MKW Chapter 648

Chapter 648   [Third wheel]


How could Yunsen Akemi expect that Liu Yi would actually do a sneak attack?

She is not prepared and got kissed. She immediately lets out a cry as her mind turns blank again.

While Liu Yi secretly takes the lunchbox from Yunsen Akemi’s hands and place it by the side before hugging Yunsen Akemi completely in his embrace, causing her legs to split apart open at his waist.

Because on the back of the bench, Yunsen Akemi has no choice but to clamp her legs around Liu Yi’s waist. Their lower body is basically tightly sticking to one another.

Yunsen Akemi’s hands grab hold of Liu Yi’s arm tightly before kissing him back.

The two of them are very close together allowing Liu Yi to sense the slight trembling of her.

It is this lovable Yunsen Akemi that deeply attracts Liu Yi’s affection making his blood boil.

The deep kiss is very arousing as a warm feeling lingers around them.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and reaches deep into Yunsen Akemi’s skirt and starts kneading her butt which had becomes tighter due to her spread legs.

Liu Yi’s warm palm causes Yunsen Akemi to trembles slightly.

Looks like today not only I will be giving away my first kiss…

Yunsen Akemi starts to trembles in her heart. She is more or less not prepared…but if teacher really wants it…she also does not have any way to stop it….

She feels like she likes teacher a lot…if teacher wants to do that, she is not willing to stop…

After preparing her decision, Yunsen Akemi also throws caution to the wind.

Teacher he….can do whatever he wants to…

Thinking to here, lets go of her tense nerves and attempts to relax.

But Liu Yi’s hand is like it is magical as it caresses her butt and tights. Making Yunsen Akemi feels like her body is becoming hotter and hotter.

A fire seems to be raging in her lower abdominal and then spread to the rest of her body. Itchy, somewhat comfortable but also slightly strange.

What is the matter with me…

Yunsen Akemi’s body is slightly heating up but also strengthless. She can only allow Liu Yi’s hand to roam around her body as he wishes.

Liu Yi does not seem to be willing to accept the current situation as his hand continues to wander.

Very quickly his fingers are pressing against a slightly damp place.

The thong is very narrow, it is basically unable to obstruct. While Yunsen Akemi who is currently feeling emotional, her lower body is already drenched.

That kind-hearted angel had died at that moment.

Liu Yi only has a single thought left and that is to eat Yunsen Akemi up!

His hand keeps making mischief around Yunsen Akemi’s weak spot causing Yunsen Akemi to keep moaning.


“Student Yunsen….”

Yunsen Akemi’s face is completely red as she says softly into Liu Yi ear, “Come, come on…please call me by my name…”



“Can you give it to me?”


Yunsen Akemi’s words make Liu Yi both delighted as well as anxious. Originally he only wished to probes a bit deeper, but he did not expect that Yunsen Akemi will really agree.

He is able to see that Yunsen Akemi is still a virgin. Japanese girls seem to be more open, Yunsen Akemi who is still a virgin is a rarity. Perhaps it is because of her family background.

Liu Yi asks gently into Yunsen Akemi’s ear, “Akemi are you prepared?”

Yunsen Akemi did not say anything but only nod her head allowing Liu Yi to carry on.

Liu Yi also becomes excited as he prepares to pull open his pants and release the little fellow who is just waiting for an opportunity.

But at this moment the rooftop door is pushed open by a person as a figure rushes up.

“Big sister Akemi do you have anything good to eat, I am about to starve to death…”

Her eyes widen as she looks at the two people who are preparing to start a battle on the rooftop bench. For a while, she is unable to say anything.

“Ah! Little Rika…”

Seeing the girl that Yunsen Akemi is stunned for a moment.

Liu Yi is also shocked as he immediately takes off the thong hanging off one of Yunsen Akemi’s leg and silent stuffs it into his windbreaker pocket.

“You guys…what are you guys doing…”

The person who came is none other than Wakabayashi Rika.

She had searched the entire school a few times but is unable to find Liu Yi. Finally, she finds until she is hungry and ran over here preparing to freeload on a meal. At the same time, she wants to tell her big sister Akemi about her matter.

Although she is the big miss of Yamaguchi Group and all kind of people revere her, but she has very few friends. Only two.

One is Yunsen Akemi from Glorious Sun Conglomerate, the other is Ise Mizuko from Ise Clan.

But Big sister Mizuko is already no longer attending the school and there is only Yunsen Akemi left who she is able to speak to.

But she had never thought that Liu Yi who she is seeking bitterly would be on the rooftop….with her most trusted Big sister Yunsen Akemi doing….doing some wicked thing!

“Ah? Little Rika ?”

Liu Yi learns from Yunsen Akemi’s manner of address and says, “I am letting Akemi feed me lunch ah.”

“Right, right…”

Yunsen Akemi immediately nods her head before picking up the lunchbox by the side. She once again picks up a jianbing and feeds Liu Yi.

“The way you guys are feeding is too wicked!”

Wakabayashi Rika looks at the two of them sitting together. Her always obedient and elegant Big sister Yunsen Akemi actually had her legs spread apart as she sits on Teacher Liu Danu’s lap…

This kind of posture…why does it look so wicked!

“I let my girlfriend feed me, does it matter how she feeds me?”

While Liu Yi eats the jianbing he pulls on Yunsen Akemi’s soft *** and says, “I feel that this way can help us improve our relationship ah.”

“Girl, girl, girlfriend?”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Yunsen Akemi and Wakabayashi Rika were in a daze for a moment.

After which Yunsen Akemi’s face turn red. She lowers her head and does not dare to say anything while Wakabayashi Rika trembles as disbelief appear in her eyes.

“That’s right, girlfriend.”

Liu Yi nods his head before standing up silently and placed Yunsen Akemi down.

Yunsen Akemi hides behind Liu Yi and rearranges her skirt.

Her lower body is feeling chilly, my underwear is with teacher…

Recalling what had happened earlier, Yunsen Akemi’s face turns even redder.

Did not think that I would also do such kind of things….so shameful already…

Until now, Yunsen Akemi is still feeling heated up.

“Too suspicious already! This is too weird already!”

Although Wakabayashi Rika sees the two of them kissing, she did not suspect anything else. She walks over angrily, “Big sister! Didn’t your family not allow you to date? How come you are dating teacher!”

“This, this….”

Hearing this Yunsen Akemi also becomes slightly panicky

How long can my love relationship with teacher last for?

My family indeed had always rejected this kind of thing…but I also have the rights to chase after my love…

No matter what I want to be together with teacher!

That’s right, this is my choice!

“Big uncle! How can you fool around with our Big miss Yunsen Akemi!”

Wakabayashi Rika says to Liu Yi with dissatisfaction, “Yunsen Akemi is the big miss of Glorious Sun Cologermate! She is the pearl in Uncle Oishi’s palm! How can you fool around with her? If you are really stifled you can come and fool with me ah!”


Liu Yi who was drinking the flower tea that Yunsen Akemi passed to hear and instantly sprays it out the moment he heard what she said.

Has her integrity died?!

“Little Rika…don’t mess around…”

Yunsen Akemi who have a red face pulls Liu Yi’s clothing edge and says, “Don’t annoy teacher…”

“Is this protecting your food now?”

Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes brighten up before she walks in front of Yunsen Akemi and pulls her hand says, “Big sister, if you wish to live with teacher that is also possible. but you need my to help you guys cover it up!”

“This…can, can I trouble you?”

“Aiyah there is no need to be polite, we are good friends!”

Wakabayashi Rika is smiling devilishly, “Only with my help would the two of you be able to live together. Otherwise, if other people notice…hehe, perhaps your romantic love will have to end.”


Yunsen Akemi is slightly hesitating, but Liu Yi is not an idiot. He looks at Wakabayashi Rika vigilantly.

“Little Rika you will really help us cover up?”

“Of course!”

Wakabayashi Rika nods her head, “It is not like I am really that bad. Furthermore, uncle, you are my m…my teacher what. A teacher and student love affair seem to be very stimulating, hehehe…”


Yunsen Akemi and Liu Yi instantly become speechless at the same time. Just what is contained within this lass’s head?

Wakabayashi Rika blinks her eyes and looks at Liu Yi, “Right teacher. This weekend I want to go to big sister’s house. Do you want to come along as well?”

Hearing this Liu Yi is slightly moved. Go to Yunsen Akemi’s house? This is a rather good idea!

Perhaps I might be able to discover some secret in her house.

I need to try to obtain this chance.

“This, this does not seem good?”

Yunsen Akemi is slightly worried, “If the people in my house know of this…I will be dead…”

“No worries ah. Let’s just say that teacher came over to give us tuition!”

Wakabayashi Rika says confidently, “Don’t forget that uncle has the identity of a teacher! Furthermore, I am also around, I can help you guys cover up!”


“I also wish to pay a visit to your home.”

Liu Yi suddenly says, “As payback, I will let you come to my house to take a look as well.”

“O-okay then…”

Hearing that Liu Yi also wishes to go, Yunsen Akemi did not mention about it anymore.

“Hehe, then it is settled! On the weekend let us go to teacher house to have a gathering! I will be going now, you guys continue! But, the class is about to start already hehehe…”

Damn it, this damn girl!


Chapter 648  [Third wheel]

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