MKW Chapter 664

Chapter 664  [War against the Tentacle King]

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-roaring sound-

When the tentacles that the meatball sent out to attack got burnt into ashes, it cries out in pain.

“Still know how to cry out in pain?”

Liu Yi recalls his Return Flame Beheading before sneering, “Even painful things at are the back!”

He dives down towards the meatball below.

The two blades stretch out by his side, slicing the air letting out sharp whistling sounds.

The meatball senses the scariness of Liu Yi. It’s burnt tentacles actually started swiftly regenerating and then continue to shoot towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi also did not dodge. Both his hands wave the blades around chopping off all of those incoming tentacles!

No matter how many tentacles there are, not a single is able to get close to Liu Yi at all. Both his blades protect him tightly preventing a single tentacle from getting close.

“I am not willing…I am not willing…”

That meatball’s body suddenly lets out a mourning full wail. The voice is very familiar which is that manager’s voice.

“Not willing, go and die for me!”

Liu Yi not polite at all. This fellow transformed his body so majorly.

While the meatball starts wiggling like it wishes to split out even more tentacles to attack.

“Tentacles are still okay to deal with girls, but to me, it is useless, idiot!”

As Liu Yi descends, he suddenly places his blades together, the two handles of the blades stick together with the blades on the outside.

Red flames once again gather on the blade. In a blink of an eye, the two blades transform into two 7-8 meters large flame blades.

Liu Yi leans to the side before starting to rotate and descends like a windmill.

The two flame blades also are like windmill blowing the leaves. As it keeps revolving it forming a golden red circle image!

Liu Yi descends just like this. The Return Flame Beheading forms a windmill and chops the ten meters tall enormous giant meatball into two.

-roaring sound-

The enormous meatball lets out a roar in pain as its body gets swallowed up by flames.

Liu Yi’s flames are incomparably tyrannic and instantly burn the meatball into a pile of ashes!

“Now you know pain.”

Liu Yi lands on the ground as he looks at the pile of ash emitting black smoke, “This is the end result of having no moral principle.”

The surrounding police sirens blast loudly while the surrounding policemen do not dare to step forward. Liu Yi thought that this pervert is dealt with, but at this moment, the black ashes actually let out a cracking sound as it slowly split apart.

From inside a white hand stretches out causing Liu Yi to be shocked when he sees it.

What is going on? There are actually still people inside it? Wrong…this familiar aura….it is obviously still that fat pig manager!

-cracking sound-

The black ashes completely split apart as a two-meter tall thick man talks out from the ashes.

This fellow looks like that fat pig but his figure had completely turned into another person!

His body is currently fit and muscular. He is naked and there are weird black veined patterns covering his entire body.

This vein pattern seems to carry a strange power which makes Liu Yi alarmed in his heart.

This fellow…so strange…just how did he become like this?

What on earth changed him? Could it be the Soul Piercing nail? Impossible. If that Soul Piercing Nail had this kind of ability, that old Dragon King would not become so miserable!

“So comfortable ah…to actually be so comfortable…”

The fat pig walks out and swinging his dick.

Liu Yi feels that it is a bit pitiful. Although this fellow figure is not small, it is a pity that his dick is still that small.

There is a song that suits him the best. <I am a small, small, small, small bird>!

“Really is excellent ah…hehehe…hahaha….”

The fat pig laughs none stop as his little bird flies.

“From today onwards, beauties can finally be enjoyed by me! I want to see who else is there who is able to stop me!”

“You are under arrest!”

“Surrender yourself!”

A lot of policemen charges up from behind as they hold their pistol in their hand aiming at the fat pig,

“Hehehe… nice, I can use you guys to test out my strength.”

The manager turns around to look a the policemen who had stepped forward. To provoke them he made an extremely vulgar gesture.

He grabs his little bird and rubs it towards them.

“Damn it!”

The policemen were angered. Recalling that this fellow had killed a number of people earlier, they were no longer polite as they start firing their pistols.

-shooting sounds-

The bullets hit the manager.

“Release your desire!”

While far away on a building that masked man is standing there as he looks at the fat pig who was shot at with a smile on his face,

“Girls ah! Women!”

After being shot countless times, the fat pig suddenly stands up and raises both his hands up. All of the bullet holes on his body heal up.

While countless tentacles fly out from his back and shoot towards the policemen!

A lot of policemen were unable to react in time and got rolled up by the tentacles. They scream as they were pulled to the fat pig.


“Save us ah!”

These policemen were all ordinary people only. After their pistols lose effect, they basically do not have any ability to retaliate.

Very quickly their bodies were ripped into multiple pieces. Blood and intestine and the likes cover the entire floor.

“Enjoyable, really is enjoyable ah!”

Seeing this bloody scene, the fat pig feels his strength and cannot help but laugh.

Everyone will feel like he is at the top of the world because of his strength. Back then when Liu Yi had just obtained his strength, he had also lost control a bit.

While this perverted fat pig is also even more so. To him, his strength is to fulfill his selfish desire!

This kind of person is too dangerous already which definitely cannot be left behind!

Liu Yi stands there and lifts one of his blade and points toward the fat pig.

“Vulgar guy, come, come, look over here.”

The fat pig tosses one of the policeman’s corpse to the side before turning around and looks at Liu Yi.

“It is you! That’s right this scent is you!”

When he smelled the familiar scent, the fat pig instantly erupts in anger, “It is all because of you, how dare you kill me! You also spoil my plan making me unable to have a taste of so many pretty beauties! You deserve to die, I am going to kill you! I am going to kill you!”

Seeing Liu Yi, his eyes turn red. From his back over hundreds of tentacles fly over and seems to want to tear Liu Yi’s body apart!

While the tentacles that he feels is the best, when it reaches Liu Yi’s side, they were all cut by his blade!

“Are you trying to make me amused?”

Liu Yi holds the two blades and says lightly while he slices the tentacle-like he is slicing fruits. He jeers, “Just relying on these things that can deal with women you wish to deal with me? Don’t make me laugh my ass off!”

He purposefully angers this fellow to make him use all of this strength!

Before completely understanding the enemy, Liu Yi will not easily take action.

He uses his words to provokes the fat pig, making him roar is anger.

“You deserve death, deserve death!!!”

The fat pig is finally provoked until he exploded. He roars as the tentacles behind him stop attacking Liu Yi. Instead, they surround his body and swiftly coil around his body.

The tentacles are like thread twining around his arms, waist, legs. Before finally coagulating out a tail behind his body.

The fat pig who was very tall currently is nearly 3 meters tall. With the tail behind him, it is even more like a beast.

“I must say….your appearance makes me a bit nauseous.”

Liu Yi’s lips twitched, “Appearing like this and you still have the cheek to come out and pick up girls? Brother, it is already not bad if the girls did not die from fear when they see you okay?”

“Go and die!”

The fat pig’s heart had always been feeling very inferior and later on it slowly transformed into perverted. Currently, when he heard what Liu Yi says, he got provoked into anger and charge towards Liu Yi.

The ground trembles as he runs, this shows just how much strength he currently possesses.

While Liu Yi stands still. He watches the tank-like fat beast as he charges over and does not have any intention to retreat.

The fat pig instantly leaps in front of Liu Yi as he opens his mouth that was formed from tentacles and bites towards Liu Yi.

“You should brush your teeth.”

Liu Yi did not even swing his blade as he instantly enters the third stage of dragon transformation. His strength increases yet again and enters 15 stars!

He raises a palm and slaps the fatty’s enormous lower jaw.

Instantly this enormous body is sent flying by Liu Yi’s slap and crushed a police car behind into scrap metal.


The fat pig roars, “Why am I still unable to defeat you!”

“Don’t you already know?”

Liu Yi clucks and he lifts his blade and says, “Isn’t this kind of question very easy to understand?”

“What is it? Tell me what is it!”

“It is because you do not have moral integrity ah!”

Liu Yi jumps up once again and chops down towards the fat pig.

“I want you to die!”

The fat pig roars in anger as hundreds of tentacles fly out from his entire body. They form together and form an enormous beast appearance and bites towards Liu Yi who is in midair!


Liu Yi who is in midair join the handle of the two blades together and toss it towards that black dragon-like beast!

The blade is like a windmill, revolving swiftly in midair carrying flames as it chops that beast’s body!

While Liu Yi also descends as well. He crosses his arms as his legs ferociously stomp on the head of that fat pig!


The ground starts trembling as an enormous hole is left on the ground!

The fat pig’s head is stomped inside the ground, leaving behind an enormous 10-meter wide deep hole. Those that do not know would have thought that a meteorite had smashed into here!

Liu Yi retreats two steps as he looks at the headless corpse and says, “The brain got exploded by my stomp, this time around you can gorgeously exit now.”

But at this moment the fat pig’s corpse which no longer has a brain starts moving again!


Chapter 664  [War against the Tentacle King]

Damn a zombie that does not need brain

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