MKW Chapter 666

Chapter 666  [Meeting force with force]

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This is the first time the sakura lancer felt such a large force!

This force is like a train and crashed into him, unblockable!


He was pressed by this shield and was sent flying out and smashed into the electric pole behind him!

-electric sounds-

The wire inside were all revealed as a hole appears on the electric pole, the sakura lancer’s body is embedded in it.

Liu Yi withdraw his legs and smiles as he asks, “Did you see that kick of mine earlier, how much fighting strength is that?”

“Fighting strength analysis….statistic says fighting strength is 150k.”

The sakura lancer himself is also slightly shocked. Just now that casual kick from that fellow actually possessed a fighting strength of 150k?!

This is too unscientific!

At this moment the sakura armor lets out a warning, -Remaining strength is 20%…-

“Damn it….today I came out in a hurry and forgot to recharge the battery!”

The sakura lancer curses making Liu Yi sweat.

“I have battery here, do you need it?”

“Hmph, no need!”

The sakura lancer snorts, not caring about this ‘kindness’.

He struggles and climbs out from the electric pole. At the same time, one of this hand grabs the electric wire as blue electricity starts flowing into his armor.

-recharging energy, 25%….30%…..-

“What the fucking hell, isn’t this just digging a pit for me!”

When Liu Yi sees this scene he really wishes to curse.

This armor is actually able to absorb energy directly from the wires? Is there a need to be so heaven-defying ah!

These Japanese are indeed really valiant!

The sakura armor recharges very quickly, of course with Liu Yi not stopping him as he intentionally waist for that sakura lancer to recharge his energy.

He wants to collect more data regarding this sakura armor, that way he is able to bring the complete data back to China.

“Energy completely recharged! Effective rate is at 200%!”

Every single piece of the sakura petals lights up on the sakura armor. Liu Yi suddenly feels that these sakura petals seem to also form a kind of YinYang amulet.

“Release Grade A weapon.-”

The sakura lancer stabs the lance into the ground before picking up the shield.

The shield suddenly split into two as a few heavy metals on it starts to separate out.

Two greatsword drops out which the sakura lancer grabs.

“What the heck, transformers is it!”

Why doesn’t my God of Fire Armour also have this ability? But my darkness power is able to transform and mimic 999 kinds of weapons…which is also not bad.

“These two are gravity swords.”

The sakura lancer holds the two greatswords and says proudly towards Liu Yi. “After being hit by my gravity sword, even if you have armor to protect yourself, you will still be suppressed by 10 times gravity! At that time you will know what is called fear! Let’s see if you dare to use your blades to block my swords again!”

He charges at Liu Yi with the two heavy swords.

“Gravity sword?” Liu Yi became curious, “How many more weapons do you have?”

“There is no need for you to know!”

The sakura lancer reaches Liu Yi as his left heavy sword swing towards Liu Yi, because there is no need for a dead man to know so much!”

The left heavy sword descends while Liu Yi uses his right blade to blocks it.

-clashing sound-

A door wide heavy sword chops onto Liu Yi’s blade, but it did not even cause Liu Yi’s arm to tremble.

“Under 10 times gravity, let’s see how you are still able to resist!”

It seems like the sakura lancer had already guessed that Liu Yi will block the blow. He is not surprised, instead, he is delighted.

“The next sword shall take your life!”

While he is speaking, the other great sword sweep towards Liu Yi. It carries a ferocious wind sound like he wishes to chop Liu Yi into two.


While Liu Yi only stoops lightly and half squats there allowing the great sword to brush by his helmet.

“How is this possible!”

The sakura lancer is shocked, “How is it possible for you to be so agile under 10 times gravity?!”

“Only ten times, what is there to be shocked about.”

Liu Yi stands up and shrugs his shoulder, “In the past, I was living under 100 times gravity, bathing, brushing teeth, eating, going toilet. I am already used to gravity. Just a 10 times gravity what does it count as?”

“Just what monster are you!”

“Oi, oi. Saying it like this is not that good, I am human ah.”

“Where do you look like a human?”

“Then where do you look like a human as well? We are no better than the other, let’s not attack each other okay?”

“Ahhhh! I don’t believe!”

The sakura lancer seems to have gone berserk as he starts attacking Liu Yi crazily with the two heavy swords.

Liu Yi is calm as he swings his blade blocking the attacks from the sakura lancer.

Sensing that his attack is not going through, the sakura lancer suddenly retreats and stabs his sword onto the ground.

“Full ability!”

-Full ability start! 3-second countdown!-

The two heavy sword starts to let out golden light, starting from the hilt and swiftly spread to the blade of the sword!

The sakura lancer points his right hand at Liu Yi, “Sakura Random Dance!”

Instantly the two heavy sword scatters layer by layer and transforms into golden sakura pieces which fly into the sky and shoots towards Liu Yi in a dense group.

“This move is rather interesting.”

Liu Yi nods his head before standing there as his blades slash all over the place.

-clashing sounds-

Not a single Sakura from the dense pack is able to get through Liu Yi’s defensive net. His twin blades let out images in the air making the sakura lancer alarmed when he sees it.

Just what is this speed and reaction ability?!

There are around ten thousand sakura, swift, small and densely packed! Even if it is myself, if I do not enter my defensive form, it is also hard to block this kind of attack!

This is my ultimate attack ah!

-more clashing sound-

After sweeping away the last two golden sakura, Liu Yi keeps his blades as he smiles merrily and looks at the sakura lancer.

“If your ability is only up to this point, then it is now my turn to attack ah!”

“Defense form!”

The sakura lancer recalls Liu Yi’s earlier horrifying kick and immediately activate the next ability.

The golden sakura petals immediately fly back and reform into a large shield.

This large shield once again split into two and sticks onto the sakura lancer’s body. After which it starts to transform as it starts stretching out and then separate and links together.

Amidst sharp sounds, the armor that the sakura lancer is wearing transforms into heavy armor, which is at least two times thicker!

It seems like it is really a human transformer!

“Even nuclear weapons will not be able to do anything to me in my current form!”

The sakura lancer walks forward and stomps of the ground constantly causing it to trembles.

“What can you even do to me?”

He waves his hand and the lance on the ground immediately flies over.

From the armor, two pieces of metal fly out and wrap around the lance.

The lance form starts changing as an enormous hammer rest on his shoulder.

“Interesting. Let me test how much stamina you have.”

Liu Yi suddenly keeps away his blades back to his waist and starts walking towards the human-shaped tank lancer.

“Why did you keep your weapon!”

Seeing how Liu Yi actually keeps away his blades, the sakura lancer instantly roars in anger, “Are you looking down on me?”

Liu Yi mimic the tone of the sakura lancer and reply, “That’s right, I am looking down on you, so what can you do about me?”

“Damn it!!!”

The sakura lancer becomes angry as he smashes down the hammer in his hands at Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi stands in front of the sakura lancer. He raises his right hand and stops the smashing down the hammer.

The enormous hammer was originally very heavy, perhaps around 200kg. With the addition of the sakura lancer’s strength, this hammer is enough to smash a small car!

But Liu Yi only uses a single hand to grab hold of this enormous hammer firmly.


The sakura lancer exclaims in shock while at this moment Liu Yi sends out a fist smashing heavily onto the chest of the armor.


With such a heavy body and strong defensive ability, the sakura lancer is actually sent retreating 3-4 meters by that fist. He crashes into the ground and smashed out a crack.


He is unable to believe this matter. Just using a pair of a fist, he is able to send me flying?!

Just how strong is this fellow!

“Fighting strength evaluation….fighting strength analysis…200k…”


Just now that fellow’s fist actually hit out 200k strength!

In this really a strength that a human is able to possess?!

I had undergone genetic modification…furthermore I am also wearing this highest tech technology of Japan, Sakura Armour. which allows my fighting strength to reach 140k! When using at full power, it is only around 180k…

“Just this bit of defensive ability?”

Liu Yi shakes his fist as he says, “I still have not used my full strength ah.”

“Just who on earth are you!”

“I am only here to buy soy sauce!”

“Buy your head!”

The sakura lancer suddenly roars before charging at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi frowns lightly, this voice…why does it feel a bit like a girl?

Could it be that he is, in reality, a girl?!

Or could it be a transsexual? Heard that this in Japan…

Liu Yi pauses for a bit and the sakura lancer is already standing in front of him.

An enormous hammer is lifted up and smashes with all his might like the big move of Xu Chu from Knights of Valour. He rotates, with centrifugal force and acceleration, he swings the hammer from the side towards Liu Yi!


Liu Yi punches out with his right hand onto the hammer


Like an old monk striking the bell, the surrounding policemen all feel their ears are in pain. They cry out in pain while covering their ears and sink to their knees.

The enormous hammer flies out from sakura lancer’s hand and smashes into a huge building by the side. It instantly smashes through the wall and embeds deeply into another wall.


The sakura lancer lets out a weird cry while Liu Yi had already grabbed hold of his leg with one hand before hauling upwards.


Chapter 666  [Meeting force with force]

Damn really is a new toy…damn I really want that armour

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