MKW Chapter 652

Chapter 652   [Drink a mouthful]

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Wakabayashi Rika suddenly kisses like this causing Liu Yi to be stunned for a moment.

Isn’t this lass laughing and joking, she actually kissed me?

This time around it does not seem to be joking around…

Liu Yi cannot help but activate his goodwill eyes and glances at Wakabayashi Rika.

Instantly a large figure appears in his slight.


What the hell is the goodwill eyes make a mistake right?!

99! How is this possible! The two of us only just get to know each other for a few days how could the goodwill be about to enter the good friend’s stage!

Yunsen Ameki goodwill towards me is just 40+ that’s all and it is because I intentionally went about raising it!

Unintentionally raise a seed into a tree. I did not deliberately go and raise Wakabayashi Rika’s goodwill and it is actually so high!

Why can’t fucking Yunsen Ameki’s goodwill also be so high! Wouldn’t everything be fine then!

Could it be that Wakabayashi Rika is really an M? A masochist?

“Uncle come with me to the photo sticker booth to take pictures!”

After obtaining the black car racing card that she admired, Wakabayashi Rika is very delighted as she pulls Liu Yi into a room by the side.

This kind of cartoon type small room is used for taking those kinds of photo stickers.

But it seems like currently there are very few people who play this kind of things. After all the handphone and cameras capability is becoming more and more advanced, it can also able to beautify as well as have special effects. It looks even better than those from a photo sticker booth.

In the past taking photos, there is the victory sign. Later on, there is looking up, as for currently, there is PS…godly development.

“Uncle, come!”

Wakabayashi Rika pouts and says, “I wish to take a picture…”

Liu Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry.

“What the, don’t act like Ameki! You completely do not look like her!”

“Anyways we already said that today you will agree to anything I say, right?”


When this sentence is thrown out, Liu Yi feels helpless.

“Fine then today risk my life and accompany nobleman!” *Chinese*

“Oi, oi! Don’t think that I do not understand Chinese, you use the phrasing wrongly! I am not a guy, how can you say accompany Nobleman! Furthermore accompanying me also does not need you to risk your life!” *Japanese*

Wakabayashi Rika has a certain Chinese standard, thus Liu Yi’s words cause her to be unhappy.

“Coughs, anyways let us go and take the picture.”

Liu Yi pulls open the photo sticker booth door.

Right now there are no other people, thus there is no need for the two of them to queue up.

Wakabayashi Rika walks in afterward and closes the door along the way.

Liu Yi subconsciously asks, “Why, why did you close the door…”

“Uncle what are you afraid of. It is not like this miss will eat you!”

Wakabayashi Rika licks her lips, “Although Uncle seems to look very delicious…”

“Damn it, you damn vampire!”

“This miss is of the noble race okay!”

Wakabayashi Rika rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Anyways closing the door is to prevent other people from disturbing us taking photos! Uncle why do you always think so wickedly!”

“Wicked your sister!”

Liu Yi is helpless and can only allow Wakabayashi Rika to be impudent.

It is not like he does not wish to bicker but bickering is pointless.

Today is this lass’s stage, just let her be happy then. If she is happy perhaps she will tell me more things.

Who asked me to have things to request of her!

“Uncle let me first chose the template!”

Wakabayashi Rika sprawls on the screen and chose the template.

She is naturally still wearing that short skirt as well as black skin-tight hot pants inside.

Don’t know if she is wearing underwear today…anyways the curve on her butt is very clear.

The butt is very alluring making Liu Yi feel aroused.

Talking about this, this lass does not seem to be any inferior to Yunsen Ameki, instead, both have their own merits.

It seems like she does not that Liu Yi’s gaze is fixed on her butt as she focused on picking the template.

On these matters, all girls are the same, they all choose very meticulously.

After choosing for an entire 10+ minutes, Wakabayashi Rika finally confirmed on a set of slightly gothic style template.

“Uncle let us start!”

Wakabayashi Rika pulls Liu Yi over and stands in front of the camera and keep posturing.

Liu Yi is like a wooden block not moving to allow Wakabayashi Rika to move him.

“Aiyah, uncle can’t you take the initiative on your own!”

After taking a few pictures, Wakabayashi Rika is slightly dissatisfied, “Why are you like a wooden block ah!”

“This…I have never taken this kind of thing before ah…”

Liu Yi is slightly embarrassed and feels somewhat girlish.

“Hehe…this way ah…why don’t we take a few special ones?”

Wakabayashi Rika suddenly lets out a wicked smile.

“What if  it got licked out?”

Liu Yi asks in worry, “Let’s not take any nude photographs okay?”

“Aiyah! Perverted uncle, who wants to take those kinds of pictures!”

Wakabayashi Rika stomps her leg in anger, “I am talking about taking a more natural color one!”

She opens her mouth revealing a pair of sharp small teeth. At the same time, her eyes turn red in color while black bat wings flap open on her back.

“When others see this, they will definitely think that I am a Cosplaying! Hehe!”

“I feel that this image suits you a lot.”

“Uncle don’t let me be like this alone…can you also change your appearance!”

Wakabayashi Rika asks excitedly, “This way it will be interesting!”

“I don’t want to!”

Liu Yi directly rejects, “You are a monster while I am not.”


Wakabayashi Rika instantly becomes unhappy, “Uncle is too annoying! Not taking any more, let us go back! As for uncle Oishi’s matter let’s discuss it some other day!”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, “You lass. you are threatening me!”

“That’s right, this miss is threatening you, what can you do?”

Wakabayashi Rika crosses her arms like it is guaranteed that she will definitely win Liu Yi.

If he really is a person with dense killing intent, he would have killed me the first day we meet and will not have waited to today.

While looking at this situation, he is indeed very concerned about Uncle Oishi’s matters…

“Fine, take pictures!”

Liu Yi trembles an immediately enters 2nd stage of Dragon Transformation.

A pair of small black wings flaps open behind his shoulders making Wakabayashi Rika exclaim in shock, “Wah, kawaii! Uncle why do you have such kawaii wings!”

“You ask too much!”

Liu Yi glares at Wakabayashi Rika, “Hurry and take the picture!”

“Hehe, but this miss suddenly feel like uncle has become very delicious…”

Sensing the dragon blood in Liu Yi, Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but lick her lips, “Uncle…that…can you agree to a matter of mine?”

“What matter?”

Liu Yi suddenly has a bad premonition.

“That…I wish to suck a bit of uncle’s blood ah…”

“Not possible!”

She actually made such a rude request! How is that possible!

“Why not ah!”

“I have anemia.”

“Oi…uncle don’t be so fake ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika stomps her feet unhappily, “Just a little bit, just a little bit okay…”

“Cannot! Your taste is too heavy, to actually want to suck my blood!”

Liu Yi gives Wakabayashi Rika a disdaining look, “Why don’t you just buy pig blood and drink?”

“How is that the same ah uncle!”

Wakabayashi Rika keeps stomping her foot and is almost about to cause an earthquake.

“You just promise me ah! It is not like it will cause you any harm! Uncle is so powerful it is not like I am able to turn you into my blood slave!”

“I only feel that you do not have good intentions!”

Liu Yi indeed is slightly unable to believe this spirited and weird Wakabayashi Rika.

“Why would I! This miss only is slightly unable to control me after smelling your blood…”

Wakabayashi Rika says feeling wrong, “Uncle you do not know that ever since I had transformed into a vampire I never sucked blood…”


“No…I always feel that sucking blood and the likes…is too sinister already…”

Wakabayashi Rika sticks out her tongue, “But this time…I am actually able to smell something delicious from uncle’s blood….I really wish to try it…”


Seeing that thirst in Wakabayashi Rika’s gaze, it does not seems to be a lie.

“Uncle…I beg you…let me have a try okay…”

“Fine then. You can try a bit. But after trying you need to tell me everything that you know.”


Wakabayashi Rika nods her head and becomes delighted as she enthusiastically licks her lips.

“There is no need to be like this right…is blood sucking really that happy?”

“It is not like uncle is a vampire, naturally you do not know the taste of a vampire…”

Wakabayashi Rika sniffs the air, “Uncle should be Type A blood…”

She scoots over as her hands hook around Liu Yi’s neck and her mouth get closer and closer to Liu Yi’s neck.

“Wait a minute…”

Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and pressed against Wakabayashi Rika’s forehead.

“What is the matter uncle?”

“Be gentler…I am afraid of pain…”

“Tsk! Uncle, you are a man okay!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes suddenly twirl and then she lets out mischievous laughter and says, “Relax, there is always the first time…I guarantee to be gentler, just a moment…after which uncle will feel comfortable…”

“What the, do you have to say it so wickedly?”

“Don’t believe, after uncle tries it you will know…”

“Come on! Go for broke!”

Liu Yi withdraws his hand and exposes his neck.

Wakabayashi Rika’s small mouth immediately kisses his neck before her fangs pierce through Liu Yi’s skin and skins into his flesh biting on top of the blood vessel.

Liu Yi really did not sense any pain, instead, there is a numb feeling spreading out from his neck.

After which his body seems to be lit up by something as a fire starts burning in his abdominal!

His lower body starts standing up and presses against Wakabayashi Rika’s leg.


Wakabayashi Rika’s gaze is slightly blurred like she is sucking very happily.

-dragon roaring-

Liu Yi lets out a dragon roar as the dragon blood in his body seems to be on fire.

Dragon Nature **!

The unique point when a vampire is sucking blood is that their teeth will secrete out a type of venom. This venom is like super strong aphrodisiac making the person whose blood is being sucked feel aroused!

Wakabayashi Rika is also the same. Her venom causes Liu Yi to fall into arousal! Especially when dragon blood is also excited as well, it causes Liu Yi’s rationality to swiftly whittle away!

Damn it…just what did this lass do to me….

Liu Yi is no longer able to restrain himself. The restraining from the past few days are already about to cause him to fall apart!

He immediately pulls Wakabayashi Rika up and presses her against the surveillance camera!


Chapter 652  [Drink a mouthful]

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