MKW Chapter 685

Chapter 685  [Title below]

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Liu Yi’s expression instantly turns severe. He thought that she is about to sneak attack him and is about to retaliate.

While a surge of gentle power surrounds the two of them and instantly exploded out.

Everyone’s vision turns blur while Liu Yi and that popular idol’s figures disappear at the same time.

“Ah, where did uncle go?”

Wakabayashi Rika looks around but did not see Liu Yi’s figure.

“No worries. Commander will be fine.”

Hunter walks over and comforts Wakabayashi Rika, “That little birdman will not be able to do anything to Commander. Miss Rika, what orders do you have right now. We will do our best to support you into the 9th generation head position.”

“Okay then, let us go back, then search for uncle.”

Wakabayashi Rika knows that the proper matter is urgent and nods her head before saying loudly, “From now on, I, Wakabayashi Rika is the Yamaguchi Group’s 9th head. Anyone have an opinion?”

“We pay our respect to the 9th head”

One of the chiefs understood the meaning of circumstances. He immediately kneels down and pays respect to Wakabayashi Rika.

“We pay our respect to the 9th head!”

With a person taking the lead, naturally, there are others who kneel down and pay respect as well.

In Yamaguchi Group, there is no one who did not submit to Wakabayashi Rika. Her being the 9th head is already the general trend.

Originally she is completely done for. Hino Ryuge had already calculated everything properly. He had contacted Tetsuya Family and even invited over a holy warrior from the west just to restrain Wakabayashi Rika’s vampire powers.

But expectedly the Commander of China’s Red Scarf Army had appeared. He covers the sky with his hand and easily resolved Hino Ryuge and Tetsuya Komuro’s methods.

In the end, even the angel can only die! Gods this chinaman, just what is his background!

While everyone is guessing Liu Yi’s background, that person of interest is currently on the roof of a tall building with the popular idol.

Underneath them is the unending flow of traffic and crowd. Liu Yi looks down before looking at the beauty beside him.

On the opposite building, a propaganda photo of this woman is hanging on it!

A pretty girl who is wearing sailor clothing as well as a very bright smile. Don’t know how many uncles had been instantly killed.

No wonder she is a popular idol!

But this current popular idol seems to have had changed souls. A pair of pretty white wings are flapping on her back while she stands in front of him. She gives off an eager look as she looks at Liu Yi.

“Chinaman, I hope that you can understand me. I am not your enemy but a person who had come to help you.”

“Prove it.”

Liu Yi did not lower his enmity, he has no choice as his enemies are all too cunning.

Especially those birdmen from the west, he does not know their information, thus Liu Yi would not stupidly believe them.

He is no longer that idiotic Liu Yi in the past!

“What I say is real! Although right now I am unable to prove, in the future, you will understand! Anyways, I will protect you.”

“Thank you, I have hands, have legs, have a staff. I can completely protect myself.”

“What? Are you talking about a weapon?”

The pure Anna seems to not understand Liu Yi’s wicked words. Liu Yi immediately coughs before saying, “Right. it is a weapon. Us china people all have a kind of mystical weapon which is call Ruyi Golden Staff. It can be big, can be small, can be thick, can be thin. It is meant to deal with you female angels who misconduct!”

“There is actually such a mystical thing? Can you let me have a look?”

The beautiful angel seems to become curious while Liu Yi immediately coughs, “How is it possible for you to see such a mystical weapon as and when you like. In the future when there is an opportunity, you will be able to see it!”

“Oh…okay then…if have an opportunity remember to let me see.”

“Let us talk about proper matters then. Why did you guys come and look for me?”

“Because there is something in your body that is attracting us…”

Anna’s eyebrow raises up slightly, “There are records in the Heaven Realm…this kind of strength had appeared a long time ago when China and Heaven Realm nearly got destroyed by this kind of power…thus, after you had killed a believer this time around. Your strength had already been transmitted to the Heaven Realm and attracted the attention of the Heaven Realm Army.”

Liu Yi mutters, “Heaven Realm army…”

Could it be that that Nine Yang God Qi had attracted them?

This kind of power is a powerful technique of the gods. No wonder it would attract the attention of the angels.

“Right why did that fellow call you a traitor earlier?”

“The Heaven Realm is currently at war.”

When Anna speaks about this, her expression is very serious, “Because of the difference in faith, thus both sides have been in an endless war.”

“Difference in faith?”

“That’s right!”

[TL: damn religious wars….never like those]

Anna nods her head, “Right now the Heaven Realm is split into two powers. One believes that in this world only angels can exist while humans are the trash that God created and should be destroyed. While the other portion believes that humans have their reason for existing and that angels should not interfere with their lives. Those who believe that angels should be the solo existence are the God Realm army. While us who believe that humans have their reason for existing is the rebel army.”

“Really is interesting. It is really wherever there is existence, there shall be conflicts.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “It is still our China’s immortals who are better ah. Paying no attention to outside matters and had never interfered with the mundane world.”

“Angels originally ought not to interfere with the humans a long time ago, God had already passed down such kind of instructions to us.”

Anna stretches out a finger and says, “But a long time ago, angel does indeed handle people’s prayers. But due to the increasing selfish prayers of the human, thus God forbid us from responding to the prayers of humans anymore.”

“So that is the case.”

Towards this point, Liu Yi agrees to it.

A lot of people like to believe in gods and Buddha. Afterwards, they pray to them, waiting for them to be able to satisfy their wishes.

But what are their prayers about? Bless me to become rich; bless me to be promoted.

As for gods or Buddha, how can they satisfy the selfish desire of these people?

If I really wish to get promoted and be rich, I can only rely on my hard work and both hands. Blindly begging gods have no effect one.

“But the gods had decreed before that angel are not allowed to harm mortals.”

Anna says, “Furthermore, our bodies cannot leave Heaven Realm. Thus if we wish to descend to the mortal world, we can only possess a human body. Furthermore, we must also obtain the agreement from that human’s soul. If they are not willing, we will not be able to descend.”

“For example this girl’s body that you are currently in?”

“That’s right.” Anna nods her head, “This girl had always been a pious believer of light. She is already willing to offer everything of hers to god.”

“Then her soul?”

“Her soul had already ascended to heaven.”

Liu Yi scolds, “What the! Isn’t this seizing then?”

Anna naturally does not know some of the professional terminologies of Chinese characters, “What is seizing?”

“That is using other people’s body by force and then chasing away their soul!”

“What you say is wrong.”

Anna shakes her head before saying, “We had first obtained the agreement of the body’s owner. Furthermore, she believes in our god, thus her soul is thereby able to enter heaven. This is her glory.”

“Bullshit, what is there good about heaven!”

Liu Yi curses, “Human realm is so good. Unfettered, free and easy in the worldly affairs. I still have not had enough of it yet!”

[TL: well I must say something…unfettered is maybe 30% of the world…free and easy is maybe 10% of that 30%…]

“Everyone has their own pursuits and their own conviction”

Anna does not mind what Liu Yi said, instead she says, “To this girl’s soul, her conviction is to be able to ascend to heaven and enjoy the beauty of heaven. Although the human realm is very good, it is filled with darkness and violence.”

[TL: 100% agree]

“Fine then, don’t give me a philosophy lesson. Anyways I like this place and feel that everything about this place is good.”

The people that he like are all here. Thus he does not want to go to other places.

Only envy the mandarin ducks and does not envy immortals, perhaps it is like this then.

“Let us talk back to the proper topic.”

Anna changes the topic back, “Our real body is unable to descend to the mortal world, thus we can only use our soul to descend. Thus most of our powers were restricted. Our current strength that you see is just a small portion of our real strength.”

A small portion of their real strength?

Liu Yi estimated slightly. That holy warrior is around 10 starjades. If he uses full power, at most he is around 14/15 starjades. It shouldn’t be able to go any higher. If really can go higher, then it is a bit too heaven-defying.

“Thus to be able to break the realm boundary, and let their real body descend. The Heaven Realm Army needs the power of God…thus, they found you.”

“What that! Is this treating me like a fucking weapon?!”

Liu Yi sneers and says, “I bite ah!”

“This is only the beginning…”

Anna says, “Later on there will be even more Heaven Realm Army people who will find you. Thus, I was tasked to come and protect you.”

“No need.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “I had already said before that I have hands, have legs, have staff. There is no need for a girl to protect me. You better go up to pass the word to the Heaven Realm Army. Those who are to die, come and find me.”

There are already so much trouble and those birdmen actually also wish to cause trouble as well. Hmph, if I do not kill a few of them, they will really think that I am an easy picking!

Liu Yi is about to turn around and leave.

“You, how can you not listen to advice ah!”

Anna becomes anxious as she pulls on Liu Yi’s sleeve and says, “Heaven Realm Army is eyeing you, this is not a joke ah!”

“So be it if they are eyeing me. UN secretary-general is also watching me closing already. Could it be that I need to take off my pants and have a one night stand?”

Liu Yi tosses away Anna’s hand, “Right now I still have a lot of matter that I need to handle. Please do not follow me anymore.”

“You will not be able to escape your fate!”

Anna looks at Liu Yi’s back and says, “If you do not listen to me, sooner or later you will suffer a large loss.”

“To be honest, walking to my current point, I had already seen everything! Just a mere Heaven Realm Army, I do not place them in my eyes.”

Liu Yi points at the sky and says, “If those birdmen don’t like me then come down and let’s fight till we are satisfied!”


Anna looks at Liu Yi’s back view not knowing what to feel.

In Heaven Realm, she had never seen this kind of man.

The angels in Heaven Realm, all of them are a hypocrite while hunting. Furthermore, they fear power. If there is one who is like him, perhaps the laws of God would have already been broken…

This human, could it be that he is really a different kind?


Chapter 685  [Not convinced then bring it on]

A different kind indeed. After all, he is a human with a demon body

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