MKW Chapter 687

Chapter 687  [Fight between women]

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“Let us not involve ordinary people with our battle.”

As Anna speaks she claps her hands.

Instantly a silver world boundary spreads out and envelopes the room.

“Oi, oi, oi. This small room of mine is not suitable for fighting ah!”

Liu Yi tries to mediate but the two women instantly turn their heads over and glare at him.

“SHUT UP!” x2

What the heck! These two lasses are going to defy heaven ah!

“God of Fire Armour!”

Lin Tong’s fighting intent had emerged. After cultivating the God of Fire Armour for so long, she still had not had a proper fight yet!

Now that an angel who is just asking for a beating appearing in front of her, how could she let go of this opportunity!

“Holy Light Protecting Body!”

A silver light descends on Anna’s body and transforms into a silver armor which increases her defense.

“Bring it on!”

After being with Liu Yi for so long, Lin Tong’s manner of speaking also becomes similar to him.

She wields 2 long blades which she points at Anna.

“You are only a soul, I shall yield to you.”

Anna waves her hand, “Based on your china people practice, I shall let you have three moves.”

“Hehe okay then. Then I will gracefully accept!”

A smile appears on Lin Tong’s face. She is not a guy nor does she have any male chauvinism. Not mentioning letting her have 3 moves, she also does not mind having 300 moves as well!

The nature of a fox is cunningness!

She raises her blades before charging forward. She suddenly disappears from her original sport and instantly appears in front of Anna, after which she joins the blades together and uses Returning Beheading. Two enormous flame blades sweep out through the room.

Liu Yi immediately bends over and dodges the flame blade!

Damn it, immediately using a big move, Immortal Fox Sister is really impolite ah! No matter what the other person is still a foreigner. More or less isn’t yielding a bit shows off our fine traditional virtue.

“Holy light shield!”

Seeing the power of the flame blade, Anna is unable to remain calm as her expression turns pale. Her hands join together and gather a silver light shield blocking in front of her!


The flame blade chops onto the shield and instantly evokes a large white halo.

Cold sweat starts appearing on Anna’s forehead, it appears that Lin Tong’s attack created huge pressure on her!


Lin Tong is delighted in her heart, just a small angle and you also dare to be arrogant towards this miss?

The flames on her flame blade suddenly transform into an eye-catching golden light and with a -kacha-, it breaks Anna’s shield.

Anna is calm as she touches her forehead and completely disappears.

A sofa is instantly chopped into two making Liu Yi’s heart drip blood in pain.

“My sofa ah, how much money do I need to compensate ah!”

“Don’t be so petty, you local tyrant!”

Lin Tong rolls her eyes before turning her head swiftly.

Anna’s figure had already appeared behind her as she holds an angel greatsword in her hands which she chops towards Lin Tong’s head.

“Don’t think that I do not know!”

Lin Tong uses Spirit Fox Steps and disappears in front of Anna.

-tearing sound!-

Anna’s sword instantly chopped the carpet on the ground into two.

Liu Yi is about to become crazy, these two lasses are creating destruction right!

“Take my move!”

Lin Tong is holding two blades as she appears by Anna’s side, while Anna is only holding a longsword with a shield as she clashes against Lin Tong.

The blades collide as the battle in the room becomes more and more intense.

Lin Tong gathers the power of the flames while Anna gathers the holy power. The two powers are both around 13 stars as they fight!

“Really delightful ah, so you actually have some abilities! But it shall end here! This miss declares that you have been eliminated!”

Lin Tong condense the gold flames on the two blades. Her strength is clearly stronger than Anna by a bit, but Anna keeps showing more and more capabilities like magic which shocked her.

“The soldiers of god never believe in defeat! Light spirit!”

As Anna speaks, she stretches out her right hand and grabs the air.

Instantly a fist-size elf appears in the air. It is wearing a silver princess gown as a few pairs of silver wings flaps behind her.

“What is this….so cute…”

Seeing the little spirit sitting on Anna’s shoulder, stretching her waist, Lin Tong’s heartbeat speeds up.

Towards cute things, girls completely do not have any resistance…

“This is light spirit. Be careful of her spells.”

Anna laughs, following which the light spirit flies up suddenly and starts dancing a weird dance.

While a small sun suddenly appears in the sky letting out eye-catching light!

This light ray shoots towards Lin Tong and it apparently carries enough power to injure.

Even with Spirit Fox steps, Lin Tong is unable to dodge this large attack.

Even Liu Yi also nearly suffered a calamity. He immediately put on the monarch armor to block this map cannon.

While Lin Tong places her blades together and uses Return Beheading and slices out as she attempts to use force to part the opponent’s attack!

But this light wave is too dense already. It is like a KOF game the 97 Big snakes’ sunshine attack which is very horrifying.

Just as Anna thought that Lin Tong is going to admit defeat, Lin Tong suddenly shouts, “Charm Fox crescent blade!”

A silver crescent blade flies out from Lin Tong’s body and flies in front of her.

That Charm Fox crescent blade instantly starts to grow bigger. And instantly the blades become over a meter big each which start revolving like an electric fan in front of her.

Anna exclaims in shock, “What is this!”

“Hmph you have light spirit, I have a magic weapon! Charm Fox Crescent blade!”

When the opponent’s light technique had been forced back, Lin Tong points and the Charm Fox Crescent Blade instantly transforms back to palm size before speedily spins as it flies towards Anna.

“Holy shield!”

Anna exclaims in shock when she senses the scary power behind that small crescent blade. A shield instantly condenses on each of her hands which she places in front of her to block the attack.


The Charm Fox Crescent Blade keeps cutting into the holy shield as it keeps slicing the holy shield apart.

“What, what a scary magic weapon…”

Anna’s eyes widened in shock as she stares in disbelief at the continuously spinning Charm Fox Crescent Blade.

“What is scary is at the back!”

As Lin Tong speaks, she places down her blade and places her hands together before spitting them apart!

Instantly the Charm Fox Crescent Blade turns from 1 to 2 from 2 to 3 and soon there are over hundred of them flying around surrounding Anna in all directions. They dodge her shield before shooting at her.


Anna did not expect that the Charm Fox Crescent Blade is able to split into so many!

“Holy Shield!”

But her ability is not at a disadvantage. Anna squats down and places her arms against the ground.

Instantly a semi-circle shield emerges from the ground, encasing her within.

-ding dang ding dang!-

The crescent blades strike the shield causing sparks to appear.

“Returning Beheading!”

While Lin Tong takes this opportunity to attack once again. She lifts her blades and approaches Anna’s side. She joins the blades together and the red flames reappear. Like a dancing windmill, it once again slices the shield!


This time around a crater got extruded out from the shield by the flame blades. Furthermore, it is still pressing down on the shield.

“What a scary strength…”

Anna’s brows tighten. Comparing power, I am indeed not this spirit’s opponent…

Really so unusual ah, a spirit is actually able to defeat an angel!

This is really impossible!


Seeing that the shield is about to break, Lin Tong becomes delighted. The flame blades appear to be about to chop down and split Anna’s body into half.

At this moment Liu Yi who is wearing Monarch Armour appears in front of Lin Tong. He stretches out his hand and uses his palm to grab the flame blade before scattering it with a pinch.

The flames scatters everywhere shocking Anna so badly that her eyes widen.

This chinaman…can use his hand to pinch the flame blade into pieces…just what kind of strength is this!

“Immortal Fox sister, can already. If you really kill her, it will be slightly troublesome.”

Lin Tong pouts and asks, “Hmph! I see that you are heart pain right!”

Liu Yi immediately cry out in grievance, “Not at all ah! You are really accusing me wrongly ah!”

Right now his Monarch Armour had already absorbed the powers from the 4 different armor and have evolved a few grades!

God of Earth Armour, God of Fire Armour, God of Water Armour, God of Battle Armour. Right now Liu Yi no longer needs to put on those armors and is able to use their ability through the Monarch Armour.

Yan Qiuhong this Monarch Scorpion is not only good in defense, but she is also able to keep improving.

This way even if Liu Yi gives the armors away, he will still be able to use their abilities.

Right now is also the same. Monarch Armour is able to transfer 90% of the force to the ground.

Although this is a building with multiple stories, the cement is still connected to the ground.

“Hmph! Fickle ghost!”

Lin Tong did not say anything else and transforms into a red light and disappears into Liu Yi’s body.

“China’s technique is really mystical…”

Anna who is squatting on the ground sighs before standing up and wipes away her sweat on her forehead, “I had always looked down on china…no wonder the Heaven Realm Army wants to obtain your strength…I finally understood….”

“What you had seen is just a portion of my ability.”

Liu Yi smiles, I still have not entered God Transformation yet. The moment I enter God Transformation, I will instantly possess enough strength to slaughter the western god realm.

“Stop joking! If you are even stronger, wouldn’t you become the god-king?”

In the western god realm, god-king is an existence that is above god general! But currently, in the god realm, there are only 3 god-kings. One on the Heaven Realm Army side, the other in the Rebel Army. As for the last one, he is a neutral party

If this China person is able to possess the power of the God King…then the western god realm will really be finished!

He is enough to help destroy the god realm!

“Mr. Liu, please open the door!”

The person outside had been knocking on the door for quite some time already. But he also does not dare to show that he is anxious. After all, this person is the teacher of a big miss as well as the person that his boss has taken fancy of…

“Oh right, there are people waiting outside the door!”

Only then did Liu Yi recall the proper matter and claps his hand, “Anna, disperse the barrier.”


Chapter 687  [Fight between women]

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