MKW Chapter 684

Chapter 684  [I am here to help you]

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As the holy warrior speaks, his body starts emitting white light. Like a flame burning on his body, he should be accumulating power.

At this moment a female voice appears in Liu Yi’s mind!

{Mortal, quickly permit me to enter!}

“What is this?”

This girl’s voice is very foreign. It is not Little Jade’s nor Ling Tong, where did it come from?

{I am here to help you!}

That female’s voice once again rings out, {Quickly let me enter your body. I will use my strength to help you defeat that angel soldier in front of you!}

“Who the heck are you ah?”

Liu Yi frowns and says unhappily, “Don’t you think that it is very rude to enter someone’s mind as you wish?”

{I am an angel from the Heaven Realm. I was tasked to protect you!}

The woman’s voice is very anxious as she says, {Without your permission, I am unable to possess your body! Quick, quickly give me permission to enter, otherwise, your strength will not be able to deal with that soldier, he will kill you!}

“Apologises I never have the habit of letting a girl possess my body.”

Liu Yi sneers, “Some more, just a mere angel, you are looking down on me.”

{You mortal has such a big tone ah!} The woman exclaims, {Do you know what kind of power does an angel possess? We are of not the same standard of those variation believers! The one possessing the body of that believer is the most ordinary god soldier of the eastern heaven realm and he is already very powerful and is basically not someone a human can imagine! Above him are the even scarier god guards and god generals! Although I am an ordinary god guard, it is not a problem for me to defeat him. Quickly let me possess your body!}

“Sorry, not interested, you better look for someone else.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Us China people had never needed the help of the western birdmen.”

{You, how can you be so stubborn! Damn it! Cannot, even this way I cannot watch you die, I’ll go and find other people…}

Her voice becomes weaker. Liu Yi looks around, not knowing where did that angel lass go.

While the holy warrior in front seems to had fully successfully gathered his strength. An eye-catching silvery light covers his body.

One of the YG people mutters, “What is this monster?”

Instantly his vision blurs as the holy warrior suddenly appears in front of him.

“Those who insult God, repent in hell.”

The holy warrior taps that YG person on his forehead with a finger. Instantly he starts screaming in pain as silver flames burn in his eyes while the same kind of fire sprout from his mouth. Very quickly his entire being burns from inside out completely and turns into a corpse which collapsed onto the ground like a sculpture.

Liu Yi sneers, “How is there this kind of angel, even scarier than demons.”

“You have provoked the emissary of God, your death has come.”

The holy warrior suddenly flashes and instantly charges across 7 meters and appears in front of Liu Yi.

He stretches out a finger and taps Liu Yi’s forehead. He wishes to use the same method to kill Liu Yi, sending a surge of holy power into Liu Yi’s body.

“Let the holy light cleans your soul!”

The holy power burns in Liu Yi’s body. Ordinary people will never be able to withstand such kind of burning of holy powers which is even more powerful than gasoline!

But Liu Yi is a cultivator. How is such a tiny strength able to do anything to him?

The opponent only has 10-star cultivation and they dare to be arrogant in the human realm! What a joke!

“How can a single spark compare to the splendor of the glorious sun?”

Not only is Liu Yi fine, but he also snorts coldly as his body trembles.

A red fire dragon suddenly flies out from his back and lets out a roar before charging towards that holy warrior. It instantly knocks his body into the sky!

Fire god dragon!

Ever since god transformation, Liu Yi’s few sutras have a large improvement. He had also cultivated out the fire dragon from the Scarlet Blood Sutra.

After he lights up another sun jade, he will be able to cultivate out the second one!

The holy warrior struggles with all his might before he is able to struggle free of the tangle from the fire god dragon. He descends wretchedly onto the ground as he asks in shock, “What is this thing!”

“You don’t even know of China’s dragon, you actually dare to be arrogant here, seeking death!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he suddenly appears in front of the holy warrior.


Seeing Liu Yi, the holy warrior suddenly feels a surge of horror coming from his heart.

His white wings shoot out from his back as his strength sharply increase. At the same time, he fires a white light from his hand, preparing to use the holy power to send Liu Yi flying away!

But Liu Yi only raises his right hand and slaps down, instantly scattering that white light.

When the holy light scatters, the heart of the holy warrior also scatters.

When had holy power been so easily ben routed? Just what is the background of this guy!

“A mere birdman also dares to be rash in the human realm!”

Liu Yi descends to the ground as his right-hand holds the throat of the holy warrior and lifts him into the air.

Sensing horror that makes his hair stands, the holy warrior exclaims, “What, what do you want to do..cough…”

“Even if you cry out it is useless, there is no one who is able to save you.”

Liu Yi clucks as he stretches out his other hand and grabs hold of one of the wings of the holy warrior.

“What, what do you want….AHHHHH!!!!!”

Before the holy warrior is able to react, Liu Yi had already forcibly torn off one of his wings.

This causes the holy warrior to be in so much pain that he starts crying and nearly peed in his pants.

Damn it…is there a need to be so brutal!

“Just one wing is really ugly. Let me do a good deed and help you take away the other wing.”

As Liu Yi speaks he tosses the birdman onto the ground as he steps on his chest. He holds onto his other wings with his hands.

The holy warrior exclaims in fear, “Do-don’t ah…you demon…”

Liu Yi asks coldly, “If you do not want to bear with this pain then talk, why are you guys eyeing me?”

“You, you think that I would sell my soul to a demon?”

The holy warrior roars in anger, “Even if you kill me, I will not tell you!”


Liu Yi is very decisive as he directly tears off his other wing.

That holy warrior screams in pain as the wings transform into streams of white light and enters Liu Yi’s body.

After that power enters Liu Yi’s body they form a small piece of power hiding in a corner.

The existence of this power causes Liu Yi to be shocked, holy power?

Could it be that this is the rumored 9th type of power?

OMG…isn’t this a bit too heaven-defying!

I am actually able to absorb the western power as a foundation for the 9 Yang God Qi!

But after Liu Yi recalls Liu Haisheng who had demonified, he more or less is relieved.

It seems like Liu Haisheng had already used the holy power already. Indeed is a wily old fox!

{Big idiot, this is great…this way you be able to gather all of the 9 different kinds of qi! But this bit of holy qi is too little, you need to gather a bit more!}

{I estimate that no matter how much I gather it will be useless…} Liu Yi sighs, {If I wish to gather enough holy qi, I guess I have to find an angel girl to dual cultivate.}

{Oh….but where to go and find an angel girl?}

Just as Lin Tong is slightly gloomy a girl’s voice suddenly comes from the side, “PLease do not kill him!”

Liu Yi turns his head over only to see a beautiful girl flapping the same kind of white wings as she flies towards him.

This female’s voice is somewhat familiar…it seems like it is the lass that want to possess my body earlier? How come she possessed the body of another person?

“Oh, isn’t this lass that female idol, Anna Rin? Why did she run over here?”

“She is actually an angel! Gods, no wonder her popularity is so high ah!”

A lot of Japanese by the side starts shouting.

Liu Yi is stunned, good fellow, this lass actually went and possessed the body of an idol?!

This girl that got possessed is rather pretty. Fresh and pure, like a goddess, no wonder she is a popular idol!

“Your strength makes me shocked!”

That popular idol flies to Liu Yi’s side and says, “No wonder you are that confident.”

“Anna! You damn traitor!”

Seeing that popular idol the holy warrior obviously knows here and instantly scold, “Is it you who was secretly helping this damn human?”

“She helps your head ah, I was relying on my own strength against you, understand?”

Liu Yi exerts strength with his leg, stepping on the holy warrior until he screams in pain.

The surrounding people were all stunned when they see this scene. This Commander that came from China is too amazing, not to mention dealing with the Tetsuya Family people, he actually bullies the angel like this…

Perverted ah…are the people in China so scary?

“Nonsense….you, you are just a chinaman. If it is not for this traitor’s help, how is it possible for you to defeat the emissary of god!”

The holy warrior does not believe Liu Yi’s strength.

Anna sighs and says, “Charles, believe me. I did not take action at all…this person rejected me.”

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

“There is still a lot that you don’t understand!”

Liu Yi is disinclined to argue with this birdman. He flips his palm as Xiao Taiji instantly flies into the sky and floats above the birdman’s head, appearing to fall any moment.

“Please don’t be so anxious to kill him!”

Anna hurries and stops him, but Liu Yi had already waved his hand and Xiao Taiji instantly descends, piercing through the holy warrior’s chest before crazily starting to consume the angel’s soul!

The angel’s soul is basically a large supplement for Xiao Taiji! Ten starjade strength, according to standards it is not low!

Xiao Taiji lets out a delighted cry and is becoming more and more spiritual.

While Anna scowls and looks at Liu Yi in discomfort.

“How can you … so savage! Didn’t I ask you to wait?”

“You asked me to wait and I’ll wait? Who do you think you are to me?”

Liu Yi does not care about these angels. For no reason they suddenly appear to seek him, it is not like they are close!

Anna emphasis again, “I am here to help you!”

Seeing that there are so many people in the surrounding, she suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and presses her hand on his forehead.


Chapter 684  [I am here to help you]

‘help’ indeed

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