MKW Chapter 669

Chapter 669  [72 transformation is it?]

Do take a look at Serious note if you had not read it yet


Liu Yi asks, “This sakura lancer is not you right?”

Actually, he more or less knows that it would not be Wakabayashi Rika. After all, Wakabayashi Rika knows that the owner of God of Fire Armour is him. But perhaps…Wakabayashi Rika might have a second personality, eh what….

Liu Yi also recalls how he was back then when he first used Dragon Transformation, thus he asked this.

“How is that possible!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “If I am able to become so powerful how nice would that be! The top had said that he and the Blaze Samurai are around the same level ah!”

“Blaze Samurai?”

“That’s right. That is the name that everyone gives that God of Fire Armour user.”

Wakabayashi Rika explains, “Because he keeps using flames, thus they call him this.”

“What the, that means what if he keeps using water, wouldn’t he be call Flowing Water Samurai?”

“AHHH! Teacher you are too wicked!”

Wakabayashi Rika stands up and glares at Liu Yi.

Yunsen Akemi’s face also turns red as she lowers her head and plays with her shirt edge not knowing what to say.

“Originally is ah, I do not have any other intention what you are guys thinking about?”

Liu Yi looks at the two girls, “Making me so confused. Why did you say that I am wicked ah?”

“Any, anyways it is very wicked!”

Wakabayashi Rika and Yunsen Akemi cannot explain this kind of question, thus they choose to avoid the question.

“Really is injustice ah.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “Flowing water this term is originally so beautiful, why is it that when it reaches your mouth it becomes wicked? The falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on. You listen, how beautiful.”

[TL: basically it means unrequited love]

“The falling flowers are yearning for love….. but the heartless brook ripples on….”

Yunsen Akemi turns her head over and looks at Liu Yi, “Is this a Chinese idiom?”

“Mm, sound very nice right?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches Yunsen Akemi’s hair, “In the future, I will teach you even more.”


After Yunsen Akemi’s hair got rubbed by Liu Yi, she seems to have a satisfying look.

“Really cannot take the two of you! I want to eat! I want to eat!”

Wakabayashi Rika slaps the table and shouts.

Yunsen Akemi also touches her flat stomach, “I am also a bit hungry…”

“Okay, okay. Then let’s go and make food then. Its nice you girls had bought beef. Let me make cumin beef for you girls to try.”

Liu Yi stands up and walks to the kitchen. Based on principles, it is rational to use this kind of beef to make steak. But he actually uses it to make cumin beef, this is really a wastrel!

“Oi, Wakabayashi Rika, there is no more salt already. Go downstairs and help me buy some okay?”

“For what reason should I go and run the errand! I am not going!”

“You do not wish to eat, is it?”

“That….still not going!”

Wakabayashi Rika had decided to resist to the end!

“Okay, okay. I’ll go.”

Yunsen Akemi is afraid that the two of them would fight until in the end there is nothing to eat. She stands up and went downstairs.

After Yunsen Akemi left, Wakabayashi Rika openly walks to Liu Yi’s back and hugs his waist. She says sweetly into his ears, “To actually make the big miss of Glorious Sun Conglomerate to run an errand, uncle you are really great!”

As Liu Yi cuts the vegetables, he says, “That is nothing. I am also able to make the big miss of Yamaguchi Group flow water  .”

“Damn it…uncle you are too evil! You obviously know what it means!”

Wakabayashi Rika finally reacted and angrily bites Liu Yi’s throat.

Vampire’s teeth carry some poison. Wakabayashi Rika bite causes Liu Yi’s gaze to blurred as his breathing gets heavier.

He turns around and hugs Wakabayashi Rika up and place her on the kitchen counter.

“Can, cannot…”

Although Wakabayashi Rika is slightly passionate, she recalls that this place is wrong and immediately says, “Big sister Akemi will be back soon…when she sees the two of us, we be finished…”

“What you say is reasonable.”

Liu Yi nods head before stretching out his hand and grabs Wakabayashi Rika’s butt and hugs her up before walking outside.

At the same time, he pulls down Wakabayashi Rika’s trousers then open his trouser zip. He pushes aside his underwear and releases his dick.

Yesterday night he did not successfully eat up Liu Hongxian thus today he will not let off the other main dish.

Wakabayashi Rika is easily excited. Her below is already drenched. Liu Yi directly inserts in causing her to let out a shocked gasp.

“I already say cannot…”

“Then do you want me to pull out?”

“Don’t…we need to pay attention to the outside movement can already…”

Currently, the outside door is not closed. Thus Liu Yi carries Wakabayashi Rika into the toilet and closes the toilet door.

Wakabayashi Rika is instantly pressed against the door while her lower body suffers attacks.

She does not dare to cry out and can only bite her lips while hugging Liu Yi’s head with both hands.

Although the outside door is not closed, Liu Yi does not seem to be worried that people will come in. Not mentioning anything else, but the public security in Japan is not bad. Even if the wallet is left outside the door for three days, no one will steal it.

Thus Liu Yi continues to take Wakabayashi Rika, tasting his dish.

On the other hand, Wakabayashi Rika had it tough. She bites her lips not daring to cry out even though she wishes to. She silently endures the attacks from Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s thrust harder and harder making Wakabayashi Rika feels like she is about to break.

Just as she wish to cry out unrestrained a few times, she hears the sound of the door lock outside.


“I am back!”

Yunsen Akemi’s voice scares Wakabayashi Rika so badly that her eyes widen.

“Teacher? Little Rika? Where are you guys?”

Yunsen Akemi’s voice went from the door to the kitchen while Wakabayashi Rika keeps shaking her head as she tries to push Liu Yi aside.

But Liu Yi is already too passionate already, how can he stop such an enjoyable matter.

Not only was he not pushed away, instead he places Wakabayashi Rika down and makes her lean against the door. He spread her legs apart and sticks up her butt, after which he bottoms out with one thrust!


Under the powerful stimulation, it causes Wakabayashi Rika to be unable to hold back and cry out.

“Little Rika where are you?”

Yunsen Akemi’s hearing is not bad and immediately hear the sound. She follows the sound and walks over.

“Big sister Akemi…I am bathing…”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately stretches out her hand and turns on the tap by the side, letting water flows out.

Yunsen Akemi asks curiously, “Bathing? Why did you bath out of a sudden?”

“Just now I accidentally spilled the soy sauce and dirtied my clothing…so I am washing them now…”

Wakabayashi Rika’s ability to tell lie is indeed impressive, “Right, uncle went downstairs to help me buy a change of clothing….”

She starts to push against the door while working hard to takes off her clothes. After taking them off she places them into the pool of the water by the side to soak.

“Oh, so it is like this ah.”

Yunsen Akemi believes Wakabayashi Rika and did not suspect anything. Thus she nods her head and says, “Then I shall go and prepare some small dishes first. Recently I had learned a few new dishes and wish to let teacher have a taste.”

“Okay…okay ah….I, I also wish….wish to eat…”

Liu Yi thrust in three times, every time heavily all the way in making Wakabayashi Rika hard to control herself.

“What is the matter? Why does your voice sound weird?”

Wakabayashi Rika says another lie, “I….I am using strength to rub the clothing…a few places are hard to wash…”

“Then do you need me to go in and help you?”

“No! No need!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately says, “I can do it on my own…uncle will be back soon. Big sister Akemi, you better go and prepare the dishes first! Otherwise, when uncle…ah…uncle is back, he will not let you cook anymore…”

“What you say is right!”

Recalling Liu Yi’s temper, Yunsen Akemi immediately hurries to the kitchen.

“Then you wash first. If you need my help call for me.”


Wakabayashi Rika really suffers holding it back. Luckily the sound of water is very loud. Otherwise, the sound of their bodies smacking into each other would have attracted Yunsen Akemi’s attention.

Damn uncle ah…can’t he just bear with it first…why do I feel like he…had become even more excited?

“Cannot be too long..”

Wakabayashi Rika has a bit of suffering in expression as well as a bit of enjoyment. She looks back and says to Liu Yi, “If too long, Big sister Akemi will definitely suspect one..”

“Okay. 10 minutes. After ten minutes I will let you off.”

Liu Yi then does not wish to end the sex yet…because right now this kind of feeling is really too stimulating.

Yunsen Akemi is outside in the kitchen cooking while I and Little Rika are in the toilet secretly having sex…

Really…is very stimulating…thinking about this makes my dick hard.

It seems like she is also equally excited, Wakabayashi Rika is also squeezing very tightly making Liu Yi immediately feel like cumming.

But this is not Liu Yi’s fighting strength. Shooting off now will definitely make Little Rika tease me!

Thus Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he gathers up his dantian and maintains the state where his Yangguan point is closed tightly.

“Little Rika do you have anything that you wish to eat?”

Yunsen Akemi’s voice comes from the kitchen.

Right now Little Rika’s thought process is very messy. How would she still have time to think about what she wishes to eat and hurriedly respond, “Don’t have! Anything is fine!”

“Okay then. Then I do not care about you then. You hurry and wash up, don’t take too long.”

“Tw, twenty minutes…”

Wakabayashi Rika says in her heart, I do need to have some time to prepare.

10 minutes…is so hard to bear….but I also do not want it to end so quickly…wu….really enters really deeply, so comfortable…

The enjoyable time always went by very quickly. Ten minutes ends very swiftly.

Although Liu Yi still wishes to continue, if this goes on, they might really get discovered.

Thus he lightly pats Wakabayashi Rika’s butt and indicates to her to pulls open the door slightly.


Wakabayashi Rika is a bit nervous, “What if you got discovered by Big sister Akemi when you slip out? You still need to buy clothing for me ah!”

Liu Yi did not say anything. He just nods to Wakabayashi Rika, indicating to her to trust him.

Wakabayashi Rika also does not have any other methods. She can only secretly open the door slightly wishing to first check the situation outside.

At this moment a small black butterfly flies out in front of her. Wakabayashi Rika is instantly shocked. She turns around to realize that uncle is no longer there!

Wow! Is uncle that Sun Wukong from the legends? He can still change shape?

Don’t know if uncle is able to transform into an electric cucumber…that way I can save strength…hehe, if uncle knows of this matter, he will definitely die from anger!

[TL: if you do not know what that is then congratulations you are very pure person.]

Hehe, definitely cannot tell him, I just secretly think of it…

Liu Yi does not know his ability got fantasized by Wakabayashi Rika. He flies outside and finds a place where there is no one before transforming back. After which he runs to buy clothing for Wakabayashi Rika.

By the time he went back, ten minutes had already past. From the house comes a very fragrant smell. Don’t know what good food did Yunsen Akemi prepare for me?

How about eating her up as well?


Chapter 669  [72 transformation is it?]

Damn such a short scene

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