MKW Chapter 673

Chapter 673  [Choshunior Susukino]

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Very quickly a lot of men wearing black suits and holding katanas rush into the pathway outside.

The beauty withdraws into the foggy spring water and hides her nice body.

Someone shouts from outside, “Madam! What happened!”

The beauty shouts in panic, “There is an assassin!”

“There is actually an assassin!”

“Protect Madam!”

The people outside rushes in causing Liu Yi to be helpless.

Separated by so many mists, although he faintly knows that the other person is a beauty, he is unable to see her face clearly.

As she also hides her body in the water, Liu Yi is even more so unable to identify her in time.

But no matter who it is, it seems to be a misunderstanding!

But Liu Yi had never like to passively get a beating. When the first guy holding a katana slashes apart the door curtain, he immediately kicks that person out.


Before the first person is able to see the assassin clearly, he was instantly kicked out and crashes into those behind him.

The wet floor is originally slippery. instantly it causes a number of people to stumble and fall onto the ground moaning in pain.

“Stay outside for me!”

After Liu Yi and caused them to fall, he pulls a cabinet over and blocks up the doorway.

“Stinky fellow, let us in!”

“When we come in, we are going to chop you to death!”

Outside the people are shouting messily and Liu Yi does not care about them. He leans against the wooden cabinet before taking two deep breath to calm down his mind.

Damn it, why did I come across such things! Am I lucky or unlucky ah!

The wooden cabinet is very heady. With Liu Yi pulling it over, it is not that easy for that outside to push.

For a while, it becomes safe.

Seeing that her subordinates being blocked outside, the voice of the woman soaking in the pool becomes slightly panicky.

“Just who are you?”

Liu Yi immediately says, “Beauty don’t be afraid. This is all a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding? You burst in and looked at my body and you still got the cheek to say that it is a misunderstanding?”

“That…if I say that I am actually lost and accidentally burst in, do you believe?”

“Become a ghost then I’ll believe you!”

The beauty seems to be slightly emotional, “You say, just who on earth are you! What is your plan for coming here! If you wish to ask for fortunes, I can give you! But if you dare to do anything to me, I guarantee that you will not be able to leave this place alive!”

“Oi, oi, oi. I already said that you are thinking too much!”

Liu Yi immediately says, “I am really lost! There is only this house nearby so I naturally walked in!”

“Less nonsense! Like I would believe you! Just what is your objective, you better confess!”

Liu Yi suddenly says, “Really is not…right, I am Yunsen Ameki’s teacher, I am called Liu Dabo! I am here to tutor her!”

“You are Liu Dabo?”

The beauty in front immediately got a shock. Because of the steam between them, she is also unable to see his appearance clearly.

“You get closer!”

“Don’t, guys and girls cannot be too close to each other. It is better to maintain a distance!”

“Damnit, is there anything that you had not seen earlier! I asked you to come over then come over!”

Liu Yi has no choice but to leave the wooden cabinet and takes two steps forward as he crouch by the side of the onsen.

The female also moves closer and take a good look at Liu Yi’s face.

When Liu Yi saw her appearance clearly as well, he got a shock!

Choshunior Susukino! It is actually her!

Bullshit…really did not expect that I would meet this woman here!

The time and location are too unreasonable already ah!

Is the god really toying with me?

“Did not expect that it will actually be you.”

After Choshunior Susukino realize Liu Yi’s identity, not only is she not worried, she starts to relax.

“Let go of our madam!”

“Stinky fellow, if you have the ability then scram out!”

Outside they are still shouting, while Choshunior Susukino shouts loudly, “It is a misunderstanding, all of you retreat!”

“Madam, you are not being threatened right?”

The people outside starts to be slightly suspicious.

“Not at all. All of you retreat!”

Choshunior Susukino shouts another time, making those outside have no choice but to leave.

Choshunior Susukino swiftly returns back to her strong woman image and leans against the side of the onsen before saying is satisfaction, “Okay, now that there is no one disturbing us, we can have a proper discussion.”

“You are not afraid?”

Seeing how quickly Choshunior Susukino becomes relaxed, Liu Yi slightly shocked.

“Why should I be afraid?”

Choshunior Susukino sprinkles water on her fair body, “If you wish to do anything to me, you would have taken action earlier. Why is there a need to wait till now.”

“Then just now why did you not think so?”

“Because just now I did not know who you are. There are too many people who have designs on me, thus I have no choice but to be on guard.”

Choshunior Susukino indifferently says, “No need to be suspicious. I do know of you, Liu Daba. It can be said that in the entire GSC, there are too little people who do not know your name. You are already on our blacklist.”

“What, you guys still want to kill me?”

Liu Yi squats by the onsen as he looks at Choshunior Susukino’s body.

This woman is very pretty, especially when she is wearing nothing and soaking in the water, she is indeed very alluring.

If it is an ordinary guy, they would have lost control of themselves.

Luckily Liu Yi is considered to have countless of women and met a lot of beauties. Thus his immunity is naturally stronger.

Especially in Yunsen Ameki’s house, if I really got involved with her stepmother…that would really be too chaotic.

“Indeed I wanted to kill you, but that is in the past. They are just some bans that were left behind by Yunsen Oishi to protect his daughter that’s all…but, I had already pushed down this order.”

“Ah? Looks like you are supporting freedom of love?”

Liu Yi is slightly curious. Just what is this Choshunior Susukino thinking?


Choshunior Susukino is not in a hurry to reply. Instead, she indifferently asks, “Do you feel that I am beautiful?”

“See no evil.”

Liu Yi turns his head away and did not reply to this question.

“Less of that. I am only asking you this question only. If you wish to leave this place safe and sound then reply. Otherwise, later on, I shall go back and tell Little Rika that you secretly peeked at me bathing. Wouldn’t that be interesting?”


Liu Yi is starting to get really angry, this woman is too shameless already!

“Come on. I am only asking you a question that’s all. Would you say am I pretty or not, Dabo-san?”

Bullshit if you did not call me Dabo-san, I might cheerfully communicate with you!


Liu Yi says angrily, “So beautiful that it makes people cannot look straight at you!”

Choshunior Susukino covers her mouth as she giggles, “Such an irascible temper is not suitable to be a special agent.”

Liu Yi is slightly panicky in his heart, before he says indifferently, “What special agent? I do not understand what you mean.”

“Dabo-san, everyone is intelligent people. Is there a need to say such nonsense?”

Choshunior Susukino is calm as she says, “At this crucial moment, a china person starts to get close to Little Ameki-sosu, don’t you think that this is too much of a coincidence?”

“I am only her teacher that’s all. I feel that you are thinking too much.”

“Hehe, I feel that Dabo-san is really looking down on this step-mother.”

Choshunior Susukino gently sprinkles the water as her voice carries a limp feeling, “I had seen the feelings that Little Ameki-sosu had for you clearly. You are her teacher as well as her lover. You know it clearer than me. Does some matters need me to nod my head?”

“I do not know your meaning. Looks like the first time we meet is unpleasant.”

Liu Yi stands up, “I will be leaving now.”

“Why is there a need to leave so anxiously? I must say, your temper is really not suitable to be a special agent.”

Choshunior Susukino giggles, “Could it be that we must be enemies? On contrary, I feel that we have the same enemy.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi who is walking away, stops.

“Do you really think that I am really wholehearted towards Yunsen Oishi?”

“Aren’t you his mistress?”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Choshunior Susukino, “When he is not around, it was you who propped up GSC.”

“I am only maintaining my stuffs only.”

Choshunior Susukino shrugs her shoulder, “Some more, marrying to Yunsen Oishi, just nothing but due to the circumstances that’s all. In reality, I am not his wife but his illegitimate daughter.”


Liu Yi got a huge shock. This information is like a fucking atomic bomb!

Choshunior Susukino…is actually Yunsen Oishi’s illegitmate daughter?! Is this…a fucking joke? Indeed japanese people like to ** is it?

“Haha, of course, Yunsen Oishi himself does not know of this matter. Only I know about it.”

Choshunior Susukino suddenly laughs, “There is also another person who naturally knows…but she had already died.”

“Are actually married your own father…for revenge?”

Liu Yi feels a chill run down his spine, “What a ruthless method ah…”

“What else is the weapon of a woman?”

Choshunior Susukino continues to wash her body but Liu Yi feels that no matter how she wash, she is unable to wash herself clean.

“I am rather envious of Little Ameki-sosu. She is born a little princess enjoying tens of thousand of people’s doting. But everyone’s path is different. I am destined to walk this path. I originally prepared to slowly use poison to slowly bit by bit kill Yunsen Oishi, but he had disappeared. Furthermore, even I do not know where he had hidden himself. I know why you are getting close to Little Ameki-sosu for. No worries, I will not expose you, but you must work together with me. This way will be able to find out where Yunsen Oishi is.”

“I am unable to understand what you are saying. I am just a teacher that’s all.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “I am not interested in Yunsen Oishi, I am only here to teach classes.”

Choshunior Susukino is not anxious. She pretends to carelessly say, “How would Little Ameki-sosu feel if I tell her that you are a special agent sent over here from China?”

“I can make you disappear off the face of earth without anyone knowing.”

Liu Yi sticks his hands into his pocket as his voice turn cold. It carries a trace of killing intent causing Choshunior Susukino who is soaking in warm water feels like waves of chill is piercing into her body.

“If you do not believe, then go ahead and try.”


Chapter 673 [Choshunior Susukino]

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  1. Sheesh, what is this an Electra complex? Take the armor of earth, take Akemi and Rika and blow the joint…

    At one point I thought the Sakura lancer was a split personality of Akemi, but maybe we will end up with five high school girls in magic samurai armor fighting alongside Liu Yi against mighty morphing DE-rang(ed)ers

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    By “YM” do you mean “YA”? Or was it the author the one who gave the initials?

    I really want to know how the h*** “Choshunior Susukino” is written (and also why she has the exact same name as one of the teachers).


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