MKW Chapter 645

Chapter 645   [Don’t cry]



A crisp sound!

Liu Yi’s ruler is instantly bounced back making him sigh ruefully about Wakabayashi Rika’s butt’s elasticity!

Liu Yi cannot help but recall an advertisement. What that advertisement is saying is, ‘Elastic, elastic, elastic this is how elastic it is!’

Bullshit…this seems to be the advertisement of instant noodles right!

While Wakabayashi Rika stares blankly as she blinks her eye starting at Liu Yi foolishly.

It seems like she is unable to comprehend what is going on. Their big and small eyes stare at each other for around 10 seconds before Wakabayashi Rika lets out a shocked cry.

“AHhhhhhhh!!! You pervert!!! Lecher! Filthy bug! Ahhhh! You actually dare to hit this miss’s butt!”

“That’s right I hit it already, so what about it?”

Liu Yi sways his head. That arrogant manner nearly makes Wakabayashi Rika bite her tongue and commit suicide.

Damn it, this is really too hateful!!!

Why is this fellow such so hateful ah!

Furthermore, my butt is still very painful…

This feeling of pain that she had never felt before as well as the feeling of shame, nearly causes her to collapse.

Why would things developed into this current situation…

It was obviously me who is here to find fun…but, in the end, it is others who are using me for fun…

This is really impossible ah!!!

“Just now is the first mistake that you had made!”

Liu Yi raises the  ruler and says with justice, “Next is the second one!”

“Why is there a second one?”

Wakabayashi Rika struggles with all her might and her kicks start kicking all over the place.

At this moment another length of five-colour chain flies out and chains her legs together causing her to be unable to struggle. She can only hang there obediently and allow Liu Yi takes advantage of her as he pleases.

“Why would there be a second one! Could it be that just wearing hot pants and not wearing underwear is not allowed?”


Liu Yi feels like he is about to have a nosebleed. He immediately covers his nose and stares blankly at the similarly red face Wakabayashi Rika.

What the heck…this subject is starting to become so explosive ah…

So this lass…only wore hot pants?

Wakabayashi Rika shouts, “You damn pervert what are you thinking about!”

“Coughs…I am your teacher. Naturally, I will not punish you because of such perverted reasons.”

Liu Yi coughs before looking at Wakabayashi Rika and says sternly, “But you are really perverted…”

“I do not wish to be told off by you! Perverted teacher! Perverted Uncle! Perverted stinky bug ah!!!!”

Wakabayashi Rika is about to go mad.

“Coughs. As for my second reason ah, it is because you are disrespectful towards your superiors and betters. How dare you be so disrespectful towards me this teacher! How can you be so disrespectful towards your superior and betters?! Thus I must punish you!”

Liu Yi places the ruler gently on Wakabayashi Rika’s butt.

After knowing that Wakabayashi Rika is not wearing any underwear, Liu Yi’s heart starts to become weird.

While Wakabayashi Rika is trembling. It is very obvious that that ruler is very cold…

“Ahhhh! Big pervert! Don’t hit anymore!”

“How is that possible! Without support, a sapling will not grow up straight! Without beating little brats become worthless ah!”

The wild babbling of Liu Yi angers Wakabayashi Rika almost to death!

This fellow…why is he so perverted!

“Enough. The second time!”

Liu Yi raises the ruler and swings it down on Wakabayashi Rika’s butt heavily.



Wakabayashi Rika cannot bear the pain and shame and cries out. When Liu Yi hears it, he feels like he is slightly perverted….

Because he is actually a bit excited!

“Wuwuwu, you this pervert! Quickly let this miss go!”

“The punishment still has not ended.”

Saying finish Liu Yi retreats a few steps and maintains a 3-meter distance from Wakabayashi Rika.

“Coming up next is then the main show.”

“What, what do you want to do?”

Although that damn pervert is a distance away from me…

But Wakabayashi Rika did not feel safe at all. Instead, there is a deeper sense of horror.

“Of course it is to give you an even heavier punishment.”

He raises the ruler with both hands.


When he shouts, that black ruler suddenly starts expanding and becomes 3 meters long and nearly half a meter wide!

Liu Yi aims that enormous  ruler towards Wakabayashi Rika’s butt scaring her into shrieking, “You, you, you pervert, don’t hit me ah!”

“Wouldn’t I lose face if I don’t hit you when you say don’t hit?”

“Yamete! Yamemu….”

Liu Yi really does not dare to the belief that Wakabayashi Rika would really say such kind of Japanese words.

But the arrow is on the bow and the ruler is on the butt. There is no choice but to be fired.

“This is the third stroke is because you are too arrogant and conceit! Have no regard for others! For yourself, you actually want to slaughter my wife! 100 strokes to make you remember this for teacher forever!”

“One, one hundred strokes?”

Wakabayashi Rika is scared silly, “You, you kill me now!”

“How can teacher kill my own student. Be good. Teacher is doing this for your good to allow you to grow up! As for beating people this kind of thing, teacher also does not wish to do it. But for you, I am willing to sacrifice myself!”

Liu Yi raises the enormous ruler and slaps it towards Wakabayashi Rika’s butt!

-pa! pa! pa! pa!-

This sound is very wicked. Of course, this matter, in reality, is also not that pure!

When Liu Yi hits Wakabayashi Rika’s butt, that is called delightful!

The ruler keeps landing on Wakabayashi Rika’s butt, and keeps letting out pa sound!

Wakabayashi Rika starts crying loudly and starts scolding in all kind of colorful languages!

After using up her Japanese dictionary, she starts using Chinese than English to scold!

The more ruthless she scolds, he more ruthless he hits.

“Baka! Chikusho!”

“FUCK YOU!!” *English*

“Pervert! You super pervert ahhh!!!”

Scolding until the end, she finally stops scolding and starts crying.

The acute pain coming from her butt as well as the shame comes from her butt and spread to the rest of her body.

Since young till now, when had she suffer this kind of bitterness before and experienced this kind of humiliation!

I…I actually got beaten on my butt….

I actually got such a shameful thing done to me….in future how can I continue to be a big miss ah!

Thinking to here, she starts crying even harder.

Seeing how Wakabayashi Rika crying until her entire face is wet, Liu Yi’s heart softens slightly.

But recalling her arrogant attitude earlier, Liu Yi becomes angrier.

Cannot, definitely cannot let her off! One hundred canes, not one less!

-pa! pa! pa!-

The sound of the hits is getting louder and louder!

While Wakabayashi Rika’s little butt seems to also start swelling.

The Yamaguchi Group people who are in-charge of sealing off the road starts guessing when they hear this sound.

“What kind of sound is this? Why is it so loud?”

“Could it be that big miss and that china teacher is pa pa pa….”

“Bakayaro! How would big miss do such kind of things! She is definitely slapping that china guy’s mouth!”

“Right, right…I said wrongly, sorry, sorry…”

Yamaguchi Group people are still praising their big miss’ might, but they do not know that currently, she is about to die from Liu Yi’s bullying of her.

“I beg you…don’t hit anymore…”

Wakabayashi Rika really is about fall apart already. Her pain, as well as mental humiliation, is about to make her crazy.

“I admit my mistake. I will no longer dare to in the future…”

“Oh? Really do not dare?”

Liu Yi pretends to place down the ruler but in reality, he had hit her more than a hundred times already. Just that Wakabayashi Rika is already numbed to so she couldn’t count.

“Real, really do not dare to anymore…no longer dare to…”

“Then are you still going to call me stinky bug?”

“Wuwuwu, no longer calling…no longer calling…”

“Then are you still going to make me your toy?”

“No, no longer. You are so bad, unlike a toy, wuwu wahhhh….”

Near the end, Wakabayashi Rika starts crying loudly, appearing completely pitiful.

“Fine then. Then I shall be merciful and hit you a few times less.”

Liu Yi keeps away his enormous ruler.


Although he had kept away the ruler, Wakabayashi Rika still did not stop crying.

Liu Yi claps his hands and the five-color chains instantly withdraw. The black pillar also disappears as well.

Wakabayashi Rika lands on the ground and plops down on her butt. She instantly lets out a sharp shriek of pain.

She can only kneel there sticking out her butt while wiping away her tears as she keeps crying.

“I already stop hitting you already. Why are you still crying? Stop crying already…”


“Come be good. Don’t cry anymore. If you cry some more you will become ugly…”


“Don’t cry anymore. A human’s life path is very long. Let us be a bit more optimistic. Why don’t I boil some noodles for you to eat?”


With Liu Yi’s persuasion not only is there no effect, instead, her crying becomes louder.

Liu Yi becomes gloomy and instantly glares and berates, “Stop fucking crying anymore! Do you still wish to be beaten again?”

Unexpectedly this is quite effective. Wakabayashi Rika instantly stops crying as she sniffles while looking at Liu Yi timidly.

At this moment Liu Yi feels like she is like a neighbor sister.

This causes his heart to soften slightly.

“Still painful?”

Liu Yi squats down and looks at Wakabayashi Rika’s sticking out butt which is quite swollen.

But with her vampire’s constitution, she will recover very quickly.

Wakabayashi Rika says tearily, her voice dragging out, “Pain….”

“Pain then remember clearly. This time around is to give you a long-term lesson!”

Liu Yi feels like he should scare Wakabayashi Rika a bit, “Some more if you dare to say out today’s matter. I will definitely beat your butt thoroughly do you understand?”

“I, I will not say…”

Seeing Liu Yi’s serious gaze, Wakabayashi Rika immediately starts trembling from fear.

For this kind of matter even if she dies she will not say it out…

Being beaten on the butt is too shameful already!

“That is good then. You go back and recover. I still need to go and teach a class. Damn it, the second day of class and I am so late!”

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears, who did I provoke ah!

He dusts off his pants before standing up and walk towards the school. While Wakabayashi Rika also stands up with difficulty and starts limping towards Liu Yi.

“What are you following me for?”

“Uncle. You and me, pa pa pa already…you need to take responsibility for me….”

“What the, isn’t that just beating your butt okay?”

“But it is also pa pa pa ah. Wuwuwuwu….I got pa pa pa by uncle already….”

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Chapter 645  [Don’t cry]

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