MKW Chapter 690

Chapter 690  [Opportune encounter]

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“Are you joking. You are Yunsen Oishi’s wife, how can you have a fiance!”

Very quickly Liu Yi understands this problem and then roars.

“Hehehe, it is just a joke, look at your reaction, so great!”

Choshunior Susukino wraps a towel around herm wrapping up her lovely figure before beaming and says, “You are entering with the identity of my advisor. Dress up properly and don’t throw away my face.”

She walks out of the bathroom first, leaving behind the panicky Liu Yi.

Bullshit, really know how to joke around and even throw out fiance. This is basically a damn fucking joke!

Fucking hell, this woman really knows how to toy with a person’s heart, she is even more demonic than that woman.

Anna suddenly roasts, “If this woman dies, she will definitely become a very outstanding fiend.”

“There is no need you to say, I understand better than you!”

Liu Yi snorts, as he smoothly gets up from the water and does not care about Anna’s gaze. He walks out and wipes his body dry before picking up the clothing that Choshunior Susukino placed there.

What the! It is actually a set of black formal attire!

Some more there is a forktail, are you for real. Am I going there to sell coquettish or going to start a concert?

Liu Yi is completely helpless.

“Choshunior Susukino, this clothing that you left for me, is it wearable?”

“Wear it. I already said that we are going to a high-rank party. These clothing are specially made by an Italy master which symbolize your status.”

“Fine then.”

Liu Yi has no choice but to put on the clothing.

The clothing’s material is indeed not bad. Liu Yi did not realize previous but after touching it makes him feel very soft and comfortable.

This is the first time he wore this kind of luxurious clothing which makes Liu Yi feel like he is a gentleman, filled with graceful temperament.

What is this called? Right, right, in between gestures, greatly increase the noble aura.

Liu Yi cannot help but take a few more glances while Anna cannot help but mutter, {Human are, indeed are narcissistic creatures.}


Liu Yi transmits to Anna, {So be it if you talk about other stuff. But talking about narcissistic, you angels are the real narcissists! Each of you boasting that you guys are the soldier of god thus you consider everyone else below you. Humans in your eyes are like ants!}

{Humans are indeed like this in our eyes.}

Anna asks curiously, {Could it be that when you humans see ants, you will take them seriously? Us angels possess formidable strength and thus we look at humans the same way.}


Liu Yi really does not know how to retort for a moment. But recalling the Buddha reasoning, he says, {A flower a world, A leaf an enlightenment. The flowers and birds, fish and bugs in this world are all living beings. All living beings are all equal. You consider yourselves as noble but do you know there are people outside of your thousand small worlds who are looking at you like you are an ant?}

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Anna is also astounded, {This….}

That’s right, I had to treat humans as an ant but in those really big realms, perhaps there are people who treat me like an ant as well.

For example this person in front of me, he is an existence who possess enormous strength.

Furthermore, his strength is still continuously increasing. Perhaps one day, he might be able to exceed a God King…

The world is too big. I am unable to judge it with my willpower. I am really curious and also wish to see how would the future turn out to be.

Choshunior Susukino by the side does not know that Liu Yi had just debated with an angel on her plane.

She had already finished dressing and grooming herself. She sits on her chair and puts on her safety belt before says, “Dabo-san, the plane is about to descend, please be seated properly.”


Kawasaki City is not that far from Tokyo. Liu Yi feels that taking a plan is unnecessary, but who asked the Yunsen Family to be a tycoon and local tyrant!

Liu Yi returns to his seat and was surprised to see Choshunior Susukino wearing a purple qipao. Prune colored roses were embroidered on the qipao making her looks very gorgeous.

This makes Liu Yi stunned, why does she….look rather beautiful.

But she is a demoness. I must not be mesmerized by her beauty!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and calms himself down.

Choshunior Susukino flutters her eyes at Liu Yi and asks with self-confidence, “How is it? I am pretty right?”

Liu Yi turns his head away as he snorts.“Do not know. I am not interested in old ladies.”

“Damn it, who is an old lady! This miss had only just become 20 this year okay?! I am a lot younger than you!”

Choshunior Susukino cannot take it and reports out her age which makes Liu Yi shocked.

“20? You are only 20? You got married so young?”

“Is the marriage age in China and Japan different?”

Choshunior Susukino roast, “In Japan a lot of girls are already married when they are in senior high school okay?”

“What the. I actually forgot about this matter…that means that you are still quite young ah…”

Right now Liu Yi does not know how to attack Choshunior Susukino anymore.

Choshunior Susukino starts to counterattack, “I am very young okay. Who is an old lady, you old man!”

“So what about old man, the older the man the more flavor there is.”

Choshunior Susukino scoffs, “More flavor, just you?”

“Don’t believe? You come and try?”

Choshunior Susukino throws Liu Yi a coquettish look before she continues to attack, “Okay ah, you give me a chance and I shall try.”

“What the, you think that I am stupid!”

Liu Yi raises the exemption to fight, “Soon the plane is going to descend. You better know your own place!”

“Hmph, I just know that you are not capable.”

Choshunior Susukino rolls her eyes at Liu Yi making Liu Yi glare at her but she did not say anymore.

Bickering with this woman is really to disadvantageous already. It is better not to say anything!

A philosopher had said before that silence is the most powerful attack!

The plane swiftly lands. After alighting the plane, there is a car which picked them up. Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s industries can be found throughout Japan and even the entire Asia. Furthermore, Tokyo is the Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s focus on development. Down here they have a robust influence and assets.

This time Choshunior Susukino came here from far away is for her solo news conference of the artificial island tomorrow.

The artificial island is set up around the southeast of Tokyo’s sea. The artificial island’s surface area is over 3000 square kilometer which is sincerely an enormous engineering project!

When the artificial island was first founded, there are already a number of people who signed up to live on the island. After tomorrow’s project completion ceremony is over, these people will officially move into the island and start their brand new schedule!

“Tonight’s party will be very important. They are all VIPs who will show up for the news conference. Even Tokyo’s governor will come as well. So you must pay attention. If you did anything that oversteps your boundaries, then you really had thrown away a lot of your face!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “It is not like I know them.”

Choshunior Susukino also did not look into this at. Instead, she asks another question, “Dabo-san why it is that you react such so conflicted when I mentioned about letting you be my fiance? Could it be being my man is that horrifying?”

“You are already the woman of Yunsen Oishi.” Liu Yi says without hesitation, “I do not take in second-hand goods.”


At that instantly Choshunior Susukino is so angry that she really wish to give him a tight slap!

But looking at Liu Yi who is sitting there, she suddenly is a bit begrudging to do so…

This twisted thought really is annoying to death!

Choshunior Susukino’s really wish to blow up! Just what kind of magic powers does this man possess? In the beginning didn’t I wish to use him to take revenge against Yunsen Ameki, why do I feel like I suddenly have fallen into this pit?

“You think that Yunsen Oishi is so easy to be found? Liu Dabo, let me tell you if you wish to lure out Yunsen Oishi, then there is only one method!”

“Oh? What method?”

Liu Yi is rather curious, didn’t expect that Choshunior Susukino really has a method that is able to do so.

Also right. After all, she is also Yunsen Oishi’s wife and had lived together for 2 years. She definitely understands his person.

“Hmph, Yunsen Oishi this person does not have any special weak point. The only weak point is that he is easily jealous”

Choshunior Susukino says, “If you wish to lure him out, as long as you marry me and hold a majestic wedding ceremony then it will be okay.”

This sentence jabs into Liu Yi’s heart causing him to nearly jump off the plan.

Bullshit?! What is this meaning?! Marry Choshunior Susukino?!

Wouldn’t Yunsen Ameki’s heart die? What is this fucking bullshit idea!

“Cannot! Definitely cannot!”

Liu Yi did not even think and directly rejects, “Don’t think about it anymore, I will definitely not marry you!”

“What are you emotional about!”

Choshunior Susukino rolls her eyes, “It is only a fake marriage. Forget it. Right now I will not force you. Sooner or later there will come a day where you will come and beg for me yourself.”

To her Liu Yi is like prey in the cage, thus Choshunior Susukino is not in a hurry to kill yet!

Liu Yi also no longer says anything. The two of them sits on the car all the way to a high-end hotel.

This hotel has several floors. Entering inside is an enormous aquarium wall. Liu Yi takes a look around. Inside there raised a tropical fish which cost a few hundred thousand. It is really a luxurious place.

“President, please head upstairs.”

The hotel itself is a business of Glorious Sun Conglomerate. Thus the manager inside personally came and received the two of them.

Liu Yi keeps close as he follows behind the woman in purple qipao. Those who do not know might think that I am the gigolo raised by her right?

Bullshit that manager’s gaze on me clearly have something wrong!

Liu Yi is unhappy in his heart. As the lift door is closing he hears a familiar voice coming from outside.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute!”

When Liu Yi hear this voice he trembles while Choshunior Susukino by the side had already stretched out her hand to press the open button.

From outside walks in two figure. An ideal couple which makes Choshunior Susukino mutters, “What a pair of the couple. It seems like both of them are idols right?”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on the two of them after which it clashes against that beautiful girl.

Wang Yuzheng, why would she appear here, furthermore, following by the side of this handsome guy?


Chapter 690  [Opportune encounter]

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