MKW Chapter 670

Chapter 670  [She came here]

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Liu Yi pushes open his house door and placed the clothing that he had bought to the side before shouting towards the toilet, “Little Rika, I placed the clothing outside. I am going to the kitchen!”

“Understood! Uncle you are not allowed to secretly look!”

“I won’t. It is not like there is anything to see.”

“Ahhh!!! Damn it uncle!”

Liu Yi laughs wicked as he walks into the kitchen. Seeing Yunsen Ameki in an apron busying around, his heart became somewhat ashamed.

Yunsen Ameki’s perfection in her traditional roles as well as her tolerant makes Liu Yi more or less a bit tormented in his heart.

“You came back?”

Yunsen Ameki place a few dishes by the side before looking at Liu Yi warmly, “Teacher you can just prepare the remaining main dish.”

“Mm, its been hard on your.”

Liu Yi cannot help but embrace Yunsen Ameki tightly causing her to let out a shocked cry.

“Ah, teacher….there is oil on my apron…”

“No worries, being able to embrace our Big miss Yunsen Ameki, what does rubbing against oil count as! It is also okay to walk through mountains of daggers and seas of flames!”

“Teacher…your mouth is so sweet…”

“Is that so, then you must have a good taste!”

Liu Yi bites down on Yunsen Ameki’s cherry lips.


Yunsen Ameki also did not expect that Liu Yi would snake attack here and instantly her face turns red as they kiss.

Their affections had already reached the point there where water flows, a canal is formed. This kiss is even more affectionate.

They had already reached the last step already. Just that because back then because of Wakabayashi Rika’s appearance, they did not complete the final step.

Thus Liu Yi is also not a gentleman. As he kisses, he stretches his hand into Yunsen Ameki’s skirt as he caresses her.

At this current moment, Liu Yi cannot help but be deeply moved. Wearing a skirt is indeed very convenient. The japanese girls really are thinking for the guys ah. It is really a rare good wife and loving mother ah.

This really stimulated the growth of the world’s chikan profession ah!

“Oi, oi, oi, the two of you, can you guys exercise restraint a bit ah!”

From outside of the kitchen comes the Wakabayashi Rika’s gloomy voice which also carries a bit of anger, “Some more uncle, what kind of clothing did you buy for me!”

Yunsen Ameki and Liu Yi stop their kiss and turn around at the same time.

When they see Wakabayashi Rika behind them, they cannot help but laugh.

Liu Yi’s intention to tease is high today as he bought a set of maid clothing for Wakabayashi Rika!

The black and white lace long dress makes Wakabayashi Rika look no different from a maid!

“Hehe….Little Rika, did not expect that you are really suitable to wear this maid attire…”

“Big sister Akemi you are also mocking me!”

Wakabayashi Rika is so mad that she stomp her feet, “How does this suit! I am not a maid! I am a big miss!”

“Actually it is very nice to looks at.”

Liu Yi hurried and comforts, “It feels like after you had put it on, it makes my view brighten up.”

“Is that really true?”

Upon hearing what Liu Yi says, Wakabayashi Rika seems to become slightly at easy but also a bit skeptical.


“Take a look at yourself in the mirror! Really a foreign style.”

Liu Yi curls up his lips and smile, “Okay already, Little Rika help master serve the dishes!”

“Damnit, aren’t you still treating me as a maid!”

Wakabayashi Rika puffs her face and unwillingly picks up the side-dishes that Yunsen Ameki had made and walks to the living room.

Yunsen Ameki covers her mouth as she feigns anger and says to Liu Yi, “You ah, only know how to bully Little Rika.”

“How am I ah, I am a teacher who is responsible for setting her three views straight!”

Liu Yi laughs mischievously, “Our three views is to serve the people!”

“Cannot out talk teacher…I’ll also go and help…”

Yunsen Ameki knows that she is unable to out talk Liu Yi, thus she obediently went to help Wakabayashi Rika serve the food.

While Liu Yi stands in the kitchen and made the two girls wait for him outside. After which he closes the kitchen door properly, preparing to start making the dish.

“Oi, oi, oi uncle still do not let us to see ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika leans against the kitchen door outside as she shouts inside.

“There is t oil smoke, be careful of being fumigated by it. You girls wait for me outside in ease okay.”

Liu Yi uses a bit of technique to prepare food, thus he does not wish to let Yunsen Ameki sees it.

He starts heating up the oil before taking out the already seasoned beef. At the same time his right hand trembles as a black kitchen knife appears in his palm. It whirls slightly before Liu Yi grabs hold of the handle.

No matter what meat it is or vegetable, after coming in contact the the steel of the knife blade, there will be slight changes in it’s taste. Thus Liu Yi uses his dark power to form a kitchen knife to maintain it’s original taste.

This is also why the meat that is torn by hand taste better than being cut by knife.

There is three of them and there are already a lot of side dishes. Thus Liu Yi plans to prepare just three dishes.

Cumin beef, stir-fry loin and deep-fried yellow croaker.

Although these are three ordinary family dishes, over here, there are rare dishes.

Liu Yi leaves after-images as he keeps cutting the beef. Every single slice of beef is very thin and well-distributed. The fine slices stays in a row there.

If a first-rate chef saw Liu Yi’s knife technique, they will definitely be shocked!

But if they knew that Liu Yi uses such a high-grade beef to make cumin beef, they will definitely explode in anger.

While Liu Yi is cooking here, on the other side Yunsen Ameki and Wakabayashi Rika are sitting by the table in the living room.

Yunsen Ameki seizas there as she looks at Wakabayashi Rika who is usually in a ponytail and today she is in a hot pear hair style. She is slightly curious as she asks, “Little Rika, why do I feel that recently you have become prettier?”

“Becomes prettier? How is that possible, I did not go and do cosmetic surgery.”

“It is just that I feel…that you are giving off even more luster.”

Ym is also slightly curious, “In the past I did not notice…just that these few days you suddenly became slightly…dazzling.”


Wakabayashi Rika immediately waves her hand, “Big sister Akemi is the beauty. You definitely must be teasing me on purpose! Hmph, hmph! Next time I am no longer going to wear a maid attire for you guys to see!”

Yunsen Ameki blinks her eyes, “How am I ah…it suits you very well…I also wish to give it a try…”

“Ah! Really? Then I’ll take it off for Big sister Akemi to try!”

Wakabayashi Rika seems to also be curious about how Yunsen Ameki this real big miss would look like wearing a maid attire. She immediately leaps over and presses Yunsen Ameki onto the ground.

“Ah, Little Rika, don’t mess around ah…”

“Hehe, not messing around ah, I am only helping Big sister Akemi to change clothing t…”

“Cannot…really cannot…”

“What is there not. After all, the kitchen door is closed and uncle is unable to see! Even if he sees it, it is not like you’ll lose out. After all, you guys are a couple!”

While she is speaking, Wakabayashi Rika is slightly griefing.

But recalling how she had in advance gotten to enjoy uncle, she becomes slightly prouder.

“Annoying…cannot take off here…”

“No worries, come on!”

“The first dish is ready! Little Rika come and take it!”

At this moment Liu Yi pushes open the kitchen door holding a plate of cumin beef. Seeing the scene outside, his eyes instantly widen.

Currently, Wakabayashi Rika is on top of Yunsen Ameki and their clothing is in disorder!

Yunsen Ameki’s short skirt had also been pushed up while Wakabayashi Rika is taking off her purple panty!


Yunsen Ameki instantly becomes so ashamed that she feels like dying. She wished to find a place to hide.

Wakabayashi Rika also shots loudly, “Ahhh! Uncle, you are playing rogue!”

“You, you girls continue on….”

Liu Yi is covered with sweat as he retreats back into the kitchen and closes the kitchen door properly.

Yunsen Ameki basically shouts in despair, “Te-teacher it is not like that you are thinking of!”

“Hahaha, uncle, Big sister Akemi’s first time is mine! You can just accept it!”

Wakabayashi Rika wishes for the sky to collapse. After all, it is already like this, thus she starts laughing loudly.

“Say drivel again!”

Yunsen Ameki suddenly turns around and presses down Wakabayashi Rika, “I am going to tear your mouth!”

“Aiyah, big miss is displaying her might ah, yamate….”

The two girls are messing around outside while Liu Yi secretly smiles as he continues to prepare breakfast.

This kind of lifestyle…seems to also be quite good.

Very quickly Liu Yi had prepared the three dishes. After which he pushes open the kitchen door. Outside the two girls finally had enough of messing around and had straightened their clothing as they seiza by the table.

“Little Rika come and serve the dishes.”

“Hai! Master!”

Wakabayashi Rika bows towards Liu Yi before obediently walking over.

Sweat, this lass really treat herself as a maid ah!

Liu Yi wipes away his sweat before walking into the living him. He casually turns on the television and looks at the latest morning news.

The news is reporting about the two armored guys fight, there is also actually a short video recording being broadcast!

Japan is Japan ah… these kinds of things also dare to broadcast!

Seeing the two of them fighting about, Yunsen Ameki cannot take it and says, “So violent ah…”

“I feel that it is very cool ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes brighten up like stars.

“It is better to not watch anymore. Change the channel..”

Yunsen Ameki’s expression is slightly ugly. It seems like she really hates this violent thing. Liu Yi immediately changes it an entertainment channel before pointing at the table of dishes and says, “Let us not care about those matters. Let us eat first.”

“Mm…so fragrant ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika had already snatched over a bowl and chopsticks before starting to pick up the dishes that Liu Yi made.

“Only can be eaten in Chinese restaurant ah, furthermore it is also quite expensive…to actually be able to enjoy this kind of food! Big sister Akemi you are really fortunate ah!”

As Wakabayashi Rika eats, she is envious, jealous as well as regretful.

“Really is very delicious…”

Yunsen Ameki also sample Liu Yi’s dishes. She is rueful as she asks, “Teaher…can you teach me how to cook…”

Sweat…this lass is really becoming more and more like a good wife and loving mother ah.

Liu Yi immediately says, “No worries. If you wish to eat, you can come here daily. After all, I also need to eat, it is just another set of bowl and chopsticks only.”

“Hehe, then in the future we come here daily to eat!”

“Mm…then washing dishes and the like leave it to me…”

The two lasses no longer care about their image as they snatch the food to eat while arranging their own job.

Watching them snatching the dishes, Liu Yi starts sweating.

Don’t know if Liu Hongxian had eaten or not. But she probably would not come over to eat as well since we need to avoid arousing suspicion.

At this moment on the television’s entertainment channel a piece of news attracted his attention. It is reporting about a new Chinese performing artist had come over to Japan to learn music from the famous musician Tetsuya Komuro.

Seeing the picture of the pretty beauty, Liu Yi’s chopsticks drops onto the table.

Seeing Liu Yi’s peculiar, the girls immediately ask, “Teacher what is the matter with you.”

“No, nothing…let’s eat….”

Liu Yi immediately picks up his chopstick as he curses in his heart, what the fuck ah Chen Dahai, why did you bring Wang Yuzheng to Japan for ah!


Chapter 670 [She came here]


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