MKW Chapter 663

Chapter 663  [Title below]

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“Leader…what orders?”

Seeing Liu Hongxian’s bewitching gesture, Liu Yi cannot help but swallow his saliva.

“You are my other, other than letting you suffer, I ought to also give you a bit of benefit right?”

As she speaks, Liu Hongxian throws Liu Yi a coquettish glance making his bones feel soft.

Really…is wanting to take my life ah…

“Come, leader is tired, help leader massage a bit.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s silly look, Liu Hongxian suddenly smiles before turning her body and lies on her stomach.

“What the, it is you giving me benefits or me giving you benefits ah?”

Liu Yi is instantly a bit on fire, is this Liu Hongxian trying to tease me again?

While just as Liu Yi is a bit angered, Liu Hongxian actually lightly takes off her shirt. After which she stretches her hand behind her to unclasp her bra, revealing her entire fair jade back in front of Liu Yi.

“Wearing clothing for massage is too uncomfortable…this way is more convenient.”

-swallowing sounds-

Liu Yi swallows his saliva, damn it…this is already no longer taking liberties already….it is a solemn instructing ah!

Liu Yi is also not a saint. Since Liu Hongxian had already hinted to this point if he does not take action then he is an idiot!

Long Live Great Aunt ah!

He immediately leaps forward and presses onto Liu Hongxian’s back. His lower body feels the shocking bounce from her butt!

-Light groan-

Liu Hongxian is sprawling on the soft bed. Feeling Liu Yi press down on her, her heart is slightly panicky.

“Please be gentler…”

Liu Hongxian no longer has her imposing queen manner. Currently, her voice turns soft and gentle.

“Relax leader, I guarantee to complete the task!”

“Go and die…scumbag…”

Although at this moment and you are still making jokes!

Liu Hongxian really wishes to turn around and give Liu Yi a kick.

“Come leader, first let me help you massage your chest. There is definitely a lot of pressure here right!”

While Liu Hongxian is very shy as she buries her face into the pillow.

Am I….a bit too daring…forget it…daring then daring…after all my heart had already been stolen by this fellow…

No matter what is the result, in the end, I will not regret it….

Liu Hongxian had always been an idealism single. She does not wish to give birth nor wish to get married and date.

To Liu Hongxian, a guy is a kind of entertainment prop that burdens her!

Thus Liu Hongxian who is such a beauty still remains single to now and has never dated before!

From what Liu Hongxian sees, other than dating and giving birth to a child, a female is still able to do a lot of other things!

Who says that woman must stay at home and be a housewife! She wants to prove that females can not only prop up women of the new society, they are also able to reach the peak!

But expectedly, there actually came a day where a guy appears and secretly possesses her heart just like this…

Loathsome ah…both loathsome but also delighted….roughly this is the feeling of being in love right!

Did not expect ah, Liu Hongxian that there is a day where you are like a little girl…

-soft moan-

The dual itchy and comfortable feeling makes Liu Hongxian like a small wild cat as she lets out a soft moan.

This sound to Liu Yi is an aphrodisiac dosage!

He is no longer able to stand it as he stretches out his hand and pulls off Liu Hongxian’s trousers.

Today Liu Hongxian is not wearing that little gray elephant, instead, she is wearing a black lace thong!

Thong is the most convenient!

Liu Yi praises in his heart before lightly pulls Liu Hongxian’s thong to the side and prepares to enter her immediately!

Sensing Liu Yi’ fervent, Liu Hongxian trembles, looks like today I am finally going to hand over here!

At this very moment in Liu Hongxian’s mind, there is only a thought.

Since ancient times who does not die, leaving behind a patriotic heart in the history books!

Liu Yi does not know that the beauty under him actually had such a high realization. His spear is at the entrance.

At this very important moment, the earth suddenly starts trembling, causing the building that they are in to shake!

[TL: and blueballs yet again…I swear this author like this torture his main character]

Outside of the window also comes some monster-like roars!

-roaring sounds-

Liu Hongxian immediately turns around and ask in shock, “What is going on?”

“Motherfucking hell!”

Liu Yi curses, “Which goddamn bastard is it! This father is going to fuck him up!”

“Hehe…what we have are opportunities, you go and take a look…”

Currently, the room is shaking very badly but Liu Hongxian is not afraid as Liu Yi is here thus she is at ease.

While seeing Liu Yi’s driven mad manner, she cannot help but giggle.

“Wait for me! I will be back swiftly!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he is about to walk out of the room.

At this moment Lin Tong speaks up, {Big idiot, outside is probably a fighting situation…your identity can be easily identified by your ability. Why don’t you use God of Fire Armour to coordinate with the dark power to fight.}

{God of Fire Armour? I can use it?}

{Of course, it is originally yours!}

Lin Tong is sitting on Liu Yi’s shoulder as she uses her tail to sweep his face, {If you are unable to use then who else can use it? As for the concrete detailed operation, this miss will also guide you.}

{Okay, I understand.}

Liu Yi nods his head before jumping out from the window.

The moment he jumps out, red flames covers his entire body.

When the red flames disappear, a set of golden red armor is covering his body.

This scarlet helmet completely covers his face, not revealing a single bit.

When Liu Hongxian sees Liu Yi flying out on the golden red armor, she covers her mouth in shock.

This guy…is indeed not ordinary…

Liu Yi flies out of the window and stands on the terrace of the 3rd floor.

Instantly an enormous ten-meter tall enormous figure attracted his attention.

What the heck, what is this toy!

Liu Yi looks at the not far away enormous meatball!

That’s right! Indeed is a meatball, furthermore, it is a meatball that has tentacles grown all over it!

“What the heck, Tentacle demon!”

Where did this shit pop out from!

{Master there is a discovery!}

Little Jade suddenly magnify Liu Yi’s vision allowing this gaze to gather on an inconspicuous location of the meatball far away.

A small black nail attracted his attention.

Soul Piercing Nail?

Isn’t this my magic tool? Why would it appear on that meatball body?

Could it be the soul in the meatball…is that damn manager?

Liu Yi frowns deeply, just what is going on?

At that moment, the meatball starts moving again. As it continues to destroy more buildings before capturing girls to do vulgar things to them.

This actions finally alarm the police. A lot of police cars chase after the meatball and start shooting at it.

But the bullets basically do not affect the meatball and did not leave behind a single bit of injury.

Lin Tong urges Liu Yi, {Attack big idiot, do not let more girls to be defiled.}


Liu Yi nods his head before bending down slightly and leaps into the sky.

Liu Yi’s jumping strength is very strong. This jump is nearly a hundred meters high and he lands on a tall building by the side.

He steps on the roof and jumps again, both far and high as he gets closer to the meatball.

-loud clamoring-

The closer he gets the clearer he is able to sense the formidable strength that the meatball possess!

This strength causes Liu Yi to be slightly unclear. It seems to have ghost qi as well as other powers inside…for example some kind of light power.

This is a monster form from all kind of powers gathering together?

Looks like today I had finally understood the meaning of the word hybrid!

“Instead of choosing to enjoy a peaceful life you want to come out and scare people! Very well then, then I shall send you to meet your ancestors!”

Liu Yi instantly jumps above the meatball. Below there are countless of policemen who were shooting at the meatball but were disregarded by it.

On top of the meatball grows a lot of eyes. Each of them reveals ** evil.

The moment Liu Yi appears, the meatball seems to sense a familiar aura and all of the eyes instantly turn to look at him.

Instantly over 100 tentacles shoot towards Li Yi, the densely pack wave carries a horrifying strength!

“Just an insignificant demon and monster and you also dare to fight against the scorching sun?”

From Liu Yi’s back, a golden sun suddenly emerges!

This sun instantly brightens up the entire night sky turning the night sky into daytime!

Everyone’s gaze is instantly attracted over. They stare at the golden red armor fellow who is carrying a small sun behind him!

Who is he!

“Gods, who is that person!”

“Is, is that a god?”

“May Amaterasu-omikami bless us ah…”

The sun jade allows Liu Yi’s strength to obtain ample display. Currently, he secretly entered the second stage of dragon transformation allowing his strength to enter around 14 starjade.

The meatball seems to only be around 13 starjade. With me using this level of strength it is enough to deal with it!

Over hundreds of densely pack tentacles shoot over. Crowding together forming a sharp sword shape and stab towards Liu Yi.

{Big idiot, the God of Fire Armour techniques have already been transmitted into your brain, go and enjoy yourself!}


Liu Yi nods his head as he stretches out his hands, holding two blades. Strong flames cover the blade.

The two blade stretches out in the sky. The flames on it pull apart in the sky like a pair of fire wings opening!

Liu Yi places the two blades together hand holds it with both hands. He spins in the sky 180 degrees before activating the flames, slashing a circle in the sky!

“Return Flames Beheading!”


The tentacles flying over were all chopped apart by the high-temperature flames before evaporating into nothing!


Chapter 663  [God of Fire Armour displaying its might]

P.s the sole in Sole Sect is not the bottom of the foot but the only one/single

…rip solo it is hehe

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