MKW Chapter 662

Chapter 662  [Solo Sect]

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Under the powerful interference from Little Jade, that fat pig’s computer cannot be kept and very quickly everything is eliminated.

All of the emails in the inbox were all deleted not a single left.

The fat pig is a bit in despair as he collapses onto the ground while his fats tremble.

“Why, why would things become like this….you, you are an assassin?”

“I am the person who is going to kill you.”

The gaze that Liu Yi is looking at the fat pig is like he is looking at a dead person.

“Have you thought of your will?”

Liu Yi’s voice is like the winter cold breeze blowing onto the fat pig’s body.

“No! No!”

The fat pig roars in anger as he scrambles up from the ground grabs that imitation greatsword and lets out a roar, “No one is able to kill me! If you wish to kill me then I shall kill you first!”

He lets out a weird cry as he charges towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his leg and kicks in him in his stomach.

The fat pig instantly becomes like a meatball and got sent flying away and crashed into the table behind.

The greatsword also drops to the side with a clack. That crisp sound scatters the courage of the fat pig.

“Save me, save me ah!”

He scrambles and escapes towards the door.

While Liu Yi snaps his fingers as the dark power in his body activates. Instantly in front of the door, a black asura gate appears blocking the path of the fat pig.

Using darkness power to mimic the asura gate is quite cool. The manager kicks the gate, but the asura gate did not even budge while his leg nearly broke.


He can only turn around and jump towards the window.

But by the time he reaches the window, an enormous black gate once again rises. The skeletons and devil heads on the gate laugh at him.


The manager lets out a weird cry and uses his body to crash into the asura gate.

But the asura gate is very firm. The manager who is around 100 kg did not manage to cause it to budge from the crash, instead, he got bounced onto the ground and lands on his ass, making him feel like his ass had broken into 8 pieces.

“Looks like you have already said your last words.”

While Liu Yi speaks he walks forward, “Go down to hell and confess!”

{Big idiot, let me do it!}

Lin Tong suddenly flies out from Liu Yi’s body and stands in front of him, begging, {This kind of scum…let this miss kill him!}

{Okay, I shall leave it to Immortal Fox sister then.}

Since Lin Tong has taken the initiative to ask, Liu Yi did not reject her.

What this damn fat pig had done, perhaps he will not be able to obtain the forgiveness of any women!

Lin Tong transforms into her human form and stands in front of the fat pig.

Her pretty face and bewitching figure instantly cause the manager’s eyes to brighten up.


There is actually this kind of beauty?

In the past, I had thought that Liu Nanui was already a beauty. But this one in front….is not to be outdone ah…

“Are, are you here to save me?”

The manager recalls the scene of those beautiful women descending from the sky in the animes, and cannot help but hallucinates and becomes slightly ** again, “Quick, quickly save me, I am your master ah…”

“Damn fat pig I am your ancestor!”

Hearing this damn fat pig want to take advantage of her, Lin Tong nearly exploded.

Her soul is unable to directly impact a human body but through the God of Fire Armour, this medium allows her too!

She instantly puts on the golden red armor and following which she stomps on the stomach of the fat pig. This stomp instantly causes him to vomit out bile, after which it is the cry of a pig being slaughtered.

“Save me ah!”

Only then did he understand that this beauty is not here to save him but to kill him!

Why! Why is everything completely different from anime!

Why am I not the fated one!

Why am I not able to enjoy those beautiful women, cannot have a taste of their bodies ahhhhh!

I am not willing!

The delicious bodies are all mine!

Thinking to here the manager suddenly struggles upwards raising his hand to try and grab Lin Tong’s breasts.

“Not changing your character until the end!”

Seeing that the fat pig still wishes to try and touch her, flames of anger flares up in Lin Tong’s eyes.

“Go and die for this miss!”

She pulls out the sword on her waist, the blade is covered with golden red flames.

At the same time, her God of Fire Armour is completely surrounded by flames, causing the manager’s eyes to widen.


He really thought that this beauty was a demon who came from hell…


Lin Tong stabs the blade into the manager’s neck. His throat is instantly pierced through and he got nailed to the ground.

At the same time, the flames swallow up his body. The piercing pain causes him to struggle with all his might.

His throat got stabbed through, that is why he is unable to scream.

With his body being nailed there he is unable to struggle out as well!

“Leave his soul to me.”

Since he dares to encroach on Liu Hongxian, Liu Yi does not plan to let the fat pig off so easily.

He stretches out his hand as Netherworld Qi activates and pulls the soul of the damn fat pig out from his gradually burning body.

Following which Liu Yi takes out a black Soul Piercing Nail.

He looks for a concealed corner and nails the Soul Piercing Nail through the center of the forehead of the damn fat pig and nails his there.

“If this nail is not taken out, you will forever be unable to reincarnate.”

Liu Yi sneers, “Enjoy your future wonderful life. In the future, you will only be left with endless remorse and suffering!”

Dealing with this kind of person, Liu Yi does not wish to leave them any sentiments at all.

To actually make Liu Hongxian so upset! Unforgivable!

“Okay, knock off already.”

After doing everything, Liu Yi claps his hand and stands up, giving Lin Tong a victory sign.

“This kind of scum needs no pitying when dead!”

Lin Tong looks at the constantly warping filthy soul and spits before reminding Liu Yi, “Big idiot, you cannot be so lustful that you have no bottom line do you understand? A guy can be lustful but cannot be lowly.”

“Sweat, of course, I know ah, Immortal Fox sister!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, when had I become such so lustful that I have such a lack of moral principles. I am a youngster with personal integrity okay!

“That is good then. Go back and comfort your beautiful leader then. This miss shall continue to get used to the God of Fire Armour!”

Lin Tong transforms into flames along with the God of Fire Armour and returns back into Liu Yi’s body.

My Immortal Fox sister is really a genius. Just this short period of time and she had already harmonized with the God of Fire Armour so well!

After taking revenge, only then did Liu Yi leave the manager’s room and return to find Liu Hongxian.

A while after he had left, a figure suddenly floats in from outside of the window.

This figure is wearing a weird half face white mask, at the same time he is sneering.

His figure is around 1.8 meters tall, his clothing is both black and white like the clothing of some sect.

“Indeed like what master had said. Even if this fellow went to Japan, he will not be calm. Just the past few days, I had already gathered quite a bit of soul power.”

While he is speaking, his gaze lands on the warped soul and lets out a weird laugh.

“Not bad, not bad. Your nature is very warped, I really appreciate it. You will definitely be a good vessel, go, release your power.”

He stretches out his hand and takes out a small black case from his palm.

The case shots open as a meatball jumps out from the inside.

If Liu Yi sees this he will definitely exclaim in shock!

This meatball is that Devil Infant!

But right now that Devil Infant seems to have some transformation, it only has the shape of a meatball. After shooting out it is like it had smelled something delicious and immediately wiggles towards the location where the manager soul is.

When the meatball touches that warped soul, it immediately starts swallowing it and starts to swell up!

“Hehehe…create havoc to your heart’s content! Kill to your heart’s content! At that time we will be able to obtain even more soul energy! Liu Yi, Ai Ling, Great God Sect, the world righteous sects? All of you are a joke! This world will be our Solo Sect!”

He transforms into a black light and disappears from where he is.



Liu Hongxian is lying on the bed. In her hands, she is holding up a laptop. On her nose is a cute black frame spectacle. She looks at Liu Yi who had entered.

“Yes, it is settled. Everything had\s disappeared.”

Liu Yi winks at Liu Hongxian.

“Really do not know how do you do it…”

Sometimes Liu Hongxian is really curious about Liu Yi’s true ability but it seems like he had never taken out his true ability before.

This fellow…is too mysterious.

Liu Yi seats by Liu Hongxian’s bedside and asks, “In the future when there is an opportunity I will tell you. Talking about this, we had divided the division of labor and cooperate ah. Do you have any results?”

“I had searched through once…there is only a bit of progress.”

Liu Hongxian rubs her slightly painful temple and says, “Inside indeed records an unknown project of Glorious Sun Conglomerate that is secretly developing. For this project, they had used quite a bit of fund narrowly causing Glorious Sun Conglomerate to go bankrupt. But after which there is this woman called Choshunior Susukino who took action and uses a series of hard-line finesse and consolidate the conglomerate. At the same time she also promptly proclaim a number of the plan which finally saved Glorious Sun Conglomerate.”

“Choshunior Susukino?”

Liu Yi recalls that this name was mention is their data, “Isn’t that Yunsen Akemi’s stepmother?”

“Indeed, she is an impressive woman.”

Liu Hongxian nods her head, “Seeing her makes me feel like I have seen a powerful opponent. Liu Yi, tomorrow, when you go to Yunsen Akemi’s house, try to see if you are able to get close to this Choshunior Susukino. Try to obtain some useful information. From our data, Yunsen Oishi really loves this mistress of his dearly.”

“What the, you really treat me as a midnight male prostitute ah!”

Liu Yi instantly becomes unhappy, “You also need to send me to other people stepmother?”

“Comrade Liu Yi, this is an order!”

Liu Hongxian closed the laptop and says serious, “You are not helping me but the billions of lives back in China! Furthermore, Choshunior Susukino also looks not bad. She is comparable to me…”

“Leader, you are taking the opportunity to boast about yourself right?”

“Coughs…anyway, everything with the mission as the priority.”

“I always feel that these missions are making me lack integrity ah! Deceiving the feelings of a girl, I really hate this kind of matter…”

“Liu Yi….”

Liu Hongxian places the laptop to the side, stretches out a leg and raises her hand and hook her fingers at Liu Yi.


Chapter 662  [Solo Sect]

Damn it another sect…

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7 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 662

  1. I see you made a small translation error, you wrote it as Sole Sect, but you were supposed to translate it as Foot Clan.
    Major Spoilers ahead: read at your own peril.

    You see, Liu Yi is actually the reincarnation of Master Splinter, and the four spiritual bodies are the reincarnations of Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo.
    As for Ai Ling? She’s the reincarnation of April O’Neil, hence why she’s helping find the four spiritual bodies.
    If you paid attention to when Liu Yi obtained Vacuum Cleaner you would realize this was foreshadowing to the identity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    The God of Fire armor and the others symbolize the Turtles coming to terms with their past selves and accepting who they are, with Liu Yi to aid them in their struggles against the Sole Sect.


    • So the turtles go back in time and gain armor from ancient japan, only to find out it previously belonged to the ronin warriors (aka samurai troopers) and the guy leading the immortal sword sect is a reinterpretation of Casey Jones?


  2. Thanks for your work.

    But after which there is this woman called Choshunior Susukino who took action and uses a series of hard-line finesse and consolidate the conglomerate. At the same time she also promptly proclaim a number of the plan which finally saved Glorious Sun Conglomerate.<-I knew that the name was familiar, but isn’t she one of their teacher colleagues in the school? (Also, weird, weird name, seeing that the only consonant there can be in japanese not followed by a vowel is “n”.)

    As a side note, since I used google to check it faster, I’ve seen that this series is also uploaded to Wuxiaworld (up to this very chapter). Did you do that or are they ripping your work?


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