MKW Chapter 665

Chapter 665  [Sakura lancer]

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That mincemeat heart suddenly starts gathering together. The gathering speed is very shocking and in less than a minute that fat pig’s vulgar face reappears in front of Liu Yi.


This fellow actually also have reincarnation? This is a really familiar strength ah!

Liu Yi cannot help but recall that crazy reincarnation Devil Child!

The two bodies also carry the same aura…could it be that this manager is really related to Devil Child?

He was originally nailed firmly by me on the Soul Piercing Nail, but why would he resurrect in this kind of strange manner?

Could it be that everything had the shadow of Great God Sect?

No, Great God Sect are so egoistic. If this matter is really done by them, they would definitely reveal themselves, furthermore, they will with great fanfare proclaim that this is the strength of Great God Sect!

But right now it had already caused so much havoc but they still had not appeared, this is not the style of Great God Sect!

Strange, really is too strange already!

Just who is the real black hand behind the scene?

Liu Yi also starts to sink into bewilderment as he is unable to answer his own doubt.

While the manager had already completely revived and is touching his newly grown head.

“Hehehe…indeed I am undying…you are also unable to do anything about me! No one is able to kill me! While you will, in the end, die under my horrifying strength!”

A tentacle suddenly erupts out from underneath Liu Yi and twines around his body before raising him into the air.

“Hahaha, do you see this, you are unable to block me!”

The manager laughs madly, “No one! No one is able to block my strength! Go can go and die!”

Tentacles shoot out around Liu Yi, a bard tip solidify at the tip of the tentacles, before piercing towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi prepares to struggle free of the tentacles before using Netherworld Qi to kill that manager.

Dealing with this kind of creature which is able to revive countlessly, there is only one method that is to destroy their soul!

Liu Yi lifts up his blades again and gathers Netherworld Qi on the blades at the same time.

Back then it was difficult to fight against the Devil Child but now that Liu Yi has Netherworld Qi as well as Demonic Sword Technique. Dealing with this kind of undying Devil Child is basically as easy as 1, 2, 3!

As long as his soul got destroyed, he will not be able to continue to revive!

Although that Devil Child looks very powerful, in reality, it’s weak spot is very big. Especially against Liu Yi’s Netherworld Qi, it is basically their bane!

“You little human, tremble before my strength!”

That manager roars out madly as the tentacles are about to touch Liu Yi.

At this moment a figure appears in front of Liu Yi blocking for him. The figure stretches out his hand and rubs against the slightly weird-shape belt of his.


A white light shoots out and following which a completely silver full body armor covers that figure’s body, the armor is also covered with sakura flower patterns.

The tentacles were instantly sent flying away making Liu Yi who is watching shock.

Who is this fellow?

Seeing the strength of the armor that he is wearing, it does not belong to the 5 great armor series, it seems more like a high-tech product.

On top of that, there is a faint trace of the USA battle armor. Could it be that Japan and the USA had already started working together? To produce this kind of high-tech armor together?

“No wonder this place is so noisy. So it is people fighting.”

The armor’s owner lets out a rustling voice, it seems like his voice had been altered, like metal rubbing against each other, somewhat ear-piercing.

As the armor owner speaks, he raises the sharp cavalry lance in his right hand and announces, “Based on the crime that you guys had committed, I proclaim death sentence for you two of you.”

“What does it have to do with me!”

Liu Yi also hoarsens his voice and shouts, “Can’t you see that I am only here to help?”

“I only see the two of you fighting!”

The sakura lancer faintly glances back at Liu Yi, “You strength does not belong to a human. Leaving you behind is too dangerous. Must be expropriated!”

“Hmph, very well.”

Liu Yi rest of one the blade on his shoulder as the other point towards the ground. “Originally it is a party between the two of us. Since you want to butt in then let’s change it to an enjoyable 3P then!”


The sakura lancer seems to be angered by what Liu Yi said and immediately turns around as blue stream of air starts to spray out from his back.

At the same time, he is holding a shield with one hand while the other holds a lance and seem to be going to launch a surprise attack at Liu Yi!

“To actually dare to ignore me, ahhhh!”

Seeing the two armored guys starting to ‘enjoy’ themselves, the manager once again has the feeling of being ignored.

He once again explodes in anger as black tentacles start surrounding his body and swiftly a ten meters tall enormous beast appears. He raises his leg and stomps down, instantly trampling a two-story building into ruins.

“Hmph, a reckless thing!”

Seeing that the weird beast still dares to be arrogant, the sakura lancer instantly turns around.

“Strong Breeze Attack!”

He stomps forward with one leg before throwing out the large shield on his left hand.

A person-tall shield instantly flies to the sky and splits apart, transforming into two halves and then join to his back forming two mechanical wings!

While the lance in his right hand suddenly split apart and starts extending. In a blink of an eye, it transforms into a 5-meter long pike which he holds with both hands!

There are a few strange markings on the pike. Liu Yi came to understand from Little Jade’s database that these markings should be from YinYang Family, Ise Family, YinYang amulet!

Looks like this sakura armor is not only the combined scientific effort from Japan and USA, it also includes the YinYang techniques from Ise Family!

Science and magic working together to create a product? Looks like Japan really wish to become stronger this time around!

Wishing to destroy China, as well as creating this kind of powerful war amour, their ambition is not small ah!

The sakura lancer’s pike suddenly erupts in golden light. The golden light keeps revolving around the pike once again increasing its might.

“Go and die!”

The wings of the sakura lancer suddenly open as a blue airflow sprays out pushing him into the sky.

-piercing sound-

The pike instantly pierces through the manager’s head. Fresh blood falls onto the ground like rain!

While Liu Yi also secretly took action and uses Demonic Sword Technique to capture that manager’s soul and feed to his Little Taiji.

[TL: …really hate this name Little Taiji…add two more letter behind and it shall become Little Eunuch…]

Without the soul, indeed that manager stops reincarnating.


“Hmph, indeed the same as master. Have the ability to absorb the soul.”

The masked man who had always been standing far away on a building watching the battle, snorts coldly when he sees this scene, “Liu Yi, don’t be too delighted! Very soon, your misfortune shall arrive! The rightful emperor holds supremacy, Sole everlasting!”

He transforms into a black light before disappearing.


Liu Yi does not know that he was eyed by a power call Sole Sect. Currently, he is confronting the sakura lancer.

“Right now is your turn!”

The pike transforms back to 1 meter long. The wings also join back into a large shield. It is held by the sakura lancer who faces Liu Yi once again.

“Very well, there’s no harm playing around with you.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders as he also wishes to test out the strength of this sakura lancer.

Just how powerful is this strange product that Japan had produced.

“Start analyzing fighting strength”

The sakura lancer is not in a rush to start attacking. Instead both his eyes let out red light as it seems to be scanning the data of Liu Yi.

-Fighting strength evaluation: 13k-

“Your fighting strength is only 13k you are basically not my opponent.”

The sakura lancers seems to be smirking, “Just now that weird beast only has 138k fighting power while I have 140k fighting power. The two of us are basically not of the same grade.”

Fighting strength evaluation? Japan is actually still using this kind of things?

Those whole cultivated all know that the only starjades is the most accurate method to determine the opponent strength. The rest of the statistical methods is not accurate. While with Liu Yi this kind of freak whose real fighting strength cannot be determined by starjade, then there is no way to determine his actual fighting strength.

The reason why the sakura lancer detects Liu Yi’s strength is as only 13k, perhaps it is because he is only able to see the fighting strength of the God of Fire Armour that’s all.

This God of Fire Armour only has around 7-8 starjade strength. But within him in Liu Yi who is currently in the 3rd stage of dragon transformation which is 16 starjade standard!

As for the earlier killed manager, his fighting strength is only around 14-15 stars that’s all. While this sakura lancer’s strength is only around 15 stars!

But I must say this research result of Japan is indeed very scary. Even Long Yi only has the strength of around 14 starjade!

“No worries, I this person like to bypass ranks and fight.”

Liu Yi does not mind the provocation from the sakura lancer. Instead, he waves his blades about and says, “Be careful of being flipped over by me.”


The sakura lancer’s temper does not seem to be very good and is very easily agitated.

He sprays out airflow from his back again and immediately shoots forward. He starts sending piercing attacks towards Liu Yi!

One must admit that this sakura lancer’s actions were very swift, ferocious and powerful.

But to deal with Liu Yi, it is still lacking.

Liu Yi uses his blades and easily deflects the incoming lance.

-clashing sounds-

After the lance of the sakura lancer was blocked by Liu Yi a few times, it makes him very irascible. “How is it like this!”

His voice carries a trace of disbelief, “Obviously you only have 13k fighting power. How is it possible to block my 140k fighting power! Could it be that the data statistics have an error?”

“Things like statistic are false, dear.”

Liu Yi’s blade suddenly crosses and pushes the lance piercing over above him. At the same time, he sends out a kick towards the sakura lancer’s stomach.

The sakura lance in a flurry shifts his other hand which is holding the shield over to block the kick! But the shield lets out a heavy sound as the sakura lancer along with the shield is sent flying away by the kick!



Chapter 665  [Sakura lancer]

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