MKW Chapter 660

Chapter 660  [Who are the assassins]

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“Uncle you do not know. This God of Fire Armour would always haunt the display room every night!”



Wakabayashi Rika nods her head, “Every night all kinds of ghost cries will come out from here and it is very mournful. I had already tried to make father sell it away or donate to a museum. But father said not. Because the God of Fire Armour had some curse which is related to Wakabayashi Family. If no one is able to subdue this armor, it must forever remain in our family. Otherwise, if it got sent out, it will transform into a malicious spirit and find it’s way back and slaughters all of our Wakabayashi Family’s people….”

“Talking about that, that is that possibility.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “There is indeed a very pitiful malicious ghost sealed within the God of Fire Armour. But I have already subdued it.”

Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but ask, “Why is uncle so powerful…just what is your background ah?”

“Since all of this happened, there is no harm telling you.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand, “But, the information that I want?”

“Hmph, I just know that uncle does not have such good intentions.”

Wakabayashi Rika’s lips curl up before stretching out her hand and passed a thin USB to Liu Yi.

“Take it. I pulled them out from my father’s computer! If my father knows that I had stolen his data…perhaps he will definitely explode! And might punish me with no food for three days…”

“Thank you, Little Rika…”

Thinking of how Wakabayashi Rika does all of this for him, Liu Yi’s heart softens and pulls her into his embrace to sit down.

“Ah, uncle…”

Wakabayashi Rika lets out a shocked cry before sitting in Liu Yi’s embrace. Feeling the warm and strong male presence from him, the dissatisfactions in her heart dissipate like clouds.

Hey, hey, I definitely must have committed some sin in the previous. That is why I had fallen in love such an uncle in this life…

“Actually I am an agent from China.”

Liu Yi leans into Wakabayashi Rika’s ear and says softly, “My objective for coming to Japan is to destroy that evil Beheading Dragon plan…I want to save the lives of billions in China. Little Rika you do not wish to see over billions of your own country people die right?”

“Of course not…”

Wakabayashi Rika shivers, before leaning into Liu Yi’s embrace and says, “This miss had said before that I will definitely do my best to help uncle complete this task! That whatever cursed Beheading Dragon plan is basically smearing the name of our Japanese bushido! If my father knows of this thing, perhaps he will be the first to start cursing the Glorious Sun Conglomerate!”

Liu Yi ask, “Talking about this a while back could this thing be the reason why Yamaguchi Group broke off relationships Glorious Sun Conglomerate?”

“I am also not clear….but, to be honest, right now my father’s words are no longer the final say in Yamaguchi Group.”

Wakabayashi Rika shakes her head, “Yamaguchi Group also has a number of powers. Because my father is sick, he is already planning to abdicate. Right now among this powers in Yamaguchi Group, there are some who supports Glorious Sun Conglomerate while there are some who are supporting the Tetsu-shi Family…just that that Tetsu Dansei is a supporter of the Tetsu-shi Family!”

[TL: rip think the author got messed up…it should be the Hino Wakatsuki fellow…]

Tetsu-shi Family…

Liu Yi recalls the Tetsu fellow whom he had defeated back then in high school. Looks like he is a person from their family.

These Japanese fellows are really not quiet ah.

Not only are they converting the gene map, but they are also trying to destroy China!

Other races die my heart does not die.

Liu Yi has decided to completely exterminate them!

Liu Yi slightly ponders over it before saying, “From this…apparently the people who came to assassinate you, perhaps, were sent by one of these powers.”

When Wakabayashi Rika hears these, she frowns, “You are saying?”

“Your father is going to abdicate. The 9th head is going to be chosen. If you are still around, this position might be yours. You also know how many supporters you will be able to rally among those powers!”

“So that is the case!”

“Hmph! I know already. This person definitely must be Josui Hitori!”

Wakabayashi Rika says coldly, “He has long been dissatisfied with my father’s management philosophy and he is also walking very close with the people from Glorious Sun Conglomerate! Furthermore, he does not like me, perhaps it is him so send people to assassinate me! Hmph!”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“I am going to tell father then we will deal with him!”

Wakabayashi Rika clenches her fist, “Josui’s people will not have a good ending!”

“Mm…but, I still have a question that I want to know.”

“Uncle I am B-cup.”

“What the, it is not this question! Furthermore, I had already felt that you were a B-cup okay!”

“Uncle you are very bold…”

“Get lost, I am going to ask you a proper matter okay?”

“Fine, then uncle you ask. What this miss knows, this miss will tell you!”


Liu Yi points at the armors in the display room and asks, “The rest of the four sets of armor, where are they?”

“Among which, the God of Water Armour is in the Ise Family. God of War Armour is in Tetsu Family. God of Earth Armour is in Big sister Akemi’s family…while the God of Sky Armour, currently it is in the museum of Kawasaki City….Originally God of Sky Armour belongs to Ide Ninja Family, but the Ide Family did not take the curse seriously and donated the armor to the museum….in the end, right now the Ide Family has completely disappear from Japan. Not even a descendant could be found…this right now only Glorious Sun Conglomerate alone has a ninja family. Only they possess the inheritance of the ninja technique.”

“What the, so demonic!”

Liu Yi is stunned hearing this.

But recalling the strength of those ninjas perhaps it is also like that.

Especial back then they still should not have started merging with the genes of animals, thus they are even more so not the opponents of the armor.

“Uncle, you are preparing to subdue all of those armors?”

“Of course, it is considered as benefiting the society.”

Liu Yi clucks making Wakabayashi Rika rolls her eyes.

The two of them sits together and hugs for a while. This lovey-dovey feeling makes the atmosphere even warmer.



“I wish to drink blood….”

“Drink your sister ah!”

Liu Yi glares at Wakabayashi Rika before pulling her waist with one hand and hugging her head with the other, he kisses her hard.


The two of them kiss and Liu Yi is not polite as he roughly demands.

Not only did Wakabayashi Rika adapt, she instead seems to be very excited. Her hands reach under Liu Yi’s clothing and start touching all over the place.

After being subdued by Liu Yi, Wakabayashi Rika seems to be slightly addicted. After touching for a while her hands grab hold of Liu Yi’s waistband and seem to want to help Liu Yi to release his primitive strength!

Just as the two of them is about to shoot accidentally while polishing the gun, a male figure walks in. Seeing the charming scene in the room, the teacup in his hand drops onto the ground and shatters.

“Ah!! Father!”

When Wakabayashi Rika realize that the person who came in is her father, she immediately restrains her lust, tidy up her clothing and gets off Liu Yi.

“Cough… seems like I came back at the wrong time…”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa seems to be slightly awkward. After all, this is his own daughter…and she nearly had sex with another guy in front of him. If it is any other guy, they will also be unable to take it!

“But the two of you also do not need to be so anxious…”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa chide softly, “Next time first take note of the place ah! Doing such things in this kind of place….whatever…”

What the hell!

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood, what you should be worried about is not right!

“Understood father, next time I will remember to bring uncle back to my bedroom.”

“Mm, that is then right. Don’t use a condom, I wish for a grandson!”

“That…that is still early….I am still not prepared to be a mother…”

“Ahah…then let you play around for two years then.”

“Yes, thank you, father!”

By the side, Liu Yi is already crying until his entire face is covered with tears, what is this bullshit situation ah! This is not rocket science ah! When did I say that I am going to get married and want to have a child!

“Right, father, I still have things that I want to tell you!”

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly recalls the things that she had discussed with Liu Yi and thus suddenly became serious and says, “Today there was an assassination attempt on me!”


When Wakabayashi Shimokawa hears this he rages and slaps the table causing the teacups on the table to jolt off the table and scatters on the ground!

“Just who is that person who did it! Is this trying to provoke me Wakabayashi Shimokawa?!”

“I suspect that it was done by Josui Hitori!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately says, “Father, let’s find an opportunity to deal with him!”

When Wakabayashi Shimokawa hears what Wakabayashi Rika says, he knits his brow, “Josui Hitori…”

“That’s right! Hadn’t he been making things difficult for father! Hmph, it is definitely also him who wants to assassinate me! He had the wish to seize away your position for a long time already!”

“Enough, let’s not talk about this matter anymore. I will send people to investigate.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa waves his hand, “These two days there are really a lot of troublesome matters. You got attacked while Ryuge is also continuously urging me to join hands with Tetsu-shi Family.”

“Uncle Ryuge?”

Hearing this name, Wakabayashi Rika’s expression becomes slightly better. “Uncle Ryuge is only thinking for our Yamaguchi Group that’s all…right now we are enemies with Glorious Sun Conglomerate, Ishii Family and Glorious Sun Conglomerate relationships had always been not bad. Right now, only by working together with Tetsu-shi Family would we be able to resist them.”

“There is also no need to for you to get involved with his matter. Let me consider it myself. Mr. Dabo, it seems like today it is no longer suitable to receive you anymore. In the future please do come over often.”

“I will.”

Liu Yi is very glad. Luckily the wooden door is closed properly. As for Wakabayashi Shimokawa realizing it later, it does not concern me, let Little Rika wipe my butt for me…

After Liu Yi and Wakabayashi Shimokawa say goodbye, Liu Yi immediately runs back home.

He does not dare to drive that SUV to prevent attracting trouble. But Wakabayashi Rika lent him a black Toyota to get around.

In Japan, Liu Yi does not dare to fly around on his sword. Everything with low-profile being the most important.

Liu Yi drives the car back under the building. Just as he gets off the car he realizes that the manager of the building had just walked out from Liu Hongxian’s room.

The manager is a fat middle-aged uncle. He is somewhat bald and is wearing spectacles. His stomach is very big like he is 5-months pregnant.

When he sees Liu Yi, he lets out a weird smile, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth making Liu Yi feel bad.

What is this fellow smiling about?


Chapter 660  [Who are the assassins]

Fat manager… I am getting a bad vibe

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