MKW Chapter 642

Chapter 642   [Yamaguchi Group Big miss]


“Big miss?”

Liu Yi tilts his head to the sides and looks at those burly guys in front of him, where did this big miss pop out from?

At this moment the guys suddenly part and automatically stand on two sides like they are giving way to someone.

Following which a high school female student wearing Sakura High uniform walks in.

This girl looks pretty and tied her hair into two ponytails. But she dyed her hair red. She is around 1.6 meters tall, holding a school back with one hand and a wooden shinai with the other.

Although she looks not bad there is a heroic aura between her brows.

Furthermore, her appearance seems to be rather familiar.

At this moment Little Jade gives a beep as an information window appears in front of him.

{Scanning appearance, 99.98% match! Master, this person should be the daughter of Yamaguchi Group Head Wakabayashi Shimokawa. Which is also Wakabayashi Ryo’s sister Wakabayashi Rika. She is currently a year one student of Sakura High school! From the data, Wakabayashi Shimokawa like this daughter a lot and from young has been grooming her in her capability. It seems like he wished to make Wakabayashi Rika his successor.}

What the….grooming his own daughter to be the underground boss?

I must say this Wakabayashi Shimokawa….really has an interesting idea!

“It is you, right?”

Wakabayashi Rika who is sucking on a lollipop walks over with a bit of aura.

“You are the teacher who is called Liu Dabo right?”

She raises her shinai pointing at Liu Yi’s nose.

“It is you who wished to date my sissy big brother’s girl?”

She inclines her eyes and looks at Liu Yi, “I must say, compared to that sissy big brother of mine, this miss appreciates you more. But since you provoked our Yamaguchi Group people, we will not let you have such an easy time!”

“This student how can you use force on teachers?”

Liu Yi places his bicycle at the side before sticking his hands into his windbreaker. He looks at the young girl who is pointing her shinai at him. Originally he wishes to fight but suddenly recalling that if he starts fighting at the school gate, it will affect his evaluation. For the task, I’ll just bear with it a bit!

“Tsk, what does a teacher count as. Even if it is the principle, this miss also dares to beat!”

“Aiyah you brought so many people to beat me, I am very afraid ah…I am a teacher ah…”

Liu Yi’s expression is slightly terrified as he cowardly withdraws behind his bicycle.

“Hmph, just now feel that you are still now bad but from the looks of it you are also a sissy!”

Wakabayashi Rika’s gaze carries a trace of loathing before glaring at the one-eyed guy.

“Yesterday you guys were beaten up by this sissy? Yamaguchi Group’s face is completely thrown away by you guys!”

“So, sorry, big miss….”

The one-eyed guy immediately lowers his head and shout, “But, but yesterday he was really powerful…we were all beaten by him ah…”

“Just him? I actually, personally, made a trip just for this fellow? So dull. Going to school is so boring, I thought that I had met an interesting thing but now it is actually so boring! I expect you to handle this fellow!”

Wakabayashi Rika tossed her school bag to one of the guys before turning around and walks out of the school.

“Sending off big miss!”

The group of guys immediately bow respectfully and send Wakabayashi Rika off.

At this moment one of the Yamaguchi Group youngsters raises his katana and shouts, “This kind of fellow is actually able to beat you guy up until like this, you guys are too weak already!”

He charges towards Liu Yi, “Let me deal with this kind of fellow!”

His eyes are filled with confidence and delight as he charges towards Liu Yi.

This chop carries the sound of wind parting, as it descends towards his arm.

“Aiyah! Killing people ah!”

Liu Yi cries out while revolving around the bicycle as he dodges that person’s katana.

He is waiting for the police to come and deal with this matter, thus he just needs to bear with it for a while more!

That Yamaguchi Group youngster scolds, “You damn shinai pig, you only know how to dodge, is it?”

Liu Yi trembles slightly and suddenly stops as he stares at the youngster coldly.

“If you got guts, say it again!”

Liu Yi’s voice carries a trace of cold intent. His gaze also changes and becomes like a sharp blade stabbing that youngster.

This gaze causes that youngster to retreat a step, damn it why did this shinai pig’s gaze become such so scary?

He definitely is just putting on a false bravo that’s all! I nearly got badly frightened by him!

Thinking to here the youngster raises his katana and shots, “Shinai pig! Kneel down for me and cry!”

“Cursing Chinese, slap!”

Liu Yi raises his right hand and slaps that youngster.

His hand shoots out very quickly and that youngster is unable to react before his palm had already slapped him.


That guy’s body immediately turns around before being sent flying out. He crashes into the other Yamaguchi Group people behind causing them to fall.

Everyone immediately pulls that youngster up only to realize that his face had already turned into a pig head. A number of teeth inside are gone and his entire mouth is filled with blood.

His appearance is completely miserable. Not to mention his mother is unable to recognize him, even he himself would not believe that this pig head is him.

“Everyone attack beat this shinai pig to death!”

“For Yamaguchi Group!”


They immediately roar as they charge forward while Liu Yi no longer reveals fearful expression.

“Those who insult Chinese, die!”

Liu Yi kicks his bicycle.

Instantly his bicycle flies into the sky, it flips in the air before smashing into a group of the Yamaguchi Group people.

He also moves forward to receive those Yamaguchi Group people. So as to not reveal his identity Liu Yi intentionally uses Taekwondo moves.

His legs are like an axe, swinging all over the place! Everything he kicks out, a Yamaguchi Group person is kicked flying away.

This time round Liu Yi did not hold back anything from his kick. Every kick causes a Yamaguchi Group person’s bone to break and becomes unable to stand up.

Those katana clopping down towards him were all agily dodge away by Liu Yi. There is basically no need for Liu Yi to look and he is able to know where are those katana chopping down from. The people from Yamaguchi Group were shocked, could it be that he has eyes at the back of his head.

With the dull sounds, the number of people by Liu Yi’s side becomes lesser and lesser.

He is like a land mower as he crazily put down the surrounding men.


Wakabayashi Rika who had walked far away turns around to take a look when she hears the sounds over there.

Seeing how Liu Yi is like a lawnmower her eyes widens and she seems to forget about the lollipop in her mouth.

One of the Yamaguchi Group people takes advantage of the moment Liu Yi kicks one of his friends away and sneaks attack. The katana in his hands sweep towards Liu Yi’s waist.


Liu Yi did not even turn his head around and does a reverse kick like a scorpion stinging down and instantly kicks that guy on his chin.

-cracking sound-

That guy instantly is sent flying away it seems like his lower jaw had also been kicking out. He tumbles on the ground a few times and slides very far away.

“Good! Interesting!”

Seeing this scene, Wakabayashi Rika suddenly becomes delighted!

She spits the lollipop before rushing towards Liu Yi with the shinai.

That short skirt flutters among the wind. It is like the scene underneath can be faintly discernible.

But Liu Yi’s eyesight is very good. He realizes that the lass is actually wearing black hot pants inside!

Damn it, what a wastrel!

Liu Yi cannot contain his anger, actually wore hot pants! This is basically wasting of natural resources!

Wakabayashi Rika bound forward suddenly in front of Liu Yi. Her shinai descend heavily towards Liu Yi!

This sword is very imposing!

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, this is the second time I have seen such an imposing girl!

The first time is on Mo Lan!

But different from Mo Lan, as Mo Lan is filled with righteous aura! As for this lass call Wakabayashi Rika, it is filled with an evil aura!

This is be related to the environment they grow up in. It seems like Wakabayashi Rika who is born in this kind of underworld family it is impossible to teach out Mo Lan that kind of heroic female.

In the future, this lass will definitely be a godmother in the underworld…

As for this sword, Liu Yi is able to receive it with just a single finger! But if he does that, he will be too shocking.

He must preserve his identity. Luckily on his current identity, it is written that he had trained in martial arts for several years in his own country, mainly in mixed martial arts and taekwondo.

Liu Yi watches the descending shinai and leans to the side slightly.

Instantly the shinai rubs against his shirt before descending towards the ground.

At the same time, Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and grabs hold of Wakabayashi Rika’s right arm and pulls forwards.


Wakabayashi Rika did not expect that Liu Yi would actually be able to dodge her shinai such so easy and even grab her as well!

While she is in shock, her body is already pulled in front of Liu Yi. After which Liu Yi kicks her causing her to lose her balance.

“Come on, get lost!”

Liu Yi’s right hand continues to pull Wakabayashi Rika’s right arm. At the same time his left-hand press against her waist. Borrowing the force of her being pulled over, Liu Yi lifts her up and toss her towards the right.

“Big miss!”

“Gods, big miss!”

A lot of Yamaguchi Group people exclaims. afraid that something will happen to their big miss!

While Wakabayashi Rika does have some ability. While she is being thrown, she tosses away her shinai and slaps the ground with both hands. Borrowing the forward force, she does a roll and nimbly gets back onto her feet!

This is not something that a person is able to execute casually. If an average people have not comprehended the ability to diverting force, slapping the ground with their hands like this would have resulted with their arms broken!

Wakabayashi flips over and casually picks up the shinai on the side and stands up. She looks at Liu Yi with interest.

“Good, really good! Finally, this miss had found something interesting!”


Chapter 642  [Yamaguchi Group Big miss]

More fights as usual

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