MKW Chapter 667

Chapter 667  [Don’t come and find trouble for me]

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Just how strong is Liu Yi? Demolishing a large building with a punch is not a problem.

Even if the sakura lancer is currently a human-shape tank, he will not be able to block Liu Yi’s throw.

His body instantly loses balance and it instantly topples and falls onto the ground.


A hole immediately appears on the ground. This show just how heavy the sakura lancer currently is.

While Liu Yi immediately straddles his waist. One hand holding his lower jaw while the other pulls out a blade and aims at his chest.

Liu Yi says impolitely, “Come and bother me again, I shall take your life!”

Liu Yi had more or less analyzed the sakura armor’s data already. The fighting strength is around 15 stars, as for the user himself….eh, his temperament had changed.

“You, you, you! Quickly get off me!”

The sakura lancer ranges as he tries to dislodge Liu Yi from his body. But like children when they are young, the bigger one with larger strength will be pressured from the top while the one below is unable to move.

“I am not getting up, what can you do?”

Liu Yi smirks, “You think that a battle is like children fighting? Your battle experience is too little, dear.”

“Who on earth are you scumbag?!”

The sakura lancer shouts, “Where did you pop out from, why is it that there is not an entity like you in Japan in the past?”

Liu Yi impolitely counter-ask, “There is also not an entity like you in Japan in the past as well, where did you pop out from?”

“My matters have no relationship with you!”

“Then my matters also have no relationship with your dick!”

“You, you, you, how can you speak so vulgarly!”

“Dealing with A person naturally uses A words. Since you want to kill me, is there a need for me to be polite to you?”

Liu Yi sneers, “It is already very polite of me for not killing you.”

“Damn it, do you really think that I only have this bit of strength?”

The armor of the sakura lancer suddenly let out an eye-catching silver light.

Liu Yi faintly senses that something is wrong while at this moment, the armor suddenly starts to break up. A lot of metal armor parts shoots out, at Liu Yi’s body crashing him into the sky.

“Sakura Roar!”

The sakura lancer lets out a roar as the sound of a motorbike from faraway roars out.

Following which a silver motorbike drives over on its own from far away and stops in front of the sakura lancer.

“Dragon Ride Form!”

Those metals that fly out once again reform into the shape of a large shield before flies on top of the motorbike. Instantly it combines together with the motorbike and starts changing shape.

Very quickly the motorbike transforms into the shape of a 3 meters tall dinosaur. Both its legs are standing on the ground while a pair of small claws hang by the side of its body. From its back, a short tail emerges.

When Liu Yi sees this, he says in his heart, can also play like this?!

High tech ah!

“Shameless scum, prepare to die!”

The sakura lancer jumps onto the back of the machine dinosaur. The pike in his left hand also starts to transform longer. Instantly it becomes an almost 4-meter long cavalry lance with the head pointing at Liu Yi.


The sakura lancer lets out a roar as the machine dinosaur below him starts moving immediately.

What shock Liu Yi is that this machine dinosaur speed is actually very quick!

Its legs run on the ground, bringing up black smoke! Sakura lancer instantly appears in front of Liu Yi as the cavalry lance pierces towards Liu Yi.

This kind of charging power as well as the personal strength of the sakura lancer, it will definitely create a large destructive power!

While Liu Yi starts to changes his power. The power of Vacuum Cleaner is kept away as Sky Supporting Pillar combines with his body!

The enormous strength floods Liu Yi’s body, making him slightly delighted.

The sakura lancer’s cavalry lance is about to hit Liu Yi, when Liu Yi suddenly grabs a black lance! The lance instantly grows until it is 7 meters long and jabs at the throat of the mechanical dinosaur.

“Rise for me!”

The sakura lancer lets out a shriek because he suddenly is sent into the air out of his control!

The entire mechanical dinosaur was jabbed into the air by Liu Yi’s lance!

“Just what is this strength!”

The sakura lancer was once again shocked. Even Dragon Ride Form is also unable to do anything to this fellow….


Liu Yi’s lance trembles as he swings it out again!

Instantly the mechanical dinosaur is swung to the back by Liu Yi, flying over tens of meter away.

While the sakura lancer in the air manages to control himself and the mechanical dinosaur in time, allowing them to land on their feet causing the ground to tremble.

“Damn it! I am going to take out my full strength now!”

The sakura lancer raises his cavalry lance and it immediately grows until it is an entire 10 meters long!

While a pair of mechanical wings also grew out from the sides of the mechanical dinosaur. Both it’s legs leave the ground and aim to the back as a pair of jets starts spraying out flames!

“Dragon Ride Form; Strong Breeze Attack!”

This fellow’s big move is about to start!

Liu Yi immediately keeps his Scorpion Tail Lance and pulls out the two blades as flames cover the entire blade.

“Return Flame Beheading!”

At the instant when the mechanical dinosaur sprays out fire and charges towards Liu Yi with the sakura lancer, Liu Yi’s twin blades had already joined together as he uses his movement techniques and spins a circle. The flames instantly grew 10+ meters and slash out just like that!

A circular flame spreads out and crashes against the pike of the sakura lancer!

Their strength collides and instantly the surrounding ground cracks!

-rumbling sound-

The ground starts shaking as a number of cars in the surrounding got swept by the flame blade of Liu Yi and were instantly cleanly sliced into two!

While from the pike of the sakura lancer, intense streams of air burst out and sweep in all directions, piercing out a few holes in some of the innocent structures by the side.

Liu Yi’s strength erupts as the twin blade once again twist ferociously!

Instantly, the sakura lancer who is holding the pike with both hands immediately senses an unblockable force pressuring on his lance!

He instantly drops from the mechanical dinosaur along with his pike and falls onto the ground!

While the mechanical dinosaur is chopped into two by the flame blade of Liu Yi and exploded open, turning into scrap metal!

“Next time you dare to provoke me, the one that will be chopped apart shall be you.”

Liu Yi keeps away the blade as he transforms into a firelight and instantly disappears in front of the sakura lancer.

While the sakura lancer climbs up and kneels there blankly, not reacting for a while.

I actually….failed?

Although I  killed that monster earlier, there is not a single sense of accomplishment.

Originally the sakura lancer had always thought that he is very powerful, but unexpectedly the first time he came out today and he is beaten up so badly by other people…

All of my father’s hopes lie on me…how can I be defeated like this!

Looks like, I can only go back and try that method already…

In the past, the sakura lancer had always take it upon himself to get rid of evil. Until he had met this guy who wore a golden red armor. Only then did he realize that the thing that he wants to do is to become stronger!

Only by defeating this person would I have the strength to protect this place that I like.

So, mother…please forgive me…

Liu Yi does not know that not only did the sakura lancer not give up, instead he had treated him as the world number one enemy,

Liu Yi hurried back to the dormitory building only to realize that Liu Hongxian had already fallen asleep.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! It is all that damn sakura lancer’s fault!!! If it is not for him, I would have already returned back to continue having sex!!!

Currently, Liu Hongxian is sleeping, sleeping very sweetly and deeply, making Liu Yi begrudging to wake her up.

Liu Yi can only quietly tiptoe back to his room and cultivate bitterly.

When Liu Yi is cultivating, Lin Tong will also fly out and lies by the side. She opens her little mouth and starts to consume the Nine Yang God Qi that flows out from Liu Yi.

Currently, behind Lin Tong, there are 5 golden little tails. This shows that she already possesses the strength of 15 stars.

By the time she had cultivated out her 9th tail, her strength will be enough to sweep the world!

It seems like due to the fact that she had absorbed Nine Yang God Qi, although Lin Tong is a spiritual body, her ability had also started to slowly transform.

You can say that originally souls are illusory and cannot be touched.

But if her power substances had transformed, it is like cultivating her gas body into liquid, then from liquid cultivated into a solid. Lin Tong feels that right now her body also have a corporal feel, at the very least sometimes, she is able to touch something.

Roughly when my strength has transformed by 60% and more, even if I do not cultivate a flesh body it is also fine. I can just rely on this soul body and still be able to dual cultivate with Liu Yi.

Nine Yang God Qi is that perverted, even the soul can also start to strengthen!

While to Liu Yi, there is also the same benefit. For example when he is fighting against other people, even if his flesh body got destroyed it is also fine. As long as his soul is powerful enough, he can continue to fight and cultivate!

Originally with Little Black, that means that Liu Yi had another life!

But right now, it means that he possesses 3 lives ah!

I definitely must supervise big idiot to cultivate the Nine Yang God Qi ah. At the very least make him cultivate these few types of qi!

Blood Qi can find Qi Ling to dual cultivate. For buddha qi can find Mo Lan! As for Asura Qi, Ye Hanshuang that queen should have already been pushed down way back then! Even if it is really not possible, isn’t there still Chen Cai right?

Lin Tong’s face suddenly turns slightly red, when did I start to become a fujoshi?

[TL: damn…what a heavy taste…i will definitely not translate that chapter should it ever appears….]

It definitely must be because I had stayed in the human realm for too long!

This way Liu Yi will be able to open his 7th sun jade which will allow him to cultivate to 70%!

There are still two more types, just need a bit of effort to be able to cultivate successfully the ghost qi! If really cannot, just clench teeth and fuck Ma Yixuan!

Cannot…this way big idiot will lose out big!

Really annoying, where to go to collect the ghost qi? As well as that last type of qi, just what on earth is it!

Is big idiot able to cultivate into a real deity ah!


A man respectfully passed a black jade to a guy wearing golden dragon robes in front of him, “Master. This is the soul energy gathered today.”

The dragon robe guy opposite nods his head in satisfaction, “Mm, today’s soul energy is not bad. My Sky Demon Great Technique is about to rise to the next stage.”

“Congratulations master, congratulations master!”

The dragon robe guy strokes his beard and clucks, “Hahaha, sooner or later the world shall belong to our Solo Sect!”


Chapter 667  [Don’t come and find trouble for me]

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