MKW Chapter 677

Chapter 677  [Tui-na]

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“Why is it like this…”

The sakura lancer is not believing that he was so easily defeated!

Previously I obviously was still able to fight a bit but today, I don t have any fighting chance!

“I said before that the gap between us is very large.”

“I do not believe!”

“What is there not to believe. Furthermore, I am always helping you okay, and you actually bite the hand that helps you. You coming over and hitting me is a bit too uncivilized don’t you think so? Too lacking of inner quality?”

“Damn it, you are a bad person, I am protecting justice!”

The sakura lancer climbs to his feet and recalls his lance. Holding it in his hands, he stares at Liu Yi without moving.

“It is useless. Your techniques are ineffective towards me.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders while opening his arms and say, “If you do not believe then you can attack as you wish.”

“Damn it! You are humiliating me!”

“That’s right, I am humiliating you, what about it? Going to attack?”

To thoroughly destroy the sakura lancer’s will to fight, Liu Yi adopts such an attitude.

“Damn it!”

Sakura lancer lifts up his lance and enters dragon riding state!

The silver dinosaur appears underneath him as he wields the lance and charges towards Liu Yi and keeps attacking!

-metal striking metal sound-

The lance keeps striking Liu Yi but Liu Yi does not move a single bit, allowing the sakura lancer to keep attacking!

“Are you scratching my itch here?”

Liu Yi’s voice is very relaxing as he stands there. He lazily crosses his arms, “I am already a bit sleepy.”

“Transform: Strong Wind Attack!”

The sakura lancer roars as the dinosaur underneath him change shape before attack Liu Yi together!

“Large Collapse!”

While Liu Yi did not continue to stay still. After being hit by people is also uncomfortable and no one would be willing to be a sandbag right?

He suddenly pulls out a small black ax from his waist before tossing it into the air.

Following which Liu Yi aims his other palm at the sakura lancer who had rush halfway to him and presses down.

Instantly a large gravity field pressed down on the sakura lancer!


The sakura lancer is basically unable to resist such a horrifying gravity. He feels that at that instant he is so heavy like a mountain, pressuring down on his dinosaur mount. With a boom, both of them smash into the ground and create a 10 meters large crater!

The sakura lancer had heard of a story called Journey to the West. Inside there is a monkey with powerful cultivation who after causing havoc in the heavenly court, he got suppressed under Mount Five Fingers.

At this current moment, the sakura lancer feels like he is like that monkey, having a feeling that he is unable to flip around his body!

Why is my body so heavy…

At this moment, the sakura lancer really wishes to cry but is unable to.

While Liu Yi clenches his palm and the surrounding stones fly up and crashes into each other in the sky forming an enormous ax which then descends.

The ground trembles under this kind of force. Looking at the sakura lancer who is lying under the broken stones not moving, it seems like she had fainted.

Liu Yi dust off the dust on his body as he glances at the sakura lancer and says, “Now be obedient.”

“Who on earth are you?”

While Yoko Nishikawa raises two kunai as she stares at Liu Yi coldly.

Liu Yi is not willing to start fighting against Yoko Nishikawa and immediately transmit his voice to her.

{Idiot, it is me.}

When she heard Liu Yi’s voice she instantly covers her mouth in shock.

It is actually…husband…

Why would be he here?

{I originally am here to give Yunsen Akemi tuition and did not expect that I would meet this monster as well as this fellow.}

Liu Yi points at the sakura lancer, “Do you know this person?”

“Don’t…don’t know…”

Yoko Nishikawa immediately shakes her head, “So you are Big miss’s guest….then husband you should go to big miss’s residence to wait for her.”

Yoko Nishikawa points, “From this place, keep walking east and it is the largest building.”

“Mm, then I will be going now.”

Liu Yi had never been one who cares about the aftermath. Anyways this is Japan.

He immediately transforms into a black light and disappears.

Yoko Nishikawa looks at the direction where Liu Yi disappears from before smiling bitterly.

This fellow ah…is everything really a coincident?

Liu Yi finally found the large building that Yoko Nishikawa was saying. It is indeed very big. It is a four-story high ancient castle-style building and it is only a place for Yunsen Akemi to live on her own.

In front of the entrance is a girl wearing a maid attire. Those who do not know would have thought that she is the maid of this family.

“Uncle you finally came!”

Seeing Liu Yi, Wakabayashi Rika immediately lets out a sigh of relief. She hurried forward and grabs Liu Yi’s arm, “I had really thought that you had lost your way…”

Liu Yi says fiercely, “If I had lost my way, I would suicide by ramming my head against the tree and become a malicious ghost to haunt you.”

“Wuwuwuwu, uncle, this one is wrong…in the future, I will no longer dare to play this kind of trick on uncle!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately begs for mercy, “But uncle, just now I saw that there seems to be a monster at the entrance…did you settle it?”

“Considered so I guess. I settled it together with that sakura lancer.”

Liu Yi is slightly curious, “Just who is that sakura lancer?”

“The sakura lancer also came as well?”

Wakabayashi Rika is shocked, “Looks like the two of you really are fated ah! Uncle, can I ask a question? Between the two of you who attacks and who receives ah?”

“Fuck, I both attack and receive!”

Liu Yi snorts before suddenly realizing that something is slightly wrong and immediately adds on, “Fuck, I don’t do guys!”

“Hehehe, uncle got exposed!”

“Exposed your sister! If you speak again I shall hang you up and trash your butt!”

“Wu…uncle…there are too many people here already ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika gently covers her butt and says, “If you want to hit, let’s go in and hit….”

Liu Yi covers his forehead with one hand while the other gives a thumbs up as he says to Wakabayashi Rika, “Super! You win….”

“Hehe, thank you, uncle, for your praise. Let us hurry and go in!”

Wakabayashi Rika is already used to the path. She leads Liu Yi and enters the building.

As Liu Yi follows Wakabayashi Rika up the stairs he asks, “Little Rika ah, today during the party did you see Yunsen Oishi?”

“Don’t have. Uncle Oishi seems like he did not appear at all.”

Wakabayashi Rika shakes her head, “Did uncle have any discovery?”

“Don’t have.”

Liu Yi is also very regretful. He had released over ten satellites and had completely watched over the entire Yunsen Family residence. This way the moment Yunsen Oishi appears, Liu Yi will instantly know.

But it is a pity that there are a number of guest entering and exiting. There is also a lot of police but there is no sign of Yunsen Oishi.

Just how to lure out Yunsen Oishi this old fox? Such a big matter had happened to his family and it is also his ‘wife’ Choshunior Susukino’s birthday, he actually did not appear!

Really is able to keep calm ah!

Liu Yi also probes out the entire residence with the earlier vibration and realize that there is no secret laboratory and the likes underground. Yunsen Oishi is indeed very cunning and did not set up his nest in his home. Japan is so big, there is sincerely nowhere to find!

As Liu Yi thinks, he follows Wakabayashi Rika to a room on the third floor.

Indeed this is a place where the princess lives. The facilities in the room are in European style, very trendy and cute.

A large bed that is covered with velvet is in the center of the room. Really cannot be compared ah…Liu Yi recalls his small room which is a single bed. Which large bed is almost as big as my room.

Radiating aggressiveness ah….

As Liu Yi sighs he sits in front of the computer.

The computer in Liu Yi’s house is always covered with dust while everything in Yunsen Akemi’s house is very clean. There is a professional servant who cleans this place.

{Little Jade, help me secretly hack into the computer.}

“Understood master.”

Little Jade immediately stretches out an unremarkable tiny thread which connects to the computer.

The firewall of the computer is easily hacked by Little Jade and swiftly all of the data inside the computer starts to be copied into Little Jade’s database.

Liu Yi takes a look. Most are books related to cooking. Looks like this lass really wishes to be a housewife ah…

While the rest are some novels related to young ladies…Liu Yi continues to let Little Jade follow along the network and hack into all of the computers in the entire Yunsen Family, but there is still no results.

Yunsen Oishi did not leave behind any useful information! Damn it!

Liu Yi really wish to curse!

I really am unhappy to stay in Japan. Really wish to go back home and meet my family members and take a look at my girls!

When would these days come to an end ah?

Just as Liu Yi is gloomy, footsteps could be heard from outside.

Yunsen Akemi walks in exhaustedly with her complexion slightly pale.

“Eh, Big sister Akemi what is the matter with you?”

“Akemi are you uncomfortable?”

Liu Yi gets up and gently supports his little girlfriend.

“Nothing…just that there are too many people earlier and I had to entertain a bit too much.”

Yunsen Akemi waves her hand and gives Liu Yi a warm smile, “Teacher…I let you wait a long time…”

“Still okay…come, sit down. I help you tui-na a bit.”

Liu Yi holds Yunsen Akemi’s body and lets her sit down on a chair by the side.

“Teacher…this…how can we do this…”

Thinking that Liu Yi is going to give her tui-na, Yunsen Akemi’s heart is slightly apprehensive.

“No worries, seat down.”

“But teacher…”

“I asked you to sit down then seat down!”

Liu Yi cannot help it. He restrains Yunsen Akemi’s body before tapping with a finger on Yunsen Akemi’s shoulder.


Yunsen Akemi immediately feels her legs turning numb, no longer have any strength to stand up.

The place where teacher tap me…why did I immediately become strengthless?


“I tapped your acupuncture point.”

Liu Yi knows what Yunsen Akemi wants to ask, thus he explains before she asks, “When the blood cannot flow through the acupuncture point, you will not be able to move.”

“So mystical ah…”

Yunsen Akemi cannot help but be shocked, “Teacher, can you teach me this?”

“Why do you want to learn this for?”

“Wu, to deal with bad people!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi is shocked in his heart.


Chapter 677  [Tui-na]

Sad was hoping that it will be the Tui-na that Rika had experienced well we see next chapter

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