MKW Chapter 691

Chapter 691  [I am called Liu Dabo]

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Seeing Liu Yi, Wang Yuezheng subconsciously stands further away from the pretty guy which makes him unhappy.

“Yuzheng ah, why are you standing so far away from me. Is there a virus on my body?”

Although there is a handsome guy by Wang Yuezheng’s side, Liu Yi’s situation is more or less the same.

He had said that he is leaving school and then there was no longer any news. But right now he appeared in the upper layer wine reception in Japan and beside him is a charming beauty, no matter what it appears wrong.

“Ah right, you are the new person who had recently become very popular right?”

Choshunior Susukino’s memory was not bad as she gently covers her forehead and recalls immediately, “The one called…Wang Yuezheng from China right? I really like that song that you debuted with. It is not bad, it was composed by you right?”

Wang Yuzheng speaks very politely to Choshunior Susukino, “It is. Thank you for liking it.”

“Aiyah, Yuzheng ah, perhaps you do not know who this big person is right?”

The handsome guy by the side hastily interrupts and says respectfully, “This one is our Japan’s mainstay industry Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s president Choshunior Susukino ah! Being able to see her is really our honor ah! Enormous honor ah!”

When he was speaking, Wang Yuzheng cannot help but glance at Choshunior Susukino.

Most probably it is not for her prospects but to inspect Liu Yi’s gaze.

“Hehe, you had overpraised, there is no need to exaggerate so much.”

Choshunior Susukino waves her hand. Being praised by a handsome guy, she is a bit happy but that is only a bit only. After all at her current position, she had seen countless of handsome guys. Furthermore, she has the qualifications to keep a pile of small stars. Just that she does not like to do so.

“You are Douchi Tatsuru right. I like your songs as well.”

Liu Yi immediately let Little Jade pulls out this Douchi Tatsuru’s file. Flower guy, well-known idol singer. His popularity is very blooming and is practically Japan’s national singer.

“Aiyah! This is really my honor ah!”

Liu Yi suddenly interrupts and stretches out his hand towards Wang Yuzheng, “Nice to meet you too. I am Miss Choshunior Susukino’s advisor. I am called Liu Dabo.”

His meaning is very clear as he directly explains his identity. Wang Yuzheng is so smart, she will definitely be able to determine that is the situation.

Indeed, after hearing Liu Yi saying so, Wang Yuzheng’s gaze becomes a lot more relieved. After which, she shakes Liu Yi’s hand, “Nice to meet you.”

It seems like he sees that they are holding hands for too long, that handsome guy is slightly unhappy before stepping forward and pulls over Liu Yi’s hand and shakes it before saying, “Nice to meet you. I am Douchi Tatsuru. You are also from China?”

Hearing Liu Yi’s name, Douchi Tatsuru asked.

“Indeed, Miss Wang and I are also from the same village.”

When Liu Yi speaks, he secretly transmits to Wang Yuzheng, {Lass, don’t misunderstand. I am currently doing a task.}

Wang Yuzheng gave him a relieved look before taking the opportunity that the lift is still heading up she asks, “Mr Li is really young and promising ah. So young and already the consultant of Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s president.”

“I am indebted to the care from the president.”

Liu Yi is very modest. Because it is really because of the care from Choshunior Susukino, would he have a new lease of life and became this so-called consultant.

Looking at Liu Yi’s figure, Wang Yuzheng’s gaze is slightly infatuated.

Currently, Liu Yi is wearing a smart black formal attire. With a faint wicked smile on his face, he was already charming. Furthermore, it had been a long time since Wang Yuzheng had seen Liu Yi. Now that she had finally seen her mysterious boyfriend again, she cannot help but be mesmerized.

It seems like he had noticed that Wang Yuzheng is slightly abnormal, Douchi Tatsuru seems to be slightly jealous as he says, “Yuzheng, in a bit we still have to go and sing a song. How are your preparations?”

Wang Yuzheng bows slightly towards Douchi Tatsuru and says very politely, “Senior Douchi, I had practiced, please relax.”

“It is good that you are certain. This time around, the one who invited us is Glorious Sun Conglomerate. You cannot bring shame to our company’s name.”

Currently, the two of them are managed by the same company. Chen Dahai and this manager company in Japan had made a temporary exchange.

Of the same price, they also allow a group from Japan to enter their company to be nurtured. After meticulous development then they will start attacking the market of China. To Japan and Korea, their own market is too small already. China’s entertainment market is a truly large piece of meat! They had wanted to enter it, but the market in China does not welcome them.

Different from the entertainment market in Japan and Korea, especially the music market, there is a fee to download their self-created music which greatly supports the passion of originality and creative work.

While in China where it is pirated is all over the place, it is basically impossible to charge a fee for the music. Which is a very heavy blow to music creativity. Thus a lot of musicians, after writing a few songs but are unable to earn money, from then on, they completely disappear from their sight.

Despite the case, the market in China is still very hot. Because of those singers or actors who become famous, even if they are unable to come out with an album, they can rely on touring to earn enough for their entire lifetime! Because China is truly too big. Touring a place once or twice, throughout all of the places in China, it is enough to tour for an entire life!

Thus this manager company in Japan is delighted to do this exchange with Hongxing Entertainment Company. As for Chen Dahai, it is to obtain a chance for Wang Yuzheng to study under the banner of the best musician in Japan.

Because Wang Yuzheng is not only a singer, she is also a creative type of singer. Not only can she sing, but she can also write songs. This chance to her is very hard to come by.

“Do your best then. If your performance is able to make people satisfied, next time around if there are similar activities, I will still invite you guys.”

In Japan, big businessmen are the upper layer society people. As for idols and the likes, although they appear to be very radiant, in reality, their position in the society is not that high.

“Then let us first thank President!”

Douchi Tatsuru is very delighted while Wang Yuzheng is indifferent. She only nods her head which makes Choshunior Susukino glance at her a few more times.

Could it be that all China people are all like this? But in the past when I was in contact with those china people were not like this ah.

Talking about this, I feel like this girl seems to be similar to Liu Dabo in certain places.

But before Choshunior Susukino is able to understand, the lift had already stopped on the 9th floor.

“I will be taking my leave first.”

Choshunior Susukino nods her head as a greeting before walking off. Liu Yi follows closely behind, but secretly looks back and give Wang Yuzheng a look.

Wang Yuzheng understands intuitively and knows Liu Yi’s meaning. He will come and look for me in a bit.

Choshunior Susukino pulls Liu Yi as she exchanges greeting and chats with a lot of the upper layer people. Liu Yi casually chats with them a few times and realize that these officials, businessmen, and the likes, most of them are staring at Choshunior Susukino with a special kind of gaze. As for who he is, they basically do not care.

What the, these leachers!

Liu Yi is not inclined to continue chatting with them. He turns around and takes a winecup from a waiter before starting to seek for Wang Yuzheng’s figure.

This search is fine but after finding her, Liu Yi is instantly angered!

As he seeks a few old fat Japanese men surrounding Wang Yuzheng as they tease her. There is even one old codger who even extends out his hand to touch her butt.

As for Wang Yuzheng, she is almost about to cry, not knowing where to hide.

Just as he is about to have his way, a hand suddenly stretches out from the side and grasps that old man’s arm.

Liu Yi is standing by the side as he says impolitely, “Sorry but your claws are touching the wrong place.”

That old man instantly raises his head and gives Liu Yi an unhappy look.

I am planning to take advantage of this young beauty and did not expect that halfway, a hero would appear!

Baka! It is really rare to see such a long leg and tender china beauty in Japan!

Especially since he had been playing with women for such a long time, he is able to see that this beauty is a virgin which is even rarer!

These idols ah, as long as bully them a bit then give them benefits, what kind of things would they not agree to.

But in the end, this idiot appeared and blocks me?

Taking a look, it is an unfamiliar person which makes the old man even angry.

The old man instantly roars in anger, “Who are you! Do you not know how I am, to actually dare to meddle in my matters?”

The other old men by the side also surrounding and berate together like they are forcing Liu Yi to kneel down and apologize.

While Wang Yuzheng naturally hides behind Liu Yi’s back. This is her favorite place.

In Wang Yuzheng’s heart, even if the world collapses, Liu Yi will brace it up for her.

Liu Yi feels that since that old man already spoke like this, he needs to give some face and ask, “Who are you?”

“Hmph, I am the director of Higashikawa Heavy Industry! You dare to provoke me?”

Higashikawa Heavy Industry is a large conglomerate in Japan. Normally when his identity is revealed, normal people would be shocked.

While Liu Yi only sneers and says, “What Higashikawa Heavy Industry. Do not recognize. Even if you are the emperor of Japan to actually take liberties of woman as you wish in this kind of public venue, do you think you are reasonable? Why don’t you take a look at how old you are disrespecting the young?”

“Where did this wild kid come from to actually dare to be arrogant here!”

By the side, a skinny and wretched looking old man berates, “Drag this wild kid out! Don’t let him disturb this wine reception!”


Two burly bodyguards immediately step forward to grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm.

“Who dares to touch me?”

Liu Yi snorts, “Give it a try.”

Hearing Liu Yi hard-line words, the two bodyguards hesitate slightly.

Who would not, what if this person is really a young master from some noble family, at that time the one who faces the consequences would be them!

The old man also becomes slightly taciturn and ask, “Okay, I’ll ask you, who are you?”

Liu Yi pats his chest and smiles, “I am Liu Dabo, you guys can call me Dabo.”

“A china person!”

The old men glance at each other before becoming delighted. Good fellow in the high-rank wine reception in Japan, a china person actually dares to be so arrogant. He looks so white, perhaps he is a gigolo that someone brought in.

“Okay, drag him away!”



Chapter 691  [I am called Liu Dabo]

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