MKW Chapter 651

Chapter 651   [Heaven-defying Little Jade]

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Liu Yi chooses an ordinary racing car.

“Just this car of yours and you still wish to win my Phantom R?”

The racing car in his card is a professionally modified car. Winning the opponents rubbish car will be a simple matter!

“Uncle….this kind of car….can it or not?”

Wakabayashi Rika is also slightly suspicious as she asks.

“Calm down, After I win money I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Liu Yi looks at the gaming screen.

The two race cars are side by side waiting for the signal light. The one on the right is Liu Yi’s car. It is both small and tattered and cannot be compared to the professionally remodeled race car by the side. But all of this is not a problem.

Liu Yi orders Little Jade, {Little Jade adjust the race car data.}

{Understood master.}

Little Jade stretches out a thin almost invisible fiber thread out from under Liu Yi’s feet and connect to the gaming machine.

After which the race car data got pulled out.

Liu Yi takes a look. It is a race car called Blaze S4. Its top speed is 180 km/h and the rest of the data is very low. To the point where it does not even have NOS boost!

While looking at the yellow head Phantom R, it’s top speed is 260 km/h, and the acceleration speed is way above the tattered car of Liu Yi’s. All the rest of the data is also very high.

But this does not pose a problem for Liu Yi. He orders Little Jade to start changing the data of his racing car.

{Little Jade. Raise the top speed to 300 km/h, raise the other values as well. Also equip a nitro boost….}

{Understood master. Modification in progress, modification complete!}

The super ai is indeed very powerful, the modification time takes less than a second!

“Come on! Prepare to take off your pants!”

The green light lights up and the yellow head immediately steps on the accelerator and snatches to drive out first.

While Liu Yi’s reaction is slow. By the time he had pressed the accelerator, the yellow head had already driven far away.

“Hahaha, just this bit of standard and you wish to compete against me, seeking dea….”

Before the yellow head can finish, Liu Yi’s car is like a raging wild bull and flies by his car and very quickly toss him far away.

“What? How is this possible! What is this acceleration speed!”

The yellow head’s eyes nearly pop out as he stomps on his accelerator and chases behind Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi’s car drives very quickly and he is unable to catch up at all!

“Damn it! Did the values come out wrong! When had the Flame S4 had such acceleration speed!”

Seeing that his car is getting thrown further and further away, the yellow head got anxious and pressed the NOS to gain speed!

Instantly the back of his care emits to blue flames and he starts to pull closer to Liu Yi’s car.

“Hahaha, I still have NOS! Just based on you and you wish to win, dream on!”

Wakabayashi Rika also starts to become worried as she presses against Liu Yi’s arm, afraid that he will lose.

Liu Yi only smiles faintly before pressing the NOS button by the side.

“Bake, when has that broken car of yours had N…”

The yellow head’s eyes widen because behind Liu Yi’s car exhaust suddenly appears and erupts out with 8 eye-catching blue flames!

Liu Yi’s car instantly shoots away and instantly pulls a wide distance apart from the yellow head.

“You are cheating!” The yellow head fall apart, “How is it possible for that car of yours to have NOS! This is not possible!”

“Don’t renege on your bet when you lose.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Which eyes of your saw me cheat? Furthermore, how do you cheat on this kind of things? You, cheat for me to see?”


The yellow head is venting his anger as he watches Liu Yi finish and take the win.

“I am not convinced! Again!”

This time around he also chooses the Flame S4 like he really thought that this is a godly car.

Liu Yi also does not mind as he smiles and continues to race.

Both are S4 but the one in Liu Yi’s hand is the god car! While the one in the yellow head hands it is a trash car which top speed cannot exceed 180!

This round he is unable to even see Liu Yi’s shadow and had lost!

“Ahhhhh! Just what is going on!”

The yellow head is about to go crazy as he changes to another smart card.

“I have a car with better stats, I am not convinced, I want to continue competing!”

“Okay ah, but not anyone can compete against me.”

This time around it is Liu Yi’s turn to smile, “One round 50k yen if you don’t have then scram.”

“5, 50k….”

Hearing this figure the yellow head got frightened.

50k yen in China would be around 3-4k yuan. To a person who plays games daily, it is a rather large figure.

“If you don’t dare then get lost.”

“Who says that I don’t dare!”

The yellow head turn ruthless and pulls out 5 10k yen bills and slaps onto the stand by the side and says loudly, “You better not regret this round!”

He takes back the earlier smart card and changes to another one.

Those people by the side who are watching the show, seeing the black smart card in the yellow head’s hand they start exclaiming, “Gods, it is the Skyfall A1!”

“Skyfall A1, to actually be able to see this legendary racing car card!”

Seeing the black card in the yellow head hands, Wakabayashi Rika becomes perturbed.

She tugs Liu Yi’s arm and says, “Uncle…let us not compete…”

“What is the matter?”

Liu Yi looks at Wakabayashi Rika not understanding what is going on, is that black card really that scary?

“That….is this car racing game highest grade car.”

Wakabayashi Rika is slightly envious as she looks at the black card in the yellow head’s hand and says, “Just the speed is 400 km/h… it is without equal…we are basically unable to win one…”

“Hahaha, you are afraid now!”

The yellow head lets out a laugh in delight, “But now it is too late to escape! Escaping equals admitting defeat that 50k yen belongs to me!”

“Hmph, dream on!” Wakabayashi Rika roars in anger, “This miss says not competing who dares to threaten me, I am…”

“Of course we are competing.”

Liu Yi suddenly speaks up and breaks what Wakabayashi Rika’s sentence, “But the stakes need to be changed.”

“Oh? How you want to change?”

The yellow head ask immediately, while Liu Yi looks at Wakabayashi Rika and points at the black card and ask with a smile, “Little Rika you want that black card?”

“Of course I want, that is the Skyfall A1 ah! Who does not want!”

Wakabayashi Rika nods her head.

“Mm, okay.”

To curry favor with Wakabayashi Rika, he pulls out a stack of yen notes, all of them is 10k denominator.

“Here are 300k yen, I’ll bet on the black card in your hand.”

Liu Yi says out something shocking, “If I lose, this 300k is yours. If you lose that black card is mine.”

Liu Yi’s stakes moved the yellow head’s heart slightly.

Isn’t this idiot sending me money!

He did not hesitate and immediately agrees.

“Good, you better don’t renege!”

“Whoever who renege is the grandson.”

Liu Yi clucks, this fellow had bitten the bait.

“Hahaha, then let us compete! I’ll make you lose all of your family fortunes this time!”

The yellow head seems to have already won as he laughs, “My Skyfall Ai is the best car in this game and had never been defeated before! Below it, the fastest car is only 300 km/h which is 100km slower! Let me see how you can wine me!”

“Let us see then.”

Liu Yi sits on the seat calmly and calmly chose the Flame S4 and line up side by side to the yellow head’s powerful looking black car.

“Uncle…do your best…”

Seeing how teacher is doing his best for her, Wakabayashi Rika is touched in her heart.

So…teacher also has a warm side ah…

“Prepare to go back crying!”

The moment the green light lights up, the yellow head immediately step on the accelerator and the car shoots out like the wind!

While Liu Yi is calm. He drives the S4 and pushes the button by the side.

The S4 is like a transformer as a black tank barrel emerges from the hood of the S4 and aims at the A1 far away!

“What the hell! What is this!”

“Oh my gosh is this a tank?”

Seeing the tank barrel emerging from Liu Yi’s car a lot of people exclaims in a sock.

The yellow head also starts sweating from the fright. This is a fucking racing car, not a war game okay!

Liu Yi is calm as he lets Little Jade aim at the Skyfall Ai before pressing the start button.

-sound of cannon firing-

A violent fire serpent sprays out from the tank barrel and hit the Skyfall Ai!

The Skyfall Ai transform into a fireball and rolls out of the tracks


The yellow head sits there in a daze as his sweat covers his entire clothing.

Liu Yi drives the car slowly through the finish line and turns around and look at the yellow head and says, “This card belongs to us now.”

He stretches his hand towards the black card and prepares to pull it out from the card slot.

“This, this does not count!”

The yellow head immediately stops Liu Yi’s hand and roars in anger, “You are acting dumb!”

“Who is acting dumb?”

Liu Yi looks at the yellow head coldly, “This is the game rules, you lost, now pay up.”

My Little Jade is heaven-defying, don’t talk about this kind of simple game. Even if I am playing an online game, I would still be able to change the server data without anyone knowing.

“Cannot, no one is able to take away my card!”

The yellow head directly turns into a rogue while Liu Yi only sneers before lifting up the yellow head’s body into the air.

The yellow head did not expect that Liu Yi would actually have such a large strength and starts shouting in fear, “What, what are you doing!”

“Little child, I am doing this for your good.”

Liu Yi pats his face, “The one who is standing by my side is the Yamaguchi Group big miss Wakabayashi Rika. What do you think will be the ending of you, playing punk in front of Yamaguchi Group?”

“Ya-Yamaguchi Group…”

Hearing this name, the yellow head’s face completely turns pale in fear.

How would he dare to go against Yamaguchi Group? That is just seeking death.

Damn it, today I am really damn unlucky. Why would I meet with such an unlucky situation ah!

“I, I am wrong…I’ll give you guys the black card…let me off…”

The yellow head looks at Wakabayashi Rika by the side and faintly recalls. No wonder she looks so familiar…I seem to recall seeing her on tv before…

I can only admit that I am unlucky!

In Japan even if they dare to provoke the police, no one dares to provoke Yamaguchi Group. The yellow head obediently hands over the black card and runs off with his tail between his legs.

Liu Yi passes the black card to Wakabayashi Rika and says, “Really did not expect that your title is so good to use. If I had known I would have just said your name and perhaps he would not even dare to let out a fart before escaping.”

“Thank you uncle…”

After Wakabayashi Rika takes the black card she suddenly stands on tiptoe and kisses Liu Yi on the lips.


Chapter 651  [Heaven-defying Little Jade]

What the heck…such an obvious hacking…

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