MKW Chapter 650

Chapter 650   [Who wants to try]

Do take a look at Serious note if you had not read it yet


The dagger was both swift and fierce but is inaccurate.

Just as it is about to stab Wakabayashi Rika’s throat, it slides past and stabs into the wall by the side.


The dagger disappears while a dagger mark is left on the wall while Liu Yi’s expression is ugly.

“Hehe, I knew it.”

Wakabayashi Rika turns around and looks at Liu Yi in delight and says, “Uncle you are unable to take action at all. Although you pretend to be fierce on the surface, your heart is actually still very soft.”

“Who is soft!”

Liu Yi glares, “I am hard. Do you want to try?”

Wakabayashi Rika did not have any timidness as she props up her chest and glares back at Liu Yi, and says, “Okay ah, come on then! I also have the key to the rooftop, let us go up and try now then!”

Damn it…forget it. The rooftop is Yunsen Ameki’s favorite place to go ah…

Although it is very stimulating and looks very interesting…. for the task…. those desires that should not exist, let them all beat it!

Wakabayashi Rika asks again, “Do you dare to come or not?”

“You are the boss, you win!”

Liu Yi can only give her a thumbs up and says, “You should not be called a vampire but a demon instead!”

“Hehe, if you want to call me that, it is also fine.”

Wakabayashi Rika covers her mouth and giggles, “If I am able to steal teacher’s heart so what if I become a demon?”

“You can forget about that. Even if you are a demon, you will not be able to steal my heart.”

“Hmph, there is nothing that this one cannot do!”

Liu Yi did not expect that his heartless words will instead provoke Wakabayashi Rika’s thirst for victory, “Let us wait and see!”

“Then slowly wait…see you, I wouldn’t be seeing you off!”

Wakabayashi Rika tilts her head and looks at Liu Yi before asking, “Really? Then you do not wish to know about Uncle Oishi’s matter?”


“What about me?”

Wakabayashi Rika had already gambled everything for this time rounds battle, even her life!

Liu Yi has no other choice but to yield first.

“Nothing…where are we going, lead the way.”

If I am able to obtain some information regarding Glorious Sun Conglomerate from Wakabayashi Rika’s mouth, it is also good. After all, she is Yamaguchi Group’s big miss. Furthermore, she has a close friend relationship with Yunsen Ameki, she more or less also knows information regarding Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

Everything….is for the task!

Thus, bearing with Wakabayashi Rika for a while should also be fine!

“Aiyah, uncle. You are finally agreeing to this miss already?”

Hearing Liu Yi agreeing delight appears in her eyes.

Liu Yi has an uncomfortable feeling in his heart, this lass….would not do something too excessive right?

“For the entire of today you must accompany this miss ah, you must also listen to my orders! What this missy says you must do! If you dare to resist, hmph, this miss will not tell you anything!”

“You are too much!” Liu Yi says angrily in a low tone, “How can I agree to this kind of matter!”

“Then forget it then,”

Wakabayashi Rika waves her hand, “Since uncle is unwilling then forget it, I am going back home.”

“Wait a minute….”

Endure humiliation as part of an important mission! Endure humiliation as part of an important mission!

Liu Yi, you can do it!

Liu Yi holds Wakabayashi Rika’s hand, “Student Wakabayashi, I agree to you, okay…but your request….can not be too much! Furthermore….it is only for today!”

“Hehe, will not be too harsh. I, this person is very reasonable!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately smiles brightly, her smile is indeed beautiful causing Liu Yi to be dazed for a few seconds.

“That uncle the first request that this miss has for you is that you are not allowed to call me Student Wakabayashi again! You can call me Little Rika!”

“Okay…Little Rika…then where are we going?”

Wakabayashi Rika tugs Liu Yi hands and says, “I know about an arcade nearby! Uncle follow me there and play!”


Already risking my life to accompany the nobleman, isn’t it just playing games, what does it count as?

In the past when I was in junior high school, I frequently skipped lessons to play games! Let’s not mention the rest but Three Kingdom War Record I cleared the whole game ah!

“Hehe, then uncle you piggyback me there.”


Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “I am tired what…uncle piggyback me!”

Wakabayashi Rika seems to know that Liu Yi had thrown caution to the wind today, thus she raises her first ‘shameless’ request.


“Piggybacking me or not? Not piggybacking me then don’t go!”

“Get on then!”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and squats down, damn it, this big miss had found the opportunity to take revenge!

“Hehe, uncle is the best!”

Wakabayashi Rika jumps onto Liu Yi’s back and hooks her arms around his neck and exclaimed in delight, “Hehehe, run horsey run!”

“You are very heavy!”

Liu Yi did not let go of any opportunity to get back at her.

“Go and die, uncle! This miss is only 40kg okay!”

Wakabayashi Rika hammers Liu Yi’s back, “Quickly, horsey run!”


Liu Yi is emitting smoke from his nose, damn it, can be considered as she took advantage of me…

No choice. Everything is for the task!

Liu YI clenches his teeth and piggyback Wakabayashi Rika and jogs out of the school.

Because of what Wakabayashi Rika told the teaching director earlier, even if Liu Yi did not attend classes it is also fine.

He piggybacks Wakabayashi Rika and under the shocked gaze of the pedestrians, he jogs to the arcade.

A lot of the game machines in Japan were rather new. Even though back then Liu Yi is a regular, there is a number that he had never seen before!

Other than Street Fighter and King of Fighters these games that he had seen before, the rest are new.

“Uncle let us play the shooting one!”

Wakabayashi Rika bought a large number of arcade coins and passed a bunch to Liu Yi. After which she pulls him to the shooting game and starts happily shooting the zombies.

Liu Yi watches Wakabayashi Rika play excitedly and slaughter until the screen is completely bloody before he completely understands.

This lass is a violent person!

-Sounds of shooting-

The shooting sound keeps ringing out while the heads of the zombies were sent flying under the high-pitched cry of delight from Wakabayashi Rika. The blood and plasma cover the entire screen!

Good fellow…japanese games are indeed very bloody to the max ah!

But when it reached China it will all be censored….it is such a pity ah.

Liu Yi casually shoots a few times to protect Wakabayashi Rika from being killed by those zombies who are sneak attacking.

As a violent girl, Wakabayashi Rika has an exceptional desire for victory. Thus she chooses the most difficult mode which is the legendary one hit KO kind. But Liu Yi’s gun technique is phenomenal. Along with his unique black and white world, no zombies are able to get close to Wakabayashi Rika’s character a single step.

“Uncle did not see that your *** is so powerful ah!”

After nearly dying a few times, Wakabayashi Rika cannot help but praise Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, damn it, why does it sound so ugly!

“In the future teach me *** okay, uncle?”

Wakabayashi Rika naturally does not know the deeper meaning of what she says, as she turns her head and asks Liu Yi full of expectation.

Liu Yi can only thicken his skin and agrees to it, “Okay!”

“Hehe, I know that uncle is the best! Especially when you shoot it out, it is really too satisfying!”

Liu Yi is about to go crazy, damn it….do you really not know or are you doing on purpose!

The moment he got distracted, a zombie sneak attacks from the back and bites Wakabayashi Rika’s character to death.

“Ahhh! Damn it! Stinky zombie, not playing anymore!”

Seeing that her character had died, Wakabayashi Rika immediately pouts, “Uncle let us play others. Right uncle let us have a car race! The loser has to treat ice-cream!”

She does not care if Liu Yi agrees or not and immediately pulls him over and walks over to a car racing machine.

But there are already some people playing on that machine so Wakabayashi Rika can only stand by the side and wait.

In the end, that person played one round after another. The moment he loses he inserts more coins in and does not have any intention of getting off.

Wakabayashi Rika instantly is unable to take it as her leg stomps on the car racing machine stairs as she glares at that yellow head fellow.

“Are you done or not?”

The yellow head is very in the mood of driving and impatiently says, “Isn’t there another machine by the side?”

“I want to play with uncle do you not understand is it? You played too long already, so get off!”

Wakabayashi Rika was originally the big miss of the underworld thus her temper is really bad. Thus if it is was not for Liu Yi around, she would have pressed that yellow head guy’s head onto the steering wheel!

“Tsk, this is the arcade!”

The yellow head does not care about Wakabayashi Rika’s method, “If you wish to play, win against me first before saying anything else!”


Wakabayashi Rika immediately sits on the other car race machine before saying to Liu Yi, “Uncle wait for me. This miss will win the seat for you!”

“I never play for nothing. 10k yen per round! Loser must immediately pay!”

“No problem! Prepare to lose until you are naked!”

She inserts the arcade coin and starts racing against the yellow head!

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi cannot help but go back into his memories.

He recalls the during the early days when he got to know Xiao Die, she also uses racing games in the arcade to chase away those guys that try to fool around with her.

Did not expect that today I would meet this kind of thing once again.

Liu Yi notices that Wakabayashi Rika’s racing technique is not bad but she is unable to catch up with that yellow head at all.

Especially on the straight course, she completely got overtaken and occasionally managed to win back a bit through the bends and turns. But very quickly she got left far behind.

This yellow head obviously had a car racing card, thus his gaming records had been recorded. The car he uses to race is a high-grade one that had gone through a few modifications.

As for the racing car that Wakabayashi Rika is using it is the most basic car that the system gifted, which cannot be compared at all!

After losing three rounds in a row, 30k yen entered that yellow head’s pocket making him smile until his mouth is crooked.

“Lass you are too lousy!”

The yellow head says in his heart, today I finally met a god of wealth!

“Damn it this miss does not believe!”

Wakabayashi Rika takes out another 10k yen note and prepares to continue competing. But her hand that had just taken out the money is grabbed by Liu Yi.

“Come Little Rika, rest by the side and let me compete for you.”

Wakabayashi Rika is slightly worried as she asks, “Uncle can you do it or not?”

The yellow head also says in disdain, “That’s right uncle, you are already so old you better go back and coax a child, this place is not suitable for you!”

“Haha, prepare to take off your pants.”

Liu Yi clucks before sitting down.

Little Jade activates.


Chapter 650  [Who wants to try]

a bit lost but yeah…

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