MKW Chapter 659

Chapter 659  [God of Fire Armor]

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Liu Yi who is wearing Monarch Armour is unparalleled. He is also holding two large black blades as he directly charges towards the blade and swords of the armors.

The black blade in his hands keeps chopping the armors, chopping out a number of blade scars on the armors that WRF had gone through a lot of trouble collecting.

But what is out of Liu Yi’s expectation, the blade scars that he left behind swiftly restore back to normal under the effect of the red power!

“What the heck, this is really just giving me more trouble!”

Liu Yi’s eyes are slightly blank as he does not know what to say as he looks at those armors.

WRF actually collected so many ferocious things!

This armor seems to be warriors that do not know exhaustion as they keep launching new attacks at Liu Yi.

Normal physical attacks do not seem to be effective towards then ah!

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something as he withdraws his blades and draws out seals in mid-air with his right hand.


Body Fixing Curse activates. This Body Fixing Curse is different from Vein Sealing. As long as there is a big enough strength disparity, it is able to stop anything from moving!

Indeed large Fix characters appear in the room causing those armor’s movement to be sealed!

“Hmph, in front of the mystical dao techniques, what can you demons and monsters do!”

After dealing with the armors with a single technique he lets out a delighted smile.

-kaba, kaba-

Within moments of him being delighted the God of Fire Armour which had been sitting there suddenly start getting up.

Golden red lights emit from it, following which it pulls out the two blades on it’s back and stands up.

Although this armor looks to be very imposing…but there is nothing to boast about its height.

It’s past owner was definitely very short. When this armor completely stands up, the top of the helmet only reaches Liu Yi’s neck.

-crackling sounds-

The armor seems to be letting out some weird laughter as flames suddenly cover the blades in its hands, causing Liu Yi to frown lightly.

This fellow’s strength seems to be around 7-8 starjades. As an armor who never had any master before, it is indeed shocking to have such strength.

Body Fixing Curse does not seem to be effective on it as that armor is still able to move freely. It waves its blades which carries flames at they chop towards Liu Yi.

The flames and the blade layer together, it also carries a blade qi, making it’s might very shocking.

Liu Yi stretches out his right arm, blocking in front of him. With the Monarch Armour, he forcefully uses his right arm to block the descending double flaming blade.


The two blade chops of to Liu Yi’s arm creating large sparks.

The red flames also twine around Liu Yi’s body forcing his body to retreat a meter away and crash into the wooden door behind.

Damn it this thing have a rather large strength and the flame power is also rather weird!

Liu Yi hurry and use his own power to suck away those flames to present burning down the display room!

The two girls outside are still talking while Liu Yi wields two black blades as he starts the fight!

A person and armor keep attacking each other with their blades!

Liu Yi did not take out his full ability as he intentionally wishes to test just how powerful is this God of Fire Armour!

He is able to sense that the God of Fire Armour still had some strength that it is not using which makes his curious.

Just how strong is an armor that does not have a master?

Really did not expect that the Wakabayashi Family would actually pass down such an armor!

Luckily I had used Body Fixing Curse, otherwise, with the surrounding armors attacking me as well, I would really be flustered!

The God of Fire Armour’s attacking rhythm is getting faster and faster causing Liu Yi to feel the pressure.

Cannot hold back anymore, otherwise, I might carelessly be defeated.

The God of Fire Armour chops down with its blades covered with flames once again while this time round Liu Yi uses strength with his right blade and immediately sweeps its blade away!

While the black blade in Liu Yi’s left-hand stabs into the God of Fire Armour and out from it’s back.

Even though physical attacks are useless against them but Liu Yi’s Netherworld Qi is nothing to joke about! Currently, the Netherworld Qi which is transformed from Nine Yang God Qi causes the God of Fire Armour to receive serious injury.

The God of Fire Armour roars before finally kneeling down on the ground helplessly.

“Goddamn, finally settled…”

Liu Yi keeps away the black blades and lets out a sigh of relief. This armor is too weird already. Just what is its origin?

He cannot help but walk over and stretches out his hand again and touches the helmet of the armor and instill his qi inside.

This time around the God of Fire Armour no longer moves. It is motionless as it allows Liu Yi to willfully search it.

Very quickly a surge of qi feedbacks from the God of Fire Armour, causing Liu Yi’s sight to change. Following it segments of images appears in front of his eyes.

This images brought Liu Yi back to life in the past.

It seems like to be an era where the fires of war were everywhere. The master of the armor campaign through multiple battlefields as he unceasing massacred the enemy.

With his four other loyal comrades. The 5 of them were known as the 5 devil generals!

The 5 were brave and good at fighting and very quickly they become very famous.

All the way until the enemy used a ruse to lure them, drawing them into a helpless situation and they finally died tragically.

After the 5 of them died, their souls were unyielding and pledged to turn into a devil and come back and take revenge!

In the end, their souls were placed into the armors and came back to life once again. They started a reign of terror as an empire that was about to unify!

Finally, the imperial power of Japan back then dispatched a powerful Yin Yang Master who used huge magic to seal up the 5 armors.

One of the armor is this God of Fire Armour which possesses the power of flames. It finally wandered into Wakabayashi Family and had been part of the collection until now.

“There is actually this kind of history ah, interesting.”

Liu Yi smiles, no wonder it is able to move. So it is the mischief of the undying departed spirit.

Liu Yi suddenly has a bright idea and lets the Netherworld Qi in his body active again and enters the armor.

I can still have more Body Protecting Spiritual beast. Why don’t I subdue this God of Fire Armour to play with!

With him suddenly becoming interested he lets his qi enter the God of Fire Armour.

Very quickly the God of Fire Armour trembles. The spirit inside seems to be wailing in anguish and do not wish to yield to Liu Yi’s might!

But Liu Yi does not give it the chance to resist as four golden sun flies out from his back!

Among with one is the brightest, brightens up the room!

For a moment the entire room is lighted up and the golden light pierces through the paper window of the wooden door, shining outside.

“Eh, what is going on inside?”

Seeing the golden light shining out from the paper window, Yunsen Akemi’s eyes widen in shock.

“It must the tv being too bright. Haha, hahaha, big screen you know…”

Wakabayashi Rika secretly wipes away her sweat, uncle what the flying fuck are you doing inside!

I am almost unable to keep it under control anymore ah!!!

But Liu Yi is also not too much. The light from the four suns come out fast and was withdrawn even faster!

The small samurai soul is basically unable to endure Liu Yi’s Nine Yang God Qi and instantly fall apart.

The golden red lightly of the armor instantly transforms into red light and instantly disappears into Liu Yi’s body.

A small red helmet imprint appears on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

While the surrounding armors also become still once more and land back on their original position.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and waves gently.

Instantly that golden red armor flies out in front of him.

Liu Yi possesses the power of fire spirit in his body. At this moment the power of fire spirit is revealed and enters the golden red armor increasing its strength!

With the support of Liu Yi’s strength, the armor’s height also increased by quite a bit. While the flames inside link up all of the pieces of armor and when it stands up it is nearly 2 meters tall.

{Big idiot, it seems like I am able to use this armor ah!}

Lin Tong suddenly exclaims, {Let this miss go in and try!}

Lin Tong flies out from Liu Yi’s body and transform into her human figure and appears within the God of Fire Armour.

{The fire spirit power and this God of Fire Armour really go well together ah!}

Lin Tong controls the God of Fire Armour. Currently, the God of Fire Armour finally had an owner. With Lin Tong wearing it, it is very majestic like a Valkyrie.

{This way I have strength now.}

Up until now, Lin Tong had always been unable to help Liu Yi is because she is only a spirit.

But now she can finally prove her worth!

This is really great….I can finally not be trash anymore…being able to help Liu Yi, there is nothing happier!

Lin Tong becomes excited and starts brandishing the red flame blades excitedly.

Liu Yi is worried that Lin Tong would be too excited and trashed this display room and immediately says, {Immortal Fox sister let us go back then research about this!}

{Okay! Next time around when you fight, remember to shout for me. This miss shall go to your Spiritual World to familiarise with the God of Fire Armour!}

She transforms into golden red light and returns back into Liu Yi’s body.

At this moment Lin Tong had absorbed Devil Child’s inner dan and is also wearing God of Fire Armour. It can be said that her strength had soared.

While Liu Yi sits in the display room crossed legged…that means that Japan still has 4 more sets of armor.

Could it be that the other four spiritual bodies are able to control the other four sets of armor?

If that is the case….since I am in Japan, it seems like I should go and subdue the rest of the armors!

Mm, that’s right. Looks like I have another new task now.

At this moment the wooden door is finally pulled opened as Wakabayashi Rika walks in with an exhausted face.

“Big sister Akemi finally went back…my uncle ah just what on earth are you doing in here ah…oh my gosh….”

Wakabayashi Rika looks at the completely messy display room and covers her mouth, “You….you will definitely anger my father to death….”

“Coughs….this…it is also not like I am doing it on purpose ah….”

“Uncle!!! Where did the God of Fire Armour go!!!”

“That…it got subdued by me…”

Liu Yi coughs drily and looks at Wakabayashi Rika in shame.

“What?! Uncle what did you say?!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes widen very wide as she stares at Liu Yi.

“That…really is so…”

Just as Liu Yi is about to apologize, unexpectedly Wakabayashi Rika becomes emotional, “You finally subdued that ghost armor?! Wuwuwuwu, this is really great, finally, there is no need to be vexed anymore!”


What the heck…just what is heck is going on?


Chapter 659  [God of Fire Armor]

damn new power-up…somehow I am thinking of power rangers…

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  1. If he gets the 5 armor all together who will use it? don’t tell me it’s gonna be washing machine and the others lol that would be funny if they announced their names………
    Thanks for the chap ~


  2. I think the reference to the anime ronin warriors is more appropriate than power rangers, although on Crunchyroll it is called “samurai troopers”

    I do understand that both series have quasi-similar concepts. I just lean away from the rangers since there are no mecha


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