MKW Chapter 671

Chapter 671  [A man does not rely on face]

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The female artist on the tv is none other than Wang Yuzheng.

She is standing in front of the camera lens. Her expression is slightly inexperienced but also slightly nervous.

Liu Yi uses Little Jade to obtain data regarding Tetsuya Komuro. This fellow is a very reputable and very authoritative musician. He does not know how many Heavenly King grade singers he has developed.

This time round Wang Yuzheng being able to come to Japan to receive his teachings is a very good opportunity.

Thus Chen Dahai letting her come to Japan is very understandable. Just that right now I am also here to carry out a secret task…if we accidentally meet each other, that would be certainly “wonderful”…

“This new person looks not bad.”

Realizing that Liu Yi keeps looking at the television, Wakabayashi Rika also takes a look at the smiling Wang Yuzheng on the television. She instantly becomes jealous, “She is quite comparable to Big sister Akemi ah!”

“Don’t show off that bit of Chinese standard of yours.”

Liu Yi uses his chopsticks to knock Wakabayashi Rika’s head, “She is a performing artist, naturally, her looks will be not bad. If she does not look pretty, how is she able to become a performing artist.”

“Then let me go and change my name and be a performing artist!”

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly becomes a bit excited, “Uncle you can be my fan then!”

“Dream on! You better take over your Yamaguchi Group properly!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Wakabayashi Rika attempt to throw the world into chaos.

“Okay then…”

Wakabayashi Rika is also saying it casually only, after all, she is unable to put down her Yamaguchi Group.

“Right, teacher…later when you go to my house, please do not say that you are my boyfriend ah…”

“What is the matter? Your family is against it?”

“Mm…my family currently does not support me dating…”

Yunsen Akemi reminds repeatedly, “You are using the identity of mine and Little Rika’s teacher to come to my house to tutor us…”

“Tsk, hope that we do not meet that damn female fox. Every time I see her, I feel unhappy!”

{Female fox?}

Lin Tong jumps onto Liu Yi’s shoulder and asks curious, {Could it be that Yunsen Akemi’s family also has someone from my race?}

{Cough….Immortal fox sister, what they are saying should be a woman with the charms of a fox…not a fox demon…}

{So that is the case. Human’s language is really complex.}

Lin Tong wags her tail before turning back into Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi is sweating, it is obviously you who is too sensitive to this term okay?!

“Right, don’t know if Uncle Oishi will return home today.”

Wakabayashi Rika pretends to not be paying attention as she says, “Today is that vixen’s birthday right?”

Hearing this Liu Yi’s heart is moved, this kind of day would Yunsen Oishi come back?

“That…don’t keep calling her vixen okay…”

Yunsen Akemi is a bit embarrassed as she says, “Actually you can just call her by her name…call her Choshunior…”

“Hmph, names are used to call humans!”

Wakabayashi Rika sneers, “I am going to call her vixen!”

“Fine then….but even if it is Choshunior’s birthday, dad might not come home as well…”

Yunsen Akemi sighs gently, “No one knows where dad went…no one also have any news about them…perhaps he had forgotten about Choshunior’s birthday, perhaps he had also forgotten about my birthday as well.”

Seeing how distressed Yunsen Akemi is, Liu Yi immediately holds her shoulder and comforts, “No worries, Akemi, you still have me.”

“Mm…teacher…no matter what, please do not leave me…”

Yunsen Akemi subconsciously holds onto Liu Yi’s arm and leans against him, “If I have any place that is wrong, please let me know. I will change..”

“So good ah, our Akemi is the most obedient, there is nothing to pick. Being able to get to know you are really the biggest fortune that I have.”

Liu Yi speaks good things making Yunsen Akemi have a burst of sweetness.

“Tsk, seeing the two of you like this makes me full! Let’s go, go to Big sister Akemi’s house!”

She gives Liu Yi a suggestive look.

Liu Yi knows in his heart, this time around going to Akemi’s house is not only to find out regarding Yunsen Oishi matters but to find an opportunity to find the hidden God of Earth Armour in her house.

If I did not judge wrongly, this God of Earth Armour is most likely suitable for big sister Yuan Zhenyue to use.

These armors are basically created for those who possess Spiritual Bodies!

“Then let me call the driver to pick us up.”

Yunsen Akemi pulls out her handphone and makes a call.

The big miss is indeed a big miss. Going out, there is no need to walk.

“I’ll go and clean the bowls.”

“Let me help!”

Wakabayashi Rika takes the initiative to clean up but got stopped by Yunsen Akemi.

“Forget it, you better stay here. Last time you had broken over ten antique bowls in my house making Choshunior angry.”

“Tsk, let that vixen go and feel heartache!”

“These are teacher’s bowl…it is not like teacher is very rich…”

“Fine then!”

Wakabayashi Rika finally decided not to ‘help’. After Yunsen Akemi went into the kitchen to wash the dishes, she lowers her voice and secretly asks Liu Yi, “Uncle…who was the person you are fighting against yesterday night?”

Even if she does not recognize the sakura lance, but she, after all, said and done, she does recognized her family God of Fire Armor.

“I also do not know…they suddenly appeared.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, he is also curious about the origin of the sakura lancer, “Do you have any news?”

“Don’t have…it is like he suddenly emerged from out of nowhere…”

Wakabayashi Rika rubs her chin and pretends to be a detective at work and says, “But, his armor has the imprint of Ise Family…I believe that Big sister Mizuko might know something…later I will inquire from her.”

“Go then, my little detective!”

“Stinky uncle, right now this miss is a maid!”

“What the, when have you seen a maid using such kind of tone?”

“I am a tsundere maid, the most popular kind, don’t you know?”

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly raises her leg and stomp on the table, “Dirty bug ah, let me give you a chance to lick my toe. You definitely must be so grateful that you are going to cry right?”

“Your head! Hurry and clean the table for me!”

Liu Yi does not know what to say. This lass really is serious ah!

“A mere bug actually dared to speak to this miss like this! Could it be that you do not wish to lick this miss’ toes?”

[TL: what a heavy taste…]

“I wish to lick your sister!”

“My sister is still too young ah! Uncle, you indeed have a heavy taste ah!”

“What the! You ah quickly get off, otherwise, I’ll beat your butt!”

“Stinky bug, so what you are thinking of is actually this ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s face turns red as she turns around and lies there. She raises her butt towards Liu Yi, “Then do it!”

“You, you, you quickly get up!”

Yunsen Akemi is in the kitchen and Wakabayashi Rika actually does such a daring action, is this just asking for my life?!

“What is the matter didn’t you want to beat this miss’s butt?”

A complacent smile appears on Wakabayashi Rika’s face, but it is a pity that Liu Yi is unable to see it, otherwise, he would have really beaten her!

“I don’t…”

“Then you wish to like this miss’ toes?”


“Come and beat me ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika sticks out her butt again, which really want to take people life!

“I am willing, I am willing to lick…you are my queen!”

Liu Yi finally gave up, if this got seen it would have been bad!


“As expected, uncle is perverted.”

Only then did Wakabayashi Rika let Liu Yi off and climbs up. She turns around and seiza, “Uncle seems to also like being instructed. Could it be that uncle is the rumored M?”

“Your sister ah, you are the M okay!”

Liu Yi feels like his aura had completely gotten suppresses. He flips his hand and secretly reveals a black ruler. He waves it in front of Wakabayashi Rika, “Don’t force me to use my ultimate attack!”

“Wuuu…uncle, this one is wrong…this one no longer dares…”

Seeing the ruler, Wakabayashi Rika subconsciously covers her butt and begs for mercy.

Damn it, this is more like it!

“Worst come to worst, next time…I help you eat a stick okay…”

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly says to Liu Yi as she charmingly licks her lips.

Bullshit why do you need to lick your lips ah!

And what is going on with this eat stick!

Wakabayashi Rika’s sincerity increases…and right now Liu Yi is completely in tears as he feels like he had gotten completely suppressed.

This lass had also participated in the picking up girls training of her company…ah wrong, it should be reverse picking up girls training…

Too overbearing ah…do I need to take her as a master?

Liu Yi is dejected as he seeks an opportunity to recover lost ground.

While he is dejected, Yunsen Akemi had already finished cleaning up and walked out.

“The driver called and said that we can go down now.”

“Oh, I’ll go change into more formal clothing.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks into the bedroom. When he comes out, he is wearing a black coat as well as the little hat that Yunsen Akemi likes the most.

“Teacher is very handsome…”

“What the, are you going to class or to sell stuff ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s mouth twitches, she cannot help but admit that her heart also speeds up slightly.

Indeed very handsome…

“Mm, let us go. More or less we need to give your stepmother a better impression.”

Liu Yi admits that what he is wearing is not just for Yunsen Akemi, it is also to win favor from Choshunior Susukino. This makes him have a feeling….of being a stud…

Very unhappy, really very unhappy!

How can a guy rely on his face to pick up girls! If a gigolo is reliable then wouldn’t the world be at peace!

A girl’s confidence comes from her beauty while a guy’s confidence comes from his strength.

In many cases, only young girls who are not yet mature would be attracted to handsome guys. But in honesty what is the use of a handsome guy? Back then in senior high, those handsome guys in Liu Yi’s school changed girlfriends daily. That senior Wang Zhanfeng was the same!

Being very handsome, changing girlfriends faster than changing clothing! But there are still girls who like moth flies into the flames. At the end, when they lost their most precious thing did they know regret.

This is why Liu Yi really hate to use his handsomeness to mesmerize people. But the task plainly request him to do so!

In the future, I am no longer going to accept this kind of rotten task!

As Liu Yi rages in his heart he follows the girls downstairs. A black Bentley is waiting there for them.

It is still that driver from back then who glares at Liu Yi fiendishly.


Chapter 671 [A man does not rely on face]


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  1. This is why Liu Yi really hate to use his handsomeness to mesmerize people. But the task plainly request him to do so!<-He’d rather use his humbleness; oh, wait, I think he misplaced it.


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