MKW Chapter 672

Chapter 672  [Lost the way]

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That driver glares at Liu Yi and berates unhappily, “Why is it you again!”

Yunsen Ameki hurries and explains.

“Uncle Yamamoto, this one is my teacher ah…”

“Big miss. This person’s background is unclear. You should stay away from him!”

The driver glares at Liu Yi in warning making Liu Yi slightly uncomfortable.

-slapping sound-

By the side, Wakabayashi Rika who is still wearing the maid attire suddenly slaps him, “Who do you think you are to actually dare to meddle with your big miss matter! What is there for you to criticize about! Have you forgotten your identity?!”


After being slapped by Wakabayashi Rika, that driver immediately became honest. He lowers his head and retreats to the side.

Yunsen Ameki asks in worry, “That…would it be too much…”

“How is that so. Just a mere subordinate and he dares to overstep his identity.”

Wakabayashi Rika sneers, “Giving them a bit of lesson is light! Big sister Ameki! You are too polite when dealing with your subordinates already! In my family which subordinates dare to speak so loudly to their master?”

“Okay, okay then…”

Afterward, this driver does not dare to find trouble for Liu Yi which makes Yunsen Ameki slightly relieved.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in sorrow, “Even when our Little Rika puts on a maid attire, she is still unable to change her arrogant queen attitude ah.”

“Stinky uncle aren’t I so fierce because of you!”

Wakabayashi Rika snorts, “Uncle is actually not grateful, so annoying! Next time I am not going to help you!”

“Okay, okay. It is my fault. Thank you Little Rika.”

Liu Yi seriously thank Wakabayashi Rika. But such an attitude makes Wakabayashi Rika a bit unused to it.

“That, that…hurry and get onto the car..”

Wakabayashi Rika jumps into the car like she is escaping. Liu Yi and Yunsen Ameki helplessly look at each other before following along and gets onto the car.

Rich people are indeed different. The car is a long business car. When Liu Yi enters it, he realizes that inside is more like a small office.

In the car, there are two rows of a sofa. In the center, there is a small table. Besides, there is also a small fridge, tv and a car phone.

Yunsen Ameki opens the fridge and asks, “Teacher do you want to drink something?”

“I remember that there seems to be a bottle of champagne right?”

Wakabayashi Rika’s memory is not bad, “Let’s drink that!”

“Eh…that is placed here by Mizuko…”

“Who cares about her. Could it be that after we drank it she would still find this miss to get it back! If she really wants it back from this miss, then at most I’ll just pee it out for her!”

Sweat…Wakabayashi Rika’s fierceness makes Liu Yi and Yunsen Ameki speechless.

“Fine then. Drink then drink…after all it is just a bottle of champagne. Mizuko will not be that petty.”

Yunsen Ameki nods her head and opens the fridge door and takes out a bottle of champagne.

Liu Yi receives the champagne and twists off the bottle cork before pouring it into the cups that Yunsen Ameki prepared.

Big miss life is indeed good ah…Everyone had to rush and be anxious while going to school, but she can just sit inside her Bentley and drink champagne.

Sometimes cannot help but be rueful as well as envious about those people who were born with a golden spoon.

But in this world, there are two kinds of person. One is rich and handsome while the other is a poor loser.

If you do not know how to work hard and is not willing to improve. And only have jealousy and complains, then is this life you will not become a rich person.

The driver’s temper is not that good but his driving standard is not bad. Along the way, the dare is very calm and does not feel like it is driving.

While they are chatting on the car, they swiftly reach Yunsen Ameki’s house.

The driver gets off the car and pulls open the car door. He says respectfully, “Big miss, we have arrived.”


Wakabayashi Rika is the first to jump off the car. After which she stretches out her hand and pats that driver’s face, “Next time if you exceed your boundaries again, I will help Big sister Ameki teach you a lesson!”

“Do, do not dare to anymore..”

“Enough already Little Rika. Enough.”

Liu Yi also gets off the car and pats Wakabayashi Rika’s shoulder, “You need to live up to the maid attire that you are wearing ah!”

“Hmph, stinky uncle, this miss is not a maid!”

Wakabayashi Rika pouts before pointing, “You see, Big sister Ameki’s house is big right?”

Only then did Liu Yi turn his head over and glance at the mansion by the side. At that moment he really feels a bit shocked.

Good fellow….

Liu Yi had always thought the after he had seen Murong Die’s house he is more or less prepared in his heart.

But right now seeing Yunsen Ameki’s house…he nearly thought that he had seen a small kingdom.

In front of him is an enormous courtyard. The courtyard range is boundless and is basically unable to see the end!

Liu Yi released a nano-satellite and uses Little Jade to spy a bit. Good fellow just how big is this!

Inside this luxurious manor, it is on a vast tract of land. So be it if there is a man-made lake…the most exaggerated is there is also a golf course! At the back, there is also a private theme park!

What the heck! Really is fucking rich ah! Is there a need to be such a wastrel?!

Is this the rumored rich person lifestyle…

“Why are there so many people at the entrance of your house?”

Liu Yi notices that currently there is a lot of branded cars stopped outside. A lot of people were continuously walking towards the door.

While at the moment a butler-like person sees Yunsen Ameki and immediately waved his hand.

“Aiyah, Big miss, you had finally return ah! I waited a long time for you!”

“Damn it. I forgot that today is big sister’s birthday. They should all be here to celebrate the birthday party…”

Yunsen Ameki lightly knocks her forehead, her manners are slightly cute.

“Sorry teacher. I’ll go and deal with it first. Little Rika, you bring teacher through the right door to my room…”

“Okay, I understood. Go and be busy with your stuff!”

Hearing that she is able to be alone with Liu Yi, Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but wish to smile out.

She immediately brings Liu Yi to the side door.

“Uncle isn’t Big sister Ameki’s house super big? When we are young, we always play in the theme park behind their house. Back that we feel that it is rather good. Later on, we realize that there is only the two of us playing only, so boring… this kind of place is better if there are more people playing together ah…”

“That’s right. If there is an opportunity, I will bring you guys there.”

“Hehe, you better keep your promise uncle!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately becomes happy.

Although there are also a lot of sentries at the side door, they all recognize Wakabayashi Rika. Seeing the big miss of Yamaguchi Group coming, they did not block them and allowing her to lead Liu Yi in.

After entering, everywhere is covered with withered grass. After all, it is almost winter. The originally verdant and lush lawn and trees are starting to dry up.

After entering the house, inside becomes spacious and empty and basically there is no one.

“Do we need to sit on a cart?”

Liu Yi recalls that when he went to Murong Die’s house, they always take a cart.

“No need lah. Let us walk over.”

Wakabayashi Rika then does not wish to bring Liu Yi so early over there. She still wishes to enjoy the rare two-person world with uncle.

Wakabayashi Rika points to the grove by the side and says, “Uncle why don’t we go to the grove to do some wicked stuff?”

“What the heck, do you dare to say that to me when summer comes! Right now all the leaves have already dropped okay?”

Liu Yi looks at the grove which is only left with dried trunks and says, “What wicked stuff can we even do!”

“Hehe…after all, there is no one here…”


“Oi, oi, uncle seems to have no interest ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but pout.

“Save it! Hurry and lead the way to the room!”

“Hmph…uncle is really annoying…”

Wakabayashi Rika is very unhappy. Uncle is too no fun already!

Just as she wishes to grumble, her handphone suddenly rings. After picking up the call she immediately says in shock, “Aiyah, uncle I cannot send you there anymore. My father also came here and I need to go and receive him! You continue to walk down this path until you see a large house!”

“Oi, oi, you are doing this on purpose right!”

Liu Yi shouts but Wakabayashi Rika had already run away.

He instantly clenches his teeth in anger. damn it, this lass definitely is doing it on purpose!

Such a large house, how can I find it alone?

Damn it. Looks like I can only continue to walk down this path.

Liu Yi is helpless. He sticks his hands into his windbreaker and follows the small path, continuing to walk deeper.

While Wakabayashi Rika hides far away, holding her handphone while smiling in delight.

“Hmph, evil uncle, who ask you to make me angry! This time around giving you a lesson. Let’s see if you dare to anger this miss the next time!”

Although it is as Liu Yi expected that he got plotted by Wakabayashi Rika, but at this moment Liu Yi also has no way to take revenge and can only keep walking deeper.

The house is indeed very large and the small path is very long. After walking for around ten minutes, Liu Yi finally sees a small house.

It is not the big house that Wakabayashi Rika mentioned but a few tens of meters large bungalow.

Surges of steam emerges from the bungalow making Liu Yi curious.

What is this place?

Base on the nano-satellite, it seems like within a hundred meters radius there is only this structure.

Forget it. Let’s go in and ask for the way…there are too many large houses in the map of this mansion.

He can only find a person to inquire about where Yunsen Ameki stays at.

Liu Yi has no choice but to enter the bungalow.

The bungalow has no door and there is only a door curtain. Liu Yi stretches out his hand and raises the curtain and walks inside.

Inside there is even more steam. The moment Liu Yi walks in he feels a surge of heatwave slap onto his face, nearly slapping him out.

What is this place? Could it be this place is some secret research center?

Furthermore, there seems to be something calling me in…

This makes Liu Yi have a stronger urge to enter to take a look.

Under his foot, it is very slippery. Liu Yi is very careful as he walks in.

Inside seemed to have some water sound. Could it be an onsen?

Liu Yi finally understands. When he passed through a footpath and lifts open the second door curtain he is instantly standing there stunned.

Indeed it is an onsen. In front of him is a twenty-meter square pool in the center. Behind is a wall and on the wall is two dragon head statue which is spouting out water into the pool.

The pool is filled with petals and a cute beautiful woman is soaking inside. One of her hand is also kneading her impressive breasts.

Realizing that someone had entered, the woman also raises her head and her gaze clashes against Liu Yi’s gaze.


Instantly an ear-piercing scream rings out in this area!

At that moment Liu Yi sensed a lot of people in the surrounding are getting closer! The sound of footsteps is unprecedentedly concentrated!


Chapter 672 [Lost the way]

Alas another bathroom scene

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