MKW Chapter 653

Chapter 653  [Surging undercurrent]

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“Ah! Uncle!”

Wakabayashi Rika who was sucking happily when she got pushed away from her delicious meal. After which her body got pressed against the cold countertop, she lets out a shocked cry.

“Uncle….what do you want to do…”


Liu Yi presses down Wakabayashi Rika with a hand while his other hand starts searching deep under her skirt and hooks around the elastic of her hot pants.

“But uncle…what is there to eat here?”


Liu Yi pulls his hand down and immediately pulls down Wakabayashi Rika’s hot pants!

The white delicate and soft butt appears in his sight. Indeed this lass is not well-behaved and is not wearing panties again!


Wakabayashi Rika is completely panicky. She did not expect that just for sucking blood she would actually pay the price of herself!

For this transaction, did I profit or make a loss ah!

Liu Yi does not care about what Wakabayashi Rika is thinking of. He is burning with desire and his gun is already prepared to battle and immediately pierces from behind her!


After exclaiming in pain, Wakabayashi Rika nearly cries.

Luckily she practices martial arts and that barrier had already broken a long time ago!

Back then it when she bled quite a bit, she thought that it is because her great aunt came earlier than usual. Later on, did she know that when females practice martial arts, they will damage the obstacle?

But she does not care about all this. Because in Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes, there had never been any guys who are worth for her to pay attention until Teacher Liu Danui appears.

Although this guy had beat her up badly and ignores her completely. This instead seems to create a fantastic appeal and caused Wakabayashi Rika to get close to him.

But he is also a good friend of her best friend. Back then when she knows that the two of them are in love, Wakabayashi Rika was like struck by lightning and had a deep feeling of being defeated!

Her nature makes her unwilling to concede, thus making her entice Liu Yi…

Right now the current me….can be considered as very victorious?

Liu Yi does not know of Wakabayashi Rika’s current complicate thoughts. After he had entered Wakabayashi Rika his Dragon Qi flows into her body and starts curing the pain of the first entry.

Because of this, Wakabayashi Rika’s pain also alleviates by quite a bit.

She sprawls on the counter as her soul and body trembles with Liu Yi’s reloading.

“Uncle….us like this is not right right….I feel like I am letting down Big sister Akemi…”

“Then should I pull out?”

“Don’t…anyways it is fine as long as Big sister Akemi does not know…”

Wakabayashi Rika completely throws caution to the wind, after all…she also wishes to obtain this guy.

While Liu Yi and Wakabayashi Rika are having sex they realize even more benefits.

And that is that Liu Yi had absorbed quite a bit of the blood energy within Wakabayashi Rika’s body.

His spirit vein constitution finally comes out. Wakabayashi Rika as a vampire, her blood energy and Liu Yi’s scattered blood qi had merged together.

But unfortunately, Wakabayashi Rika is not a purebred vampire, furthermore, her grade is rather low. Thus this part of blood energy which enters Liu Yi’s body is unable to allow his blood qi to reach perfection.

Liu Yi estimate that if he wishes to allow his blood qi to become perfect, perhaps he can only eat up his lass Ai Ling…but, lass, just where on earth are you?

Liu Yi had also secretly ordered Medical King Valley’s Huang Jie to help inquire about Ai Ling’s news. After all Medical King Valley’s business covers the entire cultivation world. If there is any news about Ai Ling, he should be the earliest to know.

While Wakabayashi Rika’s blood energy continues to flow into Liu Yi, Liu Yi also did not treat her unfairly. Some of the qi in his body also blends into her body.

As their energy and qi blend together, mutually combining, it causes Wakabayashi Rika to feel like her strength seems to have some improvement.

Just as the two of them is cheerfully dual cultivating, Wakabayashi Rika’s handphone suddenly rings.

After she entered the room, she placed her handphone on top of the counter.

The vibrating sound causes them to become sober at the same time.

“Uncle…it, it is Big sister Akemi who is calling…”

Liu Yi purses his brows. Yunsen Akemi calling Wakabayashi Rika at this moment….this seems to be too much of a coincident!

Are the gods purposefully toying with us?

Right now is a good time to exercise. Liu Yi does not wish to rush to conclude this, thus he orders, “Do not pick it up.”

“But…Big sister Akemi’s character is very obstinate…if I do not pick up, she will keep calling…”

Wakabayashi Rika begs, “Uncle…you don’t move first…let me talk finish with Big sister Akemi okay?”


Liu Yi nods her head before stopping his waist movement and presses his hands on Wakabayashi Rika’s butt.

Only then did Wakabayashi Rika let out a sigh of relief and picks up the handphone and place by her ear.

“Big sister Akemi…”

The one on the phone is indeed Yunsen Akemi. She asks, “Little Rika where are you?”

“I, I am at home…”

Wakabayashi Rika tell a lie as her face slightly turn red and says, “Big sister Akemi is finding me for what matter?”

“Also nothing much. Just that the lessons are ending soon and I wish to go to your house to play.”

Yunsen Akemi’s tone seems to be slightly shy, “Tomorrow we will be going to teacher’s house…I am nervous…and wish to discuss with you what should I prepare…”

“What is there to prepare ah, you just need to go there and it is ….ah!”

Liu Yi suddenly starts moving and thrusts deep into Wakabayashi Rika causing her to let out a shocked gasp.

Yunsen Akemi immediately asks in concern, “Little Rika what is the matter with you?”

“Ah, no-nothing…”

Behind her, Liu Yi starts moving once again causing Wakabayashi Rika to be both ashamed and angered. The hand that is holding the handphone also starts to tremble.

“What is that sound over your side ah? Why is there a pa, pa, pa sound?”

Yunsen Akemi becomes even more baffled.

“No-nothing ah….I am letting the servant in my house giving me a back-knocking massage!”

Wakabayashi Rika thinks swiftly and suddenly thought up of an excuse and immediately says, “The servant used a bit too much strength..just now hit a bit hard making me gasp…”

“This way ah. Then is it very comfortable?”

“Very…..very comfortable..”

Wakabayashi Rika smiles wickedly, “Do you want to give it a try some other day? Wu…”

Liu Yi slaps her butt and that slap sound is very clear.

Yunsen Akemi did not suspect her and agrees, “Okay ah! I do not like the techniques of the massage master in my house. In a while later let me try your house’s.”

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh. This Wakabayashi Rika really likes to spoof ah.

I tease her and she goes and teases Yunsen Akemi.

“Hehe….okay ah….but, in the beginning, it might be a little painful…Wu….so comfortable…”

“No worries, after a bit of pain then it will be even more comfortable!”

Yunsen Akemi is indifferent, “Hearing your continuous moans, it definitely must be damn comfortable right?”

“That’s right….wuwu….really….very damn comfortable….”

Wakabayashi Rika wantonly says it out, after all, she had already laid out a shield.

“Don’t make me have a craving! I will be there in a moment to try!”

“Hehe, okay, okay…ah…so deep…”


“That’s right…pressing the pressure point…press very deep ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika purposefully says it unclearly but Yunsen Akemi does not suspect.

“Mm, seeing that comfortable manner of yours, continue your massage. After school, I’ll go to your house to look for you.”


Only then did Wakabayashi Rika hang up before leaning on the counter to concentrate on enjoying Liu Yi’s ‘acupressure’ massage.

After she hangs up Liu Yi finally says, “You lass is too lacking in integrity!”

“Hehe…isn’t it learned from uncle. Uncle is also very bad. When this miss is having a call you still torment me…”

“I am doing it to test your endurance!”

“Hehe, then what is the result of the test?”


“Then let’s test a few more times then…”

“What the, you lass…”

Because Wakabayashi Rika still needs to return home, Liu Yi swiftly ends the battle.

He senses that the constraint of the past few days had loosened up. While Wakabayashi Rika’s body had already softened as she sprawls there and continues to shiver.

Liu Yi slaps Wakabayashi Rika’s butt and reminds, “Quickly get up. You need to go back!”

“Damn it uncle…after you become comfortable you start urging me.”

Wakabayashi Rika takes a deep breath and allows her body to swiftly restore back to her normal state, “Obviously I am sucking your blood to take advantage of you…but how come I feel that the one who lost out, in the end, was me?”

“What is there for you to lose out. Didn’t your vampire grade increase by a stage?”

Liu Yi ties this waistband as he rolls his eyes.

“That is true….uncle’s strength is really strange, it is actually able to help me…wu, it seems like there is also the blood reason I guess…”

Wakabayashi Rika says, “Right now this miss had already evolved from a normal vampire into a vampire baron!”

“Baron….hearing it sounds really strange.”

“Anyways getting promoted is good!”

Wakabayashi Rika also puts on her hot pants and rearranges her skirt. After taking a look at the charming photos that were taken earlier, her face becomes red once again.

“Looks like this photographs can only be a private collection…”

“Later give me a set as well.”

“Definitely not!”

Wakabayashi Rika rolls her eyes, “This miss shall keep for my own!”

“Less nonsense, be careful of my ruler!”

Liu Yi glances at Wakabayashi Rika’s butt scaring her into covering her butt and says feeling wronged, “Oi, oi uncle, we are already like this, can you not bully me anymore okay?”

“You don’t listen then I shall beat!”

Liu Yi laughs mischievously, “After all the feeling is not bad.”

“Damn it…uncle you send me home!”

“Don’t you have your own legs?”

Wakabayashi Rika says in anger, “I don’t care! If you don’t send me back then I will not tell you the secret regarding Uncle Oishi!”

“Fine then, you really have a lot of matters ah!”

“Hehe, this is then my good uncle! Uncle this time around was not exciting. Next time how about we try it at big sister Akemi’s house?”

“Get lost!”


Wakabayashi Rika keeps the photos properly before affectionately wraps her arm around Liu Yi’s arm and walks out of the room with him before leaving the arcade.

The two of them do not know that the moment they leave, a guy playing games in the corner immediately pulls up his collar and says softly, “Target is moving, Hunting Fox please prepare. Over!”

“Hunting Fox received, Over!”

From the hidden earpiece comes a cold voice.


Chapter 653  [Surging undercurrent]

Finally no longer cock-blocked…well maybe a bit since he had to do it quick at the end

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