MKW Chapter 675

Chapter 675  [Big BOSS snail]

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In the past, in Greece, there was a god who was the son of the Goddess of Earth. As long as he stands on earth, he will be undefeatable and no one is able to kill him. Finally, after his enemies know of this weak point, they raise him into the air and kill him.

The God of Earth Armour is almost the same. As long as he stands on the ground, he will be able to transfer 90% of the impact force to the ground!

Although it is not as heaven-defying as 100% reflecting like Demon Emperor’s Nine Yin Armour, it is still damn powerful!

Along with Liu Yi’s powerful regenerative ability, there is no one who is able to fight against him!

This is really too impressive!

Since Liu Yi is temporarily unable to pass it to Yuan Zhenyue, he is itching to wear it himself.

Wearing a completely navy blue armor, it seems to have a slightly heavy feeling.

Liu Yi takes a look at the time. Since YM and the rest need to first be busy with Choshunior Susukino’s birthday, he starts to research about the God of Earth Armour ability in the onsen.

But at this time, from outside comes a clamoring sound and startled yelling.

What is going on, is there trouble?

Liu Yi is unable to continue researching and can only transform into a black butterfly and flies out of the onsen.

Dong Yenui, 45 years old this year. He is originally an old employee of Glorious Sun Heavy Industry and held the post of section chief.

He had been a small employee for his entire life and finally when he had reached 44 years old, he relies on his seniority and climbs to the position of section chief. Dong Yenui is very happy and bought a car. He also secretly went to a night bar and invited a few colleagues to play once, and had even found an Enjo-kosai.

[TL: Enjo-kosai: compensated dating where older men give money or luxury gift to women for their companionship and sexual favours]

Although his body is unable, he is still very happy. After all, right now he is a section chief and earns a lot. Saying it out will let him gain a lot of face!

But unexpectedly when Yunsen Oishi disappeared, Choshunior Susukino who took over Glorious Sun Conglomerate directly fired him!

This makes Dong Yenui very angry. The loan for his house and cars had yet to be completely paid back in full!

Exploiters! A group of cruel exploiters!

After using up all of my value you wish to kick me aside?

I will definitely not allow this kind of behavior!

Dong Yenui’s temper had originally been very gentle. Furthermore, he had never gotten angry. When he gets scolded he also does not talk back, thus sometimes, people thought that he is, in reality, a girl.

Thus they also gave him a nickname Snail.

Right now for his household, his career, Snail had erupted. On the day of Choshunior Susukino’s birthday, he came here to find her and calculate the debt!

I am almost unable to eat while this Choshunior Susukino is still living in this kind of large house! Look at those luxury cars and bodyguards….that’s right, they are really all exploiters!

Dong Yunui raises the sign that he had created over the night yesterday as he sits one of the cars in front of Choshunior Susukino’s house. He shouts, “Return me my job, return me my bread!”

After shouting for a long time, there are more and more people watching him. This makes Dong Yenui delighted.

So I actually have a day where I can become the focal point of the crowd!

“Choshunior Susukino you bloodsucker! Return me my job, return me my bread!”

He takes off shoes and tosses onto the ground. Barefooted, he jumps about on the car.

Finally, a few burly chaps walk out from inside and directly drag Dong Yenui off the car.

“What are you guys doing! What are you guys doing!”

Dong Yenui feels alarmed. He is unable to control his body and can only allow those people to drag him far away.

“To actually dare to be arrogant in front of Yunsen Family’s house, you really must have eaten the bear’s heart and leopard’s courage.”

“Hmph, today give you a bit of lesson and let you know what is call fear!”

They pull him to a corner and start beating him up!

“Ah! Save me ah!”


“Don’t, don’t kick my face…”

Dong Yenui is 45 years old and his body is no longer as good as in the past. Right now he got surrounding and beaten up, it is very miserable.

Very quickly he got beaten to his last gasp as he lies on the ground. His spectacles are also gone.

The sign that he had made was stomp into a few pieces and thrown to the side.

“Next time you dare to come, we shall take your life!”

One of the burly chaps throws behind one last sentence before straightening his suit and leaves with the rest of his people.


Dong Yenui lies there, his entire body aching and a few of his teeth had dropped off.

He feels his entire body turn cold and is filled with despair.

These bloodsuckers are really going to force me to die?

Good…good…after all, I owe so much money and no longer had any path of  …even if I turn into a ghost, I will not let them off!

“What an excellent resentment.”

Li Heqiang appears by the side of Dong Yenui. A smile appears as he looks at him lying on the ground.

“Definitely will be able to gather good soul energy. Mm, it shall be you.”

He opens the wooden box in his hand and pours out a piece of minced meat.

The minced meat is like a maggot and immediately drills into Dong Yenui’s body.


This heart tearing pain causes Dong Yenui to scream.

At the same time, his body keeps distorting before expanding.

Very quickly a ten meters tall enormous snail appears by the side of Yunsen Family house!

Snails are originally an unremarkable creature. But this one is actually so big…ten meters tall like the size of a Ferris Wheel. It roars as it slowly crawls towards the house of Yunsen Family.

“Monster ah!”

The enormous snail badly frightens the guests in the house.

The bodyguards were also badly frightened as they hurry and call the police.

The snail suddenly shoots out its long tongue which pierces through a number of people. It instantly sucks out all of the blood in their body, turning them into dried people.

“Ahhhh! Save me ah!”

“So scary!”

The snail is actually able to suck blood as well, this shows how deep the hatred in his heart is.

Yunsen Family house is in the suburbs area thus the police are unable to reach in time.

Yunsen Family has no choice but to activate the ninjas!

Yoko Nishikawa who is standing on top of the road lamp by the door, looking at the enormous snail in front of her.

The surrounding guests had mostly run away, or they had became dried corpses which makes it easier for her to take action.


She tosses out a large number of shuriken which lands on the snail.

But the shurikens seems to have tickled it and did not even draw a single drop of blood.

But Yoko Nishikawa seems to have expected this situation. She form seals with her hands and lets out a roar.


The shuriken transform into water bubbles which exploded on the snail’s body!

The force behind the water is very scary. When the water bubbles explode, it instantly blasts out a few holes on that snail body.

The snail wails a few times, but the holes swiftly regenerated.

“What a thorny fellow…”

Yoko Nishikawa is shocked. This fellow’s regeneration power is too strong!

It seems like with just my powers, I am unable to take it down!

There are still a number of slightly lower grade ninjas who rushed over and starts attacking.

But to the snail, their attacks are nothing but a tickle.

The snail directly burst through the fencing and crawls into the residence.

If this goes on, the entire manor will be destroyed!

“Restrict it!”

Yoko Nishikawa orders, “Seal its movement!”

Several black hooks fly out and catch onto the snail.

The ninjas attempt to use the chains to tie up the snail. When it is unable to move, the snail roars before shooting out its tongue through a few ninjas.



None of those ninjas are unable to escape and all turned into dried corpses!

Lacking a few people, the remaining ninjas are unable to pull back the snail and it throws off its restraints!

The snail crawls towards the deeper part of the residence leaving behind a stretch of corpses and sticky stuff on the ground.

Yoko Nishikawa frowns, if this goes on it will be dreadful?!

She crouches on the street lamp preparing to release her ability!

But at this moment she heard a clear delicate voice from the side.


From the sky descends rays of pink sakura. Following which, the sakura lancer holding a large shield and lance blocks in front of the snail.

“It is you again!”

The sakura lance holds up her lance and points the tip towards the roaring snail, “Just nice. Today let me deal with you on my own!”

While he is speaking the snail suddenly shoots out a tongue at the sakura lancer.

“Parlour tricks!”

The sakura lancer raises his shields and tosses it out.

From the originally glossy shield suddenly shoots out rows of sharp knives!

The knives twirl with the shield and directly cuts off that tongue!

The tongue drops onto the ground and keeps trembling.

The snail roars a few times and the cut off tongue actually grew out once again!

“It is this type again?”

This is not the first time that the sakura lancer had dealt with this kind of monster. Seeing its tongue growing out again he is not that shock.

He stretches out his hand and the shield returns back into his hand.

-roaring sound-

Being angered, the snail crawls towards the sakura lancer.

The sakura lancer snorts coldly as he places the shield in front of his on the ground.

The shield transform it’s shaped as a groove appears on the top of the shield and descend, allowing the sakura lancer to rest her lance on it.

The sakura lancer’s lance starts to split apart as the tip split into two and shifts to either side. From inside a black gun barrel stretches out.

It is like a Gatling gun as rounds spray out from the gun barrel.

“Have a taste of this!”

The sakura lancer hugs the gun and fires at the snail in front.

-shooting sounds-

The bullets pour down in torrents at the snail blasting blood and flesh all over the place!

The snail wails and was beaten until it keeps retreating. Flesh and blood keep blasting off its body.

But at the same time, its body is recovering bit by bit.

“Looks like the power output is still not enough?”

The sakura lancer does not know about the matter regarding the soul. He kicks his shield.

Instantly golden light emits from the shield like it is absorbing the sunlight.

“You shall be deprived of your soul from this point on!”

As the sakura lancer speaks, the light on the shield becomes brighter and brighter! While the gun barrel in front instantly transforms into cannon barrel. The cannon barrel absorb all of the lights on the shield, gathering them together and aims towards the snail in front!


Chapter 675 [Big BOSS snail]

Interesting sakura lancer…he keeps appearing

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    [TL: Enjo-kosai: compensated dating where older men give money or luxury gift to women for their companionship and sexual favours]<-teenagers, to be more precise; sometimes college girls also engage in that, but it’s less common, supposedly.


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