MKW Chapter 694

Chapter 694  [ Wang Yuzheng sending herself up]

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Choshunior Susukino also is stunned as her gaze towards Wang Yuzheng changes.

Could it be that this girl…is different from the rest?

Why do I feel like she is similar to Liu Yi in some places….

“100 million is unable to satisfy you?”

The young man did not give up instead he considers deeply before smiling and says, “You indeed really know how to demand terms.”

Earlier the Choshunior Susukino had told him to use money to keep Wang Yuzheng. The money needed, Glorious Sun Conglomerate will pay for it.

But if it exceeded 100 million, the rest of the money needs to be taken out by himself.

The young man’s family financial situation is also quite well-off. He stretches out another finger, “200 million a year, how about it?”

200 million yen a year while normal workers only earn around a million a year.

To an idol that had just started, it is indeed a very large sum.

Wang Yuzheng only smiles as she shakes her head, “Even if you give me a billion a year, it is impossible for me to agree to you. If you really have such needs, don’t you guys have a heavy taste. I recommend you to go back and find your mother. If it is really not possible, perhaps your father can also satisfy your needs.”

[TL: damn…fiery Yuzheng]

Although Wang Yuzheng is only teasing when she says these, it causes that young man’s complexion to turn pale as he clenches his first.

“Bakayaro, you shina bitch!”

The young man exploded in anger as he raises his hand and prepares to give Wang Yuzheng a slap!

Wang Yuzheng closes her eyes in fear but that slap did not arrive as Liu Yi had already appeared in front of her. He kicks that young man in his stomach and causes him to tumble on the ground. After which he lands on his butt.

“If you dare to touch her, I shall take your life!”

Liu Yi’s voice carries dense killing intent as he uses Japanese to warn that young man.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

That young man is in so much pain that he is cramping up. His entire face is covered in sweat. Originally he was very angry and wishes to curse. But the moment he sees that the one standing in front of him is the China guy by Choshunior Susukino’s side, his face immediately turns white and starts apologizing.

He truly does not dare to provoke this guy!

Who is the one behind him, Choshunior Susukino!

Damn it, can only consider myself unlucky!

As he apologizes, he struggles up to his feet.


When Wang Yuzheng sees Liu Yi, she originally wishes to call out Liu Yi then throws herself into his embrace to seek warmth.

But when she raises her head, she misses. Liu Yi gives her a look which means that there is someone by the side.

Without any other choice, she can only bear with the grievance in her heart and wipes away her tears and says softly, “Thank you for your help, Mr. Liu.”

“There is no need to be polite. All of us are china people, it is what I should do.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently pats Wang Yuzheng’s shoulder.

A surge of warm qi flows from Liu Yi’s palm into Wang Yuzheng’s body making her not feel the chilliness from the cold wind.

Her entire body seems to have warmed up like she had just soaked in warm water making Wang Yuzheng so comfortable that she nearly moans out.

“Miss Wang. Just now that person was too much. If he dares to harass you, just give me a phone call.”

Choshunior Susukino seems to be not happy that Wang Yuzheng and Liu Yi are so close to each other. She also walks over and passes a name card to Wang Yuzheng.

“Thank you President Choshunior.”

Wang Yuzheng’s memory had always been very outstanding. Although Douchi Tatsuru only mentioned Choshunior Susukino’s name once, she remembers it clearly and thanks Choshunior Susukino.

“No need to be polite. We are all women, naturally, we need to help each other.”

Choshunior Susukino smiles before silently hugging Liu Yi’s arm.

“My consultant, it is not early anymore, we should go back now.”

Wang Yuzheng’s complexion did not change. Towards this kind of matter, she is already used to it.

Liu Yi subconsciously asks, “Tonight where are we staying?”

“Of course it is this hotel ah.”

Choshunior Susukino points upstairs, “Above the hotel are all rooms. I had already booked them.”

Liu Yi says bluntly, “I shall say it first, I will not be staying in the same room as you.”

Choshunior Susukino becomes uncomfortable as she snorts and says, “Hmph, who wants to be in the same room as you. Yours is 1403 while mine is 1409.”

This makes Liu Yi slightly curious, thus he asks, “Oh? Why are we so far away?”

“Because this miss is staying in the president suite while you are only staying in a normal hotel room.”

Choshunior Susukino says slowly, “Who asked you to be a consultant.”

But after she speaks, she winks at Liu Yi, “Of course, if you wish to come and stay it is also okay. I can give you my room card!”

When Wang Yuzheng heard this, her complexion finally becomes slightly unwell.

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand and says, “Please conduct yourself with dignity! I am only a consultant not someone in charge of your daily life!”

“Tsk, no sentiment fellow!”

Choshunior Susukino is very unhappy, Liu Dabo this fellow is really a rock!

[TL: rip author uses Liu Yi in the above sentence…]

Furthermore, it is a stinky stone that makes people very hateful!

“Miss Wang, where do you stay, do you need me to send a driver to send you back?”

“No need. Because tomorrow the artificial island completion ceremony needs a performance, thus tonight we are also staying in this hotel.”

Wang Yuzheng lightly sticks out her tongue, “But we can only stay in the economic rooms on the 10th floor. As for those business rooms as well as president suite, we do not dare to think about it.”

“Oh, then you also should return early and rest then.”

Liu Yi waves goodbye to Wang Yuzheng while Choshunior Susukino holds him tightly like she is afraid that he would run away.

After Liu Yi turns around, he uses his fingers to secretly make a few hand-signs behind him.

1403…..he is reminding Wang Yuzheng.

Wang Yuzheng cannot help but cover her mouth in merit, this fellow. Already at this point of time but he still does not forget about this.

But she also has to hurry and find Liu Yi and have a good solo chat with him…recently a lot of things had happened.

Liu Yi follows Choshunior Susukino and leaves the wine reception and enters the lift.

The two of them directly went up to the 14th floor. 1403 and 1409 are in two different directions. Just as they are about to part, Choshunior Susukino suddenly turns around and asks, “Are you really not coming over to my place to stay? The hot tub…is really big…”

“What the, even if the bed is big, it is not related to me okay!”

Liu Yi turns his head and leaves making Choshunior Susukino so angered that she stomps her feet.

“Liu Dabo! Just wait and see!”

Liu Yi does not care about Choshunior Susukino’s anger. Other people treat her as a boss but he had never.

Anna who is following by Liu Yi’s side says, {I will always accompany you.}

{You also stay outside!}

Liu Yi does not wish to let anyone disturb this meeting. Thus he stretches out his hand and pats Anna’s shoulder.

Vein Seal!

Liu Yi’s Glorious Sun Palm activates as his Nine Yang God Qi secretly revolves and forcefully suppresses Anna.

Instantly Anna is unable to move. Like she had gotten frozen and stands there like a statue.

Luckily she is in invisible mode, thus those people walking through and fro are unable to see her. Otherwise, they would have thought that she is performing tricks here!

Anna is unable to even move her eyes. She is not even able to wink not to mention talking.

But her brain waves are able to transmit to Liu Yi, {What, what did you do to me?}

{Nothing much. It is just to make you quiet for a while. I need to have my personal space.}

{Damn it….what if at this moment the Heaven Realm Army comes and looks for you?}

{Damn it, you crow mouth!}

Liu Yi spats, {Can’t you say something good! Where am I that unlucky! Even if they really found me, I will deal with them!}

Liu Yi turns around and ignores Anna’s curses as he uses the card to open the room door.

Liu Yi’s qi is very powerful thus Anna will not be able to break his Vein Seal any time soon.

She can only clench her teeth as she stands there why struggling with all kinds of methods without any effect.

After Liu Yi enters the room, he immediately does a huge stretch before lying on the soft bed.

Too happy already. Finally broke away from those annoying fellows!

Ever since I had come to Japan, there has never been anything that was successful. All the matters that I faced are really unluckier than the previous one.

Damn it. After appeasing Yuzheng, I still need to make a trip to the museum to steal the final God Armour back. Perhaps this will not be difficult after all those old security guards in the museum are too easy to deal with.

Just gift any that come with a Vein Seal and then the armor shall be mine.

{Little Jade, help me pull out the plan for the museum. I want to research it.}

Taking advantage that Wang Yuzheng had not come yet, Liu Yi decided to find something to do first.

Little Jade immediately pulls out the plans that Liu Yi want. Among which the room that God of Sky Armour is marked out.

Liu Yi roughly estimates where he should enter from and where to exit.

Just as he is deducing in his mind, the sound of door knocking came.

Liu Yi immediately gets up. The aura outside is very familiar which is Wang Yuzheng’s.

He excited open the room door and indeed, Wearing a white overcoat, wrapped with a red scarf as well as a very large sunglasses.

After all, right now she is a famous person already, thus she needs to hide whenever she goes.

Although Japan is relatively respectful of the privacy of celebrities, there are still paparazzi. If someone took a photo of her, Wang Yuzheng, having a lovers’ rendezvous with a higher up of Glorious Sun Conglomerate….at that time, she would really become famous.

Wang Yuzheng secretly pushes down her sunglasses slightly, the clear pupil rolls at Liu Yi as she says, “That…quickly let me in ah…”

“Ah! Right, right!”

Only then did Liu Yi suddenly realize. He had really missed her too much. The moment he saw her, he was astonished.

He immediately pulls Wang Yuzheng into the room.

“Huffs….the room is really hot.”

After Wang Yuzheng walks in, she familiarly starts to remove her scarf as well as an overcoat and hangs them up on the clothes rack.

Wang Yuzheng is only wearing a white t-shirt inside and it is also the skin-tight kind which perfectly wraps around her lovely figure.

“Husband, is there a bathtub in your room. The room that I am staying in only has a shower. I really wish to soak ah…”

Wang Yuzheng really loosens up by Liu Yi’s side and did not avoid their relationship anymore.

“I will go and heat the water for you.”


Wang Yuzheng’s face suddenly turns red and Liu Yi feels that tonight, it seem like….he is going to have happiness!


Chapter 694  [Wang Yuzheng sending herself up]

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  1. Actually I believe choshunior identified him correctly at the mansion when Liu Yi walked in on her bath time… so she could call him by his real name in her mind, but being the highly intelligent woman that she is, would continue to use his fake name when speaking aloud


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