MKW Chapter 661

Chapter 661  [The manager’s photo]

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The fat manager smiles weirdly and glances at Liu Yi before going downstairs.

This fellow acting so weirdly, what is going on?

Liu Yi is slightly suspicious as he looks at the manager before knocking on Liu Hongxian’s door.


From inside came the scolding from Liu Hongxian causing Liu Yi to jump in fright.

Liu Yi ask through the door, “Leader what is the matter? Why did you suddenly scold me?”

“It’s you…”

From inside the room, Liu Hongxian’s exhausted voice leaks out and then she says, “The door is not locked. Come in.”

Hearing this only then did Liu Yi push open the door and enter.

While Liu Hongxian hurriedly keeps away an envelope with tiredness on her face.

“Leader that is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi ask, “What did that manager come here for? Could it be that the company did not pay the rental fee?”

“Nothing, how did your matter went?”

Liu Hongxian raises her spirit and asks, “You disappeared for another afternoon.”

“Oh….I had built a connection with Wakabayashi Rika.”

Liu Yi lies without any change in expression and can only say so. After all, it is not like I can say that I fucked her right…

“Not bad. Wakabayashi Rika is from YG and not anyone is able to get in. How is it, was there any gains?”

“Mm, I had obtained a USB.”

Liu Yi takes out the USB and pass to Liu Hongxian, “Inside there are some files regarding Glorious Sun Conglomerate. Furthermore, I had also gotten to know the name of this plan. It is ‘Beheading Dragon’ as well as another related name call Dragon head…as for what it means, I do not know.”

Liu Yi reports what he knows.

“Your gains are not small!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, some vigor finally appears in Liu Hongxian’s eyes.

She stands up and says, “I’ll go and take the notebook here and let’s take a look together and see if there are any valuable things in the data.”

She turns around and went to her bedroom.

Taking advantage that she had left, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and takes out the envelope that she had hidden under the table.

Inside the envelope, there are a few pictures. Liu Yi takes out one to see and he nearly had a nosebleed!

It is actually a photo while Liu Hongxian is still bathing! Among the photos, there is also one where they were being enthusiastic on the bathtub. The photos are very clear, even the very small mole on Liu Hongxian’s right breast can be clearly seen!

Damn it! What is this situation!

Liu Yi is a bit stunned as he looks at the photos. While at this moment Liu Hongxian who had walked out from the bedroom, noticed that he had seen the photos and let out a bitter laugh.

“Are you really not honest, how can you flip leader’s photo…”

“Damn it, it is that manager just now?”

Liu Yi immediately understood what is going on the moment he thinks about it. He immediately clenches his fist and smashes onto the floor. Instantly causes several cracks to appear on the table.

“Oi, oi. I will need to compensate for the flooring.”

Liu Hongxian smiles bitterly, “Can you keep your temper…”

“Leader, this does not seem like the things that you would say!”

Liu Yi is angered, “I’ll go and kill that fat pig for you!”

“No need. I already threatened him.”

Liu Hongxian lost her usual heroic air, and becomes very dejected as she kneels down, “He had already done something to his mailbox already. As long as something happens to him, three days later these pictures will automatically be sent to our school’s forum. At that time not to mention my reputation. Even our task will be completely ruined. Countless lives cannot be gone because of me.”

“What did that fat pig threaten you for?”

“What else can it be…”

A trace of despising appears in Liu Hongxian’s eyes, “Isn’t it what you guys wish for daily.”

The anger in Liu Yi’s heart instantly surges up, that damn fat pig is really, has a heaven path but he does not want to walk, instead, he chooses to enter the doorless hell!

Liu Yi’s eyes start to turn red. At this moment Liu Hongxian kneels in front of him.

“Anyways my first time cannot be given to him….Liu Yi…take me…”

“I will take you, but not now!”

Liu Yi hugs Liu Hongxian, and placed her onto the bed by the side and covers her with a blanket. “Leader you are in the end an ordinary person. Leave this matter to me.”

“You cannot kill him!”

Liu Hongxian immediately hooks her arms around his neck not letting him get up, “If he dies, our mission will also be done for!”

“Leader believe me.”

Liu Yi gives Liu Hongxian a smile what makes her feel warm, “The top sent me to take part in this mission. Please believe me. I will not let you down.”

Liu Yi’s gaze carries a kind of strength that calms people down, making Liu Hongxian’s originally nervous heart to calm down.

Why don’t I….believe him just this once…

Liu Hongxian finally loosens her hands and lies back down on the bed.

“Sleep calmly and wait for me to come back to look into the data.”

Liu Yi bends down lightly and kisses her forehead gently before turning around and leave.

Liu Hongxian says, “Come back earlier…”

“Mm, wait for me calmly.”

Liu Yi walks out of Liu Hongxian’s room.

The outside temperature is slightly chilly, after all, it is already starting to be late autumn.

As Liu Yi has the Nine Yang God Qi in his body, he does not fear this bit of cold.

But his heart turned cold due to his anger. His hands shiver slightly while his finger joints let out a cracking sound.

Those that dare to provoke me, perhaps I might let them have a chance of living!

But anyone who dares to harm those whom I love, then there is only one result and that is death!

Currently, it is night time thus there aren’t many people outside. There is only the faint streetlamp’s light shining at the ground in front of the building.

The manager’s room is on the first-floor main entrance. Liu Yi directly holds the railing in front of him and jumps off the building and lands on the ground heavily.

-cracking sound-

Anger and strength smash into the ground together shaking the entire surrounding. A lot of people thought that it was an earthquake and were curious about why there was no warning!

Luckily Japan is a country that frequently has earthquakes throughout the year. They were already used to this event and were not very alarm.

While Liu Yi stood straight and walk towards the manager’s room.

At this moment the manager’s office’s light is turned on, while the door is closed tightly. From inside come the cry of girls, yamate and the likes, as well as the laughter of guys. Liu Yi instantly understood that that damn fat pig is watching Japanese love movies!

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and knocks on the door. From inside comes the unhappy shout of the fat pig. “Who is it, right now it is no longer working period. If you have a matter come tomorrow!”

“There is no need to wait till tomorrow.”

Liu Yi’s voice contains coldness, “I am here to take your dog life.”

“What the! Who is it ah, are you tired of living!”

The manager’s room door immediately got pulled open as the wretched looking fat pig walks out holding a collector’s model iron sword resting on his shoulder. His eyes widen as he roars, “If you don’t want to get beaten then scram!”

When he sees Liu Yi and realize that it is him, he instantly turns blank.

But very quickly he becomes clear-headed and laughs coldly, “So it is you ah, what is the matter? Could it be that you want to beat me up? Go on ah, you beat ah. After you finish, those photos will immediately be sent to your school’s forum! At that time perhaps the two of you will be the most famous teachers, hahaha!”

He laughs very wretchedly and very sinisterly making Liu Yi’s anger become larger and larger.

“If you do not wish to let those photo be sent out then obediently let me enjoy your girlfriend! Relax if you are willing to be the audience, I’ll more than welcome you!”

Damn, did this damn fat pig thinks that he is the devil?

“How is it, think about it. If you do not wish to become famous then obedient come and find me tomorrow. After I had enjoyed myself I will let the two of you off…but that is not an anytime soon matter ah, hahaha, hahahaha….”

When he thinks of Liu Hongxian that kind of beauty panting under him, he immediately becomes even more delighted. He smiles widely as the fats on his face shakes. His stomach also keeps trembling. Really have a surging nauseating feeling.

“Relax you will not be able to wait till that day.” Liu Yi raises his hand and tightens his fist letting out cracking sound, “I will personally send you to see your goddess Ai Iijima to go and pa pa pa with her!”

“You dare to kill me?”

The fat pig laughs, “Let me tell you, your photos are inside my mailbox. If something happens to me, in less than three days, the magnificent photos of the two of you will be sent to your school’s forum!”

“Hmph!” Liu Yi snorts coldly and stretches out his right hand towards the fat pig’s computer by the side.

{Starting direct connection to the system!}

Little Jade’s voice immediately rings out and then the originally off the computer immediately lights up.

“Why did the computer turn on on its own?”

Seeing his computer turn on on its own, the manager does not understand what is going on.

At this moment the computer system starts to operate on its own as some of the files inside start to flip through on its own.

In them were the photos of all kinds of women in this dormitory’s bathing and using the toilet.

Looks like this damn manager had thrown out an extensive net ah! Damn it! He deserves death!

“Ah, what is going on with my computer?”

The fat pig got frightened as he immediately runs in front of his computer and keeps pressing about the keyboard. But there is no reaction from the computer.

Those photos were all continuously being deleted making the fat pig cry out in heart pain.

“Ahhh! My collection! My photographs! Why did this happen!”

At this moment his mailbox also automatically open and all of the emails start to delete on it’s own.

Liu Yi takes a look. Liu Hongxian’s email is among them as well. Very soon it will also be deleted.

“You can forget about it!”

The fat pig finally came to aware that it is Liu Yi who was doing it. He immediately runs to the power sockets and pulls out the power cable before smiling morbidly and palely at Liu Yi.

“Hahaha…I pulled the power cable let’s see if you….what!”

Although there is no power to the computer, it is still able to operate properly.

The fat pig is completely stunned as he stares at Liu Yi and suddenly had a feeling like he had seen a devil.

Just….just who on earth is this guy!



Chapter 661  [The manager’s photo]

As expected blackmail…lols

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