MKW Chapter 643

Chapter 643   [Berserk underworld girl]


Liu Yi is shocked. After suffering under my hands, not only did this Wakabayashi Rika not retreat, she actually becomes even happier?

Just what is this situation?

Does a berserker possess her body?

“Very good, this miss warm-up ended.”

Wakabayashi Rika loosens her shoulder and neck, more importantly cracking sound is heard when that happens. This lass… filled with violence in her bones ah.

“Come, come, hope that you will make me satisfied!”

Done speaking she charges towards Liu Yi.

Alas if only she did not wear hot pants, it would be even better.

By the time Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, Wakabayashi Rika had already reached him.

-slashing sound!-

The shinai in her hands starts dancing like a tempest, slashing towards Liu Yi!

Her current speed and efficiency are way faster than earlier!

But all of these does not affect Liu Yi. As he dodges and retreats, he avoids Wakabayashi Rika’s shinai.

“If you are a man then do not dodge! You sissy!”

After being able to hit him a few times, Wakabayashi Rika becomes angered.

Since young, she had been groomed by her father to become the successor of Yamaguchi Group.

Furthermore, since young her nature is very wild, thus she is interested in the matters of the underground. And is more interested in those than cosmetics and fashion.

Other than her fierce nature that makes Wakabayashi Shimokawa satisfied, what makes him admire the most is her ‘ability’!

Different from Wakabayashi Ryo, when Wakabayashi Rika was about to be born, it is the first time Wakabayashi Shimokawa first time working together with the Glorious Sun Conglomerate. After which he let his pregnant wife take part in a secret experiment.

After the experiment, the death of his wife caused Wakabayashi Shimokawa to break off his relationship with Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

But Wakabayashi was born, furthermore, her body is endowed with something unusual!

At the beginning when she knew how to walk Wakabayashi Rika started training with all kind of martial arts instructors. Thus she is very skilled despite being so young.

Her improvement is very crazy but there is also a tempo behind and not chaotic at all.

But this kind of standard does not make things difficult for Liu Yi. He is like strolling around as he dodges Rika’s attack. No matter how Rika insult him, he does not mind.

“Are you a man or not?”

Wakabayashi Rika finally seems to be a bit tired as she pants gently. After which she raises her shinai again and glares at Liu Yi, “I am scolding you like this and you don’t feel mad at all?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and says with a faint smile, “I never lower myself to the level of a brat.”

“Damn it! How dare you look down on me!”

Wakabayashi Rika instantly erupts as the shinai in her hands speed up!

Liu Yi expresses his agreement, “You are right about this point, I had never thought highly of you.”

“Why are you so wild?”

Wakabayashi Rika’s lungs are about to burst from anger.

“It is not that I am wild.”

Liu Yi sneers, “It is just that I had never take Japanese martial arts seriously that’s all.”


Hearing what Liu Yi says, Wakabayashi Rika becomes angry as her footsteps turn into shadows while her shinai turns into sword shadow chopping towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi continues to dodge, at the same time he did not forget to smile mockingly.

“What’s the matter, you know about getting angry after hearing someone insult your country?”

“Nonsense, this is my country!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Wakabayashi Rika becomes even more irritated.

Her footsteps are starting to become messy.

“China is also my country.”

Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and slaps out, knocking Wakabayashi Rika’s shinai away. At the same time, he takes a step forward.

“So right now I am also very unhappy!”

Liu Yi steps forward and at the same time his palm presses against Wakabayashi Rika’s stomach.

He uses a bit of strength and his palm causes Wakabayashi to become strengthless. Without resting for an hour or so she will not be able to get up.

“Big miss!”

Seeing Wakabayashi Rika sent flying away, the Yamaguchi Group people are very shocked.

This is the first time they’ve seen Wakabayashi Rika being beaten up so badly!

“Big miss, big miss are you fine?”

“You scumbag! I am going to fight it out with you!”

A lot of Yamaguchi Group people are very loyal. Seeing Wakabayashi Rika being beaten, they immediately charge forwards to take revenge.

What Liu Yi did not expect is that Wakabayashi Rika is actually half kneeling there. She is still holding onto her shinai as she raises her other hand and says loudly, “All of you do not come over! This matter is between me and him!”

She is actually still able to speak? Cannot be ah….

Liu Yi frowns slightly, it seems like she did not receive any injury!

That palm of mine would have sent any other ordinary person to the hospital bed!

Looks like this lass is also not an ordinary person ah…

“Very good, really very good.”

Wakabayashi Rika stands up slowly. As she looks at Liu Yi, a smile appears on her face, “This is called a fight ah!”

Liu Yi cannot take it and says, “You are a monster…”

“The kettle calling the pot black. From what this miss sees, you are a monster!”

Wakabayashi Rika clucks, “Clear the grounds for me! I want to have an enjoyable fight!”

“Understood big miss!”

The Yamaguchi Group people immediately scatter and starts speaking fiercely, “All move aside, Yamaguchi Group is handling things!”

“Immediately leave this place! Otherwise, you are going against Yamaguchi Group!”

The prestige of Yamaguchi Group is not a joke. The moment they started clearing the area, in less than 5 minutes other than Yamaguchi group people, there is no other people around.

There are even some people who disperse away to seal off the street.

Those injured people were also carried away. In a matter of minutes, the surrounding is completely cleared. Not a single passerby or car is left. This ability causes Liu Yi to value it.

“Impressive, indeed you guys are Yamaguchi Group.”

Although he does not like this group, Liu Yi praises it.

“Hmph, how is it possible for you to comprehend the might of our Yamaguchi Group? If you live a few more years, you will understand how scary our Yamaguchi Group it.”

[TL: more like waiting for you to be crushed honestly…]

Wakabayashi Rika seems to be slightly delighted as she stretches out her hand. She points her shinai at Liu Yi’s nose, “But your life shall end here!”

“What, you wish to kill me?”

Liu Yi stuffs his hands into his windbreaker and looks at Wakabayashi Rika, “Even if it is Yamaguchi Group you also cannot kill people right?”

“I will not kill you. Can’t I just beat you into a cripple.”

Wakabayashi Rika lifts up her chin slightly and says, “If you do not wish to become a cripple, it is also okay. You can come and be this missus toy!”


Liu Yi thought that he had heard wrongly and digs his ears before asking, “Can you say that again?”

“Become my toy!”

There is not a single hint of bashfulness on Wakabayashi Rika’s face. Instead, she says even louder, “Growing up so big, this is the first time this miss had met this kind of large toy! Hehe, Mizuko Onee-chan already had a big toy, making me so envious. I also need to get one!”

“Oi, oi, I am a big living person okay not a doll!”

Liu Yi pulls his own cheeks and says, “If you need a doll can’t you just go to the shopping center to buy one?”

“I don’t care, this miss fancies you! Either you obediently be this miss toy or spend the rest of your life on a wheelchair!”

Liu Yi clucks, “But from the current situation, little brat you are unable to beat me ah?”

“That is earlier that’s all.”

A crafty look flashes across Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes which Liu Yi instantly capture it.

Something is wrong…there is definitely something weird with her!

{Master, Wakabayashi Rika’s strength is currently increasing!}

Little Jade starts to report, {Furthermore the increase is very rapid!}

{I noticed.}

Liu Yi activates his black and white world. Right now in his sight, the red light from her body is becoming brighter and brighter!

Her strength is increasing rapidly, also do not know what methods did she use!

At this moment Wakabayashi Rika’s eyes had also turned red. Letting out red light, her eyes land on Liu Yi.

At that instantly Liu Yi actually senses a bit of danger!

Wakabayashi Rika actually seems to have vanished and disappeared from her spot.

Liu Yi stretches out his arms in a panic protecting in front of him.

While Wakabayashi Rika’s figure appears in front of him and kicks out with her right feet towards Liu Yi’s arm.

Liu Yi is sent flying away a few meters.

But he flips himself in midair and lands back on the ground with both feets stability

“You are actually fine after taking a kick from this?”

Wakabayashi Rika is slightly shocked as she withdraws her leg. Her skirt drops and covers her tights.

“I had increased by strength by 100 times and I actually did not injure you, what kind of monster are you?”

“The monster should be you, okay!”

Liu Yi stands up straight and says, “Just what kind of person are you?”

“I am your future master!”

Wakabayashi Rika licks her lips, “This miss is becoming more and more interested in you! I want you to become my big toy!”

“What the! Psycho!”

Wakabayashi did not care if Liu Yi is willing or not. Her figure once again disappears leaving Liu Yi alone on the streets.

“It is useless, little brat.”

Liu Yi stands still with his hands in his windbreaker, “This bit of trick of yours cannot be hidden from me.”

“Is that so?”

Wakabayashi Rika’s figure suddenly appears behind Liu Yi as she chops down with her shinai towards Liu Yi’s shoulder.

But Liu Yi only raises his right hand, without even looking back he actually grabs hold of her shinai in his palm.


Realizing that her attack was actually blocked, Wakabayashi Rika got a huge shock.

“How is this possible! You can block my strength!”

“You are too curious about too many things.”

Liu Yi who is holding onto the shinai swings it forwards and instantly send Wakabayashi Rika’s body flying as well.

Wakabayashi Rika turns in midair and lets go of her shinai before landing gently on the ground.

Wakabayashi Rika finally infer out something, “Just who on earth are you! You are definitely not someone as simple as a teacher!”

“You are also not as simple as a big miss of the underground.”

Liu Yi rolls up his sleeves, “Looks like I cannot let you live anymore.”


Chapter 643  [Berserk Underworld Girl]

More fights as usual

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3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 643

      • He told her to stay hidden in the immortal sword sect, which for all appearances is being led by a bad guy… didn’t he kill the other sect leaders after Liu Yi left and then blame Liu Yi for their death. Granted the sect actually has Ai Ling secretly there in the shadows, but although Liu Yi thought he was doing the right thing to help her cultivation….he handed her to, until proven otherwise in the story, an enemy who could use her the same way the Great god sect leader used Liu Yi’s first crush.

        I am just saying that with Liu Yi being framed Mo Lan probably wants him to see justice, Ai Ling wants him to suffer …yes even though she admitted to still loving him she said he had to suffer before she saw him again, it was only fair… poison jasmine will probably be hurt or brainwashed…

        I think Liu Yi needs ninja girl and the punk teenager on his side to help even the odds, and if he dual cultivates with the punk, it could be magical….


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