MKW Chapter 649

Chapter 649   [Come and kill me]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


For a few nights, Liu Yi was staying at his home cultivating and did not dare to go to Liu Hongxian’s house for a stroll.

The reason is none other than….Liu Hongxian’s great aunt had come.

Even if this kind of matter very gloomy and detesting, there is no other choice. All girls have a physiology phase. Unless Liu Hongxian starts cultivating and changes her 5 Leak body.

[TL: 5 leak body -> 1, cannot be the master of one body. 2, cannot be the head of household. 3, cannot be the master of someone else interest. 4, cannot be an owner. 5, cannot be a saint]

[TL: honestly speak this one is a bit sexist…or you can say completely sexist…]

Thus other than bearing with it, Liu Yi can only endure and placed all of his concentration on restoring his cultivation.

As for Yunsen Ameki that lass, he also temporary cannot eat her nor does he know if Wakabayashi Rika is doing it intentionally or not. Every afternoon, she will always run up to the rooftop to find them.

With this lass around, it is difficult if Liu Yi wishes to eat Yunsen Ameki.

He does not have any other choice but to bear with it,

In front of Wakabayashi Rika, Yunsen Ameki is also too shy to be too intimate with Liu Yi. They two of them can only hold hands and feed each other.

Wakabayashi Rika had also never felt like she is a super 3rd wheel. Instead, she becomes very happy about it and everyday freeloads the food and drinks happily.

In the end, Liu Yi also becomes unwilling to let Yunsen Ameki bring lunch for the three of them.

A day before the weekend Liu Yi also starts to bring his own food to let Yunsen Ameki eat.

After eating the lunch that Liu Yi made, Wakabayashi Rika exclaims in shock, “Wah! Uncle did not expect that your handicraft is so good ah!”

“What is this dish ah…”

This is the first time Yunsen Ameki ate Chinese dishes. The two chefs in her house, one is a Japanese chef while the other is a French chef.

“Nothing much. It is a very simple dish that consists of stir-fried potato, eggplant and green pepper that’s all.”

Liu Yi picks up a slice of fried potato and after blowing it cold, he feeds it to Yunsen Ameki, “They are just very simple household dishes.”

“Very delicious…”

While Wakabayashi Rika is eating another dish, “What is this dish called?”

“Simmer-fried japanese tofu.”

“What? Then why have I never eaten it before?”

“It is a dish from northern China. Of course, you had not eaten it before.”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Wakabayashi Rika who is making a fuss over nothing.

“Not scientific ah, this dish is called simmer-fried japanese tofu! Why it is a Chinese dish?”

“Could it be that Husband Wife Sliced Lungs is made from the lungs of a husband and wife?”

[TL: is it is a popular Sichuan cold dish made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal]

Liu Yi clucks, “Little brat there are too many things that you do not know!”

“Damn it, uncle is showing off again!”

During these few days, Wakabayashi Rika got bullied verbally by Liu Yi. But she does not dare to take revenge and can only glare at Liu Yi before lowering her head and eats gloomily.

Yunsen Ameki lowers her head and says ashamed, “Teacher….so-sorry…”

“Everything is fine, why did you suddenly apologize?”

“As teacher’s girlfriend…I actually made teacher make food for me to eat….it is really not right…I am really sorry…”

Done speaking, she gives Liu Yi a bow.

Liu Yi immediately pulls Yunsen Ameki up and says sternly, “Ameki, my side does not have so many customs. As for cooking, it is the same whoever makes it.”

“But I am teacher’s girlfriend….this should be what I should do…”

“Who is the one who said it? I am definitely not willing to let my big miss cook ah.”

Liu Yi winks at Yunsen Ameki. Hearing what Liu Yi says, Yunsen Ameki’s face turns red again.

“Corny, too sappy already!”

Wakabayashi Rika who is by the side keeps scratching her arms.

“What are you doing?”

“Goosebumps are dropping. I am gathering them!”

“Get lost!”

This lass is really a light bulb.

“Right, tomorrow come here to pick me up.”

Liu Yi gives Yunsen Ameki his address, “There is no need to come too early. The first time visiting your house, I also need to prepare a bit.”

Yunsen Ameki immediately waves her arm and says, “There, there is no need to prepare too much!”

“Why? After all, I am also considered as visiting my in-laws right?”

This sentence causes Yunsen Ameki’s face to turn red.


“There is no need to waste effort!”

Seeing Yunsen Ameki hemming and hawing, Wakabayashi Rika pats her shoulder and says, “Big sister Ameki’s birth mother already died. Right now in the house, there is only a woman that Uncle Oishi had later married! Tsk, just a fox that….as for uncle Oishi, he is usually not at home. You will not be able to see him.”

“So that is the case…”

Liu Yi nods his head, it is basically the same as on the data.

Yunsen Oishi, where on earth are you hiding at?

Perhaps in Yunsen Ameki’s house, there is a secret underground chamber. I can investigate later.

Having other thoughts, Liu Yi no longer has the heart to eat. He only continues to feed Yunsen Ameki.

“Uncle, you cannot favor one and discriminate against the other!”

Wakabayashi Rika who is by the side says unhappily.

“Take a look at what is growing from your shoulders?”

“My hands ah?”

“How many are there?”

“Two ah!”

“Since you have grown two arms, why can you not eat yourself?”

“You, you, you!”

Wakabayashi Rika is so angry as she clenches her teeth and glares at Liu Yi, “Big sister Ameki also   her own hands why are you feeding her then?”

“Because her hand is very delicate. I will feel heartache if she gets tired from eating on her own.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, instantly making Wakabayashi Rika emit smoke from the top of her head from anger.

“Ahhhhh!!! Damn uncle! You are the most shameless person that I had ever seen!”

“Don’t praise me like this. I will be shy.”

“Ahhh! I am about to collapse!!!”

Wakabayashi Rika is completely defeated by Liu Yi’s teasing and does not have a single bit of retaliating.

Liu Yi continues to calmly feed Yunsen Ameki who is red in the face. After everyone is full, they clean up and then go downstairs and continue doing their own thing.

After leaving the rooftop, Liu Yi and Yunsen Ameki immediately stand apart while Wakabayashi Rika immediately hooks her arm around Yunsen Ameki’s arm. She is like a child who had obtained her spoils of war and proudly looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi very helpless and can only disregard her.

He does not have any classes in the after and is preparing to laze about in the office.

But Wakabayashi Rika does not seem to be willing to let off Liu Yi. After sending Yunsen Ameki to the classroom, she runs over to Liu Yi and asks, “Uncle do you want to go with me to the arcade and play?”

Wakabayashi Rika blocks here and asks Liu Yi arrogantly.

“Not going. Not interested.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and prepares to leave.

“Oi, oi, oi. Uncle how can you be like this! Could it be that in your eyes, there is only big sister and not this miss?”

“Never thought about you.”

Liu Yi’s reply causes Wakabayashi Rika to fall apart.

“Why is it, then is this miss ugly?”

“Beautiful, a beauty.”

“Then is this miss not attractive?”

Liu Yi replies honestly, “If it is a guy, you definitely have killing power.”

“Then why do you not like this miss?”

“Because you are not my dish.”

Liu Yi’s reply causes Wakabayashi Rika immediately go berserk once again.

“Do you think that there is no one who wants this miss?”

Wakabayashi Rika feels like her self-confidence had been severely provoked. She stands there and shouts towards the people walking about, “This miss wants to go to the arcade, who wants to accompany me?”

“Me, me, me!”

“I want to go! I want to go!”

“All of you scram, I am the first to come!”

“Not happy? Come and fight then!”

“Damn it! All of you scram for me!”

A group of guys, in the end, to be able to go with Wakabayashi Rika to the arcade and play, are in a mess fighting.

Liu Yi is stunned as he looks at the group of guys fighting each other, is there a need to be so exaggerated?

Too blind already…for such a violent girl, they actually started fighting?

“Do you see this?”

Wakabayashi Rika crosses her arms proudly as she looks at Liu Yi, “There is a large market for this miss! If you do not take action, there will no longer be any chance!”

“What you say is reasonable.”

Liu Yi nods his head, before walking away and shouts towards all of the group of students.

“All of you stop! Don’t fight!”

Most of the students in Japan respect teachers a lot. Of course other than those exceptional problematic students.

With Liu Yi’s shout, those students immediately become obedient and stand to the side of the walkway.

Seeing Liu Yi being angry, Wakabayashi Rika becomes happy. This uncle finally know my worth?

Although he is aware a bit late, at the very least he still becomes aware!

Just as Wakabayashi Rika is about to become happy, Liu Yi’s following sentence nearly causes her this vampire to die from anger!

“How can there be a winner if you guys fight like this? Come, come, come. I will be your judge. The winner will be able to bring Wakabayashi Rika away!”

“Uncle you scumbag!”

Wakabayashi Rika stomps her feet and scolds, “The rest of you scram away! Scram right now!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s prestige is not small. With her shout, all of those fierce guys immediately escape!

Liu Yi won once again and looks at the angry Wakabayashi Rika, he teases, “Aiyah so fierce, be careful that you will not be able to marry in future.”

“Who needs you to care!”

Wakabayashi Rika trembles before turning around and says, “Hmph, if it is not because you want to know about the matter regarding Yunsen Oishi then you would not have come! This miss is…”

Before she is able to finish, Liu Yi instantly appears behind her.

At the same time, a black dagger silently presses against her throat.

“What do you know?”

Liu Yi’s voice becomes very chilling carrying a dense killing intent.

The dagger chillness along with Liu Yi’s killing intent causes Wakabayashi Rika to shiver.

A kind of dying horror pressures down on her…

Scary….really very scary….

At that instantly Wakabayashi Rika really wishes to kneel down and beg for mercy.

But I cannot…I cannot be so afraid of teacher!

If I am afraid, that means….I have completely lost!

The trump card is in my hands!

Thus Wakabayashi Rika becomes ruthless and raises her head, exposing her throat, “If you have the ability…kill me!”

“Go on!”

“Do you really think that I do not dare to?”

Liu Yi frowns lightly as he exerts a bit of strength on the dagger and immediately a line of blood appears on Wakabayashi Rika’s throat.

Wakabayashi Rika trembles slightly but she manages to bear with it.

“If you have the ability then kill me ah!”

She says loudly, “If you are able to then kill ah!”

“You damn lass!”

Ruthlessness appears in Liu Yi’s eyes as the dagger in his hand stabs towards Wakabayashi Rika’s throat!

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 649  [Come and kill me]

So what are the odds she get killed?

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