MKW Chapter 689

Chapter 689  [Let’s soak together]

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That photo indeed angers Liu Yi and makes his heart unable to calm down.

The normal obedient Yunsen Akemi would actually have an affair with other guys?

This kind of matter….makes Liu Yi unable to believe as well as hard to accept!

“How is it, this photo is not fake.”

Seeing the alarm in Liu Yi’s eyes, Choshunior Susukino is even more delighted in her heart. Knowing that she had found the correct direction for attacking, she continues to speak, “This photo was taken not long ago. I also chanced upon it. Although you still had not come to Japan during that period of time, I must say that the guy that Yunsen Akemi likes the most is not you.”

“Before meeting Yunsen Akemi, I will not guess.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and calms himself down with thoughts.

Buddha relics color is empty, empty is color. These are nothing but some ideas that’s all, how can I be confused by these!

After Liu Yi calms down his mental state, he lets his heart stabilize.

“You are actually able to bear with it?”

Seeing how Liu Yi slowly calms down, Choshunior Susukino is finally starting to be shocked, “You really can endure ah!”

“When two individuals are together, the basis is mutual trust.”

Liu Yi says calmly, “I admit that in the beginning, I was indeed anxious. But I am willing to believe Yunsen Akemi. After I meet her face to face and clear things up, it is not too late to make a decision.”

“Hmph, you can actually keep calm.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s current manner, Choshunior Susukino suddenly feels like she had found an excessively strong opponent.

Currently, the plane is running along the runway before speeding into the sky.

“I am only maintaining my rationality that’s all.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Losing rationality will only let the opponent get their way.”

“Do you feel that I am your enemy?”

Choshunior Susukino is unable to suppress her anger as she glares at Liu Yi and says, “Don’t forget that the two of us are in the end, in the same boat! Both of us wish to find Yunsen Oishi, if you do not cooperate with me, it will not be beneficial to you!”

“What the needs to cooperate, I will naturally cooperate with you.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms, “But you can forget about driving a wedge between me and Yunsen Akemi.”

“Hmph, you are thinking too highly of yourself!”

Choshunior Susukino snorts and crosses her arms no longer saying anything else.

Liu Yi also did not say anything as he sits there with his eyes closed.

Although he did say that he will not think randomly, more or less he does think about it a bit. If the photo is real why did Yunsen Akemi want to hide it from me? Although I did not investigate, Yunsen Akemi had said before that I am her first love…

“Hehe, although you say so, actually you really do mind it a lot right?”

Choshunior Susukino this woman is very impressive and is able to see through Liu Yi’s thoughts.

“To be honest, not to mention you, even I also feel that this ‘daughter’ of mine is weird.”

“Why do you say so?”

Liu Yi frowns faintly as he waits for Choshunior Susukino’s answer.

“I have married into Yunsen Family for two years already.”

Choshunior Susukino uses her finger to rubs against the crystal glass as she says, “These two years, the first year and the second year, Yunsen Akemi was like two completely different people and her character had changed a lot. But, I did not interact with her a lot, perhaps she originally had two personalities.”

A person with a double personality?

Liu Yi cannot help but recall a woman in his memories, Demon Emperor, Zhang Yunyun.

She is a typical case of a person with a double personality. One face is an obedient girl, the other…alas…

I also used to have a double personality and my current character is after the fusion of the two personalities.

Thus if Yunsen Akemi has a double personality….it also does not seem to be very strange. But, really cannot see through ah…

“Thus, don’t think that you know girls very well. If a girl really wishes to lie to people, it is basically too easy already. Especially lying to you this stupid man.”

“Firstly, I don’t feel that Yunsen Akemi is lying to me. Second I am not a stupid man.”

Liu Yi reminds Choshunior Susukino, “This matter shall end here.”

“Fine then, then let’s not discuss anymore.”

Choshunior Susukino also seems to not wish to continue to discuss this question. At this moment a pretty air stewardess walks over and bows to the two of them.

“Honoured guest, the plane has entered a stabilized fight, you may have free time now.”


Choshunior Susukino waves her hand before saying to Liu Yi, “Your clothing is wet. Go and take a bath then change your clothing. I had already placed the clothing that you need at the bathroom door.”

The inside of the private luxurious plane is equivalent to a 5-star hotel, what should be there is there.

There is even a bathroom for bathing. Liu Yi is not polite as well. Undoing the safety belt he stands up and walks towards the bathroom.

He pulls open the bathroom door and inside is a very large tub which is filled with water that is emitting steam.

Liu Yi removes his clothing before soaking inside.

Right now he really needs to relax, thus he is single-heartedly concentrating on enjoying the hot water’s embrace.

“You really know how to enjoy.”

Without him knowing Anna is standing by the side as she looks at Liu Yi in the tub as she says, “Do humans pretend to be fine to delude themselves?”

“What the heck, you pervert!”

Liu Yi nearly jumps up, “You are also watching when I bathe, don’t you know that guys and girls shouldn’t be intimate?”

“In the heaven realm, there had never been any difference between a guy and girl. What you say, I am unable to understand.”

“What the…”

Liu Yi is thoroughly speechless. He melancholy says, “Forget it. If you like to see then see, after all, I also do not lose out.”

“You really are not worried at all?”

Anna slightly tilts her head to the side and says, “If you need it, I can completely help you. Finding a person, to us angels is really not hard.”

“Help for free?”

“Of course not.” Anna shakes her head, “Naturally you need to pay a certain price. There has never been a free grace before.”

“Then forget it, I also do not wish to make a deal with you.”

Liu Yi then does not wish to rely on this angel…of course, if really at the end it is not possible, then she shall be the ace method.

In this world, there will never be a free meal. If you wish to eat to your fill, then you need to work hard to earn money.

Since a long time ago, Liu Yi had already known this principle.


Just as Anna wish to say something, she suddenly creases her brows and disappears.

Liu Yi also frowns, because a beauty had pulled open the bathroom door and walks in without hesitation.

This woman is none other than Choshunior Susukino.

Liu Yi roasts her, “Big sister…must you really bath together with me?”

“Think, how long do we need to get from here to Tokyo?”

Choshunior Susukino rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Just rushing for time, that’s all, furthermore, the tub is big enough for me to soak as well.”

Liu Yi immediately says, “This is not a matter of big enough right?”

“We already bathed before, what is it now!”

Choshunior Susukino snorts, “Stinky guy, after obtaining small advantages, you pretend to be obedient!”

“What the…”

Liu Yi suddenly does not know how to retort, it seems like it is really the case.

But…why does it feel like I am wrongly accused? Seem like the last time we bath together is also because I got forced to!

This woman is really unreasonable!

Forget it, which woman is reasonable.

Liu Yi’s lips twitch as he pretends to be mute and soaks in the tub silently.

While Choshunior Susukino is rather magnanimous as she walks over and sits opposite Liu Yi. She lets out **sounds like a cat which is very comfortable which make Liu Yi aroused.

Damnit, just soaking in hot water what the heck are you doing!

Liu Yi really wishes to send her flying out of the bath with a kick. But recall that this is her private jet, he decided to forget it.

Let’s just continue to soak silently… and treat it like I know nothing!

Liu Yi soaks in the bath gloomily not making any sound.

While Choshunior Susukino is behaving like she is bathing on her own, doing as she, please. In the end, she even spread open her legs and reclines there in content.

Bullshit, isn’t this just luring me into committing a crime!

If really committed a crime then who would be the one being blamed!

Liu Yi turns his head away and activates Little Jade and pulls out a novel to read.

Do not look at indecency, what that ought not to be seen should not be seen!

In the end, that novel is just nice at an H-content causing Liu Yi to be tongue-tied when he read it.

What the!

How can it be such a coincidence, is there really such a need to pity me?!

Liu Yi immediately changes the channel. He lets Little Jade pulls out anime to watch instead.

It is still <Doraemon> which is the cure ah…

Liu Yi finally starts to relax.

“There is no need to be so anxious.”

Realizing that Liu Yi’s muscles are stretched taut, Choshunior Susukino giggles and says, “It is not like I will eat people up.”

As Liu Yi watches the anime, he pretends to be indifferent as he says, “Your above indeed cannot eat people, but it does not mean that your below is unable to eat people.”

Choshunior Susukino instantly understands as her face for the first time turns red as she spits out, “Rogue!”

“Originally thought that you were an upright gentleman, so you are also a rogue!”

“How am I a rogue?” Liu Yi blinks his eyes, “This one is untalented and does not understand, please show me the light.”


Choshunior Susukino then does not want to explain such an immoral question. She rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before raising her head to look at the waterproof clock hanging on the wall.

“It is almost time, go out and change your clothing. Tonight you will first accompany me to a party, don’t throw my face.”

“I am only your bodyguard right?” Liu Yi asked curiously. “Is there a need for a bodyguard to wear better clothes?”

“Do you think I would bring a bodyguard to attend this kind of high-rank party?”

As Choshunior Susukino wipes her body clean, she rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “That is a party for the higher layer of people. How many people rush like ducks so that they are able to get to know some of the high-rank officials or aristocrat there, you must cherish this opportunity ah.”

“Why do I even want to know any high-rank officials or aristocrat for? I only want Yunsen Oishi!”

“I just know that uncle has a heavy taste. There is a lot of Japan VIP at the party, perhaps you might be able to obtain news regarding Yunsen Oishi at that party.”

Choshunior Susukino flutters her eyes at Liu Yi, “Could it be that you do not wish to understand a bit?”

Liu Yi can say, “Fine then, then what identity am I using to take part in this party?”

“Oh, it is also not any complicated identity ah…actually it is a very simple one…”

“Quicky say it!”

“It is just the fiance of me, Choshunior Susukino.”

“What the heck! Choshunior Susukino! Your head!”

Liu Yi and his companions were instantly shocked.


Chapter 689  [Let’s soak together]

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  1. Once again, the author shows how little he knows about Japan. While after the Meiji Restoration Japan’s class system got simplified a lot, right after WW2 any form of aristocracy was abolished, with anyone who’s not on the line for the throne being a plebeian (as of right now, the royal family is composed by the emperor, his wife, his daughter, his parents, his brother as his heir, his brother’s wife and his brother’s son; some people who were previously royalty lost their status when Heisei turned into Reiwa, not to mention that sister who married a pleb and was disinherited on the spot).

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