MKW Chapter 679

Chapter 679  [Josui]

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Taking a bath together…furthermore it is a maid’s style of taking a bath together…

Liu Yi watches Liu Hongxian stick out her butt as she walks into the bathroom, his heart starts to beat rapidly.

Did not expect that today I would be able to enjoy this kind of special treatment!

Counterattack ah, this is the real counterattack ah!

I am also a winner in life ah!

Liu Yi really has the urge to cry.

Extremely moved, really is extremely moved ah.

In the past, I keep saying the loser can counterattack, today I have finally experienced this kind of feeling!

Liu Yi also stands up. Since my Liu Hongxian is so spontaneous already, I also cannot be not up to standard!

He starts stretching out his hand and prepares to use Little Jade’s ability to take off his clothing.

But at this moment, someone starts knocking on his door.

-knocking sound! x2-

This knocking sound is very urgent. Those that do not know would have thought that it is the landlord who is here!

“What is the situation?”

Liu Yi looks outside the window and realizes that it is still having a downpour.

Such heavy rain, who would come and look for me?

“Who is it!”

Liu Yi asks loudly, to let Liu Hongxian hear it as well.

Liu Hongxian stretches out her head from the bathroom with her upper body naked making Liu Yi looks at her passionately.

Damn it…intense need ah…

The one outside swiftly get lost ah!

“Uncle quickly open the door. It is me!”

From outside comes the voice of Wakabayashi Rika which is very impatient and carries a bit of sobbing.

Wakabayashi Rika?

Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian glance at each other. Liu Hongxian smartly enters the bathroom and closes the door.

Liu Yi knows her meaning is open the door. After all, right now they need to have a good relationship with these Japanese girls.

He can only sigh and then open the door.

The moment he opens it, he immediately sees a completely drenched Wakabayashi Rika in school uniform as well as her hair which is draped all over her shoulder.

After knowing Wakabayashi Rika for so long, this is the first time he had seen her in such a wretched looking appearance!

What is the matter with her?

Surprise immediately appears in Liu Yi’s eyes.


Wakabayashi Rika immediately throws herself into Liu Yi’s embrace and hugs him tightly while crying loudly.

“Little Rika, what is the matter? Cannot you just say your matter? Why did you not give me a call?”


Wakabayashi Rika’s body keeps twitching and seems to be filled with a chill. She leans close to Liu Yi to warm herself up.

“What is the matter Little Rika?”

Liu Yi senses that something is wrong and holds Wakabayashi Rika tightly and asks by her ear.

“Uncle…my….my father…he is dead…”

Wakabayashi Rika’s sentence instantly causes Liu Yi to be startled.

Wakabayashi Shimokawa had died? The 8th generation head of Yamaguchi Group had died?

What the heck! Then wouldn’t Yamaguchi Group be in a mess?

“Then why did you run out? What about your big brother?”

“My big brother…my big brother had gotten chopped to death…”

Wakabayashi Rika cries even harder, “After my father died, big brother wishes to become the 9th generation head and in the end, he got chopped to death during the mayhem in Yamaguchi Group. I only managed to escape in a panic. Right now Yamaguchi Group is in a complete mess.”

“What the heck, I’ll go and help you snatch back the stage!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, good gods, with Yamaguchi Group in such a mess, perhaps it might even affect my plans!

“Don’t. Uncle, right now is to the time to take get revenge.”

Wakabayashi Rika is the first to calm down. Hatred filled her eyes, “My father had died and following Yamaguchi Group’s rules, tomorrow shall be his funeral. As for the next 9th head of Yamaguchi Group, it will be chosen during the funeral. Uncle, you just need to do one thing for me and that is to bring me back to the funeral.”

“Mm, I will bring you back.”

“At that time, there will definitely be people who will try and block me and my strength has been sealed as well.”

Wakabayashi Rika smiles bitterly as she pulls open the school uniform and points at a silver cross mark on her shoulder and says, “When I was fighting against them, a fellow of the Christian Church appeared and sneak attacked me. He hit me with this cross. Within seven days, I am unable to use my vampire powers. But after seven days, everything will be too late. Uncle are you willing to help me?”

“What are you joking about. How would I throw you aside and ignore you?”

Liu Yi smiles. He stretches out his hand and brushes away the rainwater on Wakabayashi Rika’s forehead, “Come, you follow me to the bedroom to change your clothing. Don’t catch a cold.”


Seeing Liu Yi promising her without hesitation, Wakabayashi Rika nods her head and obediently follows Liu Yi to the bedroom.

While Liu Hongxian had already put on her clothing and takes the opportunity to slip out of the bathroom while scolding Liu Yi in her heart. This damn fickle ghost…he really has a lot of love debt!

But if he is able to take the opportunity to help Wakabayashi Rika subdue Yamaguchi Group’s influence, it might be able to help our task.

Liu Hongxian slipped out. Liu Yi counts the time before hugging the naked Wakabayashi Rika into the bathroom and placed her into the bathtub that Liu Hongxian had filled up.

Originally he had planned to take a bath with Liu Hongxian, but unexpectedly in advance, it helped Wakabayashi Rika.

“Wu…so comfortable soaking inside…”

Wakabayashi Rika lazily shrink into the bathtub and says, “Did not expect such a small bathtub could be so comfortable soaking inside…”

Liu Yi roasts, “I am really sorry that I do not have a large onsen like the one in your family…”

“I’ll go and help you wash the clothing. You continue soaking.”

“Uncle you come in and soak as well…”

Wakabayashi Rika holds onto Liu Yi’s arm, before trembling slightly and says, “I am slightly afraid…of being alone…”

“Our big miss actually knows fear?”

Liu Yi is in disbelief of his own ears, “I did not hear wrongly right?”

“In the past…the reason why I can be so unbridled is that I have my father…”

Wakabayashi Rika’s expression is somewhat lonely, “I know that no matter how many disasters I cause, my father would support me…furthermore, I also have the strength of a vampire which makes me feel that I am very powerful…there is nothing I fear…but now, my father is gone, I also no longer have my vampire strength…right now I feel that my heart is desolate like it is missing something…”

“I understand.”

Liu Yi had also experienced the feeling of having lost his strength before. He bends his waist and rubs Wakabayashi Rika’s head. “But you must know. What makes you strong is not your strength but your heart. You can possess a weak body, but you must have a strong heart.”

“Then uncle…is your heart very strong?”

“Considered so. Actually I myself do not know as well, but at the very least it is stronger than yours.”

“Then you quickly come in and bath with me…hug me…I am cold…”

What the, soaking in hot water and you are still feeling cold!

Liu Yi knows that Wakabayashi Rika is feeling cold in her heart. After all, she had lost so much in just a single night, if it is changed to another person, he will also not be able to talk it.

He pats his shoulder and his clothing immediately dropped off.

“What? So convenient!”

Wakabayashi Rika lets out a gasp of surprise, “Uncle is indeed a very professional pervert. Indeed an expert in undressing!”

“What the, what does this have to do with being perverted alright?”

Liu Yi grinds his teeth in anger, “If I am perverted, it should be taking off other people’s clothing the fastest!”

“Hehe, then uncle try. Pat me and I definitely will not be wearing anything.”

“You originally were not wearing anything already?”

“That’s right. I had already waited until the flowers had withered.”

Wakabayashi Rika keeps forcing herself to smile but Liu Yi knows that it is just that she does not wish to cry. Thus he did not say anything and directly holds the bathtub and lowers himself opposite of Wakabayashi Rika and soaks together with her in the warm water.

“Uncle seems to be very shy…”

“That, this is the first time I’m bathing with another person okay?”

Yeah, that time with Choshunior Susukino should not count. That is not my will! I was only helping her scrub her back!

“Hehe, taking uncle’s first time…so happy…” Wakabayashi Rika smiles, “But uncle hug me..I am really cold…”


Liu Yi leans over as he bugs Wakabayashi Rika’s soft body into his embrace. He lets her sit on his embrace, resting her in his embrace, her butt on his dick.

Although this way is indeed very charming, and really makes a person’s heart coils, but Liu Yi does not dare to think about other matters is only concentrating on how is he able to make Wakabayashi Rika happy.

“Uncle…. your embrace is very warm…”

Wakabayashi Rika leans against Liu Yi body and rest her head on his shoulder and says softly, “Uncle you say, is there really heaven in this world?”

Liu Yi recalls that mystical journey he had with Lin Tong in hell and says, “Heaven I really do not know. But I know that there is hell.”

“Aiyah…then my father is so bad, he will definitely go down to hell…”

Wakabayashi Rika sneers, “But also good. At the very least there is a place to go after death…if there is nothing, then how scary would that be…”

“There will definitely be a place to go on. All of us have one.”

Liu Yi knows that Wakabayashi Rika is afraid of in her heart thus he holds her tighter.

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly says, “Uncle… you are poking me until I am very uncomfortable…”


This causes Liu Yi to be slightly embarrassed. It is not like I am doing it on purpose…

“Find a place to put it in…otherwise it is very hindering.”

As Wakabayashi Rika speak she raises her butt and reaches with a hand into the water. She grabs hold of Liu Yi’s dick and aims it into her pussy before sitting down.

The moment she sits down, it enters a warm place. Being wrapped around tightly, it makes Liu Yi so comfortable that he wishes to **.

Damn Little Rika…this is too sudden already!

“How nice is this ah.”

Wakabayashi Rika sits on Liu Yi, “Instantly feel like I am entirely filled up…uncle, thank you for not abandoning me…”

Liu Yi hugs Wakabayashi Rika’s ** and says, “How would I abandon you. You are my Little Rika.”

“It is different…my character is so bad and I always tease uncle…other than uncle, there is no one who likes me…”

“How could that be. Previous when you shouted so loudly in the school didn’t a lot of guys fight each other because of you?”

“They are only eyeing my identity that’s all…I and Big sister Ameki are the same. We are respectable because of our family background while we were also implicated because of our family background. Uncle, if it is possible, I really wish to be an ordinary girl…”

“You already had the chance.”

“No! Right now I want revenge! Josui Hitori, it is definitely him who killed my father! I want to get revenge!”


Chapter 679  [Josui]

Zzz what a let down damn author!!! The ending though…girls are indeed girls???

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