MKW Chapter 657

Chapter 657  [Provoked Father-in-law]

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“You do not know ah, I have waited for this day for an entire 16 years ah!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa holds Liu Yi’s hand tightly. Seeing that old man crying, Liu Yi is slightly unable to take it.

Damn it is there a need for this old man to go so far? It is not like his daughter has no market ah.

“Come, come, come. you are the noble guest ah quickly come into the room! I have a top grade tea leave, come and have a taste with me!”

He pulls Liu Yi along and walks towards a room by the side.

Liu Yi has no other choice but to follow behind him.

While Wakabayashi Rika secretly gives Liu Yi a hand signal indicating to him to change according to the situation.

Since they had come to this stage, there is no other choice.

Liu Yi follows Wakabayashi Shimokawa as well as Wakabayashi Rika to a living room.

In the living room, there is a zataku(low table) in the center. Wakabayashi Shimokawa passionately pulls Liu Yi and seiza by the table. After which he orders a servant to prepare the tea.

“Little Rika ah, you also sit as well!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa looks at Wakabayashi Rika who is standing by the side and says, “Come and entertain the guest!”

“Fine then…”

Just as Wakabayashi Rika is about to sit down, her handphone suddenly rings. She takes a look and it is none other than Yunsen Akemi.

“Ah, father, Big sister Akemi has arrived, I need to go and find her!”

“Hmph, don’t the two of you always meet each other daily!”

Hearing that she is unable to accompany Liu Yi, Wakabayashi Shimokawa immediately become unhappy, “Can’t you just let her come as well?”

“This….father, my relationship with teacher, it is still hidden in the school…”

Wakabayashi Rika thinks rapidly and says, “After all it is a teacher and student affair…if people hear of it, it will definitely be disgraceful…”

“Hmph, so what!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa slaps his tight and says aggressively, “Whoever my daughter likes who dares to say anything! Don’t say if he is a teacher, so what if he is the principle!”


Liu Yi instantly coughs, this old man is indeed overbearing…no wonder he is the head of Yamaguchi Group.

“Enough already father. Give me a bit of respect okay. After Big sister Akemi leaves, it will not be late for me to accompany teacher!”

“Okay, then go!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa seems to really pamper his daughter a lot. Hearing Wakabayashi Rika acting like a spoilt child he lets her off.

When Wakabayashi Rika left, she secretly gives Liu Yi a gaze that means that she will come back as soon as possible.

Liu Yi sits there as he mutters apprehensively, alas this moral quality ah…

Did I forget to check the yellow calendar when I left the house? Why am I so unlucky!

“That, what is this brother’s honorable name?”

“This one is called Liu Dabo.”

“Liu Dabo?”

Hearing this name, the head of Yamaguchi Group is a shock, “Sire is from China?”

“That’s right, I am from China.”

Liu Yi did not avoid his blood identity.

“A china person…this will be somewhat hard to handle…”

It seems like Wakabayashi Shimokawa is not that shocked. Instead, he stretches out his hand and strokes his beard.

“Hard to handle? What is hard to handle about?”

“The thing that is hard to handle is the position of the future head.”

As Wakabayashi Shimokawa stroke his beard he says, “To tell the truth, I have two children. One is Wakabayashi Ryo, the big son who fails to live up to expectation. The other is Little Rika who is the daughter whom I dote on the most. His character won’t do, it is too gloomy and does not have any tolerance which is not suitable for taking over my position. Thus since young, I have placed my thoughts on Little Rika and keep grooming her to try and let her inherit my position.”

“Although I am an outsider I still wish to say.”

Liu Yi cannot help but interrupt. “What I want to say perhaps it will be somewhat unpleasant to hear. But I feel like uncle your way of grooming might not be suitable for Little Rika.”

“Actually this point, I also sense it currently.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa lets out a sigh, “For 16 years I see other people’s daughter all have a boyfriend while my family Little Rika is feared by everyone…I feel like, I am wrong…”

What the hell, what are these thoughts?

In China, the parents do not wish for their daughters to get married early!

“Right now I finally understand that Little Rika is not a man but a girl. As a girl even if she is going to inherit my Yamaguchi Group in the future but she does not have a guy who will love and pamper her what is the point? My wife has already died young, only leaving behind a daughter and son. Right now I am in a position of power but I still cherish the past where I drank tea with my wife. Alas…perhaps I have really become old…”

“Then what does uncle plan to do now?”

“I plan to let my wife’s husband inherit the family business. He does not need to do many things. He just needs to be willing to assist my daughter that’s all.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa smiles faintly, “The real person in control will still be my precious daughter. But I need a guy to give her support in the public view that’s all. But since sire is a person from China this position is also not good to pass to you. Even if I agree perhaps the rest of the brothers in the group will not agree.”

“I also do not have this plan. I believe that the relationship between me and Little Rika can be considered as free love.”

Liu Yi says without any trace of politeness, “Hope that Yamaguchi Group will not intervene with it. If you really wish to forcefully intervene then I will also not  resigned to one’s fate.”

“Good fellow you are very courageous!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa glances at Liu Yi and says, “I am becoming more and more interested in you!”

“Sorry but I am not interested in guys.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa had just drunk a bit of the tea that the servant had prepared. Hearing what Liu Yi says he nearly spray out the eat, “Coughs, don’t misunderstand I do not have that meaning!”

He coughs a few times and immediately says, “Please don’t misunderstand, I am still very supportive of you and my daughter’s relationship. But I am slightly suspicious. After all, she is my biological daughter. What her nature is, her temper, I can be considered as quite understanding of it! She will not fall for an ordinary person! Of course, it is not me looking down on you but you are only a small teacher…why would she like you?”

“Uncle what you said is wrong.”

While Liu Yi swirls the tea in his cup his lips curl up, “I feel that the worth of a guy is not on his identity. In China there is a good saying, ‘don’t bully a youngster for being poor’. Perhaps right now I am only an ordinary teacher but I have confidence in my heart. As long as a guy has confidence in his heart as well as dream. He will be able to continue working hard. That way this guy will be a very attractive one.”

“Your saying is indeed beautiful. But to my daughter just talking beautifully is not enough.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s gaze is flicker as he looks at Liu Yi, “Say it just what ability do you have!”

“I do now have any ability. Actually I myself am also very curious what does Little Rika likes about me.”

Liu Yi smiles cunningly, “This question uncle should actually ask your daughter right?”

“You fellow…”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa glares, “You are the first person who dares to say such kinds of things to me!”

“In my china, there is a saying, ‘a brave person has nothing to fear’. I do not have any other ability, but at the very least I will never fear power.”

[TL: hmmm…]

“What a good ‘a brave person has nothing to fear’.”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa drinks the tea, “I seem to know what my daughter likes about you.”

“Actually there is no need for uncle to be so worried. The two of us had just gotten to know each other. We still do not know about the future.”

“How dare you! Could it be that you dare to renege?!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa placed down the teacup as his eyes glare at Liu Yi. He blows out his beard as he roars in anger, “You think that my Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s daughter is a good, not satisfied and you want to return it?”

“This…don’t have ah….”

“Hmph! Let me tell you don’t think that I am unable to see it that you had already taken my daughter, right?”


Liu Yi’s hand that is holding onto the teacup trembles slightly.

“My eyes definitely will not lie to me! When a girl turns into a woman, there will naturally be a lot of places that will change! You damn fellow had taken my daughter. If you dare to dump her midway, even if I use all of Yamaguchi Group’s might, I will cut you this fellow into 8 pieces and toss them into the sea to feed the fishes!”

When Liu Yi hears what he says, he becomes unhappy, “Uncle, in my entire life what I hate the most is other people threatening me.”

He snorts as he clenches the teacup in his hand, “Don’t say if uncle is the head of Yamaguchi Group. Even if uncle is the king of Japan I will also not be afraid of your power! If our feelings in the future are really at odds I will also not forcefully be together. So, uncle, you can just save your strength.”


[TL: Damn it!]

Hearing how Liu Yi oppose him tit for tat, even though Wakabayashi Shimokawa really wishes to have a son-in-law, current he is unable to sit still.

After all, he is the head of Yamaguchi Group. When had he been taught a lesson by a youngster!

“Good fellow you are rather daring eh!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa stands up as he stretches out his hands from within his clothing, exposing hard muscles. “Looks like if I do not teach you a lesson today you really do not know how high the heavens are!”

“Uncle I do not wish to bully old people ah.”

Liu Yi is calm as he changes into a cross-legged sitting posture as he smiles merrily and looks at Wakabayashi Shimokawa.

“Old people? Then I’ll let you this stinky brat get to know my this old man’s fists!”

Wakabayashi Shimokawa punches towards Liu Yi’s face ferociously!

It seems like it is only to teach Liu Yi a lesson, thus his fist did not carry much strength.

If this fist hits Liu Yi’s face at most he will only have a nosebleed.

While Liu Yi did not dodge. Instead, he only picks up the teapot by the side and splashes the hot tea water inside towards Wakabayashi Shimokawa’s hand!

If this hot tea water really splashes onto the hand it will be quite badly scalded!

Wakabayashi Shimokawa got a shock as he did not expect that Liu Yi would execute such an unconventional gambit like using tea water to force him to retreat.

He withdraws his fist and retreats a step and re-evaluates Liu Yi.

“Good fellow you are rather smart! But fighting at close quarters only the courageous win! I shall beat you up until you apologize!”

He takes large steps and walks over.


Chapter 657  [Provoked Father-in-law]

Well wonder if this father-in-law will get beaten up?

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  1. I like this guy…. well, admire would be a better fit but saying “I admire this guy” just doesn’t have the same feel when you say it out loud. Liu Yi is definitely in the wrong, so I don’t blame the old man for being mad at him. A woman should never be treated as “goods”


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