MKW Chapter 646

Chapter 646   [Pivate tutoring]


Liu Yi’s head is instantly covered with black lines, damn it what do you mean by gotten pa pa pa by me ah!

Liu Yi is getting annoyed by the crying and berates, “You are not allowed to cry! Scram back!”

While Wakabayashi Rika immediately sniffs as her tears swirl around her eyes but she really stops crying.

Indeed very effective…

Liu Yi suddenly thought that perhaps she is worthy of being taught.

I can be considered as getting rid of a source of calamity for the world. Can this be considered as benefiting humanity?

Alas, I am really a person worthy of admiration. Having neither predecessors nor successors ah…

Liu Yi walks into the school grounds and realizes that Wakabayashi Rika is still staggering behind him. He cannot take it and turn around and says, “Don’t follow me!”

Wakabayashi Rika says weakly, “But….but you still have not taken responsibility for me…”

Liu Yi is about to go mad as he says, “What the, take responsibility for what ah! It is not like I had taken you why are you sticking so closely to me?”

“But you are my teacher ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika says weakly, “You have the responsibility….to guide me well….”

“What the hell! Only at this moment, you know that I am your teacher?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Earlier did you still keep shouting that I am a stinky bug?”

“In the future…in the future, I will say that anymore…”

Wakabayashi Rika says shyly, “In the future, I do not want you to be my toy…I’ll be your toy okay?”


Hearing this Liu Yi’s legs nearly soften.

“You be my toy? Are you for real? I do not need a toy. I am already so old okay?”

“I, I am very powerful…although I am not as strong as you…”

Wakabayashi Rika becomes slightly anxious, “You, you don’t turn your back on this miss….don’t turn your back on me ah…master….”


Liu Yi’s body sways, could it be that this lass is a masochist?

The noble Yamaguchi Group Big miss is actually an M!!! If I say it to others who would believe ah!

Perhaps if the Yamaguchi Group people see their big miss like this, their teeth would have dropped out from fear!

“You….pay attention to your moral principles!”

Liu Yi immediately says, “After all you are the big miss of Yamaguchi Group. Wouldn’t there be a problem if you speak like this?”

“No worries….after all, you are my owner…”

“What the I am not your owner! I am your teacher!”

“So owner likes this kind of play ah…”

Wakabayashi Rika lowers her head as she toys with her skirt edges, “That is also okay…”

“What the! I guarantee you that you are thinking wrongly!”

Liu Yi is really about to turn mad. Is she doing this on purpose?!

“Tea-teacher….my butt is slightly painful….can you help me check it…”

Craftiness flashes across Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes as she raises her head and asks grievously, “Can you….teacher….”

“You, hurry and stay away from me!”

Liu Yi does not wish to have any relationship with this Yamaguchi Group’s big miss. Right now, his priority is to hook-up with Yunsen Ameki.

He immediately starts walking faster, trying to escape from this tail.

“Teacher don’t be like this ah….this one will be obedient…”

Wakabayashi Rika’s injury seems to have recovered slightly as she chases behind Liu Yi.

The two of them one in front the other behind, it is like they are playing temple run.

Luckily right now it is lesson time and there are not many people along the corridors. Liu Yi while running at the front keeps increasing his speed. When he meets an obstacle he immediately leaps over it and there is nothing much that can block him.

But Wakabayashi Rika did not have any intention of leaving him. She keeps following behind unwilling to listen to him.

“You ah enough already! What are to chasing after me for! It is not like I am a Happy Lamb!”

[TL: Happy Lamb is a sheep character in a chinese cartoon. For those who had read before Long Life Summon, that Hui Tai Lang name also comes from this cartoon. Manage to find a eng sub ep 1 for you guys]

“What is that?”

Wakabayashi Rika had never watched China cartoons. She continues to chase after Liu Yi closely, “Furthermore the school is so big. It is not like I am chasing after you. I am only walking around ah. Teacher. This is Sakura High School ah. I am a student at Sakura High School ah!”

“Damn it!”

Liu Yi feels like he does not have anywhere to go. If I keep wasting time, it will be lunch break soon!

I already made an arrangement to meet Yunsen Ameki for lunch!

Cannot I must find a method to shrug her off!

After walking for a while Liu Yi suddenly sees the door and a smile appears on his face.

This place is not bad! Going there will definitely be able to allow me to throw her off!

Thus he turns around and immediately walks into the male toilet.

“Oi, Oi!”

Seeing Liu Yi actually walking into the male toilet, Wakabayashi Rika instantly becomes anxious.

The moment Liu Yi walks in, he lets out a sigh of relief. With this, you will not be able to enter already right!

He plans to wait till all of the guys in the toilet had left before transforming into a black butterfly and flying out of the window.

But out of his expectations, Wakabayashi Rika actually charges in!



Seeing a beauty charging into the male toilet the guys were so shocked that they nearly ***.

There are even two guys who are unable to control their nozzle and jerk to the side, urinating on other people.

Luckily Liu Yi dodges in time, otherwise, he would have been hit by the urine!

“What the! What are you shouting for! All of you are so small, do you still have the face to shout!”

Wakabayashi Rika immediately regains her underworld big miss manner as she places her hands on her waist and berates, “Still not hurrying up and pull up your pants and scram for this miss?! Otherwise, be careful that Yamaguchi Group will come and find you for a discussion!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s fame in Sakura High School is very resounding. How would these few people not know that she is the Yamaguchi Group’s unreasonable big miss!

Thus the moment she berates, they did not even zip their pants before rushing out.

“You….you are too impudent already!”

Seeing this Liu Yi is stunned “This place is the male bathroom ah!”

“Hehe, in this entire school, there is no place that I, Wakabayashi Rika do not dare to go! But why would teacher choose this place ah?”

Wakabayashi Rika looks around the toilet before looking at Liu Yi with some anticipations.

“Could it be that teacher wants to help me check my injuries here?”

She says thankfully, “Teacher is indeed very considerate…”

She turns around and bends her waist slightly. She lifts up her butt wrapped in hot pants and her hands stretch deep inside and hook around the side of her hot pants. She pulls it down slowly.


Liu Yi scream, “You female pervert!”

Although he really wishes to see….but he senses that there is some conspiracy going on!

Furthermore right now my priority task is to hook-up with Yunsen Ameki. So I definitely cannot have an unhealthy relationship with other Japanese girls!

Otherwise, if Yunsen Ameki notices it, all of my earlier efforts will be wasted!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi instantly transforms into a spring breeze and brushes by Wakabayashi Rika. He instantly runs out of the toilet and continues to run.

“Oi, oi, teacher, don’t run ah!”

Wakabayashi Rika hurriedly chases behind as a victorious smile appears on her mouth.

Hmph, I do not believe that I will not be able to deal with you stinky uncle!

How dare you hit this miss’ butt! Wuwuwu, even now it is still very painful…

Growing up so big this is the first time I got beaten…this vengeance…I definitely will find an opportunity to get back at you!

Thus Wakabayashi Rika continues to run after Liu Yi out of the male toilet.

The two of them running, one ahead, the other behind. Continuing their chasing game.

Liu Yi is about to collapse, just what does this lass want!

“If you continue to follow me, I will….”

He finally stops walking as the blackboard ruler appears in his hand once again.

Seeing the board ruler, Wakabayashi Rika’s face turns pale and nearly collapsed onto the ground…

The psychological shadow is too huge already!

The teaching director suddenly emerges from the side and says fiercely towards Liu Yi, “Teacher Liu! You are actually here!”

“You scumbag! Not only are you late today, you actually missed two lessons! Do you no longer wish to continue working here? You have completely thrown away the reputation of a teacher!”

The teaching director scolds Liu Yi with a torrent of abuse while Liu Yi can only keep apologizing.

“Sorry, sorry. Director, I will not dare to be late again…”

“Again? There will still be again? Let me tell you, there is no need for you to think about getting this month’s pay, I…”

Just as the director is happy scolding, Wakabayashi Rika by the side raises her head and chides, “Old foggy, have you gotten addicted to scolding?”

“Fu….miss, miss Wakabayashi….”

The teaching director had started reprimanding Liu Yi after seeing him and did not notice the Yamaguchi Group’ big miss by the side.

“Teacher Liu was giving me private tutoring, what is the matter you have objections?”

In front of outsiders, Wakabayashi Rika is like a tigress. Currently, she crosses her arms as she gives the teaching director an unhappy look.

“No, no objections…”

How would the teaching director dare to offend the big miss of Yamaguchi Group ah. His entire attitude immediately changes.

“Aiyah Teacher Liu why did you not say so earlier. So you are giving miss Wakabayashi tutoring ah! This is a good matter ah, miss Wakabayashi usually does not attend school often thus it is not easy for her to keep up. You giving her tutoring is right. You just need to let me know what! You see, you cause such a big misunderstanding!”

The teaching director is full of smiles and encouragement as he pats Liu Yi’s shoulder, “Next time you just need to tell me of this kind of matter. I will let Teacher Liu Anui take over for your class!”

“Thank you teaching director, teaching director you are really a good person!”

“Hahaha, not at all, not at all. You are a good model for teachers ah! Hahaha, well done, well done!”

The teaching director turns around and looks at Wakabayashi Rika, “Miss Wakabayashi recently you are behind your lessons. If you have anything that you do not understand you just tell teacher or me as well. We will do our best to help miss.”

“Hmm, as for what I am lacking it is that Chinese lesson already. So in the future, I will definitely need Teacher Liu to give me more private tutoring. You have no objections right?”

“No objections, no objections! I definitely support you greatly!”

“That is good then. Do not bother me attending the lesson. You can go!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I have disturbed big miss!”

The teaching director secretly wipes away his cold sweat before escaping with his tail between his legs.

The teaching director

“How is it owner, I have chased away that annoying fellow!”

Wakabayashi Rika raises her knife hand and excitedly turn around to claim credit from Liu Yi.

But the moment she turns around, she notices that the corridor is empty. Other than her there is no one else.

“Teacher? Teacher? Damn it, stinky uncle you actually ran away! AHHHHH!!! This miss will not let you escape one! I will definitely find you!”


Chapter 646  [Private tutoring]

Well now we know that shameless is the king

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  1. Should tuition actually be tutoring? I always thought tuition is the form of payment one makes to gain knowledge or skills from a specialist.

    Nowadays it mostly applies to school fees collected to pay for teachers/professors as well as other operating costs of learning institutions

    Whereas tutoring/tutelage is the passing of information from one with more experience to another?

    Forgive me, I was called dictionary when I was in grade school…. among other things…meh

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