MKW Chapter 676

Chapter 676  [The might of the God of Earth]

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All of the energy gathered into a single point and causes the ground to trembles.

A golden ray of light instantly shoots out and pierces through the enormous snail body.

The enormous snail wails in pain. The golden light gathers the power of the sun and directly ignite the snail and swiftly burn it into coke!

There is also the faint smell of cooked meat, this shows just how roasted the snail was.

“So powerful…”

Yoko Nishikawa who is crouching on the street light, cannot hold back her shock upon seeing this scene.

Even I am unable to accomplish such power and can only admire it!

Perhaps my husband, Liu Yi the one who is able to display such powers.

Do not know when would I be able to possess such powerful strength!

With this kind of strength, I would be able to escape from the control of Glorious Sun Conglomerate and focus on following by my husband’s side.

Yoko Nishikawa cannot help but imagine.

“Your sin shall end here.”

The sakura lancer thought that she had dealt with that snail. She kept away her cannon and restored her shield and lance back to normal and prepare to return home.

“Bloodsuckers….all of you are blood suckers…”

At this moment that ashes suddenly split apart as a completely naked middle-aged guy walks out.

He looks at his own body and exclaims in shock, “I actually revived…”

When he suddenly realizes that he is not wearing anything he immediately waves his hand towards a bodyguard’s corpse by the side.

Instantly the corpse flies over and lands in his hand.

Dong Yenui puts on the corpse’s western suit in delight.

“Hahaha, I did not die and I also obtained such a powerful strength!”

He waves his arms and punches out a few times creating the sound of air cracking.

“Hahaha, I want to destroy the entire Yunsen Family! After which I am going to control the entire Japan! And rule the entire world!”

As he roars, at this moment a white figure descends from the sky.

“Monster! Go and die!”

The sakura lancer swings out his lance and pierces it towards Dong Yenui’s chest, raising him into the air.

Blood sprays out from his mouth. His heart got pierced through. He grabs the lance as his legs keep kicking.

With his heart being pierced through, Dong Yenui though that he would definitely be dead.

The sakura lance swings his lance and tossed Dong Yenui’s body to the side.

While Dong Yenui realizes that he does not feel any pain. The injury on his chest heals up swiftly. He climbs to his feet and touches his chest in surprise.

“So mystical…am I a superman now?”


The sakura lancer frowns, what is this, an undying cockroach?

“Go and die monster!”

A few ninjas toss out their shurikens at Dong Yenui. They pierce into his body making him cry out a few times.

“Still wish to bully me?”

Dong Yenui roars, “You bloodsuckers, let you guys have a look of my ability!”

As he speaks, his stomach suddenly swells up as he aims at the ninjas and sprays out a stream of green mucus!

The mucus shoots out very swiftly towards those ninjas!


“So painful ah!”

The ninjas start crying out in pain as their bodies transform into bones.

The mucus had directly dissolved their flesh!

“Do you see this, the next one shall be you!”

Dong Yenui opens his mouth widely and sprays out a stream of mucus at the sakura lancer.


The sakura lancer raises her shield as a pair of golden wings emerges from the shield, extending the coverage of the shield.

The sakura lancer hides behind the strengthened shield. When then mucus lands of the shield, it immediately corrodes a bit the metal on the shield leaving behind black traces.

“What a powerful acid…”

The sakura lancer is shocked, just what is this guy vomiting out ah!

“Hahaha! Let’s see how you guys are going to stop me, all of you disappear for me!”

As Dong Yenui speaks, he sprays out mucus madly again!

The mucus lands all over the place causing the surrounding objects to be full of holes from the corrosion.

The sakura lancer got suppressed by the shield and is completely unable to attack back!

If this God of Earth Armours on…perhaps the shield will also be corroded away!

Seeing the sakura lancer being attacked continuously, Yoko Nishikawa is slightly anxious.

I must protect this person!

Yoko Nishikawa flashes and jumps up from the street lamp and land towards the Dong Yenui

At the same time, she starts forming ninja seals. She avoids the mask on her face and opens her mouth and sprays out a water dragon!

This water dragon is filled with mystical as it charges towards Dong Yenui.


Dong Yenui only has a single move to face thousands of move!

It is another stream of mucus being spray out which easily disintegrate Yoko Nishikawa’s water dragon.

While Yoko Nishikawa had taken the opportunity to land in front of the sakura lancer and shouts, “Quickly leave this place!”

“I am not going to leave! Killing monsters is my responsibility!”

[TL: lols you be killing nothing if you are dead]

The sakura lancer had finally climbed to his feet. He raises his lance and prepares to use dragon riding form. As he evades, he waits for an opportunity to launch his attack!

But at this moment, Dong Yenui had already sprayed out a few more streams of mucus towards Yoko Nishikawa and the sakura lancer.

Yoko Nishikawa hurriedly form ninja seals before slapping the ground!

“Water Ninja Technique!”

-sound of water-

Rows of water screen shoot up from the ground trying to block the few streams of mucus descending from the sky.

While the mucus corrosion ability is too powerful. It actually pierced through the water screen that Yoko Nishikawa created and continues towards the two of them.

Yoko Nishikawa’s expression also turns very ugly, could it be that I am going to die here?

Liu Yi…sorry…I cannot continue to serve you…

The sakura lancer also does not know what to do. Everything had happened too quickly and he does not have enough fighting experience!

A black figure suddenly descends from the sky and lands in front of the two of them, using his body to blocks the mucus.

-corrosion sound-

Black smoke immediately emits from his armor but his body is completely fine.

Yoko Nishikawa and the sakura lancer were both shocked as they looks at the guy wearing blue armor standing in front of them.

Liu Yi is gloomy in his heart. Originally when the sakura lancer was fighting, he does not wish to show his face and was hiding in the shadows watching in secret. But he did not expect that Yoko Nishikawa would also be involved in, thus he has no choice but to take action.

“Who are you!”

Liu Yi who is God of Earth Armour stands there and says coldly, “I am here to deal with you.”

“Are you also a damned bloodsucker? Good, then I shall kill you as well!”

As Dong Yenui speaks, he opens his mouth and starts spray mucus at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not dodge as he continues to walk forward step by step.

When the mucus lands on his amour, black smoke emits out but it did not seem to have created any harm!

The fatal mucus to Liu Yi is like water!

Liu Yi continues to walk forward. Every single step on the ground will cause the ground to tremble.

Dong Yenui is greatly shocked as he asks, “Who, who on earth are you!”

“I want to ask you first, who are you?”

Currently, Liu Yi had walked in front of Dong Yenui. He stretches out an arm and raises Dong Yenui’s body into midair and asks sternly, “Who is the one who gave you this strength?”

“You think that I would tell you? Go and die for me!”

Dong Yenui’s tongue suddenly shoots out like a reaper. His tongue extends a lot and coils around Liu Yi’s armor, attempting to suck his blood.

But Dong Yenui feels like he had licked an iron tower and is completely unable to draw out any blood at all.

“You actually dare to display such kind of parlor tricks in front of me?” Liu Yi only clucks as he grabs the tongue with a single hand and uses strength to snap it.

Dong Yenui’s tongue is instantly snapped, completely destroying his last hope.

Liu Yi question again, “Say it. Who is the one who turned you into this!”

Dong Yenui is in despair, he did not reply to Liu Yi’s question when his body suddenly starts to fiercely expand. “Hehehe….then let’s us….die together….”

“Wishing to suicide? Completely impossible!”

Seeing through Dong Yenui’s intention, Liu Yi snorts and uses Soul Return.

Dong Yenui’s soul is instantly pulled out by him. He keeps the soul in his body first planning to give it to Little Taiji as an afternoon meal!

“It is you!”

The sakura lancer recognises Liu Yi, “You actually changed…God of Earth Armour!”

“That’s right, this set of armor is not bad. I like it a lot.”

Liu Yi strikes a ‘pose’ and shows the sakura lancer, “Is it very stylish? It is a lot nicer to look at compared to that armor of yours.”

[TL: ‘pose’ is in english]

“Damn it! You this damn thief!”

The sakura lancer raises his lance and rushes in front of Liu Yi, “Return to me the thing that you stole!”

“Psycho, what did I steal!”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow while the sakura lancer had already reached in front of him as the lance in his hand pierces towards him.

Liu Yi did not even dodge as he stands there letting the sakura lancer’s lance to hit him.

Golden sparks exploded out the sakura lancer’s lance is bounced off while Liu Yi seems to be perfectly fine. There are no scratch marks.

The sakura lancer exclaims in shock, “What?!”

My attack is actually ineffective?!

He immediately tosses down his shield and starts attacking Liu Yi with his lance with both hands.

-metal hitting metal sounds-

After striking Liu Yi with countless of stabs, Liu Yi is still standing there perfectly fine like the sakura lancer had only helped him scratch his itch.

While Liu Yi suddenly raises a palm and pats the sakura lancer on his chest.

The sakura lance is instantly sent flying out over ten meters before finally crashing into a statue behind him, pulverizing it.

Seeing how the sakura lancer is standing there blankly, Liu Yi is delighted in his heart.

This armor is indeed heaven-defying. The opponent’s attack is basically ineffective towards me!

This way, I am basically undefeatable on ground!


Chapter 676  [The might of the God of Earth]

Interesting sakura lancer…he keeps appearing

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