MKW Chapter 681

Chapter 681  [Red Scarf standing up]

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“Do you see this, right now I am the boss!”

Hino Ryuge says in delight to Wakabayashi Rika, “Your tyrannical abusing era has already passed!”

“Hino what a ruthless method.”

Wakabayashi Rika’s expression is very ugly as she clenches her fist and looks at Hino Ryuge in front of her. “Looks like you are the one who found that Light sect fellow to assassinate me!”

“Ah, hahaha, of course. But I also do not have those methods. It is all because of the help of Young master Tetsuya!”

“How can you say so. Hino matters are naturally my matter as well.”

Delight appears on Tetsuya Komuro’s face as well, “From here on our two families will be the most steady allies. Hino lets send these unnecessary people away.”

Tetsuya Komuro’s meaning is very clear which is to silence them.

“Do not cause too much activity. Gunshots are too noisy already. Didn’t Big miss Wakabayashi like fighting, let’s send her off in her most favorite way of dying.”

“Okay, everything listens to Young master Tetsuya.”

Hino Ryuge had completely turned into Tetsuya Komuro’s dog and with his orders, he immediately executes it.

Several of his subordinates immediately raise their katanas and charge towards Wakabayashi Rika.

“Big miss…be careful…”

Josui Hitori who is on the ground is actually worried about Wakabayashi Rika’s safety despite his pale face.

“Uncle Josui, take care of yourself. I will be fine.”

Wakabayashi Rika gives Josui Hitori a smile. Until today did she realize how naive she was. She had always thought that Josui Hitori was the traitor and thought that Hino Ryuge was loyal and devoted. From the look of the current things, I am indeed too childish.

Father, please protect me.

“Leave this to me.”

Now that Wakabayashi Rika’s is sealed, Liu Yi takes the initiative to step out before pulling out two black katana.

“Just you, what can you do alone now!”

Hino Ryuge basically does not place Liu Yi this bodyguard in his eyes. While those YG people instantly reach in front of Liu Yi and start chopping at him with their katana.

Liu Yi takes a step forward as his two katana stabs into the throat of two different people before with a flip of his hands, it transforms into two daggers which he stabs into the eye of the person in front of him.

Every time he kills a person, Liu Yi will leave behind a katana before taking out a new one and continues to stab other people to death.

A lot of people were all startled. Could it be that this person is a magician?

Liu Yi does not care about their shock as he continues to step forward. His hands keep moving and taking the life of those YG’s members.

He did not show any mercy and only attacks the vital points.

All of the YG members that lie on the ground, not a single one of them is alive! A black katana is left of their throat, heart or eyes, which is very terrifying!

So many people had rushed up and all of them who are able to break Liu Yi’s defense were all lying on the ground dead.

The remaining part of the people does not dare to step forward anymore as they stare at Liu Yi who is standing there holding two black katana.

Liu Yi’s black suit is stained with red blood making looks like a scary general who had beheaded thousands of people.

“Damn it, totally trash!”

Hino Ryuge cannot help but curses, “To actually not be able to deal with a single bodyguard!”

“No worries. Since it is like this, let Bearman do it.”

Tetsuya Komuro claps his hand.

From behind him a nearly two meters tall burly man steps forward and roars.

Tetsuya Komuro orders, “Bearman take out the strength of Tetsuya Family and kill that bodyguard.”


Bearman nods his head before walking towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi glance at this shit through his sunglasses. His body is really big.

The black suit he is wearing is about to be ripped apart, damn, what pectoral muscle is indeed muscular enough.

Bearman step forward a few steps and a YG member who accidentally blocks in front of him got directly lift up by his head and tossed to the side casually like throwing away trash!

“Little fellow, today is your death day!”

Bearman walks in front of Liu Yi before using his palm-leaf size palm to grab at Liu Yi’s head.

Perhaps this fellow feels that capturing Liu Yi is no different from grabbing a chicken!

Liu Yi only sneers. He jabs out with a finger at the incoming palm from Bearman.

“Hahaha, don’t want your finger anymore is it?”

Bearman laughs loudly, to actually think of resisting my palm with a finger? Watch me break it!

At this moment, Liu Yi’s finger stabs through Bearman’s palm and out of the back of his hand.


With his palm pierce through, Bearman screams out in pain.


Liu Yi raises a leg and kicks Bearman who had kneeled down from pain in the head.

Bearman’s body is instantly lifted up from the kick before collapsing onto the ground.

Liu Yi says coldly, “Really, this bit of ability to kill Big miss? Save it.”

“Bearman you got looked down on.”

Hino Ryuge’s face turns green but Tetsuya Komuro is acting like nothing had happened as he smiles and says, “Still not taking out your real ability?”


Bearman suddenly climbs up from the ground and lets out a roar. The western suit that he is wearing instantly ripped apart and reveals the stone like muscles!

Beast transformation?

The rest of the people thought that Bearman had taken drugs while Liu Yi is able to see the truth.

Indeed he is the same as Tetsuya Ryoga back then. This Bearman had also been injected with a beast gene.

From the looks of it, it should be a bear species one.

Bearman’s body was originally very muscular and right now he becomes a round thicker.

Black fur starts to grow out from his body like he is wearing a brown sweater, very eye-catching.

His palm that was pierced through by Liu Yi earlier had now healed back up and is also covered with bear fur.


Bearman roars a few time before stepping forward again smashing his palm towards Liu Yi.

This time around that bodyguard should be turned into meat paste.

Tetsuya Komuro thoughts in his heart as he had never seen before anyone who is able to resist Bearman.

[TL: rip then how do you control him?]

Even if Wakabayashi Rika’s vampire powers were not sealed, she is also not Bearman’s opponent!

At this moment a startling scene happen!

That bodyguard actually pierces through Bearman’s palm again with just a finger!

Bearman lets out a painful cry at the same time while Tetsuya Komuro’s eyes widen in shock.


Bearman’s current body is very durable. Furthermore, after being strength by the gene, it becomes hard for a bullet to pierce through!

Just what is that bodyguard’s finger made of, to be able to pierce through Bearman’s palm!


Bearman is also in a lot of pain as he roars. He no longers slaps out with his palms. Instead, he charges in front of Liu Yi and gives him a bear hug. He hugs Liu Yi, preparing to squeeze him to death!

Bearman’s current strength can easily hug a tree into breaking not to mention a person!

If it is other people, that guy would have been squeezed until he exploded and his bones would have cracked in multiple places.

Only it is a pity that this fellow meets Liu Yi.

Bearman feels like he is trying to hug an iron pillar and is unable to move it at all!

Liu Yi only smiles as he lightly shifts his shoulder.

Bearman’s arm instantly fractures from his shoulder causing his arms to lose strength and dangle down.

After Liu Yi shrugged out of Bearman’s hug and gives him a slap on his stomach.

Bearman instantly vomits out blood before kneeling onto the ground and died.

He himself does not even understand how did he die!

Tetsuya Komuro and the rest also did not understand what they are seeing, how did Bearman who underwent beast transformation die with just a slap from the opponent?!

How is this possible!

Liu Yi sneers and says in disdain. “Too weak.”


Tetsuya Family starts cursing, this is basically humiliation!

“Kill him! Take revenge for Bearman!”

A Tetsuya Family member raises his gun preparing to shoot Liu Yi.

Just as he starts to raise his gun, a bullet instantly blasts his brains apart causing his headless corpse to fall onto the ground.


“Be careful! There is a sniper!”

The scene immediately becomes slightly chaotic. Tetsuya Komuro and Hino Ryuge’s face instantly becomes slightly ugly.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as his subordinates’ voice sound out in his ear.

“3rd point. Target is dead.”

“Received, Red Scarf Army prepare for operation.”

The moment he finished a few men in the surrounding powers instantly stands up and takes off their black suits, revealing the white blouse inside.

At the same time, they are wearing an eye-catching red scarf around their arms.

“In the chaos, Red Scarf shall stand!”

“Darkness doesn’t extinguish, Red Scarf does not fall!”

Two voice shouts out in Chinese explaining everything.

Each of them holds a black firearm which muzzles are aimed at YG and Tetsuya Family’s gunmen.

The gunmen in Japan were all holding handgun while the group of people from Red Scarf Army were all holding M4A1 and the likes of weapon!

There is also those who are holding shotguns and even some who are carrying an RPG on their shoulders.

“Baka! Why are there Red Scarf Army people here!”

The YG in Japan also knows of the name of Red Scarf Army which power shakes China.

But they did not think that the Red Scarf Army would actually appear in front of them out of nowhere, furthermore, each of them is holding heavy arms!

How would they know that these heavy arms were all created by Liu Yi using his dark powers? Although he can only support it for only a single day before they will disappear, dealing with this group of gangs in Japan, it is enough.

Liu Yi already has the thoughts of letting Red Scarf Army’s influence spread throughout the entire world and right now it is an opportunity.

He first let the Red Scarf Army people enter Japan as tourists. Those who have better aims were arranged as snipers in the surrounding.

Seeing that they were surrounded by China’s gang’s members, a Tetsuya member instantly roars, “Kill these Shina pigs!!”


Chapter 681  [Seizing power]

Kill!!! Come on let this damn arc end already

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