MKW Chapter 644

Chapter 644   [Punishment time]


Liu Yi prepares to take action.

“Big toy actually want to resist its master?”

Wakabayashi Rika does not seem to mind what Liu Yi says, she stretches out her hand and the shinai which lands on the side flies back into her hand.

“Toy, toy, toy, are you done already?”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “Based on what I should become your toy?”

“Based on the fact that you are weaker than this miss!”

The back of Wakabayashi Rika’s shirt tears apart as a pair of black wings emerges and starts flapping.

Seeing this Liu Yi got a shock, this lass….looks like there is something that is not human inside her body!

“This miss has a noble bloodline in my body. You stinky humans will never understand.”

Wakabayashi Rika arrogantly lifts up her chin as she floats in midair and says loudly, “You lowly human, it is not too late for you to regret right now. Obediently kneel down for this miss and become my toy!”

“Just growing out a pair wings is considered amazing?”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, “Wouldn’t all of the ducks and chickens also become a noble race?”


Hearing what Liu Yi says, Wakabayashi Rika’s face instantly turns red in anger and starts swearing, “This miss is of the high and noble blood race! You actually dare to use ducks and chickens this kind of poultry to humiliate me!”

“Blood Race? Isn’t that a vampire?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Furthermore you should also be a vampire with an impure bloodline right?”

“You impudent!”

Wakabayashi Rika starts trembling from anger and with a flap of her wings she points her shinai at Liu Yi, “Damn big toy, your master shall punish you!”

She transforms into a black shadow and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi.

After she had arrived in front of Liu Yi, she opens her mouth, revealing her sharp teeth and bites towards Liu Yi’s throat.

What the fuck!

Liu Yi is shocked in his heart, this lass not only want me to be her big toy, but it also seems like she also wants to turn me into her sex slave….spit, blood slave ah!

Liu Yi had seen some information regarding Vampires in some of the records in Dragon Group.

They are classified under the western dark lord fellows. How come they would appear in the noble big miss of Yamaguchi Group!

Wakabayashi Rika also did not give Liu Yi time to think. Her mouth had already opened and is about to bite into Liu Yi’s neck.

A hint of delight appears in her pretty eyes like she had thought that victory is in sight.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly stretches out her hand and pressed his palm against her forehead making her unable to bite his throat.

Liu Yi sense that surging blood power in her body. Although there is some difference, it is more or less the same as that weak blood qi in his body. Different routes to the same destination, thus it cannot be used as one of nine types of power to absorb.

“Ahhhh! Quickly let this miss bite you! Isn’t being bitten by me this kind of pretty and noble big miss the pride of you lowly and filthy person?”

Wakabayashi Rika bites a few times but she can only bite the air making her shout angrily.

“Really! I don’t have that kind of weird fetish okay!”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and taps her on her forehead lightly.

Wakabayashi Rika instantly flies away and with a -dang- she flattens a car behind her when she crashes into it.

Luckily there is no one on the car, otherwise, they would have become minced-meat.

“Wuwuwuwuwu, pain!”

Wakabayashi Rika did not have a light crash. Her entire person is embedded in the scraped metal.

Broken glass all over the place and the car is also letting out alarm cry.

“You stinky bug…you actually, actually treat this miss like this!”

“What the, you are the stinky bug!”

Seeing Wakabayashi Rika’s self-centered high and above manner, Liu Yi is very unhappy.

What a spoiled girl!

After all, I am not a person from Yamaguchi Group, there is no need for me to treat her as a big miss!

Especially since she already know my strength, I cannot leave her alive!

After Wakabayashi Rika transform into a vampire, she is around 9 star-jade cultivation but is still a distance away from earth realm.

For me to deal with her, there is no need to even use dragon transformation!

“Vacuum Cleaner, come out!”

[TL: one of the four demon kings, with the sky swallowing turtle bloodline, of darkness attribute]

Liu Yi summons out Vacuum Cleaner and uses weapon transformation, transforming him into a blade what he holds in his hand.

He bends his knees slightly before leaping into the sky.

This leap is around 8 meters high and 6 meters far. He instantly lands in front of RWI as his black blade presses against her throat.

“Dirty stinky bug….you actually wish to kill me?”

In Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes, some horror appears as she looks at Liu Yi.

After so many years of being a big miss…enjoying the feeling of being high and above, this is the first time she experiences horror!

This guy…he really possesses the strength to kill me…

How can this be….this is impossible…didn’t father said that with my strength I am unparalleled in the world?

Even the big toy of Suzuki Onee-chan is not my opponent…..but this china guy in front, how is it possible for him?

Wakabayashi Rika feels that her brain is not enough to use!

God ah, who can tell me the answer to this question!

“Of course. Since you know my secret I cannot let you live.”

Liu Yi’s voice contains a trace of coldness, “Do not blame me. If you want to blame, blame yourself for being too curious.”

“This miss is not afraid of you!”

Wakabayashi Rika clenches her teeth and says unconvinced, “This miss….has an undying body! You will not be able to kill this miss!”

“You are just a vampire that’s all.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Your weak point is too obvious. As long as your head gets chopped off, you guys will die.”

“How, how do you know!”

Wakabayashi Rika trembles, “Could it be that you are a Vampire Hunter?”

“I am indeed a hunter….but I am not a Vampire Hunter.”

The blade in Liu Yi’s hand presses down some more, “In your next life be an ordinary girl.”

Liu Yi thought that Wakabayashi Rika would start crying before her death but she did not.

She only clenches her teeth as she stares at him stubbornly.

“Why are you not crying?”

“Why should this miss cry?”

“I am about to kill you. Are you not afraid?”

“If I am afraid you would not kill me?”

Instead, Wakabayashi Rika ask, “This time this miss admits defeat! This miss wished to capture you to be a toy but did not expect that I would be killed by you! No worries, 20 years later, this miss will be a….a good masculine woman!”

“You said this saying correctly, but it is inappropriate!”

Liu Yi sweats, “How is that possible!”

Wakabayashi Rika says unconvinced, “This miss has been learning Chinese since young! I speak Chinese very fluently okay?”*Japanese

She uses half-baked Chinese and says to Liu Yi, “Don’t think that Chinese is very complex. You see, didn’t this miss still….study…learn it!”*Chinese

“Is that so?”*Chinese

Liu Yi’s mouth edge lift ups slightly, “This bit of yours is just a mere trifle. Some Chinese meanings you will not be able to understand in such a short period. In front of me this china person you actually dare to use Chinese to speak, do you have the face? If you are able to understand the meaning of the previous few sentences that I said?”*Chinese


Wakabayashi Rika nearly collapsed, What the heck is he saying ah!

She completely becomes muddle-headed from what she heard!

“Tsk, that is why I say that just this bit of ability of yours is meaningless.”*Japanese

“You stinky bug! You actually dare to humiliate this miss! Kill me!”

Wakabayashi Rika raises her neck and closes her eyes.

“This is the first time I see someone so anxiously begging for death.”

Liu Yi clucks and says, “Could it be that you are mentally unsound?”

“You are mentally unsound!”

Wakabayashi Rika roars in anger, “This miss is mentally sound okay! Let me tell you if you do not kill me, I will take revenge! I shall turn you into my big toy! And make you obediently call me master!”

“Stop being so amusing who wants to be your toy.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Every single person is all equal, why should I be your toy? I have people that I love that I need to pamper, who would care about you?”

“I do not care who you love or who loves who. As long as this miss is alive I shall turn you into a toy! The people whom you love, this miss shall kill all of them!”

Hearing this Liu Yi is completely angered.

Motherfucker, this girl is just asking for a beating!

“Xiao Cai, come out and help!”

Liu Yi stomps on the ground fiercely with his right leg.

Instantly a black pillar emerges from the ground and shoots towards the clouds.

While a five-color chain hangs off the pillar. It coils around Wakabayashi Rika and hangs her in front of Liu Yi.

Being hanged there Wakabayashi Rika exclaims, “Ah! Pervert, what, what do you want!”

“Punishing a disobedient girl.”

Liu Yi transforms Vacuum Cleaner into a board ruler in his hands.

“What, what do you want to do?”

She does not know why but Wakabayashi Rika is completely panicky in her heart. She is even more terrified than when she was about to die back then!

This china guy…what does he wish to do ah!

“Wakabayashi Rika as your teacher when you make a mistake I have the responsibility and the obligation to punish you.”

Liu Yi pats the board ruler in his hands as he looks at Wakabayashi Rika hanging in front of him. His lips curl up, “Bad kids definitely need to be punished. Wakabayashi Rika do you know where you were wrong?”

“You perverted stinky bug, where is this miss wrong!”

Wakabayashi Rika keeps rocking her body but realizes that the strength that she is proud of is useless. She is unable to break out from the chains around her! Damn it just what on earth is this chain forged from!

“Okay then, let teacher say your wrongdoings.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and points at the black hotpants under Wakabayashi Rika’s skirt and says angrily, “As a pure Japanese girl you actually wear hotpants! Damn it…cannot bear it ah!”

“You big pervert! How is this a justification for wrongdoing!”

“This is wrongdoing! Need to be punished!”

Liu Yi fiercely whips the board ruler in his hands at Wakabayashi Rika’s butt.


Chapter 644  [Punishment time]

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