MKW Chapter 654

Chapter 654  [Ambush]

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On the taxi, Wakabayashi Rika suddenly asks, “Uncle want to find an opportunity to let me and big sister Akemi serve you at the same time?”

From the rear-view mirror Liu Yi is able to see the strange gaze of the taxi driver. Damn it, it is definitely not that you are thinking ah!

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pinches Wakabayashi Rika’s nose fiercely, “Next time if you speak nonsense again, then I shall punish you!”

“Wuwuwuwu, uncle, you are going to hit my butt again is it…”

Wakabayashi Rika covers her butt and says tearfully, “Very painful ah…pa pa pa is more comfortable…”


Liu Yi nearly vomits out blood, this girl is really a demoness who wants people life!

“You want or don’t want? If you want I will bit by bit make indirect inquiries and make Big sister Akemi accept this matter!”

“Stop messing around…how would a girl be able to accept this kind of thing…furthermore our matter definitely cannot be allowed to be known by her!”

“Uncle, just what is the matter that you are hiding from us?”

Wakabayashi Rika is not an idiot. She is able to infer something from Liu Yi’s sentence.

“This matter I….”

Before Liu Yi is able to finish, the taxi suddenly trembles and stop.

Wakabayashi Rika immediately ask, “What is the matter?”

“Don’t know. The car suddenly died. Really sorry the two of you, perhaps the car is too old already. I will not charge the two of you for this ride. I am really sorry.”

The taxi driver apologizes immediately and then pushed open the car door. He walks out of the car and checks the taxi.

“Forget it, after all my house is not that far from here, let us walk back.”

Wakabayashi Rika looks out of the window before saying, “In front is the residence of my house. Uncle you just send me another stretch it is not that far.”

“Of course I am sending you. You still have not told the things that I want to know.”

Liu Yi pushes open the car door and brings Wakabayashi Rika along and gets off the taxi.

Wakabayashi House is not within the city, instead, it is in the outskirts where a large residence was built.

Currently, the taxi had spoilt in the countryside. Other than trees in the surrounding, it is hills. Golden tree leaves are all over the place which is rather beautiful.

The autumn had arrived while Wakabayashi Rika and the girls are actually still wearing skirts. Really must admire the japanese girls. All of them are really swift and fierce!

Are they really not afraid of the cold?

This question had vexed Liu Yi for a long time.

Wakabayashi Rika excitedly points at a big residence on top of a mountain peak far away and shots, “Uncle you see, that is my residence!”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Your house is really big ah…indeed is an underworld family. How much money did you snatch from others ah.”

“Get lost, uncle it is not like our organization relies on collecting protection fees to become rich.”

Wakabayashi Rika rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Protection fee is only so little money, my Yamaguchi Group engages is several honorable businesses,”

“I know, I am only joking about.”

“Tsk, uncle is the most annoying, only know how to tease this miss! Sometimes I am really curious just who on earth is uncle!”

“This question is too simple already. Right now I can tell you who I am.”

Liu Yi seems to want to satisfy Wakabayashi Rika’s curiosity.

“Really? Then uncle who on earth are you?”

“A man.”

“Damn it ah!” Wakabayashi Rika nearly exploded in anger, “Does this miss not know that you are a man? Didn’t I try it already earlier?”


Liu Yi lets out a wicked smile. Just as he is about to tease Wakabayashi Rika his eyebrows suddenly jump.

“Be careful!”

He immediately takes two steps forwards and pulls Wakabayashi Rika into his embrace before pushing her to the side!

“Uncle what are you doing….”

Before Wakabayashi Rika asks her question, a deafening sound of a gun firing rings out.


A hole is instantly blasted out on the place where they were standing earlier

Wakabayashi Rika is stunned, “What, what is this!”


Liu Yi frowns and pulls Wakabayashi Rika behind the car, hiding from the sniper’s line of sight.

Luckily the oil tank is also on their side. Otherwise, if the sniper bullet hit the oil tank it will immediately send Wakabayashi Rika to meet heaven.

“Why would there be people shooting me!”

After Wakabayashi Rika withdraw behind the car. After all, she is a big miss of the underworld and she swiftly calms down. She ponders and says, “Could it be that they are father’s enemies?”

“Looks like you are not that easy to be ah.”

Liu Yi lets out a bitter laugh. He raises his head and instantly a bullet brushed by his ear and hits the ground.

This sniper is definitely a professional. His reaction is actually so quick!

If it was not because I withdraw my head in time, perhaps my head will be blown off.

But….why is that taxi driver safe and sound?

Liu Yi suddenly thought of this question and his expression immediately changes.

“Go and die!”

The taxi driver emerges from the front of the car, holding two handguns in his hands and fires continuously towards them.

-Pop Pop Pop!-

The bullets keep firing out while Liu Yi only flips his hand and a pulls out black riot shield from the air, blocking in front of Wakabayashi Rika.

With the ability of Vacuum Cleaner, Liu Yi really is not afraid of being sneak attacked by this!

-Ting Ting Ting-

When the bullets hit the riot shield, it creates sparks.

“What is this thing!”

The taxi driver assassin’s eyes widen as he stares at the riot shield in front of them.

Such a large riot shield where did he pull it out from?

Damn it! Could this guy be Doraemon?

The taxi driver is an experienced assassin. He does not waste his bullets, instead, he walks towards them step by step.

“I, I feel very strange…”

Wakabayashi Rika sprawls on the ground with a pale face, “I feel like…I am completely strengthless…”

“There is a cross that is emitting light aura from the opponent’s neck.”

Towards this light aura, Liu Yi is rather familiar with it.

Last time when he went to the USA to deal with the military matters, he had come across a holy warrior who possesses this kind of power.

“The power of light…”

Wakabayashi Rika instantly understand, “This kind of power restrains us…dammit, I am only a baron…if I was a Viscount, I would not be so useless in front of that light power….”

Right now she is somewhat exhausted speaking while Liu Yi embraces her, “Looks like it is a person who is very familiar with you guys who take action. Otherwise, they would not have known that you possess the strength of a vampire.”

“Just who on earth is it!”

Anger flashes across Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes, “If this miss gets to know who that person is, I will make sure that he will wish that he is dead!”

“Defend yourself first, dear.”

Seeing that the taxi driver assassin had already walked in front of them and his handgun is about to stretch over the riot shield. He abruptly jumps up and taking advantage that the taxi driver still had not reacted he smashes the riot shield in his hands into the assassin.

How is it possible for an ordinary person to withstand Liu Yi’s strength? Although he is already being lenient that taxi driver is sent flying away. His two handguns fly out of his hands and were grabbed by Liu Yi who had kept away the riot shield.


He instantly squats down as a bullet hits the air once again.

Just where is that damn sniper hiding!

Right now Liu Yi’s Black and white world’s radius is not big enough and is unable to find the sniper who is hiding far away.

But no worries, I still have Little Jade.

{Little Jade, analyze the trajectory and find the location of the sniper!}

{Yes master!}

Little Jade immediately starts analyzing the bullet trajectory. That sniper had fired a total of 3 times, thus Little Jade is able to very swiftly determine the location of the sniper!

In front of Liu Yi’s sight, a small window appears. That window keeps zooming in until the figure of a guy appears in it.

That guy is wearing a black windbreaker as he sprawls on a small hill. He is holding a Barrett and the muzzle is pointing towards this direction.

“Good fellow, he is actually hiding there.”

Liu Yi smirks, “Do you think that I am unable to find you if you hide far away!”

He passes the two handguns to Wakabayashi Rika, “Holds it, defends yourself. You know how to use it?”

“What a joke. This miss already knows how to shoot planes the moment I turned 9 years old!”

“Sweat…then you hold it properly.”

Liu Yi cannot help but to sweat, can this lass not be so wicked when she speaks!

Looks like I really need to teach her the real meaning of shooting the plane!

[TL: in chinese shooting the plane is a slang for masturbate]

[TL: okay rip….so which part is in chinese and which is in japanese???]

Liu Yi’s palm flips again as a black Barrett appears in his hands. It looks very aggressive.

“Oi! Not fair!”

Seeing the Barrett in Liu Yi’s hand Wakabayashi Rika immediately pouts unhappily, “Why are you using such a cool sniper while I am using these two small handguns?!”

“Because a guy does not suit **.”

Liu Yi turns around and stretches out his head before withdrawing it again.


The sniper fires again. Liu Yi takes advantage of this gap and sprawls on the car roof, and pulls the sniper trigger.

Little Jade had already lock-on to the target. There is no need for Liu Yi to aim and the bullet immediately pierced through the sniper’s head!

Perhaps the sniper dies without understanding how is the opponent able to counter-attack against him!

Liu Yi keeps the Barrett and says to Wakabayashi Rika, “Settled, let us quickly leave this place.”

“Perhaps it will not be possible……”

Wakabayashi Rika raises her head from the ground and lets out a bitter laugh, “There are even more people coming over…”

While they are speaking a few Toyota SUV’s charges out violently from the surroundings and come to a trembling stop by the side, surrounding Liu Yi and Wakabayashi Rika within.

People holding guns immediately jumps off the car and starts firing crazily towards them!

Liu Yi immediately pulls Wakabayashi Rika over and takes out the riot shield once again. One side leaning against the car while the other side raising the riot shield, they resist this hail of bullets.

“Looks like they had already planned for a long time!”

Wakabayashi Rika looks through the explosion-proof glass of the riot shield, “To actually dare to bully this miss while I am weak! Tsk, this miss shall make them pay the price in blood!”

She presses her handguns on top of the riot shield and fires twice.

It is a pity that she is unable to aim, thus she is completely unable to hit the gunners who are hiding behind the car.

“Help me help you this once.”

Liu Yi glanced at Wakabayashi Rika, “Remember that you owe me a very large favor.”

Liu Yi stretches his hand and controls the darkness power and placed a black mask on his face blocking his appearance.

At the same time, two handguns appear in his hands. He passes the riot shield to Wakabayashi Rika while he leaps out from behind.

“Ah! Uncle! Are you crazy!”


Chapter 654  [Ambush]

Finally no longer cock-blocked…well maybe a bit since he had to do it quick at the end

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  1. The autumn had arrived while Wakabayashi Rika and the girls are actually still wearing skirts. Really must admire the japanese girls. All of them are really swift and fierce!<-well, japanese girls have been complaining for a long time about that, especially those from the north; it’s just that people expect schoorgirls to wear skirts, so they are not allowed to do otherwise (well, now they can choose between miniskirts and trousers in some schools, but trousers are for the bold ones).

    “Because a guy does not suit **.”<-was it like that in the original, or wordpress filter just works at random?


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