MKW Chapter 683

Chapter 683  [Descent of an Angel]

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“Commander, why is there a need for you to take action for this kind of small character?”

At this moment from the group, two people walk out.

The people are none other than the two Scarlet Cloth Guards that Liu Yi brought along.

The left Scarlet Cloth Guard to have a goat beard and an uncle face, if it isn’t Hunter who else could it be?

The right Scarlet Cloth Guard appears to be younger and is clearly a newcomer.

“Uncle Hunter, let me deal with this kind of small character.”

The newbie says, “That way I can display my ability in front of Commander.”

“Xiaozhuo ah, you cannot look down on this person.”

Hunter warns the newbie, “This fellow is a holy warrior. His strength is not weak at all. You just started cultivating your spiritual qi recently, I’m afraid that you might not be able to fight against him.”

“No worries. What would I, Lan Xiaozhuo be afraid of! As a Scarlet Cloth Guard, I shouldn’t have any fear of the consequences!”

Finish speaking, Lan Xiaozhuo waves his hands and takes out a blue dagger which he plays in his hands as he speaks, “Furthermore, as a Scarlet Cloth Guard, I had never fought against someone with a special ability. Just treat this as a tempering for me.”

“Fine then, let Lan Xiaozhuo fight.”

Liu Yi glances at Lan Xiaozhuo. After all, the reason why he brought him out this time around is to let this newbie have the opportunity for tempering.

“Leave it to me, Commander!”

With Liu Yi’s support, Lan Xiaozhuo becomes even more excited.

“Stupid chinaman, how dare you look down on me?”

 that he was looked down on, the holy warrior raises his greatsword and roars, “I will let you guys feel the holy light of the god! Go and repent!”

He raises the two meters long greatsword like he is holding a toy and leaps up 3 meters before descending towards Liu Yi.

“Don’t dream of touching Commander!”

Lan Xiaozhuo suddenly disappears from his spot and instantly appears in midair in front of the holy warrior.

At the same time, 3 daggers appear in each of his hands which he sent out.


The holy warrior raises his hand and uses the greatsword to sweep away three of the daggers. The remaining three daggers land on the holy warrior body. Two of them were bounced off while the remaining one stabs into a small crack of his armor.

The holy warrior sneers, “Hmph you actually wish to deal with me using such a small toy?”

“Aiyah, I got looked down on ah.”

Lan Xiaozhuo shrugs his shoulders, “But my dagger is not an ordinary dagger ah…”

As he speaks, the dagger suddenly starts emitting eye-catching white light and following which the holy warrior screams as the dagger explodes into a blazing ball of flames!

The holy warrior’s body was blasted out by the explosion before crashing head first into the ground, utterly confusing him with the fall.

He did not expect that he would actually be tricked to this extent by a mere dagger!

Just what is this ability, is this still a fucking dagger? What is the difference from this to a missile?

“Yet another person who got plotted against by Xiaozhuo.” Hunter snickers, “This fellow’s ability is basically a natural assassin ah.”

Exploding his own dagger to create a killing power stronger than a C4!

“Damn it! To actually dare to humiliate a god’s emissary!”

While that holy warrior once again climbs to his feet as he raises his greatsword and says while panting, “The radiance of light once again shines upon me, you guys are all going to die!”

“No good. He is going to transform.”

Liu Yi recalls that holy warrior who angelified back then. Perhaps after the transformation, Lan Xiaozhuo will not be his opponent.

“You guys retreat. Help me look after the situation. Leave this fellow for me to deal with.”

Lan Xiaozhuo does not understand, “Situation? Isn’t this place already taken down?”

“There are a lot of people coming,” Liu Yi looks towards the west, “Looks like it should be the reinforcements from Tetsuya Family.”

“Haha, your death date is coming.”

A Tetsuya Family member is secretly lowering his handphone and says in delight, “The Tetsuya Family’s might is not a joke. Just based on you few people, you will not be able to stop us! There is still time for you to surrender now!”

“Even if the army came I will also not be afraid.”

Hunter walks to the main gate and looks at those Tetsuya Family members who were planning to rush in.

He stretches out his hand and shouts, “All of you quieten down for me!”

His ability is controlling a person’s spirit!

Hunter is able to control over thousands of people easily and this time round Tetsuya Family had only sent a thousand over, they are basically not his opponent!

The moment he uses his ability, those hired thugs who had high hopes placed on them, all of them stop moving as they stand still. After which like demons and gods at work, they start to massacre each other!

“How could this be!”

The remaining Tetsuya Family members are in despair as their reinforcements actually got controlled!

Just who are these china people!

While Lan Xiaozhuo leads the Red Scarf Army and easily starts shooting. Over a thousand Tetsuya Family members perhaps are not enough for them to kill!

“Your underlings indeed have some weird abilities!”

The holy warrior looks over to the battlefield before saying with a queer expression, “You guys believe in the demons and possess the powers of demons. I shall use the radiance of god to wash your souls clean!”

Liu Yi becomes impatient, “Fuck this, why do you have so much nonsense, if you want to fight then hurry and fight!”

“Then let’s have a look at what is call the warriors of god!”

The holy warrior roars as a silver light shine down from the sky and lands on him.

For a while, this fellow’s body starts to expand and grew over 2 meters tall. The armor turns his body also turn into flesh armor which looks even more strange and hideous.

A wing grew out as sparse white feathers grow on it, making Liu Yi feel that this fellow is not like an angel but is more like a monster! Angels should be very beautiful creatures…but these fellows are really too ugly.

Even that large sword is grown on his right arm, replacing his right hand.

If this fellow is an angel, then how ugly must a demon be!

After this fellow angelfy, his might indeed increase by quite a bit to around ten starjades.

Lan Xiaozhuo and the rest strength is around 5 to 6 starjades which is very far away.

But Scarlet Cloth Guards were originally not the fighting power that Liu Yi will be using to deal with these fellows. It is only used to support the Red Scarf Army. The real fellows to go against them, Liu Yi is currently cultivating them among the aquatic race army!

Those are the main forces that he will be using to deal with the cultivation world in the future!

It is a pity that the disciples that he had cultivated in RSI back then, in this current era, they are either dead or ascended already which is such a pity.

“The light of God shines on me!”

After angelfying, the holy warrior shouts as he flaps his wings and instantly rushes in front of Liu Yi. The sword within his arm stabs towards Liu Yi’s waist.

Liu Yi did not dodge and allows that sword to pierce through his stomach.

“Hahaha! Just a fellow who only knows how to say how powerful you are!”

The holy warrior laughs as he looks at Liu Yi who he had stabbed as he says, “Darkness shall be darkness, they shall all be eliminated in front of the light!”

“What are you thinking of?”

Liu Yi only stretches out a hand and gently pressed down on the holy warrior’s greatsword, “Just this bit of strength and you wish to kill me?”

“How is this possible!”

His heart had already been pierced through by me and he is actually fine?

Is this fellow a monster?

“Enjoy stabbing me? It should be my turn now.”

Liu Yi tugs that greatsword lightly with his fingers.

The entire greatsword was forcibly pulled out as blood covers the entire ground!


The holy warrior screams in pain and kneels down.

Liu Yi stretches out his finger and taps the location where the holy warrior’s heart is, “God’s emissary right? What a joke. With this kind of strength, you are also worthy of being called a god’s emissary? Looks like your god is most likely a joke.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to exert strength to explode this fellows brain.

At this moment a horrifying strength descends from the sky!

The holy warrior kneels down and looks at the sky as tears cover his face.

“God. It is god…god did not give up on me…”


Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the sky. He frowns slightly, “In this world how could there be a god?”

How could there be gods? It is nothing but some fellows who possess strength close to god that’s all!

If it is god, why would there be so many suffering?

Thus Liu Yi does not believe that there are gods in this world!

While the white clouds in the sky start rushing forth and slowly form an enormous whirlpool. Within that whirlpool, a dazzling golden ray of light descends.

“What is this?”

“Seems like, seems like it is a miracle ah…”

The Japanese were dumbstruck as they look foolishly at the sky.

While the holy warrior suddenly trembles as he starts saying weird stuff.

“Yes…yes…I am willing…please enter my body…”

What the heck!

Liu Yi is shocked, this fellow is not a gay right!

The fuck! Do the holy warriors also have a heavy taste?

But very quickly he understood that he had guessed wrong. Because from the sky a powerful force suddenly descends and enters that holy warrior’s body.

The holy warrior’s eyes turn silver as he slowly stands up.

That transformation on his body disappears as he returns to his original human appearance.

The broken arm also regrew. He stands there as he looks at his hands.

“Human form…seems to be quite convenient.”

Liu Yi knows that this fellow is no longer that earlier holy warrior thus he frowns and ask, “Where the fuck did you come from?”

This is a bit too much already right? Killing a monster actually alarmed those above? How is this good? Are those people above so idle? If you are idle then why don’t you come down and benefit humanity!

“It is you who are wantonly massacring our believer?”

That holy warrior raises his head as his silver eyes lands on Liu Yi, “It is actually a china person as well…damn china people…”

“What, you have vengeance against us china people?”

“All China people should die!”

Hatred fills the holy warrior’s eyes, “Your people above burst into our god realm and killed a number of our people! Plunder our strength! Very good. Today, I shall represent God and take revenge for God’s people! While your strength shall be used by us!”


Chapter 683  [Descent of an Angel]

greatttt….like he did not have enough enemies already.

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