MKW Chapter 678

Chapter 678  [Liu Hongxian’s service attitude]

Do take a look at Serious note if you had not read it yet

Before you guys start reading please take a look at this segment first to clear up the doubts from the previous chapter regarding the word tui-na.

Tui-na is not acupressure. It is a form of massage, around or on acupuncture points.


“To deal with bad people?”

This sentence causes Liu Yi to think of the sakura lance, doesn’t it seem like what that fellow likes to say?

Could it be that Yunsen Ameki is that sakura lancer? But…how is that possible?

Sakura lance that appearance…while my Yunsen Ameki is so weak, unable to withstand a blow. Furthermore, her natural disposition is kindhearted, how is it possible for her to go out and fight and kill people?

“Right, deal with bad people.”

Yunsen Ameki says helplessly, “Today during Choshunior Susukino’s birthday party, a group of bad people came to the entrance and created trouble as well as killing a number of guests. I am thinking if I have the ability to chase away those bad people, how nice would it be. Then there would not be so many deaths…alas….originally it should have been a happy day, but in the end, it turns into such a mess.”

Hearing this Liu Yi calm down and softly tui-na Yunsen Ameki’s shoulder and consoles, “You are a big miss, there is no need for you to worry about such matters.”

“Mm…but hearing from what the subordinates had said, my families, God of Earth Armour seems to had been stolen as well…just who on earth is this person who is such so interested in the 5 demonic god armors ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika is more concern about the other matter thus she changes the topic and asks, “Uncle, is that acupuncture thingy really that mystical?”

“It is. Do you want to give it a try?”

“Hai, hai, uncle perform for us!”

Wakabayashi Rika excitedly claps her head, “Big sister Ameki do you want to watch as well?”

“Wuu….will it be too tiring for teacher…”

“Will not. I’ll perform for you a bit.”

Liu Yi stands up and pulls up the sitting down Wakabayashi Rika.

“Come, let’s use you to demonstrate.”

“Oi, oi, oi, why it is me ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika frowns, “Can’t you use Big sister Ameki?”

Liu Yi asks, “You see how tired your Big sister Ameki is. Are you willing to let her be tormented?”

“Fine then.”

Wakabayashi Rika can only nod her head. Who asked her curiosity to emerge.

“Then I shall depend on teacher and Little Rika.”

Yunsen Ameki is forever that polite. Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs her hair before walking behind Wakabayashi Rika. He places his hands lighting on Wakabayashi Rika’s shoulder and says to Yunsen Ameki, “In China, is a set of traditional Chinese medical systems that had been passed down for a few millennia.  Acupuncture is a portion of it. In traditional Chinese medical knowledge, through massaging a few acupuncture point with a needle, it will be able to bring relief or even cure a slight ailment.”

“Really? It is that mystical?”

Wakabayashi Rika seems to not really believe, “How is it possible for cure sickness by pressing a few times. Then why is there a need for a hospital!”

“How about this. Although I do not know those acupuncture points to treat sickness, I know some interesting acupuncture points. Little Rika, are you afraid of laughing?”

“What is there to be afraid about laughter? Laughing is such a happy matter ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika does not understand why would Liu Yi suddenly ask her such a question.

“I will make you afraid.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and jabs Wakabayashi Rika’s laughter acupuncture point.

There are many acupuncture points in a person’s body. Common massage is able to bring about a very minor effect. While Liu Yi uses his qi to do the acupuncture, sending his qi into the acupuncture point, thus making the effect very obvious.

Wakabayashi Rika immediately starts laughing uncontrollably. This laugh is unstoppable and she laughs until she starts tearing.

“Uncle hahaha uncle hahaha I-I do not hahahaha want to laugh hahahaha anymore hahaha wuwu hahahaha so pain hahaha ful hahahah…”

Only then did Liu Yi stretch out his hand and jabs another acupuncture point on Wakabayashi Rika’s body. Which finally allows Wakabayashi Rika to stop laughs heartily.

“Wuuuu, uncle you are bullying people!”

Wakabayashi Rika is laughing painfully, finally, she had stopped she cannot help but starts frailing at Liu Yi with her fist.

“Just now what I displayed is the laughter acupuncture point.”

Liu Yi winks while Yunsen Ameki is covering her mouth.

To actually be able to control the other person’s laughter, this acupuncture thing is really mystical!

“Little Rika do you still want to try?”

“I do not want to laugh anymore!”

“This time around is not laughing. Let’s change to something else.”

“Cry also cannot! All also cannot, anyway this miss do not want to be a lab rat!”

“Fine then. Ameki looks like the bis miss of Yamaguchi Group do not dare to, thus our show can only end now.”

“Who says that this miss does not dare! Try it!”

Wakabayashi Rika pets her chest and raises her head saying, “Bring it on, who is afraid of you!”

“Okay watch Ameki.”

Liu Yi jabs Wakabayashi Rika’s shoulder with a finger, instantly freezing Wakabayashi Rika there, unable to move. She is not even able to speak at all.

“This acupuncture point needs to match with a bit of technique.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pinches Wakabayashi Rika’s nose.

Anger appears in Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes but she is unable to scold anyone and can only allow Liu Yi to do as he pleases.

“So mystical ah…teacher, the things of China is really so mystical…”

Yunsen Ameki is slightly shocked, “Can you teach me?”

“You will not be able to learn this.”

Liu Yi knows that Yunsen Ameki would ask this question. Thus he says, “This needs you to learn a few qi techniques when you are young, then it is possible. Otherwise, even if you remember these acupuncture points, without the support of qi, you will not be able to stab into those acupuncture points.”

“Okay then…such a pity…”

“No worries. You still have me what. I can frequently help you tui-na.”

“Thank you teacher…it is really nice that you are here…”

Yunsen Ameki and Liu Yi embrace each other and their mouth gets closer and closer to each other.


By the side, Wakabayashi Rika lets out a few whimpering sounds making Liu Yi remember that there is still a big light bulb by the side.

He hurried to turn around and stretches out his hand to jab Wakabayashi Rika back to normal.

“Damn it! The two of you actually froze me there while being intimate! Where is Heaven’s law ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika keeps complaining while Liu Yi and Yunsen Ameki hurriedly step forward and placate her.

After the two of them mess around a while, only then did they start the Chinese tuition properly. When teaching, Liu Yi is very serious and did not do anything that oversteps the boundaries of a teacher. The main point is that he does not have the mood.

Where did Yunsen Oishi hide? What does Choshunior Susukino wish to do? Who is that guy who keeps changing bodies?

Originally thought that it would be an easy task in Japan. But unexpectedly at the back, confusingly so many enigmas emerges.

Looks like this task is truly not easy ah…


Within a secret laboratory, a middle-aged man wearing white lab coat asks a short guy in a western suit by his side, “Oishi ah, today is the birthday of your wife are you really not going?”

“All of my everything had already been handed over to the Emperor!”

[TL: basically is Emperor of Japan]

Yunsen Oishi is standing there as he looks at the rows of data in front of him. Zealotry flicks in his eyes, “How can I, for a woman, delay our Sacred One’s plan!”

“Really is our Emperor’s and people’s model ah!”

The researcher laughs, “With Oishi this kind of person, what kind of big things will not succeed! You relax. With the help of the data and experimental subjects that you have provided to us, our X virus is about to be formed. Very quickly China shall become history!”

[TL: okay…a bit weird given that Oishi’s mother is a china woman…]

“Yoshi, let us continue then. Very quickly there shall be a breakthrough.”

These people once again bury their heads into the experiment.


Unknowingly Liu Yi had already lived in Japan for more than a month. During this one month, he can consider to be living in an abyss of suffering!

Of the 5 sets of god armors, Liu Yi had already obtained 4 sets. The last remaining set is the Deity Armour that had been moved to the Kyoto Museum.

He does not have an opportunity to eat up with Liu Hongxian. After all, having sex is not just about taking off the clothing and do it. When doing it with a woman that he likes, there must have foreplay and ambiance.

This one month, the two of them had been very busy. They do not have time to sit together at night to have a moment of tenderness.

From time to time Liu Yi would receive a call from Choshunior Susukino. Once it was when he was affectionate with Yunsen Ameki on the rooftop. When the phone ring, he was so frightened that he immediately hung up.

Choshunior Susukino that lass, what does she want ah? Every time she calls she did not say anything serious, just keep saying some nonsense.

“One month, and not a single clue yet!”

Liu Yi is sitting in the living room. He does a huge stretch and says in anger, “If this goes on, when can we be able to end this damn rotten task ah!”

“Don’t be anxious. Some traces will definitely appear.”

Liu Hongxian is sitting opposite him as she types on her laptop.

“Do you have Yunsen Oishi’s news on your side?”

Liu Yi himself had already deployed his satellite to 24-hour monitor his residence but he had never seen Yunsen Oishi at all.

“Don’t have. We had already secretly deployed surveillance in the places that he frequent went to in the past but there are no results.”

Liu Hongxian shakes her head. “This fellow is too cunning already and can really endure. It had been so long and he actually did not even emerge once. I must say this is a very scary opponent.”

“What the, like I care about him. If I really get too anxious then I’ll just destroy Japan!”

Liu Yi no longer has any patience. Right now he is all kinds of unhappy.

“You think that you are superman ah!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Why are you so irritable recently? Are you missing those lovers of yours in China?”

Liu Hongxian already investigated the rest of Liu Yi’s information and knows that he is a person with girlfriends, furthermore, it is not just one.

“That….more or less I miss my home….”

Liu Yi says in his heart, you also not understand one. It has been years since I last returned home.

Furthermore, I also wish to go and find Ai Ling. It had already been so long and I had yet to go and find her. She will be holding grudge right?

Alas, she is definitely angry at me now…but alas. It is not lord not going to find you ah, you wait for me a while more…

“This way ah…why don’t we do some delightful matter and help you clear away the anger in your heart?”

Liu Hongxian suddenly closes her notebook before winking at Liu Yi.

“What, what delightful matter?”

Liu Yi looks at Liu Hongxian who is wearing white home clothing and swallows his saliva.

“Do you want to take a bath together?”

As Liu Hongxian speaks, she is already standing up, “I’ll heat up the water master.”

Liu Yi nearly has a nosebleed, good fellow, my leader is playing as a maid!


Chapter 677  [Liu Hongxian’s service attitude]

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  1. I know someone who’s following Steve job’s path, and I don’t mean innovating technology.

    It’s quite hilarious seeing how zealous of the imperial family japanese are depicted in this novel, knowing that the daughter of the current emperor (heir apparent at the time of this novel’s writing) and her cousin/most likely future emperor seem to be victims of bullying. Basically the only respect I see given, apart from customary reverences, is the prohibition of taking photos, and that’s more because it’s enforced by confiscating the offending devices than because people follow the law and don’t take them.


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