MKW Chapter 682

Chapter 682  [Still got more moves?]

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Tetsuya Family people are basically right-wing anti-China influence.

Thus currently seeing the underground power of China, it immediately ignites their anti-china thoughts. They curse as they raise their handguns and prepare to shoot.

They are only playing gangs.

Who are the Red Scarf Army, they are professional retired soldiers!

Playing with firearms in front of them, it is basically pretending to be an expert in front of a master, nothing but a joke!

There is no need for the top to give orders, the Red Scarf Army soldiers had immediately retaliated!

A total of 40+ Red Scarf Army soldiers, they in succession uses the surrounding buildings to cover their body. At the same time, their guns keep firing.

The bullets rain down like rain spraying towards the enemy like it is free.

Liu Yi gave them many magazines, enough for them to fight a dogged war!

Tetsuya Family people are only using ordinary handguns which are standard pistols. How are they the opponent of these professional soldiers!

Very quickly the Tetsuya Family people were badly beaten and their people keep dying under the bullets.

The Red Scarf Army soldiers borrow the shelter and suppressing fire and come out unscathed and easily shoot.

It is basically like a massacre and very quickly the Tetsuya Family people were all turned into sieves.

The Yamaguchi Group people were all badly frightened and no one dared to take action.

Anyone who dares to take action now will die! There are only a few tens of gunmen, how is it enough for the other person to kill!

Furthermore, there are also those snipers who are hidden waiting to snipe!

Who still has anything to fight against that?

Wasn’t Japan firearms control very strict? Why do the opponents have so many military weapons!

Bullshit what are those china brothers holding in their hands then? Gatling? What the fuck!

This is too scary already!

“Clean up complete.”

A Red Scarf Army member reports, “Waiting for instruction.”

“Monitor the rest of the powers. Whoever who dare to take action, kill without hesitation.”

Liu Yi swiftly condenses a black mask on his face before clapping his hands.

Behind him, a Red Scarf Army member immediately walks over and respectfully receives the black suit in Liu Yi’s hands before draping a black military overcoat on him.

On Liu Yi’s arm, there is a red scarf. On it writes three very eye-catching fiery words, ‘Scarlet Cloth Guard’.

Tetsuya Komuro did not expect that such a character would appear as he asks, “Baka…who on earth are you?”

“You can call me Commander.”

Liu Yi strolls towards the main hall. Surrounding him are the gangs of Japan. But to him, they are of no threat like domestic fowls.

Seeing that the 9th generation head that is about to enter his hands fly away just like this, Hino Ryuge is very unwilling as he roars, “Baka! You are a china person why are you interfering with my Yamaguchi Group’s matter!”

“I am here to offer sacrifice to the 8th generation head.”

Liu Yi helps up the fainted Josui Hitori and waves his hand, “Bring him down for treatment.”

Immediately two Red Scarf Army members walk up with their guns slung on their back and carry Josui Hitori away.

“Wakabayashi Rika is my step-sister. Today I want to see who dares to touch her.”

“The 9th generation head position is mine!”

Hino Ryuge cannot take it and shouts, “Even if you are Commander of Red Scarf Army, you are also not allowed to interfere with my Yamaguchi Group’s internal affairs!”

“To be honest, I appreciate your courage.”

Liu Yi gently touches his mask and looks at Hino Ryuge and says, “But I am unable to take your stupidity. You feel that now is still the time where you have the final say?”

He claps his hands and all of the surrounding Red Scarf Army members aim their guns at Hino Ryuge.

“Come, let me hear it one more time. Am I able to interfere with Yamaguchi Group’s internal affairs?”

Hino Ryuge’s face turns pale and does not dare to say anything.

By the side, Wakabayashi Rika’s gaze turns distant. Uncle is really too cool…really did not expect that he is that Red Scarf Army’s Commander….

My uncle…is really powerful…

[TL: err isn’t it lover???]

“Hmph, Commander right? Soon your China will not be safe. And you actually got the heart to come and meddle with my Japan’s matter!”

“What is your meaning?”

Liu Yi is instantly moved. Could it be that this fellow knows of the Beheading Dragon plan?

He walks with wide steps to Tetsuya Komuro. He holds a gun in his left hand which he points at Tetsuya Komuro’s forehead.

“Say everything that you know!”

“I only heard about it that’s all, that Glorious Sun Conglomerate had developed a project.”

A glimmer flashes across Tetsuya Komuro’s eyes, “As long as this project is completed, China shall be destroyed!”

Liu Yi asks coldly, “Where is this project held at?”

“Hehehe, I do not know.” Tetsuya Komuro sneers, “It is no use even if you ask me.”


Liu Yi raises his hand and shoots one of the Tetsuya Family members by the side in his head.

“If you do not say, then I shall kill your family members one by one until all of them are dead.”

Liu Yi shows no quarters. Now that it is a matter of China’s life or death, towards Tetsuya Family this kind of right-winged people, he naturally does not need to sympathize.

Sympathizing them is equivalent to killing himself.

“You madman!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s method Tetsuya Komuro instantly starts shivering, “Madman…”

“The ones who are crazy are you guys!”

Liu Yi retorts, “To actually try to destroy China, you guys are the deranged ones!”

“Hahaha, shina pigs originally should be dead!”

Tetsuya Komuro laughs, “That large territory of China, so many natural resources, you shina pigs are not worthy of it! Only us Yamato people are worthy of existing there.”

“If you don’t seek death then you wouldn’t die.”

Liu Yi shoots his leg.

The bullet breaks his lower leg causing Tetsuya Komuro to fall onto the ground.

He still had not received the gene modification yet, thus he does not have that heaven-defying strength and ability. He instantly kneels onto the ground and starts screaming in pain.

“How can you ants touch the sacred territory of China?”

Liu Yi says coldly, “Who dares to touch China, I shall first kill him!”

He shoots Tetsuya Komuro’s head apart.

This guy does not have any useful information for me. Looks like if I want to find the Beheading Dragon plan, I must first get Yunsen Oishi into my hands.

After Liu Yi killed Tetsuya Komuro, he turns around and asks the rest of the people, “Who else still wishes to resist. You can step forward.”

The remaining Tetsuya Family members do not dare to make any sound nor do the Yamaguchi Group people as well.

“The 9th generation head cannot be anyone else.”

Wakabayashi Rika walks forward and says, “Although my father had died, I will carry on his mission. Uncle Hino, you can go in peace.”

“Don’t kill me, don’t ah!”

Hino Ryuge instantly kneels down and starts crying, “Don’t kill me. I am willing to be at your beck and call! It is all Tetsuya Komuro, it was he who incited me ah!”


Wakabayashi Rika takes the gun over from Liu Yi’s hand and did not hesitate and blasted Hino Ryuge’s head apart with a shot before saying loudly, “Everyone remember. What my Yamaguchi Group’s people is most well known for is the code of brotherhood! Towards traitors, there is only an ending and that is death!”

Hino Ryuge had died and those people that he had instigated all become honest as they listen to Wakabayashi Rika’s orders in relief.

No choice, who asked her to currently have such a damn strong backing and that is Red Scarf Army!

Liu Yi sends people to take away the weapons from Tetsuya Family. He wants to rely on these weapons to create a foundation for Red Scarf Army.

To develop their influence overseas, it is not as simple as within their own country.

Within their country, they can keep absorbing the veterans to expand their forces. But overseas, they are unable to. If they absorb in the overseas veterans, it will not be possible to make them integrate into the Red Scarf Army’s mentality.

Thus Liu Yi plans to let Red Scarf Army develop freely overseas. They will become the elites then take in some gangs to be their underlings.

It is like how the Japanese invaded China back then. In a lot of places, there are only one or two Japanese soldiers governing and the rest were all puppet army.

Red Scarf Army can only develop this way overseas. The higher levels of elites all listen to his instructions then the elites shall mobilize the gangs under them.

This is not a matter of a morning and night, they can only take their time and develop.

The first experimental place is Japan.

Along with Wakabayashi Rika’s Yamaguchi Group helping me, it should be slightly easier.

“From today onwards, I am the 9th generation head.”

As Wakabayashi Rika speaks, she picks up her father fallen portrait and holds it in her hands. After which she says loudly, “I will inherit my father’s will and lead Yamaguchi Group and ascend back to the peak. Right now I announce, that from today onwards, Red Scarf Army is our ally while Tetsuya Family is our enemy! Those who do not wish to follow shall be punished by the group rules.”

“Hahahaha…it will not be that simple one!”

A person from the Tetsuya Family starts laughing loudly, “Do you really think that it is that easy to sit on the 9th generation head position? Wakabayashi Rika, you are a creature of darkness, and you still wish to become a king?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on that person, “Feel like you had lived for too long?”

“Hahaha….I am an emissary that the Tetsuya Family invited over.”

As that person speaks, he stretches out his hands and removes his black suit, revealing the white shirt underneath.

At the same time, he stretches out his right hand and grasps the empty air.

From the sky, an eye-catching silver light lands on that’s guy body.


A silver western armor immediately covers that person body.

“I am God’s emissary. The one who spread the radiance of light. You creatures of darkness, all of be shall be banished by me.”

“What the.”

Liu Yi immediately sees through that guy’s identity, “So it is the holy warrior from the light powers.”

Wakabayashi Rika also recalls, “He was the one who sealed me! I am going to fight it out against you!”

The creatures of darkness and people who possess the power of light are all those who will fight each other to their last gasp. It is like the relationship between fire and water!

Thus the moment she sees that holy warrior, Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes turn red.

“Back down!” Liu Yi blocks Wakabayashi Rika, “Leave this to me.”

“A china monkey?”

The holy warrior is holding a greatsword with one hand while looking at Liu Yi calmly, “You really think that China really has no opponent? The power of light shall let you feel fear.”

“Then there is no need to be polite. Bring it on!”


Chapter 682  [Still got more moves?]

great the westerns got involved as well…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    [TL: err isn’t it lover???] <-take into account that in East Asia it’s common to use denominators of family relationship to address strangers in the same expected age group as the people those terms would refer to (usually “older brother/sister” for young people, “uncle/aunt” for middle-aged people, and “grandpa/grandma” for the elderly), so here she should mean “this older guy who belongs to me”.

    Tetsuya Komuro laughs, “That large territory of China, so many natural resources, you shina pigs are not worthy of it! Only us Yamato people are worthy of existing there.” <- I find the claim hilariously backwards, unless he refers to the unfair and dirty move of retroactively claiming as own any place with resources in their general vicinity (don’t know how they rationalize hoarding foreign resources, not for using but for storing).


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