“That’s right. It is all because of the damn right-wing group.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist. Motherfuckers, those right-wing groups are really too much! Not only not admitting to invading China, but worshipping some shitty gods and provoking China. Right now they actually want to destroy my china.

China had always been polite. You treat me well and I will naturally be respectful towards you. But if the right-wing clowns keep jumping around then there is really no objection to eradicate all of them!

Liu Yi who is holding Wang Yuzheng and chatting on the bed is actually able to become absent-minded which is really a profound skill.

“Hubby? Hubby?”

Seeing Liu Yi in a daze, Wang Yuzheng immediately waves her hand in front of Liu Yi.

“Ah? What is the matter?”

Only then did Liu Yi jolt away.

“What are you thinking about? Is it that President Choshunior? Talking about her, she is so pretty and rich. Indeed can make guys yearn for her.”

Hearing Wang Yuzheng’s sentence that carries jealousy, Liu Yi hurriedly says, “No, no, no. I do not have anything with that Choshunior Susukino, don’t misunderstand ah!”

“No worries ah. Even if there is something on, I will also not be angry.”

Wang Yuzheng smiles, “Being together with you, I am destined to be unable to experience that kind of ordinary love…Liu Yi, my boyfriend is so different from the mess. Thus, those girls that surround you will definitely not be less.”

As she speaks she sentimentally stretches out her hand and gently brushes Liu Yi’s face before saying softly, “Sometimes I also thought how nice would it be if you belong to, Wang Yuzheng’s alone…I can in broad daylight shout for you to come out and go window-shopping, have a meal together, then get married. When old we can raise our child, watch them grow up, wait for them to let us enjoy life in retirement….but the life of an ordinary person does not  belong to you…”

“Yuzheng. I am sorry.”

Liu Yi holds Wang Yuzheng’s slightly cold hand, “I do not know what I should say. I can only tell you that I will treat you well. But, we indeed are destined not to be ordinary people. Wait till I finished with this task and return, then I shall teach you cultivation techniques. At that time, we can live like Daoist Immortals happily, wouldn’t it be beautiful?”

“You do not understand women.”

Wang Yuzheng smiles, “If I cannot stay together with the person I love, so what if we become immortals?”

“Damn, this…”

“Relax, I am only just saying. I am already resigned to it. If I want to enjoy you myself, then I am destined not be able to obtain you.”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she kisses Liu Yi’s cheek before teasingly give him a wink and says, “Furthermore, teacher and the manager had already said before. In the future, I will become very famous! At that time, there will be even more male fans by my side, perhaps there will also be a number of rich men, you need to be careful ah!”

“Tsk, you are destined to be mine this lifetime. Whoever who dares to have thoughts about you. One comes and I shall kill one, two come and then I kill both!”

“Enough already. I am only teasing you, such heavy killing intent!”

Wang Yuzheng immediately pacifies Liu Yi, “My heart is already yours, and will not be able to hold anyone else. I do not mind how many more people will be by your side, but you must remember to leave me a place in your heart. If there comes a day when you do not love me, please tell me.”

“If there comes a day when I do not love you anymore….”

Liu Yi repeats Wang Yuzheng’s sentence causing her to immediately become anxious.

At what circumstances would Liu Yi no longer love me?

Recalling back then when I left him angrily, he actually sang a song to apologize to me in front of all of the teachers and students!

How heavy am I in his heart?

“If there comes a day when I do not love you, it is definitely because you turned into a guy! I, Liu Yi am fickle minded but I do not take males!”

“Get lost! If anyone is going to transform, it is you who will change into a girl!”

Wang Yuzheng says coquettishly as she stretches out her hand and pinches Liu Yi’s arm.

“Hahaha, how can I turn into a woman. If I turn into a woman, what about your lower body’s happiness?”


Wang Yuzheng’s face turns red from Liu Yi’s explicit words, “I am not going to care about you…going to bath now..”

“Okay, okay, okay. Let me help our big star takes off her clothing.”

Liu Yi smiles evilly as he stretches out his hand and touches the button on Wang Yuzheng’s collar.

“Go, go, go….stop messing around!”

Wang Yuzheng bats off Liu Yi’s evil hand and says, “You wait here obediently for me. After I finish then I will come back and accompany you….accompany you till morning…”

The hint in Wang Yuzheng’s words is super clear which causes Liu Yi’s blood to boil.

Tonight is destined to be a very lucky and great day ah!

He watches Wang Yuzheng walk into the bathroom and thus he starts to undo his belt. Right now the current clothing that he is wearing was not created by Little Jade, instead, they were prepared by Choshunior Susukino.

The speed that guys undress is not something that ordinary people can follow.

Liu Yi is also the case. In just a few seconds he is naked already and is preparing to bath together with Wang Yuzheng.

Currently, Wang Yuzheng still had not taken off her clothing. She is sitting by the tub and is testing the temperature of the water with her hand.

Seeing Liu Yi already naked, her face turns scarlet and says coquettishly in anger, “What are you doing….undressing so quickly?”

“I am going to use myself to help you test the bath water! We cannot scald out big star right, hehehe..”

Liu Yi laughs wickedly making Wang Yuzheng’s heart to start to be chaotic.

Although she had more or less made preparation, when things come to a head, her thoughts are in a whirl.

Just as Liu Yi is thinking if he should help Wang Yuzheng eliminate her hindrance, the doorbell suddenly starts ringing.

Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng glance at each other. Already at this time, who would come here? Room service?

“Who is it?”

Liu Yi shouts towards the door, “I do not need room service here!”

“Dabo-san, quickly open the door. It is me!”

From outside the door comes Choshunior Susukino’s sweet voice which instantly makes Liu Yi sweat.

What the heck why did this lass run over to look for me in the middle of the night for ah?

Seeing the suspicion in Wang Yuzheng’s gaze, Liu Yi immediately shouts, “President, can you look at the time now? I am already asleep okay?”

“It is matters regarding Yunsen Oishi, do you not wish to know?”

“What the heck, then, can’t we talk about it tomorrow?”

Outside, Choshunior Susukino snorts and says, “Perhaps I might forget tomorrow.”

Wang Yuzheng says softly, “It is okay. It is more important for you to deal with the proper business. I can just hide and it will be fine.”

“But…where are you going to hide ah?”

The business room is not very big. As for hiding a person, it is basically not possible.

“I can hide in the wardrobe.”

Wang Yuzheng points at the large wardrobe by the door.

“How can we do that, how can our big star be so wronged!”

“Will not lah…I will hide inside first, otherwise, she will be anxious if it is too long.”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she walks quietly to the door and picks up her outerwear before hiding inside the wardrobe.

Outside, Choshunior Susukino urges again, “Dabo-san, open the door ah. If you do not open then I will be leaving!”

Liu Yi is very gloomy, damn it, why is the god so cruel!

He does not have any other choice but to walk over to the door. He hides his clothing into the wardrobe as well, at the same time he uses Little Jade to imitate the exact same clothing on his body.

He pulls open the door. Indeed Choshunior Susukino is standing outside wearing a purple qipao as well as holding a bottle of whiskey.


Chapter 695  [Room Service]


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