MKW Chapter 693

Chapter 693  [I earn my own money for myself to spend]

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Douchi Tatsuru is very hot in Japan. But currently, in this wine reception, there are a number of girls but mostly there are uncles or old men whose gaze are naturally gathered on Wang Yuzheng.

Furthermore, Wang Yuzheng’s singing is impressive. Her voice is fabulous and full of spirit. When people hear it, they feel very comfortable from head to toe.

When Choshunior Susukino hears Wang Yuzheng’s past, she cannot help but crosses her arms and says, “She does have some ability.”

But no matter how nice, in the end, it is only just selling singing, that’s all.

Choshunior Susukino has some thoughts in her heart, after which she secretly glanced at her ‘consultant’ not far away. This glance instantly makes her mad.

That damn Liu Dabo’s gaze is completely fixed on Wang Yuzheng.

Damn it, where does that girl have such attractive power! Which part of me is not as good as hers?!

Choshunior Susukino bites her lips as she looks at Liu Yi’s infatuated manner. She finally decided and her gaze lands on another young man.

That young man is also wearing an expensive western suit and his gaze towards Wang Yuzheng is also similarly infatuated.

Choshunior Susukino is depressed in her head, these guys have eyes but do not recognize gold embed jade!

She directly walks over and pats that young man’s shoulder. When that young man sees Choshunior Susukino, he immediately becomes respectful. Just as he is about to speak, he was stopped by Choshunior Susukino’s single finger.

Choshunior Susukino leans over and whispers a few sentences into that young man’s ear. That young man’s eyes instantly brighten up and nods his head.

“President Choshunior, just leave this matter to me. You can relax.”

“Mm, don’t disappoint me.”

Choshunior Susukino pats his shoulder before walking away. Her expression becomes calm again like the two of them did not have any exchange before.

After Wang Yuzheng sings a song she turns around and walks off the stage. The rest of the matter is up Douchi Tatsuru.

Today’s main singer is Douchi Tatsuru, she can only be considered as making a guest appearance.

But her singing voice had conquered a number of people. The applause did end for a while.

This lass’s singing ability had once again improved by so much after not meeting for a while. Perhaps soon, she will be able to truly start becoming famous. With Japan this gold-plate, when she returns to her country, perhaps she will be able to swiftly enter the domestic market.

Who would have thought that the obedient girl that likes to study back then would become a singer? Not to mention her, aren’t I the same, who would have thought that in one day, from a senior high school student that knows nothing, I would step onto the path of cultivation.

Liu Yi keeps his hands in his pockets as his mind is filled with Wang Yuzheng’s figure.

“I must admit that her singing is indeed not bad.”

Choshunior Susukino returns to Liu Yi’s side with a bit of jealousy and says, “But in the end, she is just a singer that’s all and is not worth it for you to be so smitten.”

“You are thinking too much of yourself again?”

Liu Yi turns around and glance at Choshunior Susukino and says in disdain, “You think that you are any better? Marrying your own father, taking the enormous business conglomerate, it is very glorious, well done?”

“Dabo-san, you can ridicule me as you wish.”

Choshunior Susukino’s nails dig into her pain as she bears with her temper and says, “I am only using the weapons of a woman that’s all. Otherwise, what else do you think that a woman can use if she wishes to take revenge?”

“You are really looking down on women.”

Liu Yi clucks, “I suddenly realize this Choshunior Susukino, actually are you very self-abased”

“Nonsense where am I feeling self-abased?”

“Because you thought that the only weapon what woman have is beauty.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Having this thought naturally makes you self-abased.”

“Up to you!”

Choshunior Susukino pants in anger slightly before saying, “In the history of your China, aren’t there Empress Tang, Empress Dowager Cixi these kinds of queens? Although I made use of my beauty, I obtained achievements! Right now I am the business Queen of Japan! As for that female singer that you worship, hmph, any person who has money will be able to take her!”

“Watch your words!”

Hearing someone dishonoring Wang Yuzheng, killing intent immediately appears in Liu Yi’s eyes, “Don’t think that just because you are high above, you can humiliate other people as you wish!”

“You actually become angry for a singer?”

Choshunior Susukino feels that Liu Yi cannot be reasoned with, “Fine. Follow me then, I shall let you have a look just how ‘dedicated’ that singer of yours in!”

She turns her head and walks towards the direction of the balcony.

Liu Yi does not know what Choshunior Susukino is trying to do and can only follow along behind her.

This Choshunior Susukino’s back view is rather pretty.

Perky butt, lovely waist. Along with her purple qipao which reveals her figure, this is basically a perfect beauty.

It is such a pity that this woman is actually serpent hearted.

Liu Yi looks at Choshunior Susukino as a woman’s figure gradually starts overlapping hers.

This woman is none that than Ma Yixuan which is engraved in Liu Yi’s heart.

Both of them are women who possess ambition…the way they climb up seems to also be the same.

Liu Yi follows Choshunior Susukino to the balcony outside.

The balcony of this hotel is also of high class. On top, there is a large swimming pool

Because the weather is colder, thus there is no guest swimming currently. During such cold weather whoever who is swimming outdoor is basically courting disaster.

But currently, there are two people standing by the poolside which attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

Choshunior Susukino pulls Liu Yi and hides in the corner by the side as they secretly observe the two of them.

One of the figures is none other than Liu Yi’s secret girlfriend, Wang Yuzheng.

As for the other person, it is that young man that Choshunior Susukino contacted. Liu Yi does not know why Wang Yuzheng came out with this young man who is dressed up in a superior quality western suit for. Could it be for enjoying wind?

“Mr, you say that there is someone looking me here, where is that person?”

Wang Yuzheng’s sentence causes Liu Yi to become vigilant, could it be that that young man does not have good intentions? Then he is really seeking death.

Liu Yi is prepared to go for broke to kill that guy!

“Haha, Miss Wang, actually I really appreciate your music as well as your person.”

The young man pulls out a name card and passes to Wang Yuzheng, “This is my name card.”

Wang Yuzheng takes it and on it is written CEO of a famous company in Japan.

“I am the CEO of this place, as for the president here, is my father. So you can say that this company is actually my family business.”

“What is the point of you saying all these? Mr?”

Wang Yuzheng does not understand as she looks at the young man, “Could it be that you want to invite me to your company’s event? Is your company engaging in a large scale department store or the likes? Or is it that you need a spokesperson? You can just tell all of this to my manager.”

“Hahaha, if it is just for this matter why would I personally come and find you?”

Wang Yuzheng does not understand, “Then what is the matter?”

The young man did not directly reply and instead asks, “Miss Wang, being an idol is very tiring right?”

Wang Yuzheng replies, “Still okay. Although it is slightly tiring, it is also very sweet. Struggling for my goal, I really enjoy this process.”

“Although it sounds nice when you say it, I am too used to this statement. So don’t take out those things that you idols say to interviewers.”

The young man plays with his fingers, “For example let us change the asking method. How much did you earn a month, around 100k yen? Even in China, this bit of money is not enough to use.”

100k yen to RMB is around 5-6k which is indeed very little. It is very hard at the beginning for idols. Being able to get this bit of money is already not bad. Like Yang Kun back then, he had lodged in his girlfriend’s house, running scene in all kind of pubs, finally, he sings until his throat bleeds. After an operation, this leads this his voice changing to its current way which can be considered a profit from a disaster.

There are too many singers in China. But those that are really able to become famous in the end are too few already.

Thus this young man has confidence that he will be able to use money to destroy her psychological barrier.

“With your terms, in the future perhaps you might be able to become famous for a while. But that does not count as much, at most you earn a few million yen that’s all and need to pay with your youth, blood, and sweat. Which is really not worth it.”

Wang Yuzheng seems to faintly feel a sense that something is wrong as she takes a few steps back to maintain her distance before asking, “Mr what do you wish to say?”

“Miss Wang, then I am going to talk honestly.”

The young man stretches out a finger and says, “You be my mistress. As for the rest, you can do whatever you want to do. Idol, or open a store to be an idol, you can do want ever you like as long as you are happy. I will give you 100 million every year.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he is shocked.

Good fellow. Spending 100 million a year to keep my girlfriend? Really have a way of thinking, really courageous!

So this should be the plan that Choshunior Susukino had right? Perhaps this young man was found by her!

But she is too self-confident.

Liu Yi’s lips move up, the one who is really self-confident shouldn’t be her but me.

No one understands Wang Yuzheng like him.

Back then during senior high, when the nouveau riche Lin Huayang chased her, she also rejects. During university, there were even more young masters who chased after her but were all rejected by her. This is a sincere ideal of this woman who invests in effort.

Money, this kind of thing to her, is really of no use.

“Apologies, Mr, perhaps you have found the wrong person.”

Wang Yuzheng’s smile finally disappears as she says coldly, “I am not interested in your money. Although your money is good, I have hands and legs and can earn money myself. I do not have the face to spend the money I earn from betraying myself.”

Wang Yuzheng’s words cause that young man’s complexion to become ugly.


Chapter 693  [I earn my own money for myself to spend]

I like Wang Yuzheng’s attitude

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