MKW Chapter 647

Chapter 647   [My big miss]


Yunsen Akemi looks at Liu Yi who is sitting on the flight of steps and asks in shock, “Teacher why did you come here so early?”

Liu Yi smiles and stands up while dusting off his butt.

“That’s right I don’t have anything else on so I came here.”

“To actually make teacher wait for me…this is not right…”

Yunsen Akemi says ashamed making Liu Yi feel bad.

Both of them are big misses but Yunsen Akemi and Wakabayashi Rika have two completely different natures.

It is still Yunsen Akemi’s halo which is cuter ah…most importantly she does not wear hot pants!

She is the cutest!

Liu Yi follows behind Yunsen Akemi and watches her open the door to the rooftop and went up to the rooftop together with her.

Seeing how delighted Yunsen Akemi is, Liu Yi suddenly feel like this place seems to be very suitable for a clandestine love affair!

Watching Yunsen Akemi’s skirt slightly moving up and down as well as the white tights revealed below the skirt. At that moment Liu Yi suddenly has an evil thought.

If I use my Amorous Hand as well as the power from Emotion Sword, it seems like I am able to push down Yunsen Akemi ah….

He recalls what Eileen Chang had once said before, ‘If you want to enter a girl’s heart…first you must enter her body.’

Should I also give it a try? This way it seems like the success rate of the task will become higher…

Actually, Liu Yi is itching to get back to China to see his other girls.

The task in Japan is only one thing. He still has other more important matters that need to be done.

Demon Emperor is still waiting for him to seal while little lass had disappeared, waiting for him to go and find!

When these evil thoughts appear, it is really a bit hard to dispel…inside Liu Yi’s heart, the angel and devils are fighting.

The little man jumps onto his shoulders, One with a pair of angel wings the other with devil wings.

{Push her down ah! This is such a good chance why don’t you push her down?}

The devil clucks, {It is a once in a blue moon chance. You possess so many picking up girls techniques why are you not using them! After taking down this girl, not only can you enjoy her you can also complete the task. Such a good matter is basically a win-win situation!}

{Win-win your sister!}

The angel rights his halo above his head before saying seriously, {You cannot use this kind of underhanded methods to chase after girls! Liu Yi, you should use your heart to subdue her! Let her see your heart! Carnal desire and the likes are things that vulgar man do!}

{What you say is right.}

Liu Yi follows his benevolence and intelligence. He pushes aside the devil Liu Yi before preparing to go up and curry favor with Yunsen Akemi.

At this moment a strange wind blows by. Yunsen Akemi lets out a shock why as she pressed down her skirt which flutters up.

This time around, her panty once again exposes itself to Liu Yi’s eyes….Mother ah, today this lass….actually wore a thong!

Thong ah what the heck!

That perfectly round butt cheeks squeezing a strip of white cloth in the center of the crack is really challenging the rationality of a person!

Go to hell angel…

Liu Yi licks his lips and suddenly step forward and hugs Yunsen Akemi from behind.


Yunsen Akemi who was originally ashamed instantly becomes both startled and delighted when she is suddenly hugged by Liu Yi.

The strong male scent from Liu Yi assaulted her heart causing her heartbeat to increase.


She turns around and stares at Liu Yi blankly.

While Liu Yi immediately takes the opportunity and lowers his head and kisses Yunsen Akemi’s lips.


Before Yunsen Akemi is able to say her remaining words, Liu Yi had blocked her mouth.

At that instant, Yunsen Akemi’s mind becomes blank.

My first kiss….was actually given away like this……

But not only did she not fly into rage from humiliation, instead, there is also a kind of sweetness and happiness.

Why does teacher want to kiss me…could it….could it be that he likes me…

So teacher is also a person who likes me….this is really good…it is no longer a one-sided love….

Yunsen Akemi becomes glad but also extremely bashful.

After all this-this is her first kiss ah. Throughout her entire life, this is the first time she had such intimate contact with a guy….

Yunsen Akemi who had never even held a guy’s hand in the past and actually lost her first kiss today!

If it is the Yunsen Akemi from the past, she will definitely not believe that such things would happen…but now, even if it happens in front of her, the guy that she likes is kissing her…

Yunsen Akemi’s mouth is very sweet and delicious to eat. Liu Yi feels like a parched person drinking sweet water.

Furthermore recently he had always been aroused, Liu Hongxian and Lin Tong these two big beauties are in front of him but he is unable to eat either of them, making him very blue balls.

The fire in his lower abdomen is burning up and cannot be dissipated. Furthermore, just now he got toyed with by Wakabayashi Rika, it increases Liu Yi’s desire

He kisses very hard and accidentally causes Yunsen Akemi’s lips to hurt.


Yunsen Akemi lets out a painful groan, clearing up Liu Yi’s mind.

Damn it…am I really going to push her down?

This…is a bit too impetuous already!

Cannot, cannot….I must maintain my rationality….take it step by step…take it step by step…

He finally raises his head and looks at Yunsen Akemi whose face is about to burn up and says, “So, sorry…I was a bit too impulsive…”


Yunsen Akemi actually shakes her head, “No….I am actually….very happy as well..”

This is also the first time she said such a daring word, “So it is actually not one-sided love…but I do have some things that I do not understand…teacher, what do you like about me?”

“What do I like about you ah….”

Girls seem to like to ask this kind of question. It seems like it is in their nature.

Normally when a guy was asked this question, they will have some difficulty to reply.

If you say good things blindly it will appear to be somewhat fake. If you say in detailed, you might not be able to say anything.

No matter it is because you are cute; because you are pretty and the likes, it is like. they are all common reasons and not romantic at all. It will not be able to obtain the favor of the girl.

Liu Yi activates his goodwill eyes and sees the 41 goodwill on the top of her head. Right now is a super good chance to increase the goodwill!


Seeing Liu Yi in a daze, Yunsen Akemi chases for an answer, “Do you like me?”

“Silly lass, because you are my type.”

Liu Yi winks at Yunsen Akemi, “So I cannot help but wish to eat you up.”


Yunsen Akemi’s face turns red. What Liu Yi had said causes her heart to jump about like a startled little doe and her heart is in a mess.

“Oh? Is it the weather is too hot?”

Liu Yi cannot help but tease, “Why is your face so red?”


Yunsen Akemi is startled like a little rabbit. She escapes out from Liu Yi’s embrace and runs to the bench by the side and picks up the lunchbox that she had placed there.

“Let’s, let’s have lunch…is teacher not hungry…”

“Hahaha, okay. Let’s eat lunch first then eat you later.”

Liu Yi licks his lips.

Yunsen Akemi’s face becomes even redder and almost buries her face into her chest.

Ah, of course, that is if she had breasts…such a cute lass, why is she not big ah.

Likely her regrets about her breasts were all made up by her pair of long legs.

After Liu Yi sits down, Yunsen Akemi opens the lunchbox cover and inside it is golden jianbing.

Yunsen Akemi holds the lunchbox and says, “Teacher….Let, let me feed you…”


Liu Yi nods his head, “But twisting your body this way is too uncomfortable already. Let us change to a more comfortable posture okay?”


Yunsen Akemi lets out a startled cry as she got pulled by Liu Yi into his embrace and placed on his leg.

Her skirt is very thin and it is like her butt is sticking on his legs. The shocking feeling and bounce made Liu Yi’s heart to speed up.

Talking about this, this lass is also an extraordinarily beautiful woman in the human realm ah…

If I am not moved, it is really not possible…

Liu Yi senses the softness of Yunsen Akemi’s butt and swallows his saliva.


“I am hungry…”

Liu Yi knows that right now Yunsen Akemi is super shy. He finds other matter to attract her attention and makes her more natural.

“Oh….I, I’ll feed you…”

Yunsen Akemi’s face is red as she raises a piece of jianbing and offers it to Liu Yi.

At this moment Liu Yi finally notices Yunsen Akemi’s hands.

Both her delicate hands are currently covered with a lot of band-aids.

This causes Liu Yi to be greatly shocked as he holds her hands.

“How did this happen? How did you get injured?”

“No-nothing….just that I am slightly clumsy, that’s all…”

Yunsen Akemi’s face becomes red once again as she lowers her head not daring to look at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi suddenly understand, “This jianbings were made by you personally?”


Yunsen Akemi says softly, “Hope that teacher does not mind them…”

“You silly lass ah…”

Liu Yi’s heart is moved as he hugs Yunsen Akemi.

This lass is a big miss ah. When had she entered the kitchen before?

To pamper me she actually went to learn how to cook herself and got her hands injured.

Liu Yi is really touched. At the same time, his heart is even more guilty.

Should I continue to lie to Yunsen Akemi….should I or not…?

“Teacher…let, let us continue to eat…otherwise it will become cold…”

Yunsen Akemi raises her head from Liu Yi’s embrace and lifts up the lunchbox.

Liu Yi looks at Yunsen Akemi gently and says, “Silly lass…in the future don’t make it yourself. Don’t you have other people at your house who cook for you?”

“How can I do that.”

Yunsen Akemi shakes her head and says serious, “Teacher had helped me so much. Personally making food for teacher is the only thing that I can do…”

“Silly lass…”

“Teacher, you try and see if it is delicious or not…”

Yunsen Akemi once against picks up the jianbing and offers it to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi opens his mouth and takes a large bite.

Yunsen Akemi is slightly apprehensive as she asks immediately, “Teacher…how, how is it?”


Liu Yi immediately praises, “It is the most delicious jianbing that I had eaten.”

“How is it that exaggerated ah…this is my first time….”

“Mm, your first time is very delicious.”


“Hahaha, let me feed you as well.”

Liu Yi takes another bite of the jianbing before lower his lips towards Yunsen Akemi.

Yunsen Akemi’s face turns red and is about to receive it when Liu Yi immediately swallows it down and then bites onto her lips.



Chapter 647  [My Big miss]

And how it is Liu Yi’s turn to be shameless

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