MKW Chapter 668

Chapter 668  [Revenge]

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“Just waiting for an order from master and we shall cause the cultivation world to sink into chaos!”

“The cultivation world is just a small matter, your sight is too low.”

The dragon robe guy waves his hand, “After all, I Liu Haisheng was a god level person in my past life. To me, the cultivation world is just a small matter. Our real target is the living beings in the 6 realms as well as the god realm! Back then those high and above gods, they seemed to be too easy and comfortable and forgot how scary I can be when I am angry!”

“Master is formidable! Master is imperious!”

“Hahaha, right now I had also controlled the power of the western gods. Wait till I had brought Sky Demon Great Technique to the highest stage, it is their death date!”

The masked man continuously cups his hands and worship, “Master is formidable! Master is imperious!”

“Hahaha, on the other hand, it is you who makes me very curious. Isn’t that Bai Xiaowei the girl that you like? I already use my puppet technique on her and she is currently by your side. Why did you not take her yet? Could it be that you cannot?”

“How is that. It is just that I do not only wish to obtain her body.”

The masked man is none other than Li Heqiang who used to be from Nimble Gate.

Li Heqiang stands there and says calmly, “I wish to subdue her heart and wish to make her really fall in love with me.”

“Just a girl and you actually still have this kind of idea. You are still not mature enough ah.”

Liu Haisheng toys with the black jade in his hands and sneers, “A woman is nothing but a man’s toy. Love and the likes are illusory! Wait till you possess real strength then you will realize that women and the likes are nothing but fleeting.”

“Understood master, willing to keep following by master’s side! Even if I sacrifice my life for Solo Sect, I also do not mind!”

“Very well, I know of your loyalty.”

Liu Haisheng nods his head, “Continue to gather soul energy. Wait till I have cultivated my Heaven Demon Great Technique to the 5th layer then I will be strong enough to dominate the cultivation world! Before that, do not provoke Liu Yi head on. No matter him or that damn woman, right now we are still not their opponents!”

“Understood master!”

Li Heqiang nods his head before turning around and walks off.

“Liu Yi, Ai Ling! The two of you shall sooner or later turn into my Liu Haisheng’s strength! I shall consume your souls until there is nothing left and let the two of you know how scary the might of my revenge is!”

Back then when he injected in the angel DNA, Liu Haisheng had already awakened his past life’s memory.

These memories made him suffer a lot as he had lost the strength of Wuli and had to restart everything from the beginning!

He originally could had already taken revenge earlier but because of Liu Yi, that damn Sword Emperor’s appearance!

Liu Yi had spoilt everything! While right now I am also under the control of Ai Ling that damn woman!

Ai Ling’s current strength is too horrifying…before I had yet to reach the 5th layer of my Sky Demon Great Technique, I do not dare to lay my cards before her! Although this woman keeps saying that she wants to take revenge on Liu Yi, but in reality, she keeps helping him in secret!

Controlling me is also to make me not to go and harm Liu Yi that’s all.

This woman is really powerful, scheming, as well as able to endure!

She obviously had not seen him for so many years, she is still able to bear with it and not meet Liu Yi. As she is afraid that her spiritual vein will once again break the flow of history preventing the two of them from being able to go back to 1300 years in the past.

Although not returning to 1300 years in the past, to Ai Ling it is perhaps a good thing. But to Liu Yi, that is a disaster.

For Liu Yi, only then is she able to entire it till now….a girl who possess such forbearance…is very scary!

The reason why I am able to endure to now is that before I had awakened my memories, I had always lived under the shadows of Ma Long while I am in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Later on, when Ma Long ran away, I start to pretend to be a good old person and propped up Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

For what reason, for what reason when Raising Immortal Palace Hall was the number 1, master want to pass the position of the head to Ma Long? If back then he had passed it to me, just how far would Raising Immortal Palace Hall had progressed!

While unexpectedly Ma Long’s disciple would actually be Sword Emperor from 1300 years in the past! Hmph, if my memories had been awakened a bit earlier, I would have killed him before he had returned back to the past!

This way, history will change and I will not need to reincarnate and painstakingly accumulate my strength again!

But that is also fine. Accidentally from many causes, I had also learned the Sky Demon Great Technique. Wait till I finish training in it, I can still be able to dominate the world and complete the revenge that I had waited for such a long time!

After all, I had already endured for so long…there is no harm enduring silently for a while more.

Liu Yi, Ai Ling, the two of you just wait for the flames of my revenge!

[TL: what a long thought….]


At this moment, Liu Yi does not know that Liu Haisheng is currently scheming again him. He is currently withdrawing his powers as there is currently the sound of his door being knocked.

Those two lasses indeed came very early. Right now is only just a little past 7 am.

Liu Yi pats his face before standing up and pulls open the door.

Indeed outside stands two good-looking girls.

One is tender and soft as water while the other is enthusiastic like fire. It is completely like fire and water merging together!

“Teacher…this, this is the home visiting present…”

Seeing Liu Yi, Yunsen Akemi’s face turns red. Even though the two of them had already had a relationship between boy and girlfriend, it is also the same.

She is hugging a plastic bag in her embrace. Liu Yi takes it and has a look, inside is beef.

The beef that Yunsen Akemi bought should be top-grade beef. Only after coming to Japan did Liu Yi realize that the beef in this place is very expensive. After all this place is small, raising livestock is not flourishing and there is a lot of people. Most of the beef and mutton were imported from other countries.

Like this kind of beef that Yunsen Akemi bought, if converted to RMB, it probably be 1.5k to 1.8k per kg.

Using hand to weight it, perhaps it is around 3kg! This lass indeed is from a rich family, really do not feel heartache about money ah…

“Let you spent money.”

Liu Yi tosses the beef into Wakabayashi Rika’s embrace and orders, “Go, place it in the kitchen.”

“Damn it, why do I need to run errands for you!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately puffs up her face and looks at Liu Yi unhappily.

“Because you are the sportier one.”

Liu Yi plays it down and says, “Furthermore you did not bring a present.”

“Bastard! This beef is bought by me and Big sister Akemi together okay! Furthermore, I paid the most!”

“I see that you are also very big head. Quickly send it to the kitchen.”

Taking advantage that Yunsen Akemi is not paying attention, Liu Yi gives Wakabayashi Rika a slap on her butt.

Today the two of them are not wearing their school uniform. Wakabayashi Rika is wearing water-blue skin-tight trousers. The highly raised tights make her butt stick out very stylishly, making people wish to touch the moment they see it.

But other than Liu Yi, perhaps there is no one who would dare to lust after this Big Miss’s butt.


Wakabayashi Rika lets out a cry of shock attracting Yunsen Akemi’s gaze.

“What is the matter Wakabayashi Rika? No, nothing, there is a bug…”

Wakabayashi Rika hurriedly finds an excuse, “The two of you continue to be intimate at the door. This miss is going to send bugs…ah no, send the beef…”

She secretly rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before compliantly went into the house to find the kitchen.

“Don’t stand outside. Quickly come in.”

Today Yunsen Akemi is still wearing a skirt as usual, around her neck wraps a pretty scarf.

Liu Yi is slightly rueful, you are obviously wearing a cotton scarf around your neck already, why are you still wearing skirts to go with your bare legs below ah!

Is she really not cold?

“Huu…today is really cold ah, is there any radiator in teacher’s house?”

Yunsen Akemi rubs her hands and breath onto it as she walks into the room.

“Can you wear a bit more?”

Liu Yi did not install those kinds of traditional radiators in his house. Instead, he turns on the air conditioner, “It is so cold and you still bare your legs, they will be badly frozen”

“Will not…actually I am already used to it.”

The room starts to heat up as Yunsen Akemi takes off her outerwear and seiza in front of the table in the living room.

Wakabayashi Rika had already kept away the beef. She skips as she walks over before teasing, “Big sister Akemi’s legs are so pretty what, so she needs to show them off to attract teacher!”

“Damn it…don’t talk blindly…”

Yunsen Akemi’s face turns red again as she lightly hammers Wakabayashi Rika who is sitting by her side.

“Actually our side is also about the same…”

Yunsen Akemi immediately explains to Liu Yi, “The girls here usually wear like this during winter…but over time, knee effusion will happen. Thus during spring, they will need to make an effort to go to the hospital to draw out the excess water.”

“What the, so horrifying, then do you also need to draw out the water?” asked Liu Yi immediately.

“No, no need….my body is still not bad. I had not been badly frozen before..”

“Then that is good. In the future, it is best to wear more.”

Liu Yi orders while Yunsen Akemi obediently nods her head.

“The two of you are so  affectionate…right did you guys see this morning news?”

Wakabayashi Rika feels a bit unable to endure and immediately changes the topic.

Although she says that she does not care, but everything she seeing Liu Yi and Big sister Akemi passionate feelings, her heart will feel very uncomfortable…like something is tearing apart, and slightly painful…

So Wakabayashi Rika takes out her handphone and pulls out the news.

“Look, yesterday night there are two unknown fellows who caused chaos near here ah! Both people wore weird armor!”

Yunsen Akemi’s eyes are not bad and immediately notice the God of Fire Amour. She points at it and says, “Oh, isn’t one of them the God of Fire Armour from your family?”

“Err…a few days ago it got stolen…”

Wakabayashi Rika secretly glares at Liu Yi while he shrugs his shoulders.

“Got stolen? Did they say that without the armor, they will be revived and come back to take revenge?”

“Still okay lah…perhaps it is only rumored. After all aren’t we still fine, hahaha…”

Wakabayashi Rika wipes away her sweat, this lying is really becoming more and more ah.

“But who is this ah, did you guys seen it before?”

“Nope. Never had of it before. Did not know where did it pop out from.”

Yunsen Akemi also shakes her head, “I also do not know…both are so violent ah…”

“How is that, I feel that it is very cool! This sakura lancer is punishing the evil which is basically my idol!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s single sentence causes Liu Yi to become slightly suspicious.


Chapter 667  [Revenge]

Is the sakura lancer anyone’s idol?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Weird propaganda there… Whe it’s could, while it’s true that japanese schoolgirls wear short skirts, they also wear warm stockings to avoid the cold. Never heard about them having to get any kind of treatment in spring (not to mention that it sounds quite bogus, but I’m not a doctor).


    • Please remember this is written by a chinaman who likes to poke fun at Americans and the Japanese.

      Also who was Bai Xaowei, I feel I should know who that is, but after 668 chapters if they weren’t mentioned frequently, I tend to forget. I hope that wasn’t the name poison jasmine was using. Also there was the girl from immortal sword palace who kept calling Liu Yi a pervert, but I don’t remember her name either.


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