MKW Chapter 655

Chapter 655  [Who is a demon]

Do take a look at Serious note if you had not read it yet


Under such a dense hail of bullets, Uncle actually rushes out!

He will definitely become a sieve ah!

While a black battle armor instantly covers Liu Yi’s body. This battle armor is not Monarch Armour, instead, it is similar to the full-body battle suit that the Americans were wearing back then. The exterior seems to have referred to the Iron Man. Liu Yi feels slightly gloomy. After he had put on the full-body armor, he basically does not need to wear a mask. My head must have short-circuited.

The battle armor is formed from the powers of Vacuum Cleaner, thus it’s defense and absorption is very powerful.

-Ting Ting-

The bullets land on battle armor causing sparks to fly out!

The red sparks keep exploding out from the armors but Liu Yi is safe and sound. He raises his handguns and starts walking around the taxi.

Every single shot from the handgun will take the life of a gunner. Right now he is like a death god, very mighty and also very scary.

“Gods, just what is that fellow wearing?”

“Did Iron-man come?”

Liu Yi’s ability causes the gunners to become afraid like death is looming just above their head.

“Uncle, is damn cool!”

Wakabayashi Rika who is hiding behind the riot shield delightfully waves her hands when she sees how mighty Liu Yi is.

Liu Yi did not care about Wakabayashi Rika’s cheering as he continues to silently attack, killing the surrounding gunners.

Originally it is the gunners who are suppressing them. But in a blink of an eye, it becomes Liu Yi himself suppressing all of them!

The gunners were all shocked as they do not believe this matter.

They were all professional gunners but in a blink of an eye, all of them were badly suppressed by a single man until they can only hide behind their cars! This is a huge shame!

Liu Yi is calm as he aims towards the oil tank of an SUV and fires a bullet.


Instantly that car transforms into a ball of fire, burning those gunners hiding behind it into ashes.

“Damn it, it is a demon!”

“Let me!”

A gunner pulls out an RPG from the car and aim towards Liu Yi and fires it.


The rocket emitting a long tail of smoke heads straight for Liu Yi.

“Go up and meet the gods!”

Seeing the rocket hitting Liu Yi and blasts him into the sky, that gunner instantly smiles in delight.

While Liu Yi only flips himself in the air and pat away the flames before descending. He lands on the ground creating several cracks.


The gunner who fired the RPG is completely shocked.

Liu Yi only shoots him and sent him up to meet the real god.

These gunners came with killing intentions, thus Liu Yi will not be kind-hearted and let them off.

“Save us ah, it is a demon ah!”

Some gunners run to the car hoping to drive the car to escape.

While Liu Yi only slightly bends his wait and leaps into the sky. He leaps over ten meters into the sky, instantly caught up with the escaping car and lands on top of the car hood.

His legs sink into the car hood and pressed the car into the ground.

The entire car instantly flips over because of that. The flips over Liu Yi’s head and smashes into a mountain far away.

The car instantly turns into a fireball as the flames shoot to the sky.

The gunners were stunned, damn it! Who, who on earth is this person! So scary!

“Uncle, uncle you are damn cool!”

The only one who is delighted is perhaps Wakabayashi Rika. She is almost dancing and gesticulating for joy behind the riot shield.

While Liu Yi continues to move around shooting this gun. It is like what was sung in that some, every bullet kills an enemy.

While looking at the gunners, currently they are like stray dogs currently thinking of how to escape with their life.

Right now how is Liu Yi like fighting. It is more like cutting down grass!

None of the gunners are his opponent and were killed by him with a single bullet.

Very quickly Liu Yi killed off all of the gunners cleanly except for one. That gunner is kneeling on the ground with a completely pale face. He no longer has any will to resist.

Liu Yi walks in front of him and lifts him up by his collar, before asking coldly, “Speak. Who is the one who sent you.”

Liu Yi wants to inquire out the mastermind behind this, thus he left a single survivor.

“I…I do not know…”

Although the gunner is very afraid of death he shakes his head and says, “I do not know anything… just kill me!”

Since the task had failed, even if he goes back he will also die.

Since I am going to die, might as well die straightforwardly.

“Very well then. It is your choice.”

Liu Yi knows that these gunners view death as a returning to home and he might not be able to obtain any information from them. Thus he just fires a shot at that gunner’s head, blasting apart his head and tossed away the headless corpse.

All of the gunners were dealt with, not a single one is left. Liu Yi also does not wish to let anyone survive and go back to report.

My identity must be kept strictly confidential.

“Uncle you are very capable ah…”

Seeing all of the enemies got exterminated as well as the entire ground covered in blood and corpse, not only is Wakabayashi Rika not afraid, she happily runs over and looks at Liu Yi in worship.

That unparallel armor is really damn cool!

Liu Yi says with some hidden meaning, “Didn’t you just try out how powerful I am?”

“Uncle! You are so annoying!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s face is red. After which she says, “Just is this power of yours, teach me okay!”

“Cannot be taught.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders,  “Do you think that it is like the vampire power of yours, just a bit and you will have it?”

“Damn it…uncle is really stingy!”

Wakabayashi Rika does not seem to believe as she crosses her arms and pouts in dissatisfaction.

“Why would I lie to you. Talk about this, are you able to guess who wants to kill you?”

“Where can I go and guess ah, there are too many people who wish to kill me!”

Wakabayashi Rika shrugs her shoulder, “Even my older brother Wakabayashi Ryo also wishes to kill me.”

“Why? Isn’t he, your older brother?”

“He indeed acknowledges that he was my older brother until I took advantage of him being asleep and secretly uses 502 and pour into his ***.”

[TL: 502 is a type of super glue. as for *** I would say it is his little brother.]

Wakabayashi Rika smiles very weirdly making Liu Yi cannot help but shiver.

What the heck…this lass….is such a demoness!!!

Comparing me to her, I am basically a kind little lamb ah!

“Forget it. Since you are unable to guess it then don’t guess. I’ll clean up the battleground then send you back home.”

As it is almost time for the classes to end and Yunsen Akemi still need to pass by here, Liu Yi does not wish to let her see such things.

Wakabayashi Rika looks at the surrounding bitter battleground and asks, “How to clean up ah? There are so many corpses…as well as blood and the likes…”


Liu Yi smiles finally and stretches out his right hand.

From his palm, an enormous turtle head flies out and open it’s mouth. A super powerful suction force is immediately released!

Everything in the surrounding is instantly sucked towards Liu Yi’s palm. And in less than two minutes of effort, all of the surrounding corpses, blood and cars were all sucked into the turtle mouth by Liu Yi.

The powers of Vacuum Cleaner is the best to clean up the battlefield.

“What a powerful turtle head ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but rueful making Liu Yi sweat instantly.

[TL: turtle head also means dick head]

Damn it why is it that the things that she says always give off a different meaning!

“Okay, we should also go back.”

Liu Yi especially leaves behind a car and boards it with Wakabayashi Rika. As he turns on the car he asks, “Right now you should also tell me the things that you know right?”

“Hehehe…uncle…actually Uncle Oishi’s matters….I am also not that clear about it…”

“You are playing with me?”

Liu Yi drifts and nearly swings Wakabayashi Rika out of the car.

“You gargantuanly accused me wrongly!!!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately grabs hold of the car handle and then cry out, “Damn uncle it is not like I said that I do not know anything! The two of us are also considered as people who had been through thick and thin together! You still do not believe me?”

Liu Yi says ruthlessly, “Sorry, but I am still suspicious towards every single Japanese.”

Wakabayashi Rika ask unhappily, “Based on what!”

Liu Yi did not conceal anything as he says while driving, “Because you guys invaded us before and right now still do not agree, furthermore are still coveting for our territory.”

“Oi, oi, uncle you are too unfair like this okay!”

Wakabayashi Rika pouts unhappily and says, “The one invading you guys is not me but my ancestors okay? Furthermore, the things that I do not know why do I need to admit to it? Admit that my grandfather had invaded you guys? This kind of things I also do not know ah…furthermore even if it is true, I will definitely not admit that I am in wrong!”

“Hope that that is the case.”

“Uncle! I had already been completely eaten up by you already, there is no need for you to be so heartless right! You see, I know that you come to Japan with ill intentions but I also did not expose you! If there is a single thing that I am not happy about you, that will be you deceive Big sister Akemi’s feelings.”

“I did not cheat her feelings….”

Liu Yi is a bit unnatural as he looks at the rear mirror and realizes that Wakabayashi Rika is looking at him with glittering eyes, making him look away.

“But didn’t you say that you are suspecting all   people.”

Wakabayashi Rika does not let people off the moment she catches the weak point. “Big sister Akemi is also a Japanese ah. Furthermore, if you guys mutually suspect each other how are you able to love each other? Uncle, you are deceiving Big sister Akemi! Let this miss tell you, Big sister Akemi is different from me. She is very serious about love…if she knows that uncle is lying to her, I believe that….she will never ever forgive uncle in the future.”

Liu Yi captures the main point of what she had said and got back the initiative rights and ask plainly, “Your meaning is that your feelings towards me are just a pretense?”

“Aiyah….uncle…..this is not the main point lah….the main point is that right now we are people who wore the same pants together ah….”

Sweat, now it evolved to wearing the same pants?

Wakabayashi Rika says, “Uncle’s matter is also my matter. To express how loyal I am to uncle, I will tell uncle everything I know. But, the things I understood from Uncle Oishi’s matters, are weird and trivial that’s all. Uncle, do you wish to know?”


Chapter 655  [Who is the demon]

Somehow I am just glad that my younger sisters were not like Rika…

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  1. Liu Yi did not conceal anything as he says while driving, “Because you guys invaded us before and right now still do not agree, furthermore are still coveting for our territory.”<-when your definition of “our territory” is more flexible than rubber, everyone covets “our territory”.


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