MKW Chapter 686

Chapter 686  [Title below]

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In the end, that angel was chased away by Liu Yi. How would he have time to accompany these people to play.

As long as the matters in Japan are unable to be dealt with for a day, he will not be at ease for a day.

Yunsen Oishi still does not reveal himself while Yunsen Akemi also had not seen her father as well.

Liu Yi had already let Little Jade hack into the entire transportation system and is monitoring every part. As long as anyone that looks like Yunsen Oishi appears, she will immediately send him a notice.

But Yunsen Oishi is like he had disappeared from the face of the earth and there was not a single notice!

If it is not for the fact that the group is certain that he is hiding, Liu Yi would have really thought that he had gotten murdered and his corpse had been abandoned in the wilderness.

Damn it where on earth is that old fellow hiding?!

Liu Yi sits in front of the table and lets out a sigh.

“What wish do you have, why don’t you say it out and perhaps I am able to satisfy you.”

Anna suddenly appears on Liu Yi’s left and sits by his side as a fragrance floats into his nose.

“What the, you angels don’t knock before entering?”

Liu Yi nearly jumps up. He glares are Anna and says, “Don’t you even have this bit of etiquettes?”

“To me, your room does not have a lock.”

Anna shrugs her shoulder, “To the rest of the Heaven Realm Army is also the same.”

“What the, didn’t I ask you to stay away from me?”

Liu Yi is very gloomy. He is really afraid that this damn birdman will leak his identity.

“This is not possible. The Heaven Realm Army is eyeing you already. No matter what, I shall be monitoring you.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist and says, “The feeling of being monitored is really not nice.”

“This is also no choice. Everything is for the battle against Heaven Realm Army. If you really got taken away by the Heaven Realm General, I will risk my life to snatch you back…if I am unable to snatch you pack, then I shall kill you!”

“What the, I am not a toy that you guys control okay?”

Liu Yi really wishes to curse, damn it why am I so unlucky, to get involved in so many matters!

I already had enough troubles and why is god still going against me! Did I explode his **?

“Anyway, you had already been swept in and it is impossible to escape.”

Anna advises, “I will definitely do everything to protect you.”

“I had already said that I do not need your protection okay? Furthermore, right now you had already attracted a huge mess alright?”

Liu Yi turns on the TV and on the news a Japanese reporter is talking about the matter of the disappearance of a famous singer.

“Right now, everyone is looking for you! Miss Angel!”

“The person they are looking for already went up to heaven.”

Anna shrugs her shoulders, “Right now I am Anna, an official of the Rebel Army.”

“What the…”

Anna says very seriously, “Let’s talk about our original topic. Just what kind of worries do you have? As an angel, I have the power to fulfill your desire.”

“Stop joking already. My strength is not weaker than yours, but my hands are still bound and are not able to do anything.”

“Our strength is different.”

Anna is not discouraged as she says, “Demons can fulfill the dealer’s desire through contracts while us angels can do so as well.”

“Oh? Do I need to offer my soul to God?”

Liu Yi clucks, he does know a bit regarding the crossroads transactions.

Demons take away the human soul then fulfill the human’s desire. It is also because of this, that human will only be left with a lifespan of 10 years.

“No need. You just need to agree to my request that’s all.”

Anna’s target is very simple but is directly rejected by Liu Yi.

“No need. I will not do any transactions with anyone. Yunsen Oishi this person, I will find him.”

Liu Yi says assertively and makes that angel have no way to retort.

While at this moment, Liu Yi’s other handphone starts ringing. He picks it up, it is actually Choshunior Susukino who is calling him.

This woman.

Liu Yi pretends that he did not hear it, allowing the handphone to keep vibrating there.


The handphone keeps wandering on the table while Anna cannot help but ask, “Why are you not picking up the call? Someone is looking for you.”

“It is an annoying person. So I do not wish to pick up.”

“You humans are really curious. Since you do not wish to communicate, then why do you guys invent the handphone and even give the other person your contact number.”

Anna indicates that she does not understand.

“This is social niceties, social niceties do you understand?”

Liu Yi is very helpless, perhaps this angel also does not understand the ways of the world.

“Don’t understand.”

“Don’t understand then go to the side and stand there!”

Liu Yi feels that he is just seeking to anger himself! He pretends to be not here on this side but the handphone keeps ringing nonstop.

Finally, Liu Yi no longer has any patience and takes the call.

“You picked up already?”

From the phone comes the mocking voice of Choshunior Susukino, “I actually wanted to see how long could you persist?”

Liu Yi casually tells a lie, “I was bathing so I did not hear.”

“Really no sincerity. You already used this excuse last time.”

Choshunior Susukino easily exposes Liu Yi’s lie, “What, do you really find me that loathsome?”

“Not at all. I really was bathing. Could it be that since I bathed last time, I do not bath now?”

Liu Yi changes the topic, “Could it be that in your eyes, I am a person who does not like cleanliness?”

“Hmph, then let us not discuss this topic.”

Choshunior Susukino knows that Liu Yi is purposefully escaping the question. She is a smart woman thus she does not continue on her questioning. Instead, she says, “This time around I am calling you for a proper matter. In two days time, Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s artificial island shall start investing. Tomorrow you shall follow me to take part in a news conference.”

“Why bring me along?” Liu Yi does not understand, “It is not like I am your secretary!”

“Glorious Sun Conglomerate have too many enemies. Our family’s experts had also died in China. The solo remaining expert still needs to remain behind to protect that cute sister of mine. Thus, right now, this weak woman can only rely on your protection.”

Liu Yi says bluntly, “I am a teacher, not a bodyguard.”

“This is my second order for you! Don’t forget about our transaction!”

Choshunior Susukino instantly uses a sentence to block up Liu Yi’s mouth, “Enough already. I will send a car to pick you up in a bit. That’s the plan. Little sweetheart, I will see you in a bit.”


Liu Yi wishes to smash the handphone, why are these women, each one harder and harder to deal with!

But it also seems like I also had to make a trip to Tokyo. After all, there is still that Heaven Armour that I need to collect as well.

Of the 5 demonic armours, I already collected 4 of them. Now it is only the last set left.

Most probably after collecting all 5 sets, I will be able to summon out the god dragon to fulfill my wish…damn it, what am I thinking of, it is not like it is the Dragonball! Definitely must be because I had read too much manga recently. In Japan everything is inconvenient, all except for reading manga which is the most convenient.

After Liu Yi hangs up, Anna by the side is giving Liu Yi a look of disdain.

Liu Yi is curious, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

“Didn’t you say that you will not make transactions with anyone?”

Anna’s gaze is completely filled with disdain, “You are lying.”

“Coughs, today weather is not bad ah.”

Liu Yi looks out of the window which is a cloudy day and seems like it is going to rain any moment.

Anna shakes her head, “Saying without meaning it, humans.”

“You talkative angel, would you die if you do not roast?”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth in anger as he glares at Anna.

“Does human not like to hear the truth?”

Anna gives Liu Yi a curious look. “If that is the case, then I can tell you lies daily.”

“What the, that is not my meaning okay? Ahhhhhh!!! Gods, can you recall back your pet?”

Liu Yi hisses to the sky.

“Although I am created by God I am not the pet of god. I am the emissary of God.”

Anna explains very patiently, “I am only helping God exercise his powers that’s all.”

“Do you angels have a sense of humor?”

“Do angels need to have a sense of humor?”

Anna tilts her head as she looks at Liu Yi, “If you need it, I will learn it.”

Liu Yi stretches his hand and says, “No need! You stay further away from me and I will be grateful!”

“Actually after a while, you will realize that I am very useful.”

It is not like you are a **, useful your sister!

Liu Yi really wishes to roast her but he bears with it.

At this moment, from the outside of the door, there is someone knocking on it.

“Quite fast eh.”

Liu Yi turns around and says, “You better hurry and leave to prevent other people from seeing you..”

By the side Anna’s figure had already disappeared a long time ago, bullshit, this lass is really playing hide&seek with me.

“I am by your side…no one will be able to see me.”

It seems like she knows what Liu Yi is thinking of, Anna’s voice speaks up by Liu Yi’s ears.

“Are you for real! I hate people secretly following me the most!”

“Then I will let you see me then.”

Anna’s figure appears once again. She is quite pretty.

“Other than you, no one else is able to see me.”


This sentence makes another girl very unhappy. Lin Tong instantly flies out from Liu Yi’s body and transforms into a human figure, standing in front of Anna.

Anna is actually able to see Lin Tong’s figure and says in shock, “Oh, there is actually still a spiritual body?”

“You are able to see this miss?”

Hearing what Anna says, Lin Tong is also shocked.

Other than Liu Yi, there are very few people who are able to see the existence of her spiritual body!

“Just a soul, of course I can see it.”

Anna’s voice carries a bit of arrogance, “I am the emissary of God which is different from souls. Whoever I want to see me will be able to see me. Those whom I do not wish to allow to see me, they will not be able to see me.”

“To actually dare to look down on this miss!”

Lin Tong instantly becomes unhappy and points at Anna and says, “Want to stay by his side? Very well. As long as you are able to defeat me, I will give you this right!”

“Oh? What you say, counts?”

“Of course!”

This time around, it is Lin Tong’s turn to be delighted as she crosses her arms and says, “Our families big idiot has always listened to me.”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, can you not called me big idiot…

“Okay then. Then let us fight!”

Anna also becomes serious.


Chapter 686  [Don’t provoke fox immortal]

Yess!!! Foxy is back

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