MKW Chapter 658

Chapter 658  [Let’s fight]

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The old man seems to be really angered. Liu Yi naturally will not sit there and wait for death. He drains the remaining tea in one gulp before standing up.

Just as the two of them is about to take action, from outside walks in a familiar figure.

“Father, uncle, what are the two of you doing?”

Wakabayashi Rika looks at the two of them not understanding why they are standing up.

“Coughs nothing much. I had sat down for too long and decided to stand up to walk about…”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa seems to be worried that his daughter will get angry and immediately keeps away his fist and then stroke his beard and says, “Alas, when a person gets old the body is no longer as it uses to be. Right now I am like this. I feel like my bones are worst with each passing day. Mr. Danu, it is you youngster who has it good ah.”

As he puts on an act, he keeps giving Liu Yi a look which means hurry up and help to cover up.

Liu Yi is also not a person who tattletales. On the contrary, he rather appreciates Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s direct character.

For a person with Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s identity, he truly has a lot of methods to stab me in the back. But he did not, instead, he personally steps forward to battle. This kind of character is indeed rare. This is completely opposite from WR. No wonder this old man likes his younger daughter more.

“That’s a right uncle. Let me help you with a massage.”

Liu Yi walks behind Wakabayashi Shimokawa and lets him seiza again. After which his fist unhurriedly lands on his back.

“I had learned before a bit of Tui-na, hope that it can help uncle to relief the ailment.”

[TL: Tui-na is a form of chinese manual therapy]

Although Liu Yi says it nicely, the strength he uses is not light at all. It is very strong but there is no sound when he hits Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s back but makings Wakabayashi Shimokawa to feel a lot of pain to the point where his legs are trembling.

In front of Wakabayashi Rika, he does not dare to show it out and can only swallow it down and keep it hidden.

Good fellow…to actually play a trick on me like this…

“Uncle, how is it, did I hammer too hard?”

“Not at all, just nice, just nice…”

In front of his daughter, Wakabayashi Shimokawa insists on keeping his face.

Although it is slightly painful he still pretends to be calm and forcefully keeps a smiling expression.

“The two of you stop being nice to each other already!”

Unexpectedly Wakabayashi Rika did not become happy that the two of them are good friends, “Big sister Ameki is already rushing over here!”


The two men were both shocks at the same time as they stare at Wakabayashi Rika.

“Uncle you quickly hide ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika is very anxious as she tugs Liu Yi and says. “If you don’t hide then it will be too late!”

“What the! Why didn’t you block her ah!”

Liu Yi gives Wakabayashi Rika an uncomprehending look.

“You think that I did not wish to ah, I blocked already ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika says anxiously, “When she heard that my father was home, she wants to come and greet him…when I heard it I immediately said that he was recently sick thus is not suitable to meet guest! She then insists even more to pay a visit…I, I am basically unable to block her ah, thus I intentionally ran over first to inform you guys!”

“Damn it where can I leave from here? Where is the back door?!”

“There is no back door in this room…”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa also covers his forehead, as he cannot help but feel anxious for his daughter’s IQ.

Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes suddenly brighten up and point at a tightly shut door behind and say, “Go, go to the armor display room!”

“Fine…after all you are already one of us. You can go in and hide.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa nods his head and immediately pushed open the wooden door behind him.

Immediately rows of ancient japanese samurai armor appear in front of Liu Yi. Causing the entire room to be filled with dense killing intent!

There are all kinds of armor with all kinds of colors.

One set after another lay inside the room like sleeping japanese soldiers peacefully carrying a trace of murderous spirit.

At the center of the room, a golden red japanese samurai armor is placed there.

Liu Yi senses a strange power from this armor causing his heartbeat to increase.

This armor seems to be not ordinary ah…

When Liu Yi sees it the first time, he feels like he is looking at the powerful armor that he had seen in the anime <Ronin Warriors>.

“Hahaha, this God of Fire Armour is not bad right!”

Seeing Liu Yi look at that armor Wakabayashi Shimokawa laughs loudly, “This God of Fire Armour has been passed down through my family for generations since ancient time. I had heard that there is still the power of a Fire God inside. It is a pity that after being passed down for so long, no one in the family is able to find the secret of the amour.”

“The two of you stop chatting. If you want to show off do it later!”

Wakabayashi Rika pulls her father out and then immediately closed the wooden door.

Liu Yi stays in display room not knowing why but he feels very strange.

While from outside suddenly comes the sound of footsteps. A familiar girl voice comes.

“Uncle I am here to visit you.”

“Coughs…so it is the little lass from Yunsen Family ah…you live so far away and still come to visit me, really am thankful.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa really starts to pretend to be sick, making Liu Yi start to sweat.

This old fellow really has no moral integrity!

“Uncle don’t treat me as an outsider. I and Little Rika are as close as one’s hands and feet. Her father is also my father. Although the older generation between our families has contradicting views….but us younger generation do not wish to be involved among it.”

“I understand, I understand. If only Oishi that fellow is able to think like you, that would be great.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa lets out a sigh, “It is a pity that that damn old foggy had disappeared to gods know where and no one is able to find him.”

“That…uncle, I know that uncle likes to drink tea. Thus this time around I brought the best tea leaves from my house uncle please accept it.”

Yunsen Ameki’s etiquette is very thorough, even if she is simply at that last minute coming over to find Little Rika to have a chat, she still brings a present.

“Really let you spend.”

“Not at all, not at all. It is just a small thing not worthy of respect.”

The two of them exchanges pleasantries for a while and just as Wakabayashi Shimokawa is about to find a reason to make Yunsen Ameki leave, a Yamaguchi Group person suddenly runs in front outside, “8th generation Head! Hino Wakatsuki and Tetsu-shi Family, Tetsu Dansei Shacho is requesting for a meeting!”

“Tetsu-shi Family people again, are they done or not!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa is unhappy as he sneers, “This place is not suitable. Little Chenjun bring me to the guest room to meet them. Little Rika you accompany Miss Yunsen properly. Forgive me for taking my leave first.”

“Uncle go and do your own things. I’ll be fine with Little Rika accompanying me.”

“Okay then.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa immediately hurriedly departs. Liu Yi who is behind the room is starting to feel anxious.

Damn it…isn’t this sabotaging me! You should also think of a method to bring me out as well ah!

The display room is sealed up quite well and there is not a single crack. Even if Liu Yi wished to transform into a butterfly and fly out it is also not possible.

While at this moment Wakabayashi Rika is chatting with Yunsen Ameki outside, thus Liu Yi can only go and look at those armor in boredom.

The armors seem to have been collected for a long time and are very ancient. On top of them carries a surge of chill.

I must say they are indeed damn cool.

Especially that golden red armor at the center, it is like a small sun attracting Liu Yi.

He walks over and subconsciously stretches out his hand and gently touches the shoulder of the armor.

Different from other armor, this golden red God of Fire Armour actually carries a surge of warm!

Could it be that there is really a Fire God!

Liu Yi is slightly curious and lets out a surge of qi towards the God of Fire Armour to see what is hidden within it!

Who would have known that this surge of qi would cause the God of Fire Armour to tremble heavily? After which black red flames emerge and split into several tens of stream and lands on the surrounding armors.

-creaking sound-

Those armors start to come alive one by one. And like they had come to live they stand up from the ground and pulls out their own weapon and points it at Liu Yi, surrounding him in the center.

“Wah, Little Rika what is the sound in the room?”

“Aiyah, it must be the tv was not turned off…”

Wakabayashi Rika’s forehead starts to be covered with some cold sweat. She does not know Liu Yi is doing inside thus she can only sloppily cover it up.

“It seems to be very noise ah…”

“Ah, hahaha…that…actually my father likes to watch anime….”

Wakabayashi Rika wipes away the sweat on her forehead, and coughs, sorry father I can only wrong you.

“Do we need to help him turn it off?”

“Ah, no need, no need. My father is definitely recording it! If we turn it off he will become mad!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately stops the enthusiastic Yunsen Ameki and says another lie.

Big sister Ameki ah….I really do not have any intention of lying to you…

“Ah, this way ah. Then fine then, uncle’s interest is indeed really unusual.”

“Hahaha….he’s old kid…talking about this what does Big sister Ameki wish to find me to discuss?”

“This…is regarding teacher…”

When Yunsen Ameki mention about Liu Yi her face turns slightly red. The two lasses scoot close together and start whispering to each other.

While at this moment the male main character of their talk is confronting a group of armor!

They seem to had the souls of the general during the Warring States periods instilled into them. All of them are holding the unique weapons of that time period. Double blade, katana, glaive, bows and arrows, chains and hammer and so on.

“What the heck…what is going on ah…”

Liu Yi does not know how good is the soundproofing of this display room…right, it does not seems to be good at all, I am able to hear the sound outside clearly ah!

It is a pity that among all of the techniques that I know I do not know Silent Barrier! These armors, all of them seem to be release strength of around 5 stars, this is really unscientific ah!

Liu Yi is feeling gloomy and ask softly, “Everyone why don’t we have a good discussion?”

Liu Yi tries to communicate with the armors.


Several tens of armors immediately move at the same time and swing the weapons in their hand towards Liu Yi. It seems like communication had failed!

-dang, dang, dang-

Liu Yi hurriedly puts on Monarch Armour allowing the weapons to those armors to land on him. The weapons bounce off, creating sparks.

These fellows’ attacking power is not bad. Furthermore is very rhythmic.

But to Liu Yi, it is far from enough!

He must within the shortest period of time and uses the least movement to deal with these armors!

Thus his hands flip over and grab ahold of two black large blades as he stands among the armors.

“Let’s fight babies!”


Chapter 658  [Let’s fight]

Well wonder if this father-in-law will get beaten up?

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