MKW Chapter 680

Chapter 680  [Seizing power]

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Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s death is a big matter of Japan.

Although this name on it’s own does not represent anything, he is the largest organization, Yamaguchi Group’s 8th generation head.

What does 8th generation head this title represents, it means power and privileges.

Basically, it means that while Wakabayashi Shimokawa is still alive, a stomp will shake Japan.

Thus there are a number of people who are eyeing this position in secret. Now that the 8th generation head had finally died, it is the eve of choosing the 9th generation head.

Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s funeral is very grand. Today a large number of people are entering and exit the usually peaceful Wakabayashi Mansion.

Everywhere is black and white decoration. A few of Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s ‘trusted aides’ are in charge of arranging this funeral.

The residence is filled with people from Yamaguchi Group as well as people from the other powers who came to Yamaguchi Group to attend the memorial service.

After all, Yamaguchi Group is the number 1 power in Japan. When the 8th generation head died, the rest of the powers had no reasons not to attend.

Luckily the Wakabayashi’s residence is very large and is large enough to hold so many people.

All kinds of people are wearing black suits. Several tens people are standing together in their own group who are here to offer sacrifices to the 8th general head.

A bald head middle-aged guy is standing there as he hugs Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s black and white photo. Rays of wrath faintly flickering in his eyes.

In the surrounding is a few guys who appear to be gang leaders scattered all around.

A guy standing in front of the bald head, he has a delicate appearance, with an aquiline nose. Some unknown light flickers in his eyes as he asks, “Josui ah, the 8th generation head had passed away, right now you should be happy right?”

“What do you mean Hino?”

Josui Hitori berates, “Everyone is heads as well as the brothers of the 8th generation head. Right now you are questioning me?”

“Still need me to question? I believe that it is obvious at a glance to everyone right?”

Hino Ryuge sneers, “A few days ago, 8th generation head went out with you for a drink and in the end, he died in your arms. If it was not you who killed the 8th generation head, who else could it be? Josui I had already suspected that you wish to set up the 8th generation head. Right now what else do you have to say?”

“The 8th generation head and I indeed have some conflict in our ideas.”

Josui Hitori reply, “But it does not represent that our relationship is bad! Let me tell you, I and the 8th generation head are as close as one’s hands and feet. You wish to frame me and pour dirty water on me? It is impossible!”

“Hmph, less nonsense. Today I shall kill this shameless traitor in front of the 8th generation head!”

As Hino Ryuge speaks, he waves his hand.

Instantly several gunmen behind him pull out their handguns and point them at Joshui Hitori.

Josui Hitori sneers, “I already knew that you will deal with me. Do you think that I did not prepare?”

A group of gunmen immediately step out from the side and points their gun towards Hino Ryuge.

Josui Hitori says coldly, “The two of us are the biggest power in Yamaguchi Group. Do you think that I am afraid of you?”

“How long can you hold on? You think that there is still a place for you in Yamaguchi Group?”

Hino Ryuge did not back down. “Let me tell you, the 9th generation head belongs to…”

Before he is able to finish, by the side comes a series of shouting.

“Big miss is back!”

“Look it is big miss!”

Everyone turn around and saw a girl walking towards them slowly from far away.

Her white mourning clothes are unable to cover up her beauty.

As the proverb says, ‘Want to be good-looking, must wear a suit of filial piety’. Right now Wakabayashi Rika is completely displaying her beauty without restraint.

[TL: Basically the proverb means that guys must wear black while girls must wear white to look nice…]

While a guy is following beside her. He is wearing back suit and wearing a sunglass like a professional bodyguard.

This person is none other than Liu Yi.

Liu Yi knows that today is unable to escape from a fierce battle. Thus he especially dresses up as a bodyguard and wears a sunglass to prevent people from recognizing him.

“Little Rika you had come?”

Hino Ryuge is immediately delighted, “This is really great, you had come. The 9th generation head has finally been chosen!”

“Big miss?”

Josui Hitori who is holding the portrait of the deceased glance at Wakabayashi Rika before saying, “Cannot. The big miss is still too young and is not suitable to take over as the 9th generation head.”

“Josui Hitori, your ugly ambitions have finally been revealed is it?”

Wakabayashi Rika walks over and looks coldly at Josui Hitori and says, “You plotted against my father and right now you are also coveting after the 9th generation head position. Let me tell you, as long as I am around, you can never take the 9th generation head position!”

Josui Hitori sighs lightly, “You shouldn’t have come here.”

“Whether or not should I come is not up to you!”

Wakabayashi Rika shouts loudly, “Brothers of Yamaguchi Group, those who support me to become the 9th generation head shout!”

When Wakabayashi Rika speaks finish, the surrounding becomes quiet and no one shouts.

Seeing this scene Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes widen in shock.

I actually…no longer have any power to rally supporters?

“Wakabayashi Rika is not that I don’t support you being the 9th generation head. I admit you do have some talent.”

Josui Hitori says unhurriedly, “But you had never defended your subordinate brothers and only like to do things as you please. This way make you unable to maintain the hearts of the brothers in Yamaguchi Group. The current you are truly not suitable to be the 9th generation head.”

“I am not suitable, then is it that you are suitable?”

“I am also not suitable.” Josui Hitori shakes his head, “I am too stupid already. I actually did not know that I got plotted by other people. Based on what I am thinking, I want to let you take the position first. But you must let me assist you until I feel that you have become mature enough then I would admit that you are the real 9th generation head.”

“You really think like this?”

Wakabayashi Rika is confused, if he really thinks so, why would he want to kill my father?

“Big miss, don’t be deceived by his words!”

Hino Ryuge hurriedly says, “He is already secretly working together with Tetsuya Family and want to make us go into an allegiance with them!”

“Nonsense!” Josui Hitori’s neck instantly turns red from anger as he scolds, “Hino you bastard! The real traitor of Yamaguchi Group, the one who betrayed the 8th generation head is not me! Where is your backer? Why don’t you call him out?”

“You still want to pour dirty water on me?” Hino Ryuge sneers, “Don’t think of pulling me into the water. I am loyal and devoted to the 8th generation head….”

“Enough Hino Ryuge. That old fellow 8th generation head has already died, right now there is no one who is our opponent in YG.”

At this moment from behind Hino Ryuge walks out a handsome man.

Seeing this guy, Wakabayashi Rika exclaims, “Tetsuya Komuro!”

Liu Yi also raises his eyebrow, as he sizes up that handsome guy.

Temperament not bad, his every moment carries a surge of vigor. Looks like he trains very frequently.

“Everyone this one is the Tetsuya Komuro. The current young master of Tetsuya Family.”

The handsome man had his arms behind his back and says confidently, “Right now Yamaguchi Group is no longer as it was in the past. Under the suppression of Tetsuya Family and Glorious Sun Conglomerate, Yamaguchi Group can be said to be inferior day by day. But no worries. My Tetsuya Family is willing to stretch out a helping hand and help Yamaguchi Group once again develop and expand. But if you wish to get the support of my Tetsuya Family, Hino Ryuge must be the 9th generation head.”

“ it is you who are secretly working together with Tetsuya Family”

Wakabayashi Rika is not stupid, hearing this, she immediately understands.

“Hino Ryuge…you are ruthless…”

“I let big miss see a joke.”

Hino Ryuge cups his hand and changes from his earlier hypocrisy. It is like he had changed into another person as he says, “The reason why Yamaguchi Group is able to have its current achievements, it is all because of 8th generation head, me and Josui the three of us who fought it out. Just how old are you, just a young lass and the 8th generation head actually wished to pass the position to you? Ridiculous, what a joke! Yamaguchi Group is the heart’s blood of my Hino Ryuge! How can I hand it over to you? But the 8th generation head that old stubborn fellow he was so determined to do so. Since that is the case, I can only rely on myself to wrest control!”


Wakabayashi Rika almost clench off her teeth, “I shall take your head to take revenge for my father!”

“Hahaha, what else does the current you can do?” Hino Ryuge laughs coldly, “In the past, you indeed made me afraid. But now, how are you any different from an ordinary girl? Hmph, without the 8th generation head, what do you count as!”

He raises his hand and those gunmen immediately aim at Wakabayashi Rika.

“Hino, you dare!” Josui Hitori roars, “If you dare to touch big miss, I will definitely kill you!”

“Josui ah, you are such so wholehearted, the 8th generation head will definitely be crying in gratefulness..” Hino Ryuge clucks, “But do you dare to guarantee that your subordinates are also as wholehearted as you?”

When he speaks a little brother immediately walks out from behind Josui Hitori and fires his gun at Josui Hitori’s thigh.

Seeing Josui Hitori being shot, Wakabayashi Rika instantly exclaims, “Uncle Josui!”

“Xiao Hua, you…”

Josui Hitori kneels onto the ground as he holds his thigh as he stares in disbelief at the subordinate who shot him.

This is his most loyal subordinate ah…he is like my blood brother, why would he shoot me…

“Big brother…really sorry.”

Xiao Hua raises the gun and sighs, “Mr. Hino really gave too much money. I still have to pay my home loan…”

“Do you see this Josui?”

Hino Ryuge sneers, “Everyone has a price! As long as I can pay this money, then you will die! Josui ah, we are also brother, let me give you a quick one.”

Xiao Hua is about to take action again when a bullet directly pierces through his forehead and exploded his brain.


Everyone turns around and looks at the bodyguard by Wakabayashi Rika’s side.

This fellow actually dared to fire!

Wakabayashi Rika becomes incomparable unyielding under the incitement of Liu Yi and immediately says loudly, “Who dares to touch my Uncle Josui, he shall be the next to die!”

“Big miss, I see that you are mad!”

Hino Ryuge says coldly, “Why don’t you take a look at who is the boss!”

All of the surrounding guns are aimed towards her and Liu Yi. They are just waiting for an order from Hino Ryuge before turning them into sieves!


Chapter 680  [Seizing power]

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